15 Times That Prove Taylor Swift Constantly Craves Attention (But Nobody Cares)

Alright, we get it. Taylor Swift is crazy talented and has multiple Grammy awards to back her talent up. However, she is probably one of the most annoying celebrities on the face of the earth. She has been linked to a countless number of feuds with other celebs and has based her career on writing songs about how horrible men are to her. Well, if a lot of people have bad blood (no pun intended) with you, then they're not the problem. You are absolutely the problem. It seems that her over-the-top energy could really rub someone the wrong way. She comes off as obnoxious in every sense of the word. She probably was that alpha queen bee in high school who ran her clique (or what she refers to now as "her squad"). If you were in that clique, there was always conflict until you were kicked out.

Oh, and let's not forget her endless, pointless romantic relationships that go up in flames each time (again, no pun intended). Most celebrities will go out of their way to keep their love life under wraps for the sake of privacy... but nope. Not good old T-Swift. She won't think twice about throwing her exes under the bus and publicizing their relationship. If that is not the case, then there are some scandalous rumors swirling around in the celebrity gossip world. It is hard to believe that she does not invite this drama for the sake of more publicity.

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15 She's Bringing A DJ To Court

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There have been millions of women all over the world who have been assaulted and groped. In all honesty, if Taylor didn't have a track record of pointing fingers and throwing people under the bus, she would have our sympathy. Recently, she has delivered a firm, spirited testimony in a civil trial recently describing an incident that was "horrifying and shocking" in 2013 when a former radio DJ allegedly groped her. She claims that what "he did was intentional." She faced his attorney and blatantly stated, "I am critical of your client sticking his hand under my skirt and grabbing my *ss." Lucky for her, a jury of six women and two men will be the ones to decide. Chances are, she will win this case but still...you can't help but wonder if she is going to write a song about this one too. I'm willing to bet money that she will.


14 She Stole Credit From Calvin Harris After Their Breakup


Taylor Swift's relationship with Calvin Harris has been her longest one to date. One year. That is quite a feat for someone who is normally a serial dater. Shortly after their breakup, the song This Is What You Came For came out featuring Rihanna and it was a huge success. Taylor wrote the lyrics but wanted to use the pseudonym "Nils Sjoberg" while Harris did everything else (wrote the music, produced it and edited the sounds and vocals, too). While they were together, it seemed like creating the song was a team effort. She didn't appear to want people to know that she was involved with the song and it seemed like she didn't want her fame to overshadow it. After Taylor and Calvin split up, Taylor's PR team scrambled to tell every media outlet that at she should get all of the credit for the song. Calvin Harris set the record straight and tweeted that they each had a role in it.

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13 She Was Greedy With Apple Music

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Back when Napster was at its peak, Metallica made a big stink about artists not getting paid for their music and fans ripping them off by illegally downloading music. Today, the music industry has changed and artists need to depend on performances, being the faces of advertising campaigns, and other public appearances to make money. Gone are the days where we could simply buy a song from iTunes or purchase a CD. Well, Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple's CEO Tim Cook complaining about its decision to not pay the artists during an initial three-month free trial of Apple Music. She wrote, "I find it to be shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company." First of all, that's called incentive. You offer a customer a free temporary service and the idea is that they buy into your brand out of a sense of obligation. Then you see the dollar signs roll in for the artists. Second, it's not like you are strapped for cash, Taylor.

12 She Faked Being A Feminist

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Sure, she endorsed the 2017 Women's March in one tweet. However, during the entire 2016 election, Taylor stayed silent as a mouse commenting on absolutely none of the offensive remarks Trump had made against women. It's fine to keep your political opinions to yourself or even secretly be a Trump supporter. It's a free country. However, Swift has proclaimed herself a feminist and has talked about her friendship with Girls star Lena Dunham. However, it seems like she was simply an opportunist since she waited until the very last minute to finally support all those feminists marching and she wasn't a part of the action herself. Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Ashley Judd were right there, protesting and outwardly expressing their opinions and unafraid of what anyone else had to say. It seems like Taylor only wants to get involved when it benefits her.

