15 Times The Stars Of 'Teen Mom' Didn't Learn From Their Mistakes

The Teen Mom franchise has been an unstoppable force in the entertainment world since its inception, but the show’s stars have become famous for much different reasons than just getting pregnant while still in their teens. The young parents on the series have all had their fair shares of struggles. From jail time to custody battles and everything in between, the familiar faces we see every week on our television screens seem to always be in the media for all of the wrong reasons. Of course, making foolish decisions is something we’ve all been guilty of growing up, but it’s important not to make the same mistakes twice. While even the toughest times can serve as a learning experience, the moms and dads of Teen Mom just can’t seem to get it together. We have watched them experience many of life’s ups and downs as we tune in every week, but we all know that their drama-filled antics are exactly why the show is still going strong after all these years. It’s about time some of these reality stars finally start growing up once and for all. Here are 15 times the stars of Teen Mom didn’t learn from their mistakes.

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15 When Amber Couldn’t Keep Her Hands To Herself


Back in 2010, Amber infamously pushed her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, against a wall and physically assaulted him during an episode of Teen Mom. This resulted in an investigation being open and Portwood wound up getting sentenced to five years in prison along with a required drug rehab program. You might think that Amber’s first-hand experience in the school of hard knocks would have made her think twice before getting into a physical altercation, but judging by her inability to control herself around Farrah it's clear to see that's just not the case. Despite being fully aware that cameras were rolling, Amber came for her condescending co-star guns blazing. Needless to say, Farrah's seemingly endless supply of disrespectful jabs are enough to make anyone snap if anyone should know that violence is never the answer it's Amber. This was definitely one situation that could have been easily avoided if Amber had just learned her lesson the first time around.

14 When Leah Sabotaged Two Marriages


We first met Leah Messer on 16 and Pregnant when she discovered that she was pregnant with twins even though she was still in high school. To make matters even more complicated, her baby daddy, Corey Simms, was basically just a rebound she hooked up with shortly after breaking up with her high school sweetheart, Robbie Kidd. In spite of the odds being stacked against them, Leah and Corey tried to make their relationship work for the sake of their two daughters and they tied the knot in October of 2010. While most people would hope this story has a happy ending, avid Teen mom fans already know that Leah ruined any chance of that ever happening. Rumors began to circulate that Messer had been unfaithful to her new husband and finally the gossip became too much to bear. Corey eventually confronted his wife and she confessed to sleeping with her ex in the days leading up to her wedding. Inevitably, Leah’s marriage was shattered and the couple divorced shortly after.

In true Teen Mom fashion, Leah wasn’t able to stay single for long and she soon settled down with hubby number two, Jeremy Calvert. Leah and Jeremy got hitched in April of 2012 and they welcomed a daughter together the following year. Life appeared to be going well for Leah until it was revealed that she made another major misjudgment when it came to remaining faithful. In an ironic and unfortunate twist of events, Messer stepped outside of her marriage for a second time…by bedding her first ex-hubby, Corey Simms! It seems like no matter what kind of good fortune comes Leah’s way she is never satisfied with what she has. While the grass does always look greener on the other side, Leah’s two-timing ways caught up to her once again and Jeremy left her for good. At 22 years old, Messer was already a double divorcee with three children and two baby daddies. Needless to say, marriage is not something to be taken lightly and Leah could have easily learned from the consequences of her actions before making an even bigger mess for everyone involved.

