15 Times Women Perfectly Slayed Men And Their Disgusting Texts

The world of texting and messaging on various social media platforms has made communicating with people near and far easier than ever! We can actually message anyone at anytime and get a response in seconds. But not without some setbacks... Sometimes, you sure wish you lived in Jane Austen-land where all you might get would be a thoughtful letter from a prospective suitor (Hel-lo, Mr. Darcy!)... But nay, now what you get more often than you'd like are some disgusting texts from men who feel like they have the right to judge you, criticize you, and be an all right jerk to you while hiding behind the screen!

At least these women had more wit to slay them with the perfect comeback to send them fleeing with their tails between their legs! Check out these badass responses from some badass women who are just too confident to be messed with by all the jerks out there!

15 I eat what I want when I want

Female blogger Christian Topacio had no qualms about publicizing this man's rudeness for all to see on her Twitter with screenshots of their message exchanges! The man starts off showering her with compliments as a disclaimer leading up to his ultimate "deal breaker" for why he wouldn't otherwise pursue her: she needs to lose weight. Although he admits he might be a "superficial asshole," that doesn't stop him from continuing to be a superficial asshole by saying her weight was such a huge deal breaker, he hopes that telling her this would "make her change herself" so that he could then make a move. Because she must be so eager to please him, right? Rather than using her words, she proves that a picture is indeed worth more than a thousand words by showing what she really thinks of his criticism: absolutely nothing. Eat away, you gorgeous girl, because it's his loss and your gain.

14 Honey, that ain't love

You know what they say men think with--definitely not their brains! This guy thought he could cozy it up to an ex after screwing up by not properly apologizing but basically saying he wants some under the guise of love. Oh, boy. He sure needs a lesson on how to differentiate between love and lust. She thought of the perfect response to his "declaration of love," by sticking it to him--with the middle finger. That's right. The way to warm up a girl's heart is not to say you have a boner and send a bunch of insincere hearts but to actually own up to what you did and say that you love her for her, not for her body and definitely not for her body's effect on your own body, man.

13 Dealing with Creeps 101

There are plenty of men out there who give women the creeps. They're pretty much predators just stalking their prey, ready to pounce, and they're major turn-offs. Clearly, this guy is one of them. Considering she labels him as such on her phone, they're obviously not in any romantic relationship and definitely not close enough for him to say what he says. How inappropriate is that? It'd be cute if a boyfriend or husband sends something like this (definitely awww-worthy), but not from a complete nobody who doesn't have the observational skills to notice she ain't digging it. The best way to deal with a guy like this is to basically out-creep him, and this is psycho-creepy at its finest! Just try to fall asleep tonight, my man.

12 Here are those nudes you wanted

Is calling a woman beautiful supposed to instantly make her want to take her clothes off for you? Because that seems logically flawed and unrealistic, and oh, wait, it is logically flawed and unrealistic. This woman was not having it! Instead of sending him the pics he wanted, she bombarded him with zoom upon zoom of a creepy smirk from a mustached man, not the nudes of a beautiful woman. Like the previous woman, she is doing her best to out-creep the man so he will back off--just in a less psychotic but still weird manner. Hey, women are more than just nudes. What's even better is that she doesn't stop even when he tells her to stop sending him that pic. She just goes on and on. Let the zooming continue! Hey, that's a perfect nude picture of a man's face.

11 Reasons men should make themselves a sandwich

Whether they're joking or not, it ticks off every women when men say they belong in the kitchen or demand for a sandwich to be made. It's funny how these men forget that long ago, a lot of women were in the perfect situation to kill their husbands by sneaking poison into their food. You'd think they'd learn by now, but evolution isn't always kind to men. That's why this woman took it upon herself to give a lesson when she was told that she, like all women, belonged in the kitchen. She first knowledgeably informed him that women tended to live longer than men, then gave an explanation for this.  Quite a frightening one that might change his mind about keeping women in the kitchen, after all.

10 I ain't no booty call

She has had enough of "Mr. Late Night," who is clearly calling her late, past 11 PM, for one reason and one reason only--and that was clearly not to watch a movie. Having had enough of being his booty call, she replied with an "automated message" saying she was not to be reached at night by him ever again because she has too much respect for herself and he is clearly not in it for her. It's a nice, subtle message. The message might not be fierce and brazen, but it doesn't have to be. The message is there and easy to understand. She isn't going to invest more emotion and time into the "relationship" than she has to. This sort of nonchalant attitude could work even more strongly than a sassy one because she's removing herself from the situation like he isn't worth the time! Sometimes, that just hurts more.

9 Can't touch this

It's amazing how shallow and shameless some men can be. All they need is a thin lady with big boobs. This woman hasn't changed at all, except in appearance, and now she's getting unwanted attention. The man points out that she's only now become "mega hot," so he wants another chance. Another chance at what? Her bigger boobs? She points out that his intentions don't seem quite sincere, but agrees to which he is probably giving himself a fist pump, going, "Yas, it actually worked!" only to be followed up with a shut down of "JK, no, screw you." Dreams crushed? Well, boo hoo. This girl's got too much self-respect to go crawling to a superficial idiot. It's ridiculous and offensive that he thought this was going to work, and he should have paid attention to her beforehand.

