15 Times Selena Gomez Let Her True Emotions Show

Whatever you have to say about Selena Gomez, she is one of the biggest "It Girls" right now. Every time we click on the TV, troll the Internet, or see her face on the cover of a magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store, there she is. She is known for her reputation for being America's sweetheart by showing appreciation to her fans and loyalty to her girl squad friends (à la Taylor Swift). However, Selena Gomez was a bit of a backstabber to her friend, Bella Hadid, by stealing her boyfriend, The Weeknd. That's a different story for a different day.

Selena Gomez has a chubby face and dove eyes make her look like an innocent little angel that we just want to give a big hug to every time she gets emotional. That is until we are reminded that she lives like a queen and will have a lavish life that most of us can only dream about. So really, there is absolutely no reason for her to cry at the end of the day. In fact, she can be so uncontrolled emotionally that she has broke down several times in public. You have to wonder if she is just doing this for show or if she is really that much of a crier in real life. She is a Cancer after all! Here are the 15 times when Selena Gomez was a cry baby in public.


15 The "Heart Wants What It Wants" Music Video


In life, you are bound to get your heart broken and that is simply inevitable. We all go through relationships and flings where we get dumped and rejected. Unless you are a sociopath, that will happen to you at least once in your life on this earth. Selena Gomez takes it upon herself to not only write a song about Justin Bieber and the a-hole way that he treated her, but made a melodramatic black and white music video about it. These tears that were shed in this video are crocodile tears because she is acting. Once she saw the numbers in how much she profited from this music video, she was laughing all the way to the bank. In fact, she was probably crying tears of joy after the fact.


14 She Slammed Her Ex, Justin Bieber On Instagram

Pop Crush

Is it just us, or does Selena Gomez seem to have an unhealthy infatuation with Justin Bieber that has been lingering long after their breakup? In 2016, Justin Bieber obnoxiously posted endless pics of him and his new beau, Sofia Richie. More likely than not, it was all in the efforts of making Selena jealous, but that is besides the point. Selena Gomez could have very easily taken the higher road my ignoring such immaturity, but nope. Instead, she lashed out by leaving a passive-aggressive catty comment on Justin Bieber's photo. After he threatened to make his Instagram private (*gasp* oh no!), she mentioned that he needs to respect his fans because "they were there before his gf." Of course, he responded saying, "I'm not one for receiving hate" and blah blah blah.

Selena of course had to have the last word and even exposed him for cheating during their relationship. Her final comment was : "Funny how the ones that cheated multiple times, are pointing the finger at the ones that were forgiving and supportive, no wonder fans are mad. Sad. All love." Talk about airing out your dirty laundry to the world. Good job, Selena Gomez. You have lowered yourself to Justin Bieber's level of tacky.


13 One On One Time With James Franco In Spring Breakers


In her breakout role in Spring Breakers, Selena Gomez played Faith who was the nice girl compared to her friends in her girl squad (played by Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson). She was the morale of the group while the others were sociopathic party girls. To make a long story short, they meet a strange gangsta dude named Alien (played by James Franco) that gives them a ride of their life into corruption. Without giving too many spoilers away, Selena Gomez, of course, breaks down in tears because she is just too freaked out by Alien's antics because he is just "too weird." Boo hoo. To be fair, James Franco does play the perfect creeper and was able to take little Selena Gomez out of her constrained bubble. It probably needed to happen.


12 During Taylor Swift's Speech Dissing Kanye West


It is safe to say by now that everyone has heard about the big Taylor vs. Kayne feud involving her agreeing to include a controversial lyric about her in a song but then later pretended that he set her up and used her without her permission. Well, anyways, Taylor decided to give a passive-aggressive slam at Kanye during her acceptance speech at the 2016 Grammys. She made direct eye contact with the camera and self-righteously declared that "when you achieve fame, certain people will try to undercut you." The camera then directs to the audience where we see a tearful Selena Gomez cry over this speech in a "you go girl" sort of fashion. It is no wonder that Selena Gomez is a beloved member of Taylor Swift's girl squad. She knows how to bring the drama in support of her friend.