13 When Chelsea Couldn’t Resist Adam’s Charms


Few people would consider Adam Lind to be even remotely charming, but Chelsea Houska couldn't seem to resist him for one reason or another. Out of all the dads from the Teen Mom franchise, Lind is unquestionably in the running for being one of the worst baby daddies of all time. Adam got Chelsea pregnant when she was only sixteen and he has always been a disastrous factor in her life. This seriously bad dad has been an absent father, an admitted serial cheater, and a total leech altogether. And who could forget the infuriating moment that he referred to his newborn daughter Aubree as a "mistake" on an unforgettable episode of the show. The unapologetic Adam had developed a pattern of treating Chelsea like total trash only for her to forgive him in hopes that he will someday change. Throughout the course of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, Chelsea has foolishly taken Lind back on a number of occasions, much to the chagrin of her father, her friends, and millions of viewers tuning in every week. Despite everyone telling her to get rid of Adam once and for all, Chelsea continuously hooked up with him for years even though he had no intention of ever stepping up to the plate and being the man that she and their daughter needed. Fortunately for Chelsea, she was eventually able to kick Adam like the bad habit that he is and managed to find love. She married Cole DeBoer in 2016 and they welcomed a son together, Watson, soon after. While Chelsea was one of the lucky few from the series to successfully leave a toxic relationship, she should have learned her lesson years ago instead of wasting her time over and over again.

12 When Amber Got Played


Everybody tried to warn her, but Amber Portwood refused to listen to anyone who had something to say about her most recent beau, Matt Baier. Basically everything about Baier was super sketchy from day one, including the fact that he had tried to hit on other Teen Mom stars including Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans via Twitter long before setting his sights on Amber. To make matters even creepier, Matt was almost two decades older than Amber and he was actively seeking out girls from Teen Mom on social media. Matt finally found his meal ticket almost three years ago when he hit it off with Amber and immediately relocated from Boston to Indiana to live with her. Something just seemed “off” about Matt from the get-go, and soon enough details about his sordid past began to surface online, raising some major red flags for Amber’s family and fans. For starters, it was revealed that Baier actually fathered (at least) six children, not two like he had initially told Amber.

Things only went from bad to worse from there. Cheating allegations began swirling as numerous women came forward to give Portwood a head’s up that Matt just wasn’t who he claimed to be. Towards the end of last season of Teen Mom OG, tensions erupted after Amber’s then-fiancé failed a lie detector test. It was later revealed that Matt had been controlling all of Amber’s finances and that he had embezzled thousands of dollars from her personal savings in order to fund his gambling habit. Despite all of the obvious warning signs, Amber continued to brush her voice of reason to the wayside and took Matt back over and over again. After a string of shady behavior and practically the whole world telling her that he was nothing but a user, everyone hoped that she would eventually come to her senses. This is one instance where learning from past mistakes would have definitely come in handy!

11 When Kail Was On Her Third Strike


When viewers of 16 and Pregnant first met Kailyn Lowry, she was about to have her first child with her high school boyfriend Jo Rivera. Of course, a lot has happened in Kail’s life since then, and there has been no shortage of drama in all of her rollercoaster relationships. After ending things with baby daddy number one, Kail quickly moved on to her next love interest – Javi Marroquin. The couple didn’t waste any time putting another bun in the oven and they eventually tied the knot in 2012 while Kail was heavily pregnant. Kail’s second child was born a few short months later and things seem to be going smoothly for the typically stressed out star. As with many fast-paced romances that are formed on the Teen Mom franchise, Javi and Kail’s relationship hit a rough patch and the demise of their marriage all played out while the cameras were rolling. While Marroquin was deployed overseas, Kail officially filed for divorce and insisted that she wanted to focus on her upcoming college graduation and establishing a career for herself. As a soon-to-be single mother of two from two different men, this point in time would have been great for Kail to focus on herself and her family…but we all know that’s not what really went down.

At some point after the divorce was finalized, Kail immediately got knocked up yet again by a third man. To add insult to injury, one of the main reasons Lowry gave in to her ex-husband for wanting a divorce was that she didn’t want to have any more children while he still dreamt of expanding his brood. Kail’s personal life became a hot topic when news spread of her pregnancy and she finally fessed up to being an expectant mother for the third time. Lowry welcomed her third son by her third partner earlier this summer. Unlike the two times prior, this baby daddy had no intention of ever being with Kail and doesn’t appear to be very involved with his child at all. Getting pregnant three times by three different men looks hugely irresponsible on Kail’s part, and her careless actions only create more struggles in the long run. We hope that Kail managed to get her priorities straight, but as a teen mom, she should have learned that there are always consequences for careless actions many years ago.

