15 Times The Kardashians Misled Their Fans

Although most fans know that reality television is never true reality, the Kardashian clan takes that deception to a whole new level. Almost all of the members of the Kardashian family, and even some of the Jenner family, have lied and misled their fans at some point or another. Whether it has to do with implants, injections, dating, or divorce, fans of the Kardashians have been fooled many times since this family became famous.

Sometimes they skip around the truth and other times they flat out deny it. Many members of the Kardashian clan have tricked their fans or hidden the truth. While reality television is known for being scripted, set-up, and over exaggerated, this family seems to be known for their secrets, scandals, and lies. Nothing is as it seems when it comes the Kardashians, and you can almost bet that anything they deny will turn out to be true, tricky, or somehow shady a few months down the road. Here are 15 times the Kardashians have misled their fans:

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15 Using A Fake House


The outside scenes of the Kardashian-Jenner mansion aren’t actually the house they live in. They showed another home for outdoor and distance shots throughout their reality series, and only in recent years was it uncovered that they didn’t live in that home. Kim Kardashian has stated that it was for safety reasons, and also admitted that her home shown on the show isn’t the one she lives in either.

14 Scripted Proposal


According to a products for the reality show, Kim Kardashian was fully aware that Kris Humphries was planning to propose. Reports go as far as to say she planned when, where, and how he would pop the question in order to ensure she had the best lighting and look good for the event. It was also reported that she requested a reshoot of the scene because she didn’t like her initial reaction to the so-called surprise. 

13 Christmas Card Photoshop


 Although the Kardashians may appear to always be together, it has been revealed that their annual Christmas card was Photoshopped to include family members separately. Khloe Kardashian told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that multiple family members were digitally added to the card, which ruined the elusive appeal that they all posed together for the dramatic shoot. 

12 Kylie’s Age


 In a recent June interview Kylie claimed to be eighteen years old and many fans were angry that the teen star spoke too soon. Her real birthday is August 10th, so she was still only 17 at the time of the interview. While it may have been a slip of the tongue, it shows how eager this teen celebrity is to grow up, and how much her fans care about her. All they want is a little honesty, and even though the star may have been excited to turn 18, her fans didn't appreciate the fib.

11 Charity Donations


Kim Kardashian makes large profits from her eBay auctions and she claims to donate the money to charity. It was discovered from tax reports that she only donates about ten percent of the money and actually banks the rest for herself. Ten percent is still a decent sum to donate, but many fans were surprised to find out Kim didn’t donate all of the money. While it may not have been a blatant lie since some money does make it to charity, it definitely makes fans wonder about the business practices this Kardashian follows.

10 Kylie And Tyga


 When Kylie Jenner was first spotted with rapper Tyga, who is many years older than she is, the whole Kardashian clan denied the relationship. Both Kylie and her mother Kris claimed that the pair was not a couple and there was no romance, however since then the rapper himself confirmed the romance on Instagram. Maybe she was trying to keep her relationship on the down low, but many family members got in on this lie to hide the truth from their fans. 

9 Plumping Cream


Kylie Jenner has recently shown off her curvy body and although she spent months claiming it was natural, she recently revealed that she uses a plumping cream to accentuate her curves. Kylie’s Instagram account is full of sexy photo shoots that show off her assets, and for such a slim young teen it seems unlikely that she has such impressive curves with no type of surgery. Although many professionals aren’t believing that a topical cream can deliver these results, Kylie claims that’s all she used.

8 Fake Baby


Kris Jenner used a stand-in for baby North West to promote her talk show. She played coy about possible guests and made it seem like Kim and Kanye’s newborn would appear on her show, but it was later discovered that the baby pictured was not North West. Kris used this tactic to draw in viewers but ended up caught in the act of deceiving her fans and viewers. 

7 Kylie's Snapchat Videos 


Kylie Jenner caused a recent scandal among her fans and the media when she posted a video to Snapchat. In the video many fans and media outlets believe she was saying “high as f***” but Kylie now claims she said “good as f***”. Since this incident came shortly after the lip injection lie, fans are having trouble believing the star. Many took to social media to call out the lie and tell Kylie that they don’t believe her, but since Snapchat videos are gone after 24 hours it seems like we will never know the answer to this one.

6 Christmas Came Early


 Almost all reality shows are scripted and most fans know that there is some editing and planning involved in their favourite shows, but the Kardashians took that to a new level when it was discovered that they filmed scenes for their Christmas special more than 90 days beforehand. Some scheduling is understandable but this much of a time jump for a holiday special took away from the holiday magic and proved that this reality family is more focused on creating a show instead of being authentic.

5 Marriage Trouble


Both Kris and Bruce Jenner denied reports that their marriage was in trouble for months before the split was revealed. Although they may not have wanted to expose their issues to the public, blatantly lying about trouble in paradise was a deceptive move than fans and media outlets saw right through. Once the split became public news it was even more obvious that the pair had been lying about it for months beforehand. 

4 Kim Has Been Dumped For Lying 


 One of the most public Kardashian lies was when Kim denied having a sex tape. Many sources claim that Kris Jenner was the mastermind behind the sex tape idea, because she knew it would make her daughter famous. An ex boyfriend of Kim's, Nick Cannon told the Howard Stern Show that he dated Kim for a year and broke up with her because she denied the existence of a sex tape. He said if she would have been honest he could have looked past the tape, but since she chose to lie, he was done. 

3 Khloe And French Montana


Similar to the Kylie and Tyga situation, Khloe claimed to be just friends with rapper French Montana. After a few months of denial the pair stepped out as a couple and Khloe admitted the truth. Owning up to it after the fact doesn’t take away the months of lies, and fans are still upset that Khloe was dishonest. 

2 Kim’s Botox


 Kim has claimed that she doesn’t use Botox, injections, or any fillers on her face but a recent Instagram post brought that into question once again. Her recent post claimed she doesn’t use fillers or injections while pregnant, leaving fans to wonder if she only uses them when she isn’t carrying a child. The wording seems a little tricky and leaves a lot to the imagination. Skirting around the truth seems to be a talent of the Kardashian clan, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Kim really does use these treatments when she’s not pregnant. 

1 Kylie’s Lips


 In a recent clip of Keeping Up With The Kardashians it was finally revealed that Kylie Jenner had lip injections. For months she had been claiming that her plumped pout was due to overlining her lips and using certain lipsticks, but many fans and media outlets found that hard to believe. There was a craze of young girls trying trying to plump their lips, sucking their lips into shot glasses, many young girls were left with bruised and damaged lips. Kylie’s reveal caused a scandal since she was only 17 years old at the time, and many find it upsetting that such a young girl has turned to cosmetic enhancement so soon. Had she have been honest, many girls could have avoided the 'Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge'. 

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