11 Her Overall Victim Mentality

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In summary, so many things that Taylor Swift says and does make her look like a helpless victim and like other people are just out to get her. It just seems that in her song lyrics, she is always blaming an ex-boyfriend for treating her badly or talking about how another girl is attacking her out of jealousy. There seems to be no self-reflection on her end other than just doing what she has to do in order to get ahead. In the previous example with Kanye, Kardashian called Swift out on her BS. In an interview with GQ, Kim said that Swift was fully aware of the lyrics and approved them, but then quickly changed her tune. She said, "And I'm like, wait, but in your Grammy speech, you completely dissed my husband just to play the victim again."


10 She Blasted The Tabloids But Still Feeds Them

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She has been quoted as saying, "It's why I have to avoid the tabloid part of our culture, because they turn you into a fictional character." Her behavior suggests that is not true at all. Once you keep reading the reasons why she is the saltiest celebrity, it will become clear that she wants to be talked about in the tabloids. She knows how to keep herself relevant. You can tell how much she wants to stay in the spotlight based on the unnecessary public fights with other celebrities, her sense of entitlement, and the songs that she writes about her ex-boyfriends. In a way, you have to hand it to her. She has mastered the art of gaining publicity through exploiting her personal and professional life.

9 She Couldn't Take A Joke From Tina Fey And Amy Poehler

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You know you have made it into super stardom when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make fun of you at a grand event such as an awards show. They have made fun of countless numbers of stars and there is usually a close-up of the star's reaction. Usually, the celebrity laughs along with the joke and has no problem poking fun at themselves. Not Taylor. While presenting an award, Tina Fey singled her out saying "you stay away from Michael J. Fox's son." Amy said, "Or go for it" and Tina responded, "No, you need some 'me' time." The audience both laughed and applauded. Everyone else seemed to think it was funny except T-Swift. Taylor told Vanity Fair, "You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people because she said to me she had heard a quote that she loved, that said, 'there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.'" Not only can she not take a joke, but she threw Katie Couric under the bus, too.


8 She Trademarked 1989

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Yes, the year 1989 belongs only to Taylor Swift and no one else is allowed to talk about it. Taylor Swift was the only human being who was born in 1989 and anyone else who was born that year just ceases to exist. So this means that anyone who attempts to put 1989 on their merchandise including shirts, hats, bags, toys, and lanyards could potentially get sued by this pop star. In addition, she has requested that her lyrics such as "this sick beat" and "nice to meet you, where have you been?" and "party like it's 1989" are her official property. Yes, she has asked U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this. According to Billboard, 37 applications have been filed on her behalf since October 2014, right before her album was released.

7 She Tried To Sabotage Katy Perry Many Times

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As rumor has it, Taylor wrote Bad Blood after her very public fallout with Katy Perry. Although neither star has 100% claimed their animosity toward one another, there is proof thanks to a series of passive aggressive tweets and some implied song lyrics. Between 2009-2011, they were good friends and even talked about writing a song together. Taylor dated John Mayor briefly and then they broke up, and she supposedly wrote her song Dear John about him. In 2012, Katy Perry started to date him after the demise of her marriage to Russell Brand. Taylor got her revenge by hiring three of Katy's backup dancers on her 2012 Red world tour while she was still going on tour for California Dreams. In response, Katy's people reached out to the three dancers to see if they would join her 2013 world tour for Prism, the only drawback being that they would have to leave Swift's tour before it was finished. Shortly after that, Swift wrote Bad Blood. Meow.