10 When Jenelle Was A Jailbird


When it comes to making riveting reality television, Jenelle Evans never fails to disappoint. The wildcard star of Teen Mom has had her fair share of drama-filled moments over the years, but one of the most obvious habits that stand out from all the rest is her knack for getting in trouble with the law. Dating as far back as 2010, Evans has been arrested more times than we can even count on a number of charges. The wayward reality star has more than fifteen different mugshots that have made their rounds on the internet and she has probably spent more time in a courtroom than Judge Judy at this point. From crazy catfights to drug possession to driving without a license, Jenelle’s criminal record is anything but squeaky clean. You might think that after getting arrested so many times that any logical person would make some sort of attempt to stay out of trouble…but not Jenelle! Evans has singlehandedly been behind bars more than all of the other Teen Mom stars combined, and we sure hope that’s not something she’s proud of. To make matters even worse, every single one of the guys that Jenelle has dated, married, or has had a child with all have rap sheets a mile long. We’re not quite sure what it is about jail that’s so appealing to Jenelle, but hopefully, she will learn from her mistakes long enough to keep herself out of an orange prison jumpsuit.


9 When Catelynn & Tyler Crossed The Line


Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra rose to fame on their episode of 16 and Pregnant when they made the difficult decision to give their daughter up for adoption. Being only teenagers themselves, the couple realized that their toxic family environment wouldn’t be the best place for the daughter to grow up in, so adoption was the only way to give their child the life she deserved. While Catelynn and Tyler believed that they would have a semi-open adoption when they signed over the rights to their daughter, Carly, it seemed like they weren’t exactly getting the full scope of just how serious it was to respect the adoptive parents' wishes when it came to their privacy. Over the years, Catelynn and Tyler seemingly had developed a great relationship with the couple who adopted Carly. They were so close that the couple, along with Carly, even attended Cate and Tyler’s wedding in 2015. Of course, the subject of Carly has been a hot-button issue for years for the young couple, but Cate and Ty crossed the line when they kept heavily discussing their daughter during episodes of Teen Mom. To make matters even worse, Tyler continuously went against the adoptive couple’s wishes by posting new photos of Carly to his many followers on social media. While the stars of the popular series are Carly’s birth parents, they repeatedly stepped over the boundaries that her adoptive parents clearly set. As a result, Catelynn and Tyler’s interaction with Carly was limited and their annual visits with her came to a screeching halt. Needless to say, the pair should have learned from their mistakes by having respect for everyone’s privacy. Unfortunately for them, they now have to pay the hefty price for their careless actions.

8 When Jenelle Kept Reproducing


If the Teen Mom franchise promises to teach viewers about the importance of making safe decisions regarding pregnancy, they should probably pick some better stars to serve as role models for the series. Time and time again, stars from the show have had multiple pregnancies that they were in no position to take on. Out of all of the Teen Mom stars, Jenelle Evans certainly takes the cake for being the most fertile. Of course, Evans had her first child, Jace, eight years ago and that’s what landed her on the show in the first place. Jenelle made the controversial decision to sign over rights to Jace to her mother, Barbara because she wasn’t ready to handle the responsibility of being a mother. In 2013, Jenelle got pregnant again with then-hubby Courtland Rogers, but she unfortunately miscarried. That same year, Evans got pregnant yet again by Rogers, but she made the decision to end the pregnancy due to the fact that he was in jail and an addict. Yikes. Jenelle intentionally got pregnant yet again in 2014 by Nathan Griffith and she gave birth to a son, Kaiser. Finally, Jenelle found herself pregnant for a fifth time in 2016 with David Eason’s child. She gave birth to her daughter, Ensley, a few months later and the couple revealed that they intend to have more children in the near future. We don’t know why Jenelle would want to keep having so many babies when she still doesn’t even have custody of her first child, but this is definitely the time to start learning how to make responsible decisions for the sake of the children she does have.

