15 Times The Kardashians Nailed Athlesuirewear (+ 5 Times It Flopped)

The Kardashians are one of the most famous families around, so it makes sense that everything they do and wear becomes a trend. As soon as one of them posts a new hairstyle or designer bag on social media, suddenly everyone is rocking the same look. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters can literally rock things as ridiculous as oversized dad sneakers and metallic puffer jackets and somehow make them look good (although the same can’t be said for us fans).

In recent years, the Kardashian Krew has been jumping on the athleisure trend. Athleisure is a trend that has women rocking athletic wear anywhere and everywhere but the gym. Suddenly it’s become cool to pair a leather jacket with a pair of leggings and a sports bra or to rock a matching tracksuit while running errands. It’s not hard to understand why the Kardashians love this trend. It’s easy to pull off, it’s comfortable, and it definitely makes a statement. Someone wearing heels with sweatpants at the grocery store is bound to get a few questionable looks!

While the Kardashians definitely know how to style this trend, there have been some moments where they’ve flopped. Keep reading to see moments when the famous family nailed this look and other times when they just missed the mark.

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20 Nailed It: Khloe Looks Like An Off-Duty Rockstar

via e news

Ever since her body revenge transformation following her divorce from Lamar Odom, Khloe has practically been living at the gym. Not only has she transformed her figure, but she’s totally transformed her lifestyle. So, that explains why the reality star is often pictured in gym clothes.

This is one of Khloe’s best outfits. She’s giving off total rock and roll vibes by styling a pair of basic black leggings with a leather jacket and flannel. A casual yet edgy look like this is perfect if you’re going to the gym or not. Khloe pulled the look together by adding an oversized bag and large hoop earrings for a bit more of a dramatic effect.

19 Nailed It: Kylie Is Cool In All-Black Clothing

via hollywood life

Out of all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kylie is probably the least likely to post a photo of herself in gym clothes. But when she does, she totally nails the trend - just look at this picture if you need evidence. The young mom decided to style a simple black outfit by opting for a matching sports bra and biker shirt combo. She added a cropped, oversized jacket that made the outfit a bit more wearable.

Kylie also jumped on the oversized dad shoe trend with her loud, white sneaks. Her silver necklaces made the outfit a bit more dressed up, making it perfect to rock before and after hitting the gym.

18 Nailed It: Kendall's Off-Duty Model Look

via pinterest

We swear, no matter what Kendall wears she always looks fashionable. The model is often pictured in simple black leggings, which might sound boring. But the celebrity always manages to dress her outfit up with a statement item or chic accessories, making her one of the most fashionable sisters in her family.

In this stylish look, Kendall paired a bold jacket with leather detailing with a simple black crop top and leggings. She added a pair of black sneakers to make the outfit extra comfy, though her small handbag and oversized sunglasses kept the outfit looking polished. We wish we had her style!

17 Flopped: Kim Is More Tacky Than Trendy

via e online

Out of all the Kardashian sisters, Kim definitely takes the most risks when it comes to her style, as evidenced by this flop of an outfit. During her trip to Japan last year, the reality star went all out by embracing all the trends she could think of. Her metallic biker shorts and matching puffer jacket would be difficult to style on their own. So, she did them no favours by accessorizing the look with oversized dad shoes and high white socks.

But perhaps the worst part of Kim’s look was her poorly dyed pink hair. Granted, pink hair can totally look cute. But for whatever reason, Kim refused to touch up her roots and it was doing her no favours.

16 Nailed It: Kendall Knows Two Pieces

via pinterest

Two-piece outfits have been all the rage in recent years, whether you opt for a matching crop top and skirt or a pantsuit combo like Kendall was seen wearing one day. While leaving her hotel, the model was spotted in this stylish black and white tracksuit. Although the outfit was definitely slouchy, it was fitted in all the right places so as to show off her toned figure.

Kendall dressed the outfit up with a pair of heels, making it clear she was ready for business. She added a pair of small sunglasses for the perfect finishing touch.

15 Nailed It: Kylie Is Puma's Biggest Fan

via vogue

Usually, Kylie prefers wearing more out-there, bold outfits that show off her curvy figure. But in this photo, the celebrity opted for a look that was a lot more wearable (and relatable, tbh), which is why we’re so obsessed with it. What we love about this look is it’s definitely something we could see ourselves rocking on a casual day.

