15 Times The Kardashian’s Photoshopping Was Laughable

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15 Times The Kardashian’s Photoshopping Was Laughable

Let’s be honest for a second – the Kardashian-Jenners have always used photoshop to look better. As a family, they have a collective net worth of an estimated $250 million and they are now a brand in their own right. Despite being amongst some of the most beautiful women on the planet, even they need a little extra ‘help’. Their Momager, Kris Jenner, has taught her daughters how to exceed control over their own image and what they put out to the world – everything must scream perfection.

When Khloe Kardashian’s photoshopped body appeared on billboards all around the London Underground there were a string of complaints that followed. Green Assembly member Caroline Russell, who received the complaints about the advert, said, “Young people receive this negative message from enough social media channels and it’s appalling that this is being reinforced on Tube platforms. (The adverts) challenge young people to ‘keep up’ with reality stars known for idealized and unrealistic body shapes.”

You would think with the experience they have in the photoshop game that this family would never step a foot wrong – but you would be wrong. Over the years, The Kardashian-Jenner gang have treated us to many hilarious moments of picture editing gone wrong.

How did they honestly think they were going to get away with these photos?

15. Kylie Jenner’s Puma Selfie 


Last year, Kylie Jenner landed a million dollar contract as an ambassador for Puma in a controversial move which Kanye West threatened would “divide” the family. Kanye already had an ambassador deal with Puma’s rivals Adidas and warned the brand to back off trying to poach his younger sister-in-law – but she went and signed the deal anyway. Kanye later stated, “I was mad for a little bit… but I’m really happy for her though.”

Earlier this year, Kylie posted this selfie of her showing off a very toned midriff and her signature Puma underwear. Fans were quick to point out that the curtain appeared “warped” which could have been caused by Kylie shaving quite a bit off her middle section. One commented, “How about I call out your deformed molding on the door to the left,” another added, “Photoshop and Photoshop and more Photoshop.” Sorry Kylie, but you’re not getting away with it this time.

14. Kris Jenner and Gordan Ramsey Take 20 Years Off 


Kris Jenner gave the world the ultimate “airbrush fail” which looked like she had fixed this photo using a cheap makeover app. In 2014, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey posed with Kris as she plugged her new cooking book, The Kitchen with Kris – A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites.

Embarrassingly, the pair both posted the same photo to their Instagram account and there was a startling difference between the two. Kris’s picture (right) had removed so many blemishes on the face of herself and Ramsey that they were barely recognizable. She also knocked a few decades off her own face by erasing her wrinkles. We’re not quite sure if Ramsey took this as an insult but he likely just laughed it off. Here’s hoping that Kris’s cooking isn’t as overdone as her editing skills.

13. Kourtney Kardashians “Diet Secrets” 


There’s nothing worse for celebrities than a leak online of original photos and nobody knows that better than Kourtney Kardashian. Just one week after giving birth to her son, Mason, Kourtney posed for photos holding the newborn in her arms and the cover screamed “My Diet Secrets.” Her slimmed down waist showed no signs of post-pregnancy weight, but then the original images came out…

OK! Magazine changed the color of her dress to purple and completely removed any sign of her stomach. She appeared to be three dress sizes smaller than her actual self. The cover shoot was a slap in the face for any woman who is trying to lose weight after giving birth. At least we now know the reality – if it looks too good to be true, just think “photoshop.”

12. Kim and Blac Chyna’s Bad Edit 


Back in the day, when Kim Kardashian and Black Chyna were best of friends, they both tried to get away with this edit. They posed for a “belfie” (a bum selfie if you’re just catching up) in the mirror and showed the world what they are both most famous for. Kim uploaded the shot to her Instagram but her fans were not buying it.

The floor appeared “warped” and there was shading around Kim’s waist which shows that she’s given herself the digital equivalent of a tummy tuck. Following the mocking comments from her fans, she quickly deleted the snap but unfortunately, the internet never forgets and the pic had already begun circulating. Kim and Chyna’s feud lasted a couple of years but they have now fixed their friendship but refuse to revive the BFF status.