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6 She Called Out Nicki Minaj On Twitter


Arguing over the Internet is never a good idea, but unfortunately, some stars don't seem to realize that. Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj managed to stoop to a very low level of immaturity by arguing back and forth with one another over Twitter like a couple of junior high school girls. You would think that since they are so famous, they would try to maintain a certain image and just not go there. Nope. They went there. Nicki Minaj made a vague assertion that if you are a "skinny" artist, then you win the award. Taylor was offended and lashed out in the most public way possible, claiming that she has "done nothing but support her" and "how dare you call me out". Way to go, you two. Very mature.


5 She Threw Kendrick Lamar Under The Bus


"Bad Blood" was produced by Kendrick Lamar. Him and Taylor had a tight friendship and they have often collaborated to make music together, just as many talented artists do. What he didn't know was that "Bad Blood" was written around the drama surrounding her feud with Katy Perry. Kendrick himself had confessed that he had no idea that the lyric were allegedly about Katy Perry. He told an interview in Rolling Stone, "No, I wasn't aware of that, bro. Which makes it even more funny now, for sure." She is a sneaky one, that Taylor Swift. Poor Kendrick just thought he was making a classic Top 40 hit with one of the most popular pop artists in the world (which he did). Only he found out later that he was being used as a tool for petty revenge. Oh well, I'm sure the millions added to his bank account are enough for him to overlook that detail.

4 She Wrote A Song About Camila Belle Out Of Jealousy


Among the slew of men that Taylor Swift has "dated" (which is a word that has to be used lightly), Joe Jonas was one of them a few years back. Like every other failed relationship that Taylor Swift has had, it ran its course and then it was over. Shortly after the breakup, Jonas started dating Brazilian beauty Camilla Belle and it was obvious that Taylor was jealous, at least based on her song, Better Than Revenge which came out in 2010. She sang, "I think her ever-present frown is a little troubling, and she thinks I'm psycho 'cause I like to rhyme her name with things." Lesson learned: do not steal T-Swift's man unless you want her to write a song about you. It certainly won't be a flattering song, either.

3 She Dedicated "Trouble" To Harry Styles

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Or wait, was it John Mayor? Or Jake Gyllenhaal? Who knows. The point is that her "men are sh**" types of songs are aimed at the shortcomings of her ex-boyfriends but she never acts like anything was her fault. If I was a famous dude, I would think about using her just so she would put me in one of her songs. It would be free publicity and my career would skyrocket from there. Harry seemed to be a good sport about the possibility that she could ever write a song about him. He revealed that although he didn't actually know if she's ever written about him, he considers himself fortunate if their shared experiences helped to create some amazing pop songs. He said, "There's a lot of things that can be right, and it's still wrong. In writing songs about stuff like that, I like tipping a hat to the time together."

2 She Lied And Threw Kanye Under The Bus


It is no secret that Swift and West have a rocky history and the first time was actually his fault. Years after the infamous 2009 VMA incident, he wanted to write a song called Famousi saying how "he made that b**** famous" referring to Swift. However, he got full permission from Swift and there was proof this time. Kim Kardashian recorded a Snapchat video of their conversation. West said, "I don't want to make you do something you were uncomfortable with, as a friend." Swift obliged and gave him her blessing over the phone. After the song was released, Swift addressed his song while accepting a Grammy in 2016. In her speech, she said, "I want to say to the young women out there, there are going to be people along the way who try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame." That was definitely aimed at Kanye.


1 Her Obnoxious Girl Squad #We'reSoOverIt


Taylor prides herself on female empowerment and claims that she is a feminist. Good for her, but this overcrowding of random girls on the red carpet and party girl pictures on social media is just plain annoying. It seems like she is trying to ride the coat tails by befriending multiple female celebrities and thus increasing her exposure for more publicity. We are on to you, Taylor and you are not fooling us. It is one thing to be a celebrity and (naturally) have other celebrities in your social circle. To be exploiting your friendships on the red carpet and on Instagram is just plain irritating. Given the fact that she has made many frenemies over the years (read on to find out who they are), you have to wonder which one of these girls she will stab in the back next.


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