15 Reasons Taylor Swift Will Never Be BFF Goals

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15 Reasons Taylor Swift Will Never Be BFF Goals

For a while there we all thought that Taylor Swift was totally #squadgoals. The pop star has become as famous for her large circle of friends as for her music. She regularly hangs out with her girlfriends at red carpet events and makes sure to Instagram everything before the night is over. She also loves sharing the fun get-togethers she throws with her friends, including her elaborate Fourth Of July parties and surprise birthdays. But Taylor may not be as great of a friend as you might think! Many people accuse the singer of being fake and using her squad to further her popularity and image. It’s hard to know if T-Swift is merely posing for the camera or if her friendships are genuine. These are some reasons why Taylor may not be completely #friendshipgoals. Sure, she and her friends seem to be having fun, but there is something a bit fishy! Read on to find out 15 reasons Taylor Swift will never be BFF goals!

15. She’s Only Friends With Girls Who Look Like Her

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If you look at a photo of Taylor Swift’s squad, you’ll see that all of her female friends tend to look the same way. First of all, most of her friends are white. There’s a serious lack of ethnic diversity within her friend circle! Second of all, they’re all skinny, tall, and attractive. If you hang with Taylor, there’s an 80% chance that you’re a model. The girls even tend to dress and act the same on social media. Taylor’s friends are virtually carbon copies of her. There’s nothing wrong with having a group of friends who have the same interests. But there’s a difference between that… and having a lack of diversity within your friend circle. Taylor and her squad don’t seem to be open to anyone who doesn’t fit their mold. And that’s a serious problem for young girls who look up to Taylor and her pals and think that’s the epitome of what #bestfriendgoals should be.

14. She’s More Focused On The Best Pictures Than The Best Memories

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Anytime Taylor hosts a party or goes to a red carpet event, she has to take a TON of photos with her friends. She even hired a professional photographer for her annual Fourth of July party last year! Not only does she take pictures with her gal pals, but she also makes sure to get a photo with EVERY one of her acquaintances at the event. She and her squad get in careful formation, always ready for the cameras to flash away at them. They hold their practiced poses until they’re sure that there’s at least one Instagram-worthy photo in the bunch. And then all those photos are online by the next morning. We can totally relate to wanting to take flattering photos with our friends, but Taylor takes it to a whole new level. Think about all of the memories she’s failing to make because she’s busy getting everyone photo-ready! It feels like she spends all of her time goofing off with friends in front of the camera to make it seem like her squad is pure perfection. But, in reality, she and her friends probably aren’t having that great of a time since they’re so focused on the paparazzi.

13. She Thinks Everything Is About Her (Or Makes It That Way)

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Taylor Swift has the magical ability to make everything seem like it’s about her. Even if an event is totally unrelated to her, well, she somehow manages to get her name into the headlines! Maybe she does this intentionally or maybe she has no idea. Either way, she still manages to make the spotlight shine on her when she wants it to. A person who tries to make everything about them, or at least acts like the world revolves around them, doesn’t make for the best friend ever. Don’t believe us? Consider the time Taylor got into a brief feud with Nicki Minaj. Nicki had sent out a tweet about the MTV award nominations in order to highlight the lack of black performers nominated. But Taylor thought Nicki was being salty about not being nominated for an award she was a contender for. Taylor sent out a series of tweets to Nicki before being put in her place. Taylor should learn to think before tweeting so she can avoid getting into another awkward situation like that!

12. She Acts Like She Coined The Word “Squad”

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Although we don’t know who called Taylor’s group of friends her “squad” first, many of her fans are convinced that the singer actually came up with the word herself. But the word “squad” has origins that reach a lot farther back in history than Taylor Swift’s music! It actually has roots in the African-American community. This is already a marginalized community so not acknowledging that this term is part of their culture further diminishes their impact. Taylor should be aware that the word “squad” has such deep origins. It would be super meaningful if she would acknowledge that fact in an interview or a social media post. This isn’t the first time she’s used cultural appropriation. Her music video for “Shake it Off” had a lot of things that could be seen as pretty offensive. She didn’t highlight the origins of some of the things shown in that video (like twerking, for instance), and that’s just as harmful as making it seem like “squad” is a new thing.