11. Kourtney and Khloe’s Fail 


Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian uploaded this picture to their Instagram of just two hot sisters hanging out together – but people were disturbed. Many fans commented that they had both altered their faces so drastically that they were unrecognizable. Another fan commented they looked like “Aliens.” As two of the most photographed women in the world, it’s fair to say that people really do know what they actually should look like.

The picture was likely posted to try and distract from the fact that they had both been hit with a $10 million lawsuit. According to TMZ, the sisters backed out of a makeup deal and the company Haven is seeking the huge amount of ‘damaging’ comments they made following the breakdown of the deal. Usually, the girls make money from talking about brands but this time it looks like they’ll have to get out their own checkbook.

10. Kanye West – No Reflection 


Kanye West appeared alongside Kim and their daughter North West for this Vogue photo shoot in 2014. The adorable snapshots were ruined when the attention fell on Kanye’s apparent missing reflection. The shot was supposed to appear as if the family was acting naturally but many questioned if Kanye was even in the same room at all. Was a double used? Or is Kanye actually a vampire? Buzzfeed editor Katherine Miller tweeted, “Shouldn’t…shouldn’t Kanye be in the mirror?” There are so many questions but most of them can be answered with one simple answer: photoshop.

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour offered a back-handed compliment to the couple, saying, “I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us. It’s very important that people do talk about us.”

9. Khloe Kardashian’s Gym Selfie 


Following her split from Lamar Odum, Khloe decided to work on her own “revenge body” and shared her progress snaps on Instagram. Then she took this bathroom selfie and fans were quick to question if Khloe’s weight loss regime was actually the real deal. The bathroom door on the right was warped and bent which meant that she had digitally slimmed down her thighs.

Khloe then became furious when people called her out for it and she ranted “Whenever I post a picture of my legs on Instagram, everyone comments on how fu**ed up my knees look. It’s because I’ve had reconstructive surgery, you a**holes! My right leg is an inch and a half thinner than my left because my muscles deteriorated and never recovered. It’s funny because everyone made a big stink about this Instagram photo because I Photoshopped it. Yes, I did Photoshop it, but I was trying to make my thinner leg look bigger to match my other leg!!!” Well, that sure put everyone straight on the matter – it was photoshopped.

8. Kylie Jenner’s “Microsoft Paint” Selfie 


Let’s face it – Kylie Jenner is the Queen of Wigs but her latest photoshoot had fans complaining that her tresses looked like they had been “made in Microsoft Paint.” Kylie has a selection of wigs and rarely reveals her natural hair color or style.

Her hair stylist Jonathan Colombini told The Daily Telegraph, “That’s what is so unique and lovely about Kylie, she has changed the game as far as wearing wigs.” He added, “Prior to her wearing wigs, it was old ladies who had a stereotype and stigma that came with it.” Kylie’s flawless hair and makeup routine can run up to a staggering 2.5 hours every morning or before a big event. Which explains why it’s much easier to just let photoshop do its thing.

7. Kim Drops Her Waistline 


Kim was fooling nobody with this selfie as the paparazzi had already shown her real waistline to the world. Still nice try though Kim but we all know you don’t have a size 2 waist. She wrote on social media, “It sucks when people make up surgery or Photoshop lies when I am so disciplined and work so hard.” She added that she was “just trying to motivate others and show anyone struggling with weight they can totally achieve whatever they want if they are dedicated.”

However, according to Kanye, her wedding photos took days to photoshop. The photo of them both kissing on their big day in front of a wall of flowers was the most liked photo on Instagram ever (until Beyonce took over with her announcement she was expecting twins.) Kanye revealed, “We sat there and worked on that photo for, like, four days because the flowers were off-colour.”

6. Kendall Jenner Gets A New Body 


In 2014, Kendall Jenner posted this selfie of her ridiculously toned abs on holiday in Dubai. Just weeks before, she was one of the most photographed models on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week in 2014. She appeared in shows for Chanel Couture and Marc Jacobs where there were no killer abs in sight – so many called “Photoshop!” on this picture.

