15 Times Miranda From 'SATC' Was Your Spirit Animal

Miranda Hobbes has to be one of the most underrated characters in the history of television. Okay, that might be a bit overdramatic. But at the very least, she’s the most underrated of all the S.A.T.C ladies! She may not have Carrie’s fashion sense or Samantha’s confidence or Charlotte’s kind heart, but she is the most intelligent of the women, says the funniest things and is a total boss by the end when she’s juggling a family and a career as a lawyer. Miranda also has a lot of flaws, like judging everyone, being almost 100% cynical and pessimistic, and having a bit of a temper. Poor Steve feels the brunt of it most of the time! But we all have flaws too, and sometimes Miranda gets herself into some sticky situations that we would also walk straight into! Here are 15 times Miranda was our spirit animal.

15 When She Thought The Take-out Girl Was Laughing At Her

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Here is a quick reminder about this awesome scene: Miranda orders Chinese take-out from her favorite place and the girl taking her call finishes her order for her, suggesting that she orders the same thing every time, and then laughs. Miranda, being cynical, suspicious and insecure, feels like the girl is making fun of her because she is always ordering the same meal for one. Lame and pathetic, right? Those of us who are single totally get it! Haven't you ever ordered a massive amount of sushi for yourself and then asked for two pairs of chopsticks so you don’t look quite as sad? The judgment is real! Miranda decides to confront the laughing girl, and then she realizes that, oh, she laughs at everyone in the same way. We love how Miranda has the guts to just go and confront anybody who’s not treating her the way they should.

14 When She Was Totally Looked Over At Her Friend's Wedding

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We’ve all been here, too! Miranda introduces Madeline and Jeremy, who then get married soon after. Like four weeks later. There’s nothing more annoying than secretly liking someone from a distance and having nothing happen between you for years, only to have someone else swoop in and steal them away. Actually, there is. It’s even worse when the person who is the object of your affection falls in love with is your friend... and, oh yeah, you introduced them! That will sting in the morning, that's for sure. Poor Miranda is pretty much invisible for their entire (although totally speedy) romance and gets stuck with the crappy wedding job of telling people to sign the guest book. Nothing about this is enviable or inspiring for us. Actually, we feel super sorry for Miranda here. In fact, we relate to her a lot and know what it’s like! Just another of the many reasons that she is totally and completely our spirit animal.

13 When She Stopped The Girls Talking About Men

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This was one of those moments that had us all cheering her name! As usual, the girls are at breakfast discussing Mr. Big (because everything always has to revolve around Carrie... but that is a story for another time). All of a sudden, Miranda gets totally frustrated and tells off the other women for always speaking about men. She actually gets up and leaves, telling them to call her when they are ready to talk about something other than the opposite gender. This is so refreshing to see because those we are crushing on can sometimes take up so much more of our time than we realize. Especially when we are catching up with our BFFs, it is important to remember that the world revolves around other things besides romance! Even though sometimes it feels like there is nothing else. It is not exactly super feminist for a whole bunch of women to only discuss men. Ugh.

12 When She Was Obsessed With Gossip

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Just because Miranda knows that only caring about men is silly, doesn’t mean she’s above petty gossip and diving into tabloid-reading. As Miranda says several times, her gossip magazines are her thing. Now, this isn’t exactly something to admire about her, but we love how she keeps it real. Really, who doesn’t love a bit of gossip? This might well be a flaw of hers, but rather than hiding it and being ashamed, she totally embraces it and just about sings it to the world. She definitely makes no plans to stop just because nobody else approves, and actually schedules time out of her day to dedicate to her passion. That is admirable! And at the same time, Miranda is an incredibly intelligent lawyer, so she’s reinforcing for us that just because you enjoy reading about celebrity gossip or makeup trends, doesn’t mean you are by any means inferior or stupid.