11 When She Performed "Love Will Remember" About Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez just can't seem to get over Justin Bieber. There must be some magical quality about him that she just can't seem to find in all of the rest of dudes that are probably lining up ready to date her. You have to feel for the girl. It does suck not being able to move on from a breakup, but there seems to be a certain loss of dignity when that dude is Justin Bieber. Girl, please. The whole world can see that you clearly dodged a bullet because he is known as one of the biggest dooches in Hollywood. In fact, she should be framing that whole breakup in such a way that she should be celebrating the departure from that relationship. Alas, feelings are feelings we suppose.


10 She Cried And Then Posted A Cryptic Message On Instagram

E! Online

There is a certain level of respect for celebrities who can just be content with what they have and roll with the punches. Our girl Selena Gomez here certainly disproves that behavior with her public announcement of her discontentment with...well, we are not quite sure exactly. After kickstarting her Revival tour in Jakarta, Indonesia and just a few days after her 24th birthday, one would think that she has the world in her hands, right? Au contraire. Rather, she posted a long Instagram message telling her fans and the entire world that she "needs to re-evaluate areas of her life" and how she was feeling "extremely inauthentic" without giving a clear explanation as to why. Selena Gomez is indeed an emotional creature, not a logical one. We wish that our biggest problem was feeling ambiguously bad about our multi-million dollar pop star career.

E! Online

9 During Taylor Swift's 25th Birthday Celebration


Oh boy, this one is a doozy. While Taylor Swift was celebrating her 25th birthday with A-list guests like Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Sam Smith...Selena Gomez was being a straight up party pooper. US Weekly reported that our favorite drama queen broke down and cried over her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber. This more likely than not brought on by the effects of her having had a little bit too much to drink, just guessing. Sources reveal that she cried and threw a fit on top of the terrace at TSwift's New York apartment. An insider revealed that she shouted, "no one understands me, not even my own boyfriend understands me." Selena Gomez is just proof that alcohol and unrequited baggage brought on my past (or present) relationships just don't mix.


8 During Her Revival Tour Performing "Who Says"


Now we are picking up a pattern here. Selena Gomez likes to get emotional and teary-eyed during her performances. This probably one of her trademarks that gets fans to connect with her on a deeper level and maybe they feel like the lyrics are really resonating with them. For all we know, she could be fake crying during these performances specifically just to have that type of psychological effect on her fans. "Who Says" is just another sappy girl-power song about overcoming insecurity and self-acceptance. At this point, we get it. Your bad ex-boyfriend couldn't accept you for who you are so now you have to write a song about how you like yourself despite whatever he thinks. Some call it pathetic, or some could call it marketing genius. You be the judge.


7 During Her Kid's Choice Awards Acceptance Speech


We have to hand it to the girl. Her acceptance speeches are so selfless and heartfelt that it is no wonder that she often starts crying mid-speech. Since she looks eternally youthful, it is no surprise that she has a younger audience that relates to her on a level that most adults can't. At least she knows how to appreciate her fans, unlike, *cough,* Justin Bieber. When she took home the award for Favorite Female Singer, not only did she start crying, but made us cry a little bit too. See, this moment would have had more meaning had that been one of her few times that she got emotional in public. Had she not been an overt crier in the past, then maybe this would have been a more profound speech.


6 When She Wasn't Allowed To Be Photographed With Fans

NY Daily News

Here is an incident when Selena Gomez broke down in tears and surprisingly, Justin Bieber was not the culprit this time around. This time around, she got emotional because she was denied the chance to interact with her beloved fans. Instead, she posted a selfie of her holding a Brooklyn T-shirt to commemorate the event and pay homage to her fans that didn't get to be photographed with her or receive any autographs. Though she also cried during the show (which is nothing new at this point and that probably had something to do with Biebs), this one was a meltdown for the love she feels for her fans. In a strange way, that is actually kind of adorable considering that she feels so deep on a collective level.