11. She Always Plays The Victim

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There are tons of people who have written comprehensive articles explaining how and why Taylor loves to play the victim card. Whatever the situation, she always makes it seem like she’s the one being hurt. It garners public sympathy and support, which in turn helps her popularity (and her music sales). Taylor has always clung to the image of a young girl who has been hurt by everyone from high school bullies to her ex-boyfriends. Young girls are able to relate to the image, and Taylor is able to profit off that success. A good example? The recent drama Taylor experienced with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Kanye and Taylor have had beef since he infamously interrupted her. Taylor has made public performances and comments directly about the incident. When Kanye released his song “Famous” and calls Taylor out by name and claims he made her famous, she said she never consented to the song, while he said the opposite. The world found out Taylor was lying when Kim released a video showing Taylor giving Kanye the go ahead. Taylor had been lying the whole time while she was making it seem like she was the victim of the situation.

10. She’ll Ditch You If You’re Having Boy Drama

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Taylor Swift likes drama… but only if it’s her own drama! If you’re a friend and going through something, she might cut you out of her life until you’ve figured your stuff out. Taylor seems to lose contact with her friends when they’re going through things, whether publicly or privately. This happened when Selena Gomez was in the middle of her tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber. The media definitely noticed how distant Taylor and Selena were getting at the time. Cameras even caught Taylor making nasty faces once when Justin came up to greet Selena. Only after Selena and the Biebs call it quits did Taylor and Selena become close friends. Sure, your boy drama might be annoying AF, but you don’t want your friends to ditch you because of it! You’d want them to wait it out and support you, no matter the outcome. Taylor seems that she’s yet to learn that fact, which makes us wonder how great of a friend she really is.

9. She Wants To Be The Center Of Attention Of Her Squad

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Taylor is always in the middle of photos with her squad. All of her girlfriends are surrounding her and usually lovingly embracing her with big grins on their faces. And, of course, Taylor loves sharing these sorts of pictures online for her fans to see! It’s clear that Taylor loves being the center of attention, regardless if she’s performing onstage or hanging out with friends. But it would get annoying to have a friend who wants you to treat her like she’s the center of the universe all the time. We wonder what it’s like to hang out with Taylor in person. She could be the most selfless and loving person you’d ever met. In other words, she could totally defy our expectations. Maybe she only chooses photos where she looks like the leader of her squad, and other photos would reveal a different story. She could totally hate being the center of attention. But, well, the photographic evidence tells a different tale.

8. She Shows Off Her Friends Like They’re Trophies

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Taylor always makes it totally obvious how many friends she has. During her most recent tour, she brought out a celebrity guest on stage to perform with her during each stop. Then she would take to Instagram to share about each of her friends that made an appearance on her tour. Celebs like Mick Jagger, Ellie Golding, Miranda Lambert, Whiz Khalifa, and many more showed up to her side. It seems like all of Hollywood is friends with Taylor Swift. But the way Taylor Swift acts about this in person and on social media makes it seem like she’s bragging about her friend circle. Each Instagram post featuring a pal is like a statement showing that she has friends in high places. She takes every opportunity to show who’s in her squad (and who isn’t). But that sort of behavior doesn’t really prove any healthy friendships. You shouldn’t be concerned with bragging about your friends to the rest of the world. All you should want to do with your besties is have fun and make lasting memories.

7. She’ll Use Your Boyfriend To Show Off Her Boyfriend

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Taylor once posted an infamous Instagram post wishing her bestie, model Karlie Kloss, a happy birthday. The singer posted a photo of Karlie and Taylor’s then-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, baking up a storm in her kitchen. It was kind of an odd photo to use, especially since Taylor had posted tons of cute photos of her and Karlie in the past. Fans didn’t know why the picture had to include Calvin, and why Taylor was nowhere to be seen. In the end, a lot of fans concluded Taylor was using it as an opportunity to show off her boy. It’s no secret that Tay has a long dating history, which has been publicized in the media and in her music. But it might be a stretch to say she would do something as obvious as this. Fans thought there were tons of better ways she could have wished her friend a happy birthday. If we got that sort of online birthday wish, we can’t say that we wouldn’t be a bit miffed.

