15 Times These Celebs Looked Like Different People While Pregnant

Celebrities are known for their signature looks. Kim Kardashian comes in eye-popping outfits or futuristic Yeezy wear with boots. Kylie Jenner wears super-tiny dresses and all-that Adidas. Even Angelina Jolie comes with a style – her low-key dresses and slim-fit pants are mostly black.

Pregnancy seems to change everything. Celebs who are known for looking a certain way can step out into the street and look like completely different people. Honestly, it's amazing how the paparazzi even recognize them.

They're major faces. Their look is part of their career. And yet, when it comes to rocking that bump, these celebs went for a look that pegged them as different people. Here are 15 times nobody could even recognize these pregnant celebs. Some of them are literally #DoubleTake.

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15 Kim K: Could've Been Any Walmart Momma

via: baomoi

Kim Kardashian is now a mother of four. Psalm West was born in May 2019. He joins North, Saint, and Chicago. This reality face and makeup mogul is known for her daring dresses and super-high heels. A pregnant Kim K in the kinds of clothes we wear? If we didn't have the face, we wouldn't even know this was Kim.

14 Scarlett Johansson: Not Quite An Avenger

via: dailymail

Scarlett Johansson is a face we've gotten used to – that Avengers wig is red, the hair is just above the shoulders, and the outfit is a black catsuit. Older versions of ScarJo came with long blonde curls. When it came to pregnancy though, ScarJo seemed to steer clear of both her trademark looks. Scarlett is a mother of one.

13 Blac Chyna: Not The Usual Eye-Popping Display

via: zimbio

Blac Chyna comes as a statement. The former fiancée to Rob Kardashian is his baby momma (and, er, also a baby momma to Kylie Jenner's ex, Tyga). With her eye-popping outfits and daring necklines, Chyna isn't one to go low-key. Except, it would appear, when she's pregnant. The proof's in the pudding with this girl.

12 Christina Aguilera: Not What You Saw In The Music Videos

via: celebzz

Christina Aguilera takes us back to the old school. "Dirrty" was the icon boxing ring music video, and it didn't come with much clothing. This singer might be mom, but she's known for her super-daring wardrobe. Except, of course, when she's pregnant. Here is Xtina in the street with her very visible bump. Less visible is that it's Christina herself.

11 Gal Gadot: There Are Two Sides To Wonder Woman

via: besttennews

Gal Gadot is a face immediately associated with that warrior Wonder Woman costume. The stunt-pulling, arrow-toting superhero comes with bustier armor, flowing hair, and boots. The woman behind the superhero is a mother of two. Gal was papped getting ice-cream with her daughter here, but something about Gal's look could've been any mom stopping for a cone.

10 Catelynn Lowell: More Glamorous Than We've Ever Seen Her

via: people

Ironically, pregnancy tends to tone the glam down. Not for Teen Mom OG's Catelynn Lowell. This reality star is known for her super-lax wardrobe of jeans and loose shirts. Stick a #Pregnant on Catelynn and, well, you get this. Little Vaeda has since arrived, but her 9 months came with some pretty unrecognizable glam.

9 Kourtney Kardashian: Ditched The Kardashian Glam

via: pinterest

From one reality face to another. Kourtney Kardashian is the "OG" Kardashian mom who is now 40 (although she doesn't look a day over 25). We're used to this multimillionaire's nails, glam, and designer wardrobes. Pregnancies have been stylish all-around for Kourt, but this particular look wasn't sending us the family's signature glam.

8 Jessica Alba: Admit It, You Thought It Was Ariana Grande

via: pinterest

Just kidding. Well, kind of. A high ponytail these days has become the norm. JLO rocks one. So does Kim K. Ariana Grande might have made the look iconic, but she had someone before her. Jessica Alba is the mother of three who seemed to have gotten one step ahead of Ari. This pregnancy look was Jess, but it felt 50% Ariana.

7 Eva Longoria: If You Watched Desperate Housewives, You'll Get It

via: justjared

Eva Longoria's career catapulted the minute she hit the Desperate Housewives set. Her role showed a glamorous housewife with all the time in the world for hair and nails– Gabriella Solis was a character who was light years ahead of the Kardashians. Eva was heavily pregnant when she was papped here. You'd literally never know it was her.

6 Rachel McAdams: If You Watched The Notebook, You'll Get It

via: upsocl

Rachel McAdams is one of those classic faces. She comes with one of the world's most classic movies as her most famous credit. The Notebook may have shown us a girly girl, but the woman behind the role was a different story during her pregnancy. Rachel never actually announced her pregnancy– something about the low-key wardrobe adds up.

5 Beyonce: Impossible To Throw Any Shade, Literally

via: public

She'll always be Queen Bey. Beyonce is a mother of three, she's had twins, and there still isn't a "mom jeans" look from this music icon. Beyonce's 2017 pregnancy did, however, throw us this no-makeup look. It came with statement shades, but the natural beauty was all there. As if we'd even consider throwing shade Bey's way.

4 Cardi B: When Pregnancy Made Her Go #NoMakeUp

via: popsugar

Cardi B is a funny one. This rapper and mother will take to IG to complain that "it's expensive to maintain us women." Then again, this girl mostly comes with a full face. Pregnancy definitely changed Cardi. Kulture brought out another side to this loudmouth. Kulture wasn't yet born here when Cardi took this selfie, but admit it, you barely recognized her.

3 Janet Jackson: Pregnant At 50 Made Major Headlines

via: pagesix

Pregnancy in your 40s is now totally normal. We've seen it from Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, and Nicole Kidman. Getting pregnant at 50 isn't outside the realm of possibility, but it isn't standard. Janet Jackson did just that. Looking a million miles from how we usually picture Janet, here is the singer rocking her bump.

2 Claire Danes: Even CIA Agents Need A Break

via growingyourbaby.com

Claire Danes has been a Hollywood heavyweight for decades. Romeo & Juliet threw us a young Claire alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. More recently, the actress has been known for her CIA agent role in Homeland. Less about the office-appropriate pantsuits and more about the loose bump clothing, here is Claire looking a little different while pregnant.

1 Kylie Jenner: If Only We'd Known

via toofab.com

It may be the greatest mystery ever. Quite where Kylie Jenner camped out during the final months of her concealed pregnancy still isn't known. All we got was this pic of an unrecognizable Kylie in what looked like the desert. The Kylie Cosmetics CEO comes with glam. Well, except when she's pregnant, it would seem.

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