7 When Ryan Relapsed


For years now there has been some speculation as to whether or not Ryan Edwards has been under the influence of narcotics. Maci McKinney and her baby daddy have duked it out on a number of occasions over the years in regards to custody and visitation, but the issue of Ryan’s drug use was finally highlighted on the most recent season of Teen Mom OG. Fans of the show had noticed Ryan’s large pupils and strange behavior many seasons ago, but during a recent episode of the show, Maci had heard a rumor that Edwards’s addiction was a lot worse than she had initially thought. This past year, Teen Mom OG aired some of the most terrifying footage of Ryan that the franchise has ever seen. While Edwards was driving on the highway on the way to his wedding with his bride-to-be Mackenzie sitting in the passenger seat, he began slurring his words, nodding off, and swerving all over the road. The scary moment was captured on video and it became incredibly obvious that Ryan was heavily under the influence. Ryan’s issues became a focal storyline on the show and eventually, the reality star entered a rehab facility to deal with his ongoing struggles while the show was still airing. After his month-long stint in rehab, news surfaced that this wasn’t Ryan’s first rodeo with seeking treatment. Apparently Edwards had entered an outpatient rehab facility in 2012 …but he obviously fell back into his old habits.

6 Oops…Briana Did It Again

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Teen Mom fans may already remember Briana DeJesus from her stint on 16 and Pregnant and the short-lived Teen Mom 3 series. On the show, Briana became pregnant as a teen by then-boyfriend Devion Austin, who was not very involved when it came to being a dad. Briana went on to raise her daughter, Nova, as a single mom and with the help of her mother and sister. It had been a couple of years since viewers had seen Briana on their TV, but this past season of Teen Mom added her to the roster of series regulars…for all the wrong reasons. Instead of learning from her pasts of being a young mother, Briana acted irresponsibly once more and found herself in a very sticky situation. After meeting a DJ at a club, Briana engaged in a physical relationship with a man named Luis and one month later she found herself unexpectedly pregnant with his child. Despite already having to raise one child without a proper father figure, Briana found herself in basically the exact same predicament she was in when she was only sixteen. Had she just learned that being unsafe in the bedroom comes with some major repercussions; her life would have probably been a lot less complex.

5 When Leah Was Running Late


Leah has had a lot of ups and downs captured on camera during her tenure on Teen Mom. Between multiple marriages, births, divorces, and custody battles, Leah has dealt with it all while millions of people tuned in. Things got especially bad for Messer last year when she and ex, Corey Simms, entered a bitter custody battle for their twin daughters, Allie and Aleah. Messer was primarily responsible for taking care of the girls, but after numerous signs of tardiness and absences showed up on the girls' school records, Corey stepped in and decided to take charge. Simms submitted his evidence to the courts and after multiple warnings and chances to get her act together, Leah failed to get her life in order. Of course, juggling the responsibilities of raising three young children is no easy task, but Leah dropped the ball when it came to being late for school and various appointments. Messer was unable to follow through with getting the girls to where they needed to be in a timely manner, and in 2016 Corey was awarded primary custody of the twins. Leah was still able to see them on certain days, but the day-to-day responsibilities were taken away from Messer in order for her to get herself together. Messer ended up spending some time in rehab that same year, and we hope that she has finally learned her lesson and has stepped up to the plate as an involved mother to her three daughters.