6. She Doesn’t Seem To Get Feminism

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The singer has confirmed that she is a feminist… but many fans and critics feel that she doesn’t quite understand what the concept means! She preaches about how all women should support each other, yet she doesn’t always do that in her own actions. She has called out fellow female entertainers in the media (remember the Nicki Minaj feud) and has been quick to insult fellow women. One of the biggest problems is that she doesn’t seem to understand privilege. Taylor has been given many opportunities in life because she comes from an affluent and caucasian family. Not every little girl’s mom can move her to a new city to pursue her music career. Just remember how Taylor reacted to Nicki’s tweet about a lack of black representation in awards shows. Part of feminism is understanding that the patriarchy affects everyone differently and therefore not always in equal ways. Taylor seems like she could benefit from a feminist theory class or two.

5. She Acts Like She Knows Everything

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Whether she’s writing the lyrics to a song or answering an interview question, Taylor Swift loves to give advice. Her music is full of angsty lyrics about relationships gone wrong and her advice for how to get over them. Some of her songs are about getting revenge or showing the world that you don’t care what anyone says or thinks. She also loves to give similar advice during interviews. You can find her quotes lining the walls of Tumblr and Pinterest, inspiring little girls everywhere. The problem is that a lot of the advice Taylor gives is unrealistic or just out-right bad. She doesn’t often speak about powerful issues like body positivity or mental health, which a lot of her pop star counterparts do. Instead, she speaks a lot about matters of the heart (aka boys and relationships). Taylor sometimes reminds us of that one friend everyone has who likes to play counselor. It would be nice if Taylor could recognize she’s not always in the best position to give advice and that sometimes it’s good to think before she speaks.

4. She Makes Digs At People In The Media And Online

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Taking the high road means shutting your mouth even when you want to say something bad about someone. Taylor Swift is not someone who takes the high road very often! The singer is known for making shady comments to the press or online if she’s having beef with someone. During her most recent drama with Kanye West, she posted a statement on Instagram trying to make herself look innocent. She also said she never wanted to “be part of this narrative” ever since Kanye interrupted her speech. Everyone can remember how much shade Taylor threw at Katy Perry when their feud was at its peak. Taylor, making sure not to mention Katy by name, made some pretty obvious comments to the press about a frenemy she used to have. Taylor even called out Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for being the opposite of feminists, like when they made jokes about Tay’s romantic life. There are countless examples of where Taylor has spoken out about people she’s feuding with, and each time it’s more immature than the ones before it.

3. She’ll Write A Song About You If You Piss Her Off

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Taylor is infamous for writing songs about her exes that paint them in a bad light. She wrote “Dear John” after her brief fling with John Mayer by literally calling him out by name and saying she was too young to be treated so badly. She also reportedly penned “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” about Jake Gyllenhaal and “Out of the Woods” about Harry Styles. But Taylor has also written songs about beef she’s had with her friends, too. The best example of this is probably when Taylor released “Bad Blood.” She caused a huge media frenzy before the release of the song’s music video, which had dozens of celebrity appearances in order to show off Taylor’s solid squad. She reportedly wrote “Bad Blood” about her feud with Katy Perry, and Taylor even had trouble lying about its meaning during interviews. That’s a pretty petty way to get revenge on a former friend, Taylor!

2. She Loves To Throw Subtle Shade

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We have no idea why the world hasn’t realized Taylor is the Queen of Shade by now. Whether it’s a reference in her song or a comment she made to the media, Taylor is no stranger to calling people out. We’ve already seen how she does that by writing songs about her feuds and calling people out in the media and online. We’d be scared as to what shade Taylor would throw at us if we got on her bad side. This isn’t a very mature or friendly way to act. People who can’t rise above their pettiness and be the bigger person don’t often make for great friends. It usually just causes more drama, and you so don’t need that in your life. As much as she tries to deny it, Taylor really seems to love drama. Or she’s just really good at attracting it. Unless you’re a drama queen yourself, then we don’t see things working out too well.

1. She’s Not An Enemy That You Want

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Just think of what Taylor would do if you got on her bad side! First, she would take to Twitter or Instagram to post something vague about her feelings (aka the first step in making yourself look like the victim). She would probably get her publicist to make a statement in her favor, or have one of her besties defend her against the press. Maybe she’d make some sly comments to the media if you really get under her skin. Or, if you burn her badly, Taylor will definitely release a song about you. And the song won’t make you sound that great. If anything is clear, it’s that you don’t want Taylor Swift as your enemy. She doesn’t take too kind to those who wrong her (just look at the lyrics of some of her most famous songs), and we don’t want to be on the receiving end of her revenge plan. As cool as it would be to be besties with a celebrity, we’re not convinced that Taylor is as #friendsgoals as the world thinks she is!

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