15 Times Photoshop Failed These Celebs

Many of us think that celebrities are perfect. After all, they always look awesome in their photos, movies, TV shows, and music videos. But we rarely think that they're actually not any more perfect than us. Not even a little bit. They just have access to tons of makeup and they use lots of photoshop filters to make their bottoms bigger, waists thinner, and skin smoother. Often they do it carefully and we never notice any editing, still thinking that this is the way they actually look. But sometimes they fail. And they fail miserably because this is the time when we realize how much they lie to us.

From wobbly doors and walls to multiple (or lacking) limbs – let's proceed to the list of celeb photoshop fails that will give us another reason to ridicule Kardashians and love Zendaya!

15 Apparently, Khloe Kardashian Has Too Many Fingers On One Hand...

Via: IG

Khloe looks gorgeous in this photo, doesn't she? Well, she does, but until you see a teeny tiny detail that'll make you go "Whoah!" Take a look at her right hand and count how many fingers she has on it. Couldn't do it because it's way too many? Neither could we. We don't think she has some weird anatomic deformity, so we totally blame it on photoshop.

14 And A Weird Thumb On Another One

Via: IG

Now, we're not done with Khloe because in this photo she shows us that her left hand isn't quite normal, too. Pay attention to her thumb. Doesn't it look like it's disappearing into nowhere?

We don't know if Khloe photoshops her photos herself or has someone who does it for her, but she should seriously stop posting photos before seeing if they look fine. Or, at least, realistic.

13 The Case Of A Missing Leg

Via: hollywoodlife

We don't know what exactly was photoshopped in this photo, but somehow it made Kylie's left leg disappear. You might think that she folded it underneath her body, but, in this case, we'd be able to see her foot under her thigh. And if she stretched it behind Khloe and Kim, we'd see it in the gap between them. But it's nowhere to be seen and it makes this image unsettling.

12 This Is Not Your Waist, Mariah!

Via: tumblr

Okay, enough with the Kardashians. Let's move on to Mariah Carey. While in real life this all-beloved diva isn't the thinnest woman in the world, in her pics she looks pretty slim. We can keep on admiring her body until we open our eyes to a simple fact. However beautiful Mariah is, she just doesn't have these curves. Maybe she should finally accept her body as it is and stop fooling around with photoshop?

11 Something's Wrong With Your Yacht, T-Swift!

Via: kenh14

Just like most other girls, Taylor Swift likes to take swimsuit pics and then she gives a few photoshop touches to them. It's no sin, of course, but to avoid being ridiculed by her fans, she should be more careful. Or does T-Swift really think that we will believe that her boat has these weird curvy railings? How does it even stay afloat then?

10 Katy, What Did You Do With Your Eyes??

Via: boredpanda

Katy Perry is a very beautiful woman, so it's not clear why she even needs to use photoshop. Evidently, someone thinks that she does and this why pics appear where she looks so unrealistic. Not only her skin looks too porcelaneous, but also her eyes have a strange color. Bet I'm not the only one thinking that the original pic is much better.

9 Reese, Someone's Hugging You! And, Apparently, It's Not Oprah. Oh, Wait...

Via: india

Vanity Fair always makes gorgeous photos for their Hollywood Portfolio issues, but last year something went wrong. As soon as the photos appeared online, eagle-eyed fans began noticing weird things, such as three-legged Reese and three-handed Oprah.

But the best thing about this epic fail is the way these A-listers reacted. Reese tweeted, "Well...I guess everybody knows now...I have 3 legs. I hope you can still accept me for who I am." To which Oprah replied, "I accept your 3rd leg. As I know you accept my 3rd hand." Terrific!

8 Kim, Where's Your Arm, For God's Sake???

Via: side2

"Kardashians, again??" you ask. Yes, we can't get enough of them because, just like everyone else, we love to hate this family so much.

So as long as Reese and Oprah have extra limbs, Kim, apparently, lacks one. I guess it runs in the family, as we've previously seen that Kylie lacks a leg. Should we talk about it, or not?

7 Gordon Ramsay's Skin Between Wrinkles Looks So Smooth...

Via: tmz

Now let's proceed to the matriarch of the Kardashian clan, who didn't only photoshop herself in this photo, but also decided that Gordon Ramsay needed a facelift. Although the photoshop is anyway obvious (because the skin between wrinkles can't look so smooth on a human being!), what makes it even funnier is the fact that while Kris posted an edited photo, Ramsay simply posted the original one.

6 Gosh, John Mayer, Are You Okay?

Via: vev

Now this one looks totally like a joke, but it probably isn't. Anyway, we can't stop questioning why John Meyer decided to use an airbrush to the point that made his face look completely blurred and featureless. And he didn't even do it to himself, but also to his friend. Now they just look like waxworks from Madame Tussauds' museum.

5 Her Legs Underwent Some Major Editing

Via bestlifeonline

It's one thing that Blac Chyna's curves look impossible in this photo. We're all used to it because all Kardashians edit them all the time. A more interesting thing is her blurry legs and knees. This effect gives us pretty obvious evidence that this pic underwent some major photoshopping. And you can't tell anything in your defense, Blac!

4 Not A New One, But This One Is Classic

Via: usmagazine

This photo isn't as new as most others in this list, but it's so awesome that we just couldn't keep from including it here. Not only is Lohan's posture in it is really awkward, but she also edited it without any show of talent. Lindsay, darling, next time you decide to photoshop your bum, pay attention to the things around you and keep in mind that walls aren't supposed to curve like that.

3 And Lindsay Didn't Stop There

Via: anews

Oops, she did it again. This time, the stairs behind Lindsay became too wobbly for us to think that the photo wasn't edited. Even if we believe that she has such a weird set of stairs at home, we're going to worry about her a lot because it's certainly not safe to walk up and down these wobbly steps.

2 Are You Attentive Enough To See It?

Via: bestlifeonline

Selena Gomez looks gorgeous in this photo, but only until you notice a weird thing on its left side. The dented doorframe we see there is the obvious evidence of photoshop. Probably, it was done to give more volume to the singer's hair. Well, the hair does look awesome, but this fail just ruins the impression.

1 Zendaya Didn't Like Her Photoshopped Pic And Posted The Original One - You Go Girl!

Via: IG

Fortunately, not all celebs like photoshop. Zendaya is one of them. When she saw that Modeliste Magazine edited her photo, she just posted the original one on her IG and wrote, "I was shocked when I found my 19-year-old hips and torso quite manipulated [...] Anyone who knows who I am knows I stand for honest and pure self-love. So I took it upon myself to release the real pic (right side) and I love it."

You know what, we love the right-side pic more, too!

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