The makeup mogul styled a cropped turtleneck with a basic pair of black joggers. She made the look a bit more interesting with a black Puma jacket that featured gold detailing. Kylie then added a pair of blue Puma sneakers that added a pop of colour to the basic look.

14 Nailed It: North Is A Model In The Making

via vogue

It’s not just the adults who love rocking athleisure in the Kardashian-Jenner family! Kim’s daughter North has been spotted on several occasions rocking casual yet sporty clothing, as evidenced by this adorable photo. The six-year old girl was spotted out with her parents rocking a stylish Adidas bodysuit and matching track shorts. The kiddo looked trendy in a pair of furry slides and with her hair adorably styled in two matching buns.

Clearly, good style runs in the Kardashian family if North is any proof. Then again, when you can afford to have a personal shopper and a stylist, we guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

13 Flopped: Kim's Sweatpants No-No

via pinterest

There was once a time when Kim showed up to everything in a tight mini dress and heels, but those days are long gone if this photo is anything to go by. Nowadays, the celebrity prefers to rock comfier clothing, whether she’s off to the red carpet or just having a day on the town. However, she doesn’t always nail the look.

On this particular day, Kim stepped out in a monochromatic sweatsuit. The outfit was largely shapeless and did nothing to highlight the reality star’s famous figure, which is why we consider this look a flop. Kim’s pointed boots only added to our confusion. If you’re going to wear literal sweatpants, what’s the point of rocking heels?

12 Nailed It: Sisters Stepping Out In Style

via Entertainment Tonight

Both Kim and Khloe looked extra stylish during this day out. The sisters rocked complimentary athleisure outfits that left fans jealous. Khloe was chic in an all-black outfit. Her black beanie and plaid flannel added a bit of edginess to the look, while her oversized glasses and velour hoodie kept the outfit feeling glamorous.

Her older sister Kim made a statement in a bright blue jacket along with faux leather leggings, which also added a bit of edginess to her look. Kim dressed her sporty outfit up with a pair of heels, while Khloe remained comfortable in sneakers.

11 Nailed It: Kim Is A Monochromatic Maven

Granted, pulling off a monochromatic look can be difficult. If not done correctly, it can look frumpy and just ill-styled. But this is one of those rare occasions when one of the Kardashians rocked an outfit in one colour and totally slayed it. Kim was photographed stepping out in an all-maroon outfit. Her turtleneck bodysuit complimented her curvy figure, while the matching sweatpants helped keep the look casual.

The celebrity remained on-trend by wearing an oversized puffer jacket and sky-high, pointed boots. (On another note - how can she walk in those?) If one thing is for sure, maroon is definitely Kim’s colour!

10 Flopped: Too Many Trends At Once

via garage magazine

Even though we may have just complimented one of Kim’s monochromatic looks, this next outfit proves just how tough it is to pull off the trend. Unfortunately, we think Kim missed the mark with this athleisure look mainly because she tried rocking too many trends at once.

The celebrity paired an oversized grey hoodie with matching biker shorts. She wore the all-grey outfit with a pair of trendy dad shoes. However, Kim’s shoes look too chunky and unflattering. Likewise, her sweatshirt and shorts look like something we’re more likely to lounge in at home rather than wear in public. Although Kim can pull off many things, this look just wasn’t one of them.

9 Nailed It: Kendall Is Edgy In Leather

via glamour

We swear that adding a leather jacket to any outfit instantly makes the whole look seem cooler - which is how we’re guessing Kendall managed to look so suave in a simple white t-shirt and leggings combo.

While one might think a basic outfit like this would be too boring, the model dressed it up by adding a leather jacket. Her trainers along with her oversized sunglasses added to the mysterious, cool-girl vibes we’re getting from this look. And, even better, it’d be easy to recreate this look with something you already have in your own closet. The only thing you might be lacking is Kendall’s rock-solid abs.

8 Nailed It: Khloe Is Pretty In Pink

via the zoe report

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters don’t often opt for bold colours or patterns when they’re picking out their outfits. But with the rise of the neon trend this year, fans have been seeing the ladies stepping out in bolder, brighter looks, exactly like this one.

Khloe must’ve been feeling adventurous with her colour palette when she styled this look. The mom of one paired a pink neon beanie and sneakers with a fuzzy pink sweatshirt and a matching oversized purse - heck, even her nails were pink in this picture! Khloe helped tone down the pink by opting for black leggings. And for some reason, this whole look worked.

