15 Times Mean Girls Got What They Deserved

The hit movie Mean Girls might take a light jab at the pressure and bullying in high school with a caricature of the typical popular girl in the form of Regina George, but it still shows the underlying meanness that almost all girls experience at one point or another at their own high schools. Whether it's name calling, slut shaming, or physical bullying, these real-life mean girls can haunt your days at school--but just like Regina George, many of them get their comeuppance eventually! Sure, they might not get hit by a bus, but here are 15 satisfying times mean girls got what they deserved, ranging from revenges plotted by their victims who lied in wait or karma coming back to haunt them in their lives!

Vicariously feel the satisfaction of seeing mean girls get what they deserve and to learn that bullying will not be left unpunished--with a dose of pure payback!

15 Roomie revenge

22-year-old Jojo revealed to Cosmopolitan magazine that she got revenge on a mean girl she roomed with!  She revealed, "My roommate can be really mean, and one day, her bad attitude got on my last nerve. So when a guy she had been lusting over — who had recently become single — stopped by, I hatched a plan to get even. She let him in, then went upstairs to primp. I decided to introduce myself and told him to be careful because my roomie had a revolving door to her bedroom and is on quite a few meds for STDs. That was the last time he came over, and she couldn't figure out what happened." Here's hoping that by now she's rooming with somebody she can stand!

14 Can anyone say party of the year?

Actress Jennifer Lawrence revealed she had been bullied when she was younger, to the point she had to move around schools a couple of times, but never let it bother her. In fact, she was as fierce and bold as her Hunger Games character with how she handled the hate. Once, a girl gave her party invites to hand out to other people--and there wasn't one for her! Um, rude much? But that girl got what she deserved as Jennifer Lawrence far from obliged. She hocked a loogie on the party invites and threw them into the trash where they belong. Guess that was one banging party. With a party hostess like that, Jennifer just saved everyone else the pain of attending.

13 Facebook fiend

Off a popular thread on Reddit, a member by the name Soised revealed a relatively simple way he or she got revenge on a high school bully! Soised wrote, "After I finished high school a girl who bullied me relentlessly for years messaged me on Facebook saying a bunch of awful things (Facebook was new at the time -we all added anyone we knew). I just screenshotted the messages and posted them to her wall. Then a bunch of her friends messaged me asking if I was ok. I got my revenge and didn't have to stoop to her level." This is a good way to tell friend from foe on Facebook. Guess that girl's wall will be empty for quite some time!

12 Who's calling who fat now?

Also off Reddit, w4liflower proved that karma does exist! She revealed that she was fat but attractive when young, so the jealous bully would focus on her weight, making snide remarks, sneaking unattractive pictures of her to post online, and spreading the rumor that w4liflower was a lesbian! Ten years later, that bully got what she deserved. While w4liflower basked in a promising career, weight loss, and a new life far away, the bully suffered from extra thirty pounds and a messy life. w4liflower said when she ran into the bully, "Wow, motherhood looks great on you!" and wrote on Reddit, "The fact that she had to trick someone into getting her pregnant after a drunken night at the local watering hole and now has four stepkids before 25 makes me realize that her bitterness and hateful attitude has served her more revenge than I ever could.”

11 The husband knew

Smunchyblue off Reddit could not hide satisfaction with how karma got back at the bully for her. The poster wrote, "The girl who was cruel to me at every opportunity? Her husband cheated on her and they’re divorced. Ordinarily I’d feel badly for someone in this situation, but she was so unbelievably nasty, it just makes me laugh." Laugh away Smunchyblue! After all the pain inflicted on you by this mean girl that probably had you in tears, laughter is the best medicine and so you deserve to indulge in it now. Perhaps her husband got the right idea and hopefully she's learned from it so she can move on and live a better life.... Hopefully!

10 The "F" word

Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffat relayed how she finally got to take revenge on one of the bullies from high school who obliterated her confidence and made life difficult for her at a young age. She said to You magazine, "She came up to me all smiling and friendly and told me her two little girls thought she was the coolest mum because we’d been friends at school. Usually I’d just smile and walk away. But I had this memory of her coming into school and wearing fake teeth after I’d had my bike accident and doing a really horrid impression of me," so she proceeded to tell her off, stating they had never been "friends," hoping the bully's daughters would never have to go through what she did, and then coolly walking away.

9 The best revenge is to show you're living well!

Another star who's known to have suffered at the hands of bullies when younger is actress Kate Winslet. This can be surprising because she is one of the most sought after, talented, and acclaimed actresses today--and she proudly states that she actually considers her successful acting career to be her revenge on childhood bullies. She told the Today! show that she had been bullied for being chubby and because girls were jealous she was acting a bit as a teenager. It's no surprise that a lot of times, bullies and mean girls behave based on their own low self-esteem and jealousy toward their victim, so Kate Winslet proved that they really have something to be jealous about by being one of the most successful actresses today.

