15 Times Reality TV Producers Went Too Far

Since the start of reality TV, there has always been a debate on what is real and what is not. When we learned that popular reality series The Hills, Laguna Beach, and The City were mostly scripted, our head immediately spun out of control. If our beloved characters were faking it on MTV, what was keeping any other reality star from faking it as well?

The truth is that there is a fine line with reality TV these days. You can tell what’s real by the lawsuits, but everything else is pretty unclear. Individually, it's up to us to decide who is faking it for the cameras and the audience and who is keeping it real. These days, reality TV is way juicier than scripted dramas because we love the fact that an “ordinary” person goes through difficult times like the rest of us. But it is still hard to tell what’s real no matter the channel or show.

Thanks to reality TV, we have real life drama in our lives every day without us actually having to participate in any of the cat fights. Whether or not series have a certain scripted format, producers can’t help the fact that sometimes their ‘stars’ get a little too out of control. Sometimes they have to reign them back in whether or not it’s entertaining to the public. Those moments happen far more often than we think.

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15 Khloe Kardashian Offers to be Kim's Surrogate


Celebrities using surrogates is nothing new. And couples turning to loved ones for surrogacy options isn’t new to us either. But a Kardashian sister offering to be the surrogate for another Kardashian sister was almost too much to handle. I’m sure heads exploded when little sis Khloe Kardashian approached big sis Kim, and offered to carry her third baby for her and husband, Kanye West.

Thanks to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we were able to keep track of Kim during both of her pregnancies with daughter North and son Saint. Both pregnancies and deliveries were recognized as difficult. Kim had quite the miserable pregnancy. But we also were able to follow her shallow journey into planning for baby number three. Unfortunately, Kim’s health dictates that it’s unsafe for her to carry any more children.

14 The Recent BIP Scandal

Business Insider

Even those who stay away from The Bachelor franchise has heard about this Bachelor in Paradise scandal heard across the world. According to recent headlines, former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson have been in the news for all of the wrong reasons.

While filming The Bachelor in Paradise with a group of other contestants, filming was cut short over an internal investigation. Corinne had far too many drinks at one point and got ‘hot and heavy’ with DeMario. However, the following morning Corinne had no recollection of the hookup and accused DeMario of taking advantage of her. This caused various cast mates to accuse producers of encourages them to drink and get wild. An investigation took place, but no charges were filed and the show has continued.

13 Tarek and Christina El Moussa's Divorce

The Inquisitr

Many of us leave TLC playing in the background while we go about our daily tasks in the house. You may recognize Tarek and Christina El Moussa from their home makeover show, Flip or Flop. While these two were entertaining us on camera, things were falling apart off camera. In December of 2016, the seemingly perfect couple announced their separation.

While you would think that the couple who shares two kids would end there, it definitely didn’t. Things got ugly and reports surfaced of dangerous significant others they were dating, verbal abuse, and more. Rumor is Tarek had a hard time resisting their nanny, who he later briefly dated. It seems that every week a new story about the couple pops up, and it’s truly gotten out of hand.

12 Everything Farrah Abraham

US Weekly

If there is one reality TV star that most viewers don’t care for, it’s the outrageous Farrah Abraham. She got her start on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, where her petty arguments with her parents gained traction. Soon enough, Farrah was asked to participate in the spin-off series, Teen Mom.

It didn’t take long for Farrah to retain a reputation as an aggressor, prompting many responses to her style of raising her daughter, Sophia. When Farrah isn’t fighting with her mother, verbally attacking her father, rolling her eyes at her on-and-off boyfriend Simon, or ticking of cast members, she is physically attacking the crew and producers. It really makes you wonder why she is still allowed to even participate. This is a question her co-stars would love answered as well.

11 Rob Kardashian Uses Explicit Leaks to Get Attention

Life & Style

Ever since Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna got together, we have been counting down the days until they both gave up on one another. It’s happened over twenty times now, mind you. Keeping up with their break-ups was hard until very recently when Rob made it clear that he had no love or respect for Blac Chyna, the mother of his daughter, Dream Kardashian.

Recently Rob took to Instagram to rant about his ex and her ring of men that he claimed she cheated on him with. So far he’s named two. If that wasn’t bad enough, Rob also decided it was appropriate to leak nude photos that Blac Chyna had shared with him. When Instagram finally shut him down, Rob shared them on Twitter. Thankfully, Chyna is all lawyered up and ready to fight against this debacle.

10 Kirk and Rasheeda Frost's Split Over Cheating Scandal

Hollywood Life

Underground rapper Rasheeda and husband-ger Kirk Frost seemed to have it all on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But of course, as the series continued, the drama erupted. Things got bad when Kirk cheated on his wife Rasheeda on national television with a random woman his friends invited to a cabin/hot tub party. At the time, Rasheeda was pregnant, and Kirk insisted on her taking a paternity test to prove the baby was his, which she of course declined, but he later took one behind her back.

After hosting a comical ‘apology party’, we believed the worst was over for the long-time couple. This was until the start of the most recent season where we learned that Kirk may or may not be the father of another woman’s baby. Needless to say, they are currently not together.

9 Joseline Hernandez Makes a Dramatic Exit

Gossip On This

Joseline Hernandez, the self-dubbed ‘Puerto Rican Princess’ did what she does best, tick off just about anyone and everyone with her recent stunt. Apparently, Joseline has accused Love & Hip Hop franchise producer, Mon Scott King, of many things including exploiting minorities and not paying Joseline enough for her time.