Kendall has only just started her fitness seriously following a new deal with Calvin Klein as a model for their underwear line. Now, an abs photo would be believable as she has signed on celebrity trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson. She wrote on her website, “(Gunnar) kills my abs. The next day, it hurts to even laugh. That’s how I know I’m doing the exercises right!”

5. Scott Disick’s “Unnatural Cover Shoot 


Scott Disick appeared less like himself or more like a cartoon character during this photo shoot with Kourtney and their newborn son, Mason. Let’s be honest, being the ultimate party boy that he is – Scott probably needed the work done because he turned up to the shoot hungover. The couple has now split up and according to a recent episode of their reality television show – this time it’s for real.

During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney revealed, “When it comes to Scott I’m not looking to get back together anytime soon. I don’t have specific boundaries set, but coming to help him pick out stuff for his kitchen in his new house as a friend, I’m totally OK with that and I don’t feel like I’m giving any false hope.”

4. Kim Flattens Her Stomach 


These unbrushed pictures of Kim reached the internet and the internet was not happy. She had clearly slimmed down her stomach and once again set unrealistic expectations for women. The worst thing is – there was nothing wrong with Kim’s figure in the original pictures as she still looked stunning.

Kim wrote on her website, “I did a desert photo shoot just knowing I was trying to get pregnant soon and wanted to savor this moment! We went out to the desert and just had fun and shot this so fast. I love how it all came out!” Months later, Kim fell pregnant with her first child, North West, so she was right – this was her last shot before she turned her hand to motherhood.

3. Kim’s Missing Arm 


We have seen celebs editing images to make themselves appear smaller – but removing an entire limb is just a bit too much (even if your name is Kim Kardashian.) When she uploaded this picture to Instagram of her evening with BFF Johnathan Cheban on top of a boat in Cannes, fans noticed there was something missing – the other half of her arm! The comments quickly filled with many questioning where the other part of her arm had got to.

Photoshop expert Giles Fabris told Radar Online this is not a photoshop job. He explained, “It’s this halogen light that is shining from another boat and their faces are obscured. It’s just the superbright light that made it look like that.” We disagree – the more we stare at it, the more we can see for certain that the arm really isn’t there. Maybe Kim was shaving some weight off her waist digitally and really went overboard?

2. Kylie Jenner’s Mysterious “Wart” 

via: YouTube.com

One conspiracy theory that took over the internet this year was that Kylie Jenner secretly had a wart on her leg that she photoshops in all her pictures. Her then-boyfriend Tyga posted this picture of them together being all cute – but..hold on…what’s that giant wart on Kylie’s knee?

One fan commented, “It looks like there’s a huge mole or some kind of bump on her knee!!” and another wrote, “Is that a wart on the top of her right knee?” She later posted a different photo but the wart was nowhere to be seen. Kylie has previously stated that she has deleted photos before as the comment section becomes too overwhelming and we’re only going to guess that is why this photo disappeared from Tyga’s account.

1. Did Kim Photoshop North? 


Kim wouldn’t seriously photoshop her own newborn daughter, would she? According to beady-eyed fans online, these pictures prove that she most certainly would. Aged just 6-months-old North’s prominent unibrow which has made an appearance in many other photos mysteriously disappeared. TMZ also reported the forehead is pixelated which also meant little Nori had some work done to her face too.

Fans were worried that if this was not the magic of photoshop then Kim surely waxed her baby daughter? Kim joked on Twitter, “Do people really think I would wax my daughter’s eyebrows so young? Come on, I’d wait until she’s at least 2 1/2!” She then followed up with, “For those who are humor-impaired, I’m kidding!!! Its pretty sick for people to insinuate that I would wax my daughter’s eyebrows. They are thick, natural and amazing!”

Sources: mirror.co.uk, thesun.co.uk, capitalfm.com

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