7 Nailed It: Keeping Up With Kylie

via pinterest

Kylie may not always rock athleisure, but when she does she most certainly nails it. She was a sight to be seen in this stylish athleisure outfit and totally looked ready to do business. The celebrity styled a pair of basic black leggings with a statement jacket that featured a bold print. The zip-up detailing on the bomber jacket helped make it feel a bit sportier, while the tassels on her black bag helped tie in the colours.

Kylie played up the athletic side of the outfit by adding great sneakers and a baseball cap. But her perfectly coiffed hair and full face of makeup kept her looking glam.

6 Flopped: Kim Raided Her Husband's Closet

via pinterest

Is it just us or does Kim look like she raided Kanye’s closet? On second thought, Kanye would never be caught in an outfit this unflattering, so we’re not sure how he let his wife rock it without at least saying something to her. The reason we consider this athleisure look to be a complete flop is because none of the pieces feel like they go together.

Kim’s top seems too oversized and ill-fitting to be cute, whereas her biker shorts look more like something you’d rock at the gym versus wear on a casual day out. But perhaps the worst parts of this look are her too-big socks and chunky slides (although they do look super-comfy to walk in).

5 Nailed It: Khloe Is Cute In Camo

via pinterest

We only wish we looked this good when about to catch a flight! Camo is one of the trendiest prints this year, so it’s no surprise Khloe found a way to incorporate the edgy print into her outfit. The reality star looked amazing as she made her way through the airport in this comfortable yet stylish look.

She combined an oversized camo jacket with a sleek pair of black leggings and a matching t-shirt. Her commanding sunglasses added to the cool-girl vibes of the look, while her pink nails gave it a bit of femininity and glamour. Khloe elongated her legs by choosing black sneakers that blended into her leggings.

4 Nailed It: Kim Goes Back To Black

via popsugar

Sometimes simpler is better! Although Kim has looked amazing in plenty of colourful outfits, there’s something about an all-black outfit that always looks good on the celebrity. While out walking with one of her daughters, Kim kept things stylish and low-key in a black, monochromatic outfit (monochromatic seems to be her thing, huh?).

She wore a zip-up, turtleneck hoodie with basic black leggings and another black sweatshirt tied around her waist. Kim kept the look casual with her dark sneakers and a low ponytail. If only all moms looked this stylish when taking their kiddo out for a walk!

3 Nailed It: Khloe In A Black-And-White Outfit

via instyle

We know why Khloe was smiling in this photo - because her outfit was on-trend! Okay, that’s likely not why she was flashing a big smile but it definitely should’ve been the reason. The celebrity looked amazing in this coordinated black-and-white athleisure look. She paired a cropped Nike hoodie with a pair of leggings that had white detailing along the legs. Her ombre sneakers worked with the black-and-white theme, while her chic ponytail helped to keep the whole looked stylish and sophisticated.

Khloe’s big earring hoops helped dress the sporty outfit up, even though she totally could hit the gym without changing a single thing about her look.

2 Flopped: Kourtney Looks Like She Just Came Back From Lunch With Edward Scissorhands

via pinterest

Of all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kourtney is spotted the least often in active wear (unless she’s posting to social media from the gym, of course). Although most of her outfits are usually on point, there have been times when she’s just missed the mark, like in this photo.

The mom of three paired a simple white crop top with a pair of baggy sweatpants. This would have been all fine and well had it not been for the ridiculous number of holes in her pants. We’ll never understand the trend where shirts and pants come with pre-made rips in them. Knowing how much Kourtney must’ve spent on these pants makes it even worse.

1 Nailed It: Kim Is A Babe In Beige

via pinterest

For most of this list, we haven’t been a fan of Kim’s matchy-matchy looks. But this is one sporty outfit that we’re happy to say is one of her best athleisure looks. Kim stepped out in a matching beige leggings and hoodie set. The high-waisted leggings showed off her toned figure while the sweatshirt kept things casual.

Kim made the look more fashionable by opting for a bandeau instead of a basic crop top, which definitely added a bit of heat to the look. Her tall, beige heels and expertly styled blonde hair helped make the outfit all the more fashion-forward. If only we looked this good in a pair of leggings!

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