15 Times Kylie Jenner Was Super Embarrassing

Whether you’re a diehard fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians or the show just happens to be a guilty pleasure for you, we’re sure that you’re familiar with the Kardashian family. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid them-they’re all over the magazines, the fashion industry, the beauty industry, and social media. Kim Kardashian may be the most famous of the bunch, but her little sister Kylie Jenner actually seems to be getting most of the attention these days! Kylie is basically the queen of Instagram, she has tons of “friends” on Snapchat, she has her own cosmetics line, and she even had her own reality show a couple months ago called Life of Kylie that was all about her everyday life. But since Kylie has spent a ton of time in the spotlight, she has tons of on-camera screw ups. Here are 15 times Kylie Jenner was super embarrassing!

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15 The First Episode Of Life of Kylie

Source: E

When Life of Kylie came about, millions of teenage girls who make up Kylie’s fanbase were super excited. After all, she is a role model for many people (whether their parents like it or not), so they were all hyped up to get a peek inside of her personal life that might not have been seen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But honestly, after the first episode, the show started getting panned by critics, and even some of her die-hard fans weren’t satisfied with what they saw. Why? Well, Kylie basically complained about how tough it was to be rich and famous for the duration of the show. And when your fanbase is a bunch of teenagers who probably don’t have a ton of money or freedom, it comes off as ungrateful and rude. Simply put, her “real side” just didn’t actually resonate with her fans like she expected.

14 When She Confused A Pig For A Chicken

You might be wondering, “How in the world could someone confuse a chicken for a pig?” Frankly, we were pretty confused when Kylie did this too. But if there’s anyone out there who would look at a pig and ask with all honesty, “Is that a chicken?” it’s Kylie Jenner. Here’s how it all went down. Kylie had genuinely wanted a pet chicken for a while, so when she found out that her mom Kris had a surprise for her, she totally got her hopes up and assumed right away that it was a chicken. When Kris told her to come look at her present and Kylie entered the room, she freaked out a little and asked without thinking, “Is it a chicken?” even though Kris was clearly giving her a pig. Oops! Kylie says that she didn’t have contacts in and therefore couldn’t see, but it’s still pretty silly.

13 When She Recorded A Track With Lil Yatchy

While the Kardashians have made a big impact in many industries, from media to fashion to cosmetics to modeling, they’ve never really made any foray into the music industry. Well, except for that one time when Kim recorded one embarrassing single which her family still teases her about to this day. That should’ve been enough warning for Kylie to avoid dipping her toe into the music industry at all. But apparently, she had not learned from Kim’s mistakes! Sorry, Kardashians, but you guys just cannot sing. Anyway, Kylie recorded one track back in 2016 with Lil Yatchy, and it was instantly panned because of how bad it was. But if you really want to subject yourself to it, it’s called “Beautiful Day.” Don’t say you haven’t been warned, though we’re certainly not recommending that you actually go listen to it. Unfortunately for Kylie, the Internet could truly never forget this song.

12 When She Said Adding Water To Ramen Is “Boring”

Source: Twitter

If you’ve ever been a broke college student or just a teenager who has no idea how to cook yet, we’re going to bet that you’ve gone through a period of time where you lived off ramen. Why does everyone love ramen? Well, it’s the easiest thing on earth to make. You literally just boil the water, dunk the noodles in, and it cooks itself. Plus it costs next to nothing. Sure, there’s absolutely zero nutritional content, but it’s not like anyone out there is eating ramen for their health. Anyway, one day Kylie put a video of herself making ramen on her Snapchat story. She added a ton of ingredients to it and then asked her Twitter followers what they would add to ramen. When one replied, “Water,” as any normal person would Kylie answered, “You’re boring!” Well, Kylie, when all you can afford is ramen, adding water is the cheapest thing!

11 When She Tried To Fry An Egg On The Street

Kylie’s Snapchat is truly just a goldmine full of embarrassing moments. Think about it realistically: this girl seems to be online all day, every day. Her entire life has pretty much been recorded in some way, shape or form. Now, you would think that her whole life is pretty glamorous 24/7, but she seems to have more downtime than you would actually expect. And what does she do with that downtime? Well, sometimes she tries to fry eggs on the street. Yup, you read that right. Kylie and her friend Jordyn decided on one particularly hot day that they would try to fry an egg on the street! Well, it didn’t seem to be working, so they left it alone and decided to go back to check on it later. Unfortunately, someone else came along and removed the egg, so we will never find out the fate of this experiment.