5 After Watching A Heartfelt Message From One Of Her Fans


In this scenario, we can't tell whether her crying is just a bit over the top or sort of makes her a sweetheart of sorts. For some reason, a television reporter thought it would be breaking news to find the biggest Selena Gomez fan (as if there aren't better stories to report about). Selena was flattered and a bit humbled by what she heard from this fan. A tween Aussie girl made an entire video about all the reasons she is the biggest Selena Gomez fan. After watching the video, Selena started to tear up and gave a gracious response (and yes it is a bit cheesy):

"Every time I sit down to do interviews, it's usually based on who I'm dating, what I'm wearing, what's my favorite color or favorite song. And when I find those people that genuinely appreciate me for me, it keeps me going," she said.


4 Whenever She Even Talks About Her Fans


Fans are basically every celebrity's life blood, and there is no question about it. Fans are what makes their world go around. It is every celebrity's duty to show love and appreciation for their fans. However, Selena Gomez just drives it into the ground with her emotional overkill. She cries whenever she talks about how truly amazing her fans are.

She says: "I always try to tell my fans that I can never truly explain to them how grateful I am for them. I can't really understand the fact that I can just go on a stage for an hour and sign as many autographs as I can and they're OK with that. They wait 10 hours, fly from different countries, and wait all day, and me just doing that is good enough? I don't feel like that is enough."

Alright, Selena. We get it. You are forever grateful to your fans.


3 When She Was Overcome With Emotion While Performing Live "Heart Wants What It Wants"


Selena, Selena, Selena. *Shakes head*. When are you finally going to get over that D-bag, Justin Bieber? Seriously, what really is so mesmerizing about him that you can't seem to move on? Though she has finally snagged her most recent beau, The Weeknd, her messy time during and after the relationship with Justin Bieber will forever go down in tween history as nothing short of a disaster. We all know that she made that music video of "The Heart Wants What It Wants" specifically as a slam at Biebs, and gave her a free pass when she cried in that video because she was supposed to be acting. Then she got even more emotional when she performed the song on stage probably thinking about him while she was singing. If it wasn't for the fact that she found a new boyfriend as of right now, we would suggest that she maybe get some therapy.


2 During An Emotional Speech At The 2016 American Music Awards

Boston Herald

We just love it when celebrities who are young, rich and famous insinuate that they want sympathy even though their lives are arguably better than the rest of ours. After an announced hiatus from the whole red carpet scene via Instagram (which was something that was probably strategically planned), Selena Gomez made an appearance in a striking red dress at the 2016 American Music Awards. Understandably so, she needed a break to focus on her health. However, there is just something annoying about celebrities giving flowery words of "wisdom" to their fans (even though someone was hired to write their speeches for them). To make her long acceptance speech short, Selena announced to the public: "if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken."

Sooo...what does "being broken" entail, exactly?


1 She Made Taylor Swift Cry During Her 2014 AMA Performance


So, this getting emotional during a performance must be her schtick since it seems to get rave reviews from fans and has the media writing all kinds of stories about it (including this one). After yet another performance of "The Heart Wants What It Wants", Selena Gomez seemed to mouth ever-so-discreetly "thank you, Justin." Later, she cleared that up on Instagram by leaving a hashtag #thankyoujesus.

Still, there was a silhouette of someone who resembled Justin Bieber in the background that made hearts melt (except of Biebs of course). This apparently moved fellow girl squad member, Taylor Swift to tears because it was just so effing heartwarming and profound (sarcasm). Apparently, the crybaby effect is infectious. We have all gotten our hearts broken, Selena. You don't need to broadcast it to the entire world over and over again.


Source: US Weekly, Dailymail UK

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