8 I know I'm great

Maybe some men are used to stroking women's ego in the hopes they'll get something in return? But they're not used to women not needing that from them? Because women know how great they are? Not all people have low self-esteem, and compliments are meant to be accepted and given thanks for, so why is this man acting like a woman was conceited for saying she also thinks she has beautiful eyes? It is hard to read texts, but that's not something to throw a fit over. She was probably being playful or saying more concisely that it's something she hears all the time. Or she does know, darn right she does, and she owns her beautiful eyes, because everyone looks in the mirror and, sure, might see some flaws, but also has some areas that he or she is proud of for good reason. It's awesome that she's confident rather than being the bundle of insecurity he apparently expected her to be. If you can't handle a confident woman...

7 When men are rude and ask for a favor at the same time

"Let me offend you greatly first and then ask you to do something for me." Can someone tell me... does this ever work? I feel like the answer would be a big fat no. This guy had the audacity to say not only that the woman he's talking to couldn't possibly be that attractive but also that she would be somebody who would steal someone else's picture out of low self-esteem. That's a pretty offensive thing to say, but then he actually thinks the woman will be like, "Oh yeah, you caught me! Here's her number and everything. Call her. You totally have a chance. You know, that is, until you talk." Well, he did get a number. It's all a matter of getting that call back.

6 There's nothing magical about this guy

Firstly, typo. A typo that makes no sense and ruins the effectiveness of his pickup line. Secondly, he used a pickup line. Thirdly, that's just kinda nasty. There's not much need to explain more about the sexual innuendo (basically Slytherin like "slither in you"), but there is a need to say how unattractive and how unoriginal that line is. The woman slams it back by giving a much more original and clever play-on-words that perfectly shuts him down. Ten points to Gryffindor! They have done it again. The woman took his metaphor and made it even better, complete with the emoji saying, "Nuh-uh, you are not getting past with your corny line." He can Rave'n'claw and Huff'n'puff all he wants, but that door is not budging and for good reason. He just doesn't have the magic touch.

5 Not the pic he wanted

Women can be pretty scary--and I'm loving it! Here's another case of a picture being worth more than a thousand words! Just envision it. Major ouch, right? This was definitely not the picture he was expecting or asking for, just another dude looking for another nude. The woman did as he asked, though, just by showing another location where his you-kn0w-what can be buried--not quite the answer he was looking for but her true answer, anyway. It is far from pleasant. It's like some Saw-level nightmare. I mean... he asked where she wanted it buried and there can't be a clearer rejection than this, right? She probably scared him off enough so that she'll never have to hear from him again, thank goodness! Fairly physical representation of the classic "Screw you."

4 Well, she was given an ultimatum

She had to choose, so she did. Luckily, it was a very easy choice to make. Maybe the guy thought he was being clever, but he's probably just lucky death was not an option or he may have gotten a picture closer to the previous one. When asked to choose between two options, she went for liberty. Free him and send him far, far away. Her answer was clear by sending a picture of Lady Liberty with her IDGAF pose, sternly telling him, "I am not having it. Goodbye. I choose liberty for myself. And you are definitely, definitely not getting the other thing." It's pretty nasty how men are always looking for that and thinking women would be oh-so-willing to give it to them. Come back to reality.

3 Burned by an ex

Name-calling can be pretty immature, and definitely shows a lack of emotional maturity. This man sent one word back to his ex-girlfriend, and got slayed at a whole other level. She nonchalantly owns him by saying the word means nothing to her because she's been called worse--and that was being his girlfriend. Ouch. So he can call her whatever he wants because as long as she's still not his girlfriend, nothing can faze her--that's how bad it was dating him. He might have been on the offense but he was quickly blocked and put on the defense, and there was no smarter, simpler way for her to do that than in this way! Short and sweet and proving that she's way too good for him and ready to move on with her life. Good riddance!

2 Paint me like one of your French girls

The guy had written "Paint me like one of your French girls," so this woman responded with a quirky and witty comment. What she got in return was something a whole lot less quirky and witty, definitely not clever. The switch was off as she fires back just as nonchalantly and wittily, dissing him in a way that would make everyone go, "Ohhhhhhhhh," in the background. Since men seem to be so proud of their "French fries," to the point they get gross about it, what better way to attack them than to diss them as the "shriveled up leftovers at the bottom of the bag"? So sassy, I am loving it! And this just shows that this girl's too good for him because she's got the brains and self-respect to find a better catch.

1 You want to talk about name puns?

Poor Devin got this disturbing, inappropriate message from Jack, but she did him one better. Not only did he have to rearrange the letters in her name to really force it to work with what he wanted to say but also the three smiley faces did nothing to appease her as she shut him off with, "Jack off yourself," as a clear rejection. She wants nothing to do with him, and she responds in a way that's a whole lot more clever than whatever he was trying to do. Did he really think a line like that was going to make her get all starry eyed and think, "This guy really knows the way into a girl's heart?" Clearly it was a very failed attempt and would probably not work that well on anyone. As we speak, he's probably looking for another cool name he could write something "clever" with.

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