4 Farrah’s Adult-Rated Antics


Once upon a time, Farrah Abraham was just like any other teenage mother trying to raise a young daughter on her own while dealing with a multitude of family issues. Abraham decided to take an unlikely career path when she signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment to release a rated tape featuring her and seasoned adult film star, James Dean. The tape was released to the public in 2013 and just like that, Farrah was instantly infamous. Abraham banked upwards of $1 million for her venture into the world of adult entertainment, but she had stated numerous times that she regretted her decision. Speaking to In Touch magazine, Farrah alleged that the rated film had “ruined” her life, saying, “It made it hard to have friends and a private life and to trust family, who I feel use me for money. If I went back in time, I would not have done it.” Farrah ultimately was ousted from her starring role on the Teen Mom series due to her controversial choices and the fact that none of the other girls were comfortable filming with her. While Farrah initially said that having an explicit tape made public was “overwhelming,” she clearly didn’t learn from her mistakes. Instead of retreating from the spotlight of taking a more streamlined approach to making money, Farrah signed on to make various appearances at gentlemen’s clubs and she even released her own line of adult toys. It was clear to see that the hypocritical star had no intention of leaving behind the kind of money she was making in the adult industry, and she continued to delved deeper and deeper into the business of selling herself for a profit. These days, when someone heard the name “Farrah Abraham” most people immediately think of her for her rated work rather than her time on television as a teen mom.

3 Maci’s Drinking & Delivering


It’s no secret that Maci has been a longtime fan of partying. Although she’s often depicted as the more responsible and level-headed mothers on the series, Maci’s social media accounts portray a different image for the star. Of course, Maci is well above the legal drinking age and there’s mothing wrong with having a few casual adult beverages every now and then, but McKinney’s love of booze was taken to new heights when fans accused her of drinking while being pregnant. Prior to announcing her third pregnancy, Maci’s Instagram account shows the star enjoying a beer every now and then. Once she told the world that she was expecting baby number three, some eagle-eyed fans realized that Maci had been sipping on alcoholic beverages throughout her pregnancy. The reality star swears that she had no idea that she was carrying a child during the time those incriminating photos were taken, but captures from last season of Teen Mom OG show Maci with a very visible baby bump long before she ever made her pregnancy public. Of course, consuming alcohol is a major no-no during pregnancy, so the allegations of drinking were pretty steep for Mrs. McKinney.


2 Teen Dad Drama

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Don’t let the title of the show fool you – the drama on Teen Mom isn’t just limited to the ladies. More often than not, the baby daddies on the show are the ones stirring up the most controversy and doing the most damage. There’s arguing, name-calling, and heated courtroom battles that the dads have all been guilty of, but a handful of them have had their fair share of run-ins with the law. Of course, Chelsea’s ex, Adam Lind has been arrested for failing court-ordered drug tests and dangerously driving, but he’s not the only one with a rap sheet. Jenelle’s second baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, has been in and out of jail on several occasions…usually for domestic disputes with her. While it does make for an interesting storyline, the men of Teen Mom are always causing some sort of drama for their baby mammas to deal with. Aside from being a source of stress, some of the dads on the series are just straight up deadbeats. Jenelle’s first baby daddy, Andrew Lewis, has been absent their son’s entire life. Of course, there are some stand-up guys who make up for the other father’s lackluster performances, such as Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney and Chelsea’s hubby Cole DeBoer. But just like their Teen Mom counterparts, the majority of teen dads on the show have been super guilty of stirring the pot and not learning from their past mistakes.

1 Feeling Farrah’s Wrath


Let’s face it – it seems like Farrah has literally fought with every single person she has ever come in contact with. The combative star has battled it out with her parents, her ex-boyfriends, her Teen Mom co-stars…even the show’s producer Larry Musnik wasn’t spared from Farrah’s fiery wrath. Abraham can’t seem to get along with anyone and she is always quick to deflect the blame onto everyone else but herself. We’ve all seen the despicable way Farrah treats her own mother and the way she talks down to people who work on the Teen Mom crew, but perhaps the worst thing about Farrah’s temper is that is has only gotten progressively worse over the years. Now that Abraham has been on various reality shows including Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars and Celebrity Big Brother, it’s evident that she’s getting tons of attention for her bad behavior. Farrah’s deplorable treatment of others is what makes her an interesting reality TV character and we’re sure it’s been bringing her in the big bucks. Abraham’s inability to change her aggressive tendencies is a recipe for disaster. Sooner or later, she just might come to the realization that she can’t go through like treating people so poorly. Who are we kidding…this is Farrah Abraham we’re talking about, right!?

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