8 Snagging the bully's boyfriend

Smallbrainbighead off Reddit revealed that she had been victimized by mean girls when younger for being overweight, sadly a common theme when it comes to bullying--but she got her revenge on one of the bullies when she grew up and shed all that fat to transform into a beautiful swan!  She wrote, "I'd lost all the weight they bullied me for, her boyfriend tried to come onto me when we were both in a pub. Long story short: Her chin, my fist, satisfaction." What's a better sucker punch to the face than showing your past bully that you're now more attractive than she is? And enough to steal away her boyfriend, at that! Who's got the last laugh now?

7 The ugly duckling vs. the beautiful swan

The roles reversed at the hands of karma! Leaningtowel revealed on Reddit that she wasn't popular in high school and felt like an ugly girl at the hands of the more popular classmates. However, she eventually went from ugly duckling to beautiful swan and saw how one mean girl turned out!  She wrote, "Visiting my hometown, I saw the popular girl from high school that used to tease me about boys not liking me. She was in line at the store and looked terrible. Overweight, tired. She looked like an adult, like a mom. But not a happy one. I couldn't believe we were the same age! I guess I'm an adult technically but I don't really feel like it. I checked out her Facebook. Turns out she's divorced with two kids from different guys. And she works at a paycheque loan place."

6 The plus-size model embraces being "fat"

Once again, fat-shaming bullies got what they deserved! Hunter McGrady got sweet revenge on the bullies who tormented her for being "too fat" by never giving up on her dreams to becoming a model and embracing her body for what it is--beautiful and curvy. She's become a plus-size model, continuously working her way up the ladder of success until she even grabbed the very coveted spot of posing for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue! Now who's looking beautiful and being successful and getting lots of love? Now who's doing hot photo shoots in gorgeous locations and being paid to wear the hottest, trendiest clothes? Surely not one of the mean girls who called Hunter fat, I'll tell you that much.

5 Who are you again?

Redditor loridee revealed that she grew up poor but started attending a rich high school, and one girl was particularly stuck up with an "imperious attitude." Years later, loridee was working as a waitress when lo and behold, the snob from high school was seated in her section! She initially wanted other waitresses to take on the table, but as they were busy, she decided to do the performance of a lifetime! Loridee wrote, "I went to the table and pretended I’d never met her before in my life. She kept insisting I must remember her, right? She kept saying her name and I nailed the performance . . . She was flabbergasted. I kept overhearing her say to the people she was with 'I can’t believe she doesn’t remember me.' That day I learned that to be forgotten is, for some, the ultimate slap in the face."

4 No autograph for you!

Actress Winona Ryder revealed the painstaking days she endured at middle school with bullies saying she looked like a boy and calling her f****t. They even slammed her head into the locker and kicked her to the point she needed stitches. Because of them, the school even kicked her out! Fast forward a few years after she reached fame. The actress said, "Years later, I went to a coffee shop and I ran into one of the girls who'd kicked me, and she said, 'Winona, Winona, can I have your autograph?' And I said, 'Do you remember me? Remember in seventh grade you beat up that kid?' And she said, 'Kind of.' And I said, 'That was me. Go f*** yourself.'" Ooh, how awkward, but also very much deserved.

3 Crushed dreams

Redditor 1millionbucks recalled being an easy target for bullies, particularly this one girl who thought she was more important than everyone else. The redditor would be insulted, called names, or get his/her head knocked around by her. 1millionbucks then found an opportunity, knowing she'd be up to no good as usual since the two would be alone together in the bio classroom. The redditor set up a camera there and let her do her normal mocking. Then, when the girl got into her dream school for early admission, the video was uploaded and 1millionbucks told the admissions officer that she was "bullying [him] on a daily basis and that being around her was a living nightmare." The mean girl skipped school for four days after out of shame and bawled her eyes out to everyone out of devastation.

2 No school wants a mean girl

Another redditor revealed a time she and her friend were bullied viciously by a mean girl who would slam their faces into desks, call them "worthless c*nts," sprayed ink on their uniforms, and physically abused them with slaps, punches, and headlocks. Her friend finally decided enough was enough and would be transferring schools, but before that, the two decided to get all of this on tape. Afterwards, the mean girl's mom, their headmaster, and even the police all got CDs in the mail of the taped bullying. She was first suspended then expelled after the video got to the parents' association, and no other school would take her because of this. Even to this day, the redditor claims the mean girl is still not doing well, so "[m]aybe she shouldn't have pushed two nice girls too far."

1 The bully becomes the bullied

This redditor revealed that she had befriended a girl in elementary school and they became very close but once they hit middle school, that girl became popular once puberty did its work and enhanced her looks (as did makeup)--then their friendship took a turn. The redditor was still awkward with a lisp, so when everyone made fun of her, her "best friend" joined in in order to be cool. Soon, she was the one starting the meanness, leading to beatings and even egging the victim's house. In high school, people realized how mean and fake that girl had become and turned on her. The redditor wrote, "She was crying in the hall one day and I went up to her, asked if she was ok and offered my phone to her if she needed to call her mom. She transferred schools for grade 12 because she was being bullied."

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