11 When She Didn’t Want To Marry Steve

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We’ll be the first ones to say that we love how Miranda and Steve end up together. Please, she was never going to be with Robert or anyone else. But when she finds out she’s pregnant, Steve proposes to her because he wants to do what he thinks is the right thing. It's pretty awesome and hey, we always liked Steve! Miranda not only rejects him, she also asks him if he’s crazy. While the decision to not marry Steve is only delaying the inevitable, you have to hand it to Miranda for being confident enough in herself to reject a marriage based solely on comfort and convenience. Particularly when you just found out that you’re pregnant and the world is looking scary AF, it would be tempting to want to settle with someone whom you aren’t sure you love. But Miranda, who’s supposed to be insecure, still won’t settle. That right there is #goals.

10 When She Stood Up For Carrie

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Everybody remembers the horrible date with Miranda, Carrie and The King Of All Jerks, Jim. In case you don’t, Miranda starts to fall for Jim, a guy that Carrie used to date. Carrie warns Miranda that Jim is really immature, but Miranda listens to her heart instead of her head (again, haven’t we all been there?!) and insists on dating him anyway. At first, everything is fine, but then Carrie joins them on one of their dates, and it’s revealed that Jim is actually still as douchy as he ever was. Miranda is us in this situation because we’ve all given someone we like the benefit of the doubt at some point, only to be brutally corrected later on. Jim starts accusing Carrie of all walking over him, and Miranda stands up for her friend like all good friends would. So she makes a mistake, but she pulls through in the end!

9 When She Put Magda In Her Place

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Miranda’s Ukrainian housekeeper, Magda, might be one of our favorite characters in the whole series, even though she doesn’t really say too much. When she first starts working for Miranda, she judges Miranda’s single lifestyle in the way that all European grandmothers would. You know -- she replaces the coffee with tea, puts religious ornaments around the apartment, thinks Miranda is strange for not making homemade pies, and also gets rid of some of her adult items. We feel for Miranda here, because even if we don’t have pushy European grandmothers, we all know that one person who’s a little too conservative and doesn’t really approve of anything we do. Anyways, these people can actually be really intimidating (even though Magda is cute as pie!), but Miranda totally sticks up for herself. Rather than putting up with criticism, she puts her foot down and defends her lifestyle, as is her right!

8 When She Ran Away From Steve On The Street

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Okay, here’s another thing that probably isn’t great or all that inspiring, but it still makes us connect with Miranda on another level because we so would have done the same thing. When Miranda sees Steve walking on the street, she runs in the other direction so she doesn’t have to deal with him. Yeah, that’s immature and she probably should have left that kind of behavior long behind. We just can’t help but laugh because we most definitely still run away from things (and people) every now and then, when being brave seems a little too difficult. This shows that even if you have your life together in most areas, there are always going to be those days when you bump into an ex on the street and react the way a child would. It happens! We’re glad it happened to Miranda because it makes us feel a tad better about it happening to us too.

7 When She Called Carrie Out On Running Back To Big

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It's no secret that while Big does pull through by the end of the series when he comes to save Carrie in Paris, he's pretty imperfect for the majority of the series. He isn’t even boyfriend material. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to commit to Carrie for whatever reason, but she always runs back to him. Miranda, like the rest of the world, gets sick of this and is totally honest with her about it (in a slightly brutal way). Let’s just say that you wouldn’t want Miranda to ever get mad at you. Even though Carrie does accuse Miranda of being judgmental, she’s just telling it like it is. Carrie’s behavior in this circumstance really isn’t healthy, and her friends shouldn’t let her carry on as if nothing is wrong. This scene gives us the confidence to speak up when our friends are out of line, although we might not yell at them!