Joseline has been a volatile character to follow on the Atlanta leg of the series with her constant drama, crocodile tears, explicit insults, and so on. Despite the current drama, she is trying to start fresh with Mona Scott Young and the Atlanta cast. Yet, it seems that no one is sad to see the new mom go. In fact, many have said it was a long time coming. She sticks to Instagram to voice her opinions daily.

8 Shelley Duvall's Interview with Dr. Phil


Shelley Duvall is unrecognizable. In fact, do you know who she is from this image? Does The Shining ring a bell? Shelley played Wendy, one of the main characters in the scary movie based on the Stephen Kind novel. Shelley showed a lot of promise as an actress, producer, writer, singer, and comedian, but disappeared after the 90's. That was until her infamous interview with Dr. Phil in 2016.

The interview has been criticized as exploitative due to the severe state of her mental health, which was witnessed throughout the interview. The airing of it even caused people to boycott the Dr. Phil show. Now 67, Shelley seemed paranoid and delusional, and her grip on reality was questionable. The interview was hard to watch.

7 Brandi Glanville vs. LeAnn Rimes

Reality Tea

Ever since LeAnn Rimes had an affair with the then husband of Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian, Brandi has been struggling to piece her life back together. The affair was public, and painful to Brandi. But that didn’t stop her from joining The Real Housewives franchise for a paycheck shortly after the ordeal.

Brandi eventually became ‘cool’ with LeAnn, considering that LeAnn was trying to have a relationship with her children. And then, Brandi hated her again. Oh, and then Brandi was okay with LeAnn. Um, no…now, Brandi hates her again. It’s hard to keep up with Brandi’s claims. We can understand disliking ‘the other woman’, but after making peace with her only to bring up some other drama is headache inducing. We’d rather just stay out of this one.

6 When Miles Brock Came Out to the Public Before His Family

Music Times

Love & Hip Hop is at it again. In their Hollywood leg, the cameras briefly followed Miles Brock, a rapper and artist none of us have ever heard of. We wondered why Mona Scott Young would purposely cast a nobody. But it took us a bit to learn that he was actually someone with a story. The cameras followed Miles Brock as he was swiftly in denial of being gay one minute, and the shooting in bed with his boyfriend the next.

Things got extra fishy when we realized that Miles hadn’t come out to anyone in his family or to any of his friends. He even dragged on a relationship with his old flame, Amber. The tables turned when Miles decided to tell Amber the truth.

5 When No One on The Hills Would Film with Heidi Montag


Oh, The Hills. Does anyone miss Heidi Montag’s old face? The mother to be has long moved on since her stint on the MTV scripted reality series. But does anyone remember the constant feuding that happened with Heidi on and off cameras?

The Hills has been known to force friendships for viewers, but at one point Lauren Conrad and Heidi were the best of friends, taking over The Hills together. This was of course until bad boy Spencer intervened, and Heidi quickly lost friends when she showed loyalty to her beau. Things got so bad on set that while filming the final seasons, cast members refused to film with Heidi. She even had to be photoshopped into the group images for a poster because no one wanted to be in the same room as her. Ouch.

4 And Then She Got a Ton of Surgery

Speakers' Corner

Okay, so what was wrong with Heidi Montag’s face and body? She was always petite and blond. She was cute! But this wasn’t enough for her. At the height of her fame, Heidi decided to take control of her life and go through 10 plastic surgeries before she decided that she was perfect. In an episode of The Hills, Heidi reveals her new look to her mother, which brought her to tears…and not in a good way.

Heidi wanted to fix everything that was ‘wrong’ with her, and she really did. At the time we blamed her husband, Spencer Pratt, for putting her up to the dangerous task. But Heidi insisted it was all her idea. Still, this left many of us traumatized, even producers...

3 Married at First Sight Wife Gets Death Threats from Husband


We all remember Jessica Castro as the quite, shy beauty on Married at First Sight. We enjoyed watching her play house with hubby Ryan De Nino. There were often times when Ryan would become verbally abusive on camera, prompting viewers to think twice about this coupling and Jessica’s safety. Shortly after shooting, Jessica revealed she and Ryan were no longer together, and that she feared for her life because of it.

Her lawyer claims that Ryan “threatened to kill Ms. Castro and members of her family”. Married at First Sight got a lot of backlash, seeing as producers may not have run background checks on all the participants. Apparently, Jessica claimed Ryan was stringing her along while he pursued a relationship with another woman. This made him angry and caused him to threaten her.

2 The Violence You Can Expect on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunions


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been dubbed the most violent leg of the series. Why is this? Many blame it on one individual, Joseline Hernandez, and her mouth. Apparently, Joseline often promotes violence and threatens the cast members on social media and on her blue screen readings. She can’t seem to control her tongue or her hands.

But she isn’t the only who has caused a stir. Most recently new cast member Jessica Dime has also been know to throw drinks and fists. How many other cast members have participated in a physical fight? Too many to count. Every reunion producers struggle to schedule accordingly in fear of the cast’s safety. One thing is for sure, if you are a cast member of the Atlanta crew, you better watch your back.

1 Abby Lee Miller's Pre-Prison Pleas

Reality Tea

Is anyone really sad to see Dance Moms villain, Abby Lee Miller, go? Miller faces 366 days in jail after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud and illegally smuggling $120,000 of Australian currency into the United States. Since her trial, she has tried to remain out of the spotlight, most likely from shame. Even after serving her time, she still owes a $40,000 fine and has to finish a two-year probation period.

Abby has been known for verbally abusing her cast of children on Dance Moms and claiming it was what was best for them. Frankly, I understand coaching a dance is a stressful, but berating them over any little thing and making them cry is hard to watch. What will happen after the seventh season of Dance Moms? Only the producers know.

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