15 Times You Can And Should Go Braless

It’s absolutely necessary for women to wear bras most of the time, but there are those times when it is okay to go braless. And if one of those opportunities arises, you should go for it. Going without a bra for a while is so freeing. There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and taking off your bra the second you walk in the door. Putting on a bra every morning or every time you step out of the shower is such a habit for women that they do it without a second thought. However, recent studies such as the one done at the University of Franche-Comté in France have proven that going without a bra sometimes is actually good for your body. The study proved that women who went braless had perkier breasts than regular bra wearers. Researchers believe this is because bras do the same thing breast ligaments do, so if you wear a bra a lot, your breast ligaments stop doing the work. Women who want to spend less time wearing a bra should ease into it unless they have an A-cup. As long as women aren’t feeling sore when they go braless, they would be safe to try to go braless more often.

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15 While getting ready

Go through your morning routine without a bra. Do your makeup and hair and eat breakfast. Save the bra wearing for right before you leave. There are times when it is absolutely necessary to wear a bra, but this is not one of those times. It is good for your body to go without a bra, so if you don’t need to wear it when you’re getting ready in the morning, don’t put it on until the last minute. Enjoy that time of day when you can go without wearing a bra because you know you will be stuck wearing one for the rest of the day.

14 Wearing a jean jacket


Jean jackets are fine to wear without a bra as long as it is buttoned up, but if you have a big bust and there is a big gap in between buttons, you should still wear a bra. Otherwise, the jean jacket’s tight fit gives you support so wearing a bra is not necessary. Also, denim is a stiffer fabric and is hard to see through, so no one will know you’re not wearing a bra unless you advertise it.

13 When wearing a neoprene top


Neoprene tops don’t have to be worn only in the summer. You can also wear them in the fall if you layer it with a sweater. Anytime you wear a neoprene you can get away with not wearing a bra because of the support neoprenes give. Neoprenes are made to be both supportive and flexible, so feel free to skip the bra whenever you wear a neoprene. For women with a bigger bust, you would be best to find a form-fitting neoprene if you want to go braless. A tube top underneath would also do the trick because it would add some extra support.

12 Wearing layered sweaters


If you layer a sweater over a denim shirt, the two articles of clothing will work together to give you enough support that you will not need the support from a bra. Also, the sweater and the denim shirt will hide the fact that you are not wearing a bra. You could probably also get away with not wearing a bra if you layer a sweater with other articles of clothing such as a blouse. Sweaters are tight-knit so they can give you the support you need as well as mask the fact that you are going braless.

11 Walking the dog


No one should judge you if you’re not wearing a bra under your sweatshirt while you walk your dog. As long as you’re wearing something bulky like a sweatshirt, no one should be able to tell in passing that you’re not wearing a bra. If you’re just walking your dog, there shouldn’t be too much movement anyway, making it a comfortable walk. However, if you’re one of those girls who jogs with a dog, you should definitely wear a bra because even the baggiest sweatshirt won’t be able to hide that.

10 Wearing a moto vest or jacket


Moto jackets and vests are similar to denim jackets. They are both made from stiff fabrics that hide the fact that you’re not wearing a bra while also giving you the support you need. Moto jackets and vests are made from leather or can be made with a bit of leather, which is just thick and sturdy enough to prevent anyone from being able to tell you’re not wearing a bra. If you leave the jacket open like seen in the picture, the odds are that your breasts will be covered by the collar.

9 Wearing Spanx


If you are wearing a tight outfit that requires you to wear Spanx underneath, consider wearing a pair of Spanx that cover your chest, but stay away from anything with an underwire or you might as well just wear a bra. Spanx are also made from a tight fabric that will give you enough support but not as much support as a bra would. This way your breasts still get a break and you can go about your day or evening much more comfortably.

8 Wearing a shelf tank


Some tank tops come with a built-in shelf bra. These types of tanks can be worn without a bra because they give you a little support. It is definitely not the same kind of support you get from a bra, but that isn’t a bad thing considering you should give your breasts a chance to support themselves once in a while. You can wear one of these tank tops under basically anything, so if you care about your boobs, buy multiple shelf tank tops and wear them under everything and give your girls a much needed break from the bra world.

7 Doing housework

If you are going around your house cleaning up and doing the laundry, there is no reason you need to wear a bra. Even if you are gardening or doing something outside around your house, you can go without the bra. Whenever you are in the comfort of your own home, you can probably skip the bra wearing unless you have company over. So go ahead and go braless on Sunday days at home.

6 Wearing a bodysuit


You can wear a bodysuit under jeans or even a dress. Bodysuits are form-fitting enough to keep you in place. You can add another layer with something like a jacket or a sweater if you feel you need a little more support or if you think you need more help in concealing the fact that you are not wearing a bra. Bodysuits are very similar to Spanx so you shouldn’t notice much movement if you go braless. Depending on the cut and style of the bodysuit, you should be able to wear it under most anything, and anytime you wear one, you can skip the bra. Certain styles will be more comfortable for women with smaller breasts, but don't be shy to try on a few styles to see which ones suit you.

5 Wearing a trench coat


Trench coats are great for concealing the fact that you are not wearing a bra. You can wear many layers underneath the jacket if you really want to conceal your secret or you can wear a simple bodysuit underneath to give you some type of support. Jackets like these help conceal your braless chest in a way that will help you go about your day more comfortably.

4 Wearing certain tops

There are many other kinds of tops that you can go braless with. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have gone out in public without a bra while wearing sheer tops and don't care who notices. You might get some looks and side glances from strangers, but just go with it. If you feel comfortable and confident, more power to you. This trend is becoming more popular with celebs who seem to enjoy the feeling of freedom they get with going braless.

If you do not feel like stepping out of your home in a sheer shirt while braless, try a tight thick material top that will conceal your nipples but allow your girls to rest comfortably while you step out on the town.

3 Sleeping


If you’re not currently sleeping without a bra, you should. This is the perfect time to let your breasts be free for a long period of time. Doctors claim that if a woman can sleep without a bra they should do so, some women experience pain when sleeping without a bra so if that is you, do what makes you most comfortable. After all our reasons for going braless are simply for those who want to try it and want advice on how to do so.

2 Spray tanning


This is rather obvious, but some people do not feel comfortable taking their bras off while tanning. When getting a spray tan, try removing your bra to avoid any tan lines around your chest. Some women are not comfortable doing this but if you find the courage you will thank yourself later, having no tan lines and a nicely bronzed body will be a boost of confidence you will thoroughly enjoy.

1 Certain dresses


Depending on the style, make, and fit of a dress, you might not need to wear a bra. Some dresses are fitted enough at the top to give you enough support that it is unnecessary to wear a bra. If you have a dress that you can tie yourself, you can go braless no matter what your cup size is because you can determine how much support you want by how tight you tie the dress. As long as you feel comfortable and confident, try it out.



For those of you who can and want to go braless but worry about your nipples showing, there are many fun accessories you can buy to hide them. Most lingerie stores sell nipple covers, some in the form of stickers and some in the form of thicker gel covers. They range in shape and size so try them out, it might be the thing you needed to give going braless a try.

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