6 But Was There For Her Anyway

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So Carrie running back to Big isn’t the smartest thing for her to do and Miranda makes that clear, but in the end, she’s still there for her. Later as the two reconcile on the phone, Miranda is all ears in a non-judgmental way. This is beautiful! Even though she doesn’t agree with what Carrie’s doing and has been upfront and honest about it, she’s still her friend and is still ready to be there for her. That’s an important lesson, because even though we should be honest with our friends, they might not always agree with us. And it would be a very violent world if we fought relentlessly every time we disagreed with someone, so learning to accept other people after you’ve laid everything out on the table is super useful! We also love how Miranda loses her cool but then melts to butter because she’s secretly sensitive.

5 When She Fell Over In Front Of Steve

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This is so us. In the final season Miranda dates Robert and Steve dates Debbie while they pretend that they don’t still have feelings for each other. It’s kind of frustrating to watch, but whatever! Just as Miranda is about to be introduced to Debbie in the park, she gracelessly trips over the wheel of the stroller and lands on the concrete, making a total a$$ out of herself. Ah, what can you do but laugh? It’s almost a given that any time you have a hint of an audience or you’re trying really hard to come across as cool and collected, that will backfire hard and you’ll end up looking silly. We’ve definitely made fools out of ourselves in incredibly unfortunate situations, so it’s reassuring to know that Miranda does that too. She does have the handsome Knicks' doctor Robert to come and help her afterward, which is lucky!

4 When She Became Addicted To Chocolate

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Miranda loves her food, but at one stage in the series, she develops a serious addiction to chocolate and it starts taking control over her life. She finds herself gazing at chocolate desserts in glass counters across New York, and finally, her addiction reaches a climax when she bakes herself a cake and… well… we’ll let her tell you: “Your good friend Miranda has just taken a piece of cake out of the garbage and eaten it. You will probably need this information when you check me into the Betty Crocker Clinic.” Yep, she throws out the cake to stop tempting herself, and then proceeds to eat it anyway. We don’t like for one second that this resembles us, but in all honesty, it does. We might not be willing to actually eat food out of the trash, but chocolate, in particular, is very important to us and very difficult to resist.

3 When She Married Steve Her Way

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In the beginning, we never thought we would see a Miranda wedding. Other than Samantha, she was the only character that we were sure wasn’t the marrying type. But of course, she falls in love with Steve and travels down the road that she was so wary of for years and years! What we love about Miranda’s wedding is that it’s totally her. She never feels pressured to do the big white thing that everybody else does, and she ends up marrying Steve in a beautiful, personalized ceremony. This is relevant for us today, because, in the age of social media, there is even more pressure to conform to societal norms regarding engagements and weddings. It can feel as if all your friends are in competition with each other over who has the nicest dress and who has the biggest cake, and if it does, we should all remember Miranda and Steve.

2 When She Called Carrie Out On Moving To Paris

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This is another Miranda moment that we love, even if it involves her being a bit pushy. It was great when she called Carrie out on running back to Big because Carrie’s behavior was annoying for the people around her and Miranda was just trying to give her some advice that was obvious to everyone but her. This is the same thing, except ten times bigger! In the last season, Carrie isn’t just doing something that might leave her feeling disappointed, but she’s actually uprooting her whole life for a guy that Miranda can see is not right for her. The consequences of Carrie’s move to Paris have the potential to be devastating, and while the other girls encourage her to go, Miranda forces her to really think twice about it. In the end, Carrie goes and Miranda has to accept it, and again we see that sentimental Miranda we love!

1 When She Confessed Her Love For Steve

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Our favorite Miranda scene is toward the end of the series when she finally admits that she loves Steve at Brady’s first birthday party. They’re getting his cake ready, and they both have their partners in the other room, and there are a million reasons why it’s a really bad time to succumb to the power of emotion. But Miranda just can’t hold it in and confesses her love, and thank goodness, Steve feels the same. Phew! It takes a lot of courage to tell someone that you love them, particularly under the circumstances Miranda has to do it under. Her bravery here is definitely something to aspire to! She gives us the nudge we might need when we’re holding something in. This moment also signifies the coming together of one of our favorite couples on the show, and it’s all thanks to Miranda and her ability to be brutally honest.

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