10 When She Got a $20,000 Bracelet Stuck on Her Wrist

Being a wealthy celebrity, Kylie is usually spotted with a stack of expensive bracelets on her arm at red carpet events. But if you look closely at one bracelet in particular, you’ll notice that there was a certain Cartier bracelet which she had been wearing with every ensemble since 2012. Why? Did she just love it so much that she doesn’t want to take it off? Well, not quite. This bracelet was actually stuck on her wrist for about four years! We can’t believe it took her that long to panic. She even went down to the Cartier store one day to see if anybody could help her get it off her wrist, but nobody could, not even security! But it seems like she eventually did get the bracelet taken off. A quick look at her most recent posts on Instagram reveal a few photos where both her wrists are bare.

9 When She Lied About Her Lips

Source: News AU

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Kylie Jenner when she was young or if you’ve just been a fan of the Kardashians for a long time now, you probably remember a time when Kylie looked very, very different than she does now. Particularly when it comes to her lips. There were rumors swirling for years that Kylie had used some kind of fillers for her lips, but she constantly denied them. However, there is absolutely no way that someone’s face changes that much without some kind of medical intervention. It’s just physically impossible. However, Kylie just wouldn’t own up to it for years. Maybe she was scared of the criticism she would get, but honestly, she got a lot of criticism for blatantly lying about it anyway, so she should have just told the truth. By now pretty much everyone knows that at some point, Kylie did get fillers for her lips.

8 When She Got Cornrows

Source: Instagram

Let’s just start off by making it clear that we’re not here to police the way that anyone expresses themselves, and we’re not here to start a debate over whether or not Kylie should be allowed to wear cornrows, but when she was criticized for it, she made herself look pretty stupid. Basically, Kylie posted a picture of herself wearing cornrows on Instagram, and while some people thought she looked adorable, other people saw it as disrespectful because Kylie has come under fire in the past for ripping off black artists and styles without giving them credit. When fellow actress Amandla Sternberg spoke up and told Kylie that the photo gave a pretty negative impression, Kylie completely dismissed her and insulted her. Ouch! Once again, we’re not here to pick sides, but Amandla wasn’t trying to be aggressive, and Kylie could have done a much better job of taking her words into consideration.

7 When Her Resolution Was To “Realize Stuff”

When Kylie was asked about her goals and resolutions for 2016, the best she could really come up with was saying, “Well, I think 2016 will be a year of realizing stuff.” When the clip came out, everyone watching was so confused by her statements that we just couldn’t help but laugh. Realizing stuff? Like, what kind of stuff, Kylie? This clip made her look like a bit of an airhead, but moments like that have always been a huge part of KUWTK so it’s not like it really surprised anybody. Anyway, this phrase “Realizing stuff” basically became a huge meme. The funny thing is that 2016 was such a wild year that we all probably did have to sit back and realize a few important things...maybe Kylie was right.

6 These Selfies Captioned “Lasagna”

Source: Snapchat

Oh, Kylie. We know that you have a huge number of followers on Snapchat and therefore need to keep them entertained with content basically 24/7. And we know that your selfies are probably some of the most popular photos that you post. But if you just want to show off your body, just go ahead and do it. You don’t need to try to relate it to the lasagna you’re cooking. You obviously look great; there are literally millions of girls out there who want to look like you. It’s okay to show off. It’s pretty much part of your job at this point. We get it. Captioning these totally unrelated selfies with “Lasagna” just makes you look ridiculous! And let’s take note, not only did she use the caption once, she then repeated it and went ahead to caption another selfie with “Lasagna!” Oh, Kylie, please never change it’s way too entertaining.

5 The Wheelchair Photoshoot

Source: Interview

Now, Kylie has done plenty of things that are just plain embarrassing, as we all have, we’re all human beings, so none of us are perfect! But this particular photoshoot went beyond just making a mistake. It was downright offensive, and there was really no excuse for anyone who was involved. It’s not just on Kylie, the magazine staff and photographer who worked on this were also at fault. Anyway, Kylie participated in a photoshoot for Interview magazine where she appeared in a wheelchair. She then made excuses and went on to say that the wheelchair was supposed to represent her limitations. Many people with disabilities spoke up and explained why this statement actually made the whole situation worse, wheelchairs give people who cannot walk freedom to move around by themselves. Kylie really offended many people who live with disabilities as well as their friends, family, and caretakers. It was a huge blunder.

4 When She Danced In KUWTK

Credit: E![/caption]

On the ten year anniversary of KUWTK, a few reporters asked Kylie what he most embarrassing moment on the show was. While Kylie has said and done plenty of silly things on the show, one moment in particular came rushing back to her when she was asked this question. She remembered one early episode of KUWTK when she was young and had no idea what pole dancing really was. She went ahead and started dancing around a pole on camera while her sisters just laughed at her! Well, the cameras kept rolling, and that moment ended up on TV. Even though it’s obviously really embarrassing, at least she’s able to look back and laugh about it today. Imagine if your whole childhood and your awkward teenage years just happened to end up on camera: we bet there would be some seriously embarrassing moments being broadcast to the entire world!

3 When She Screamed At Kendall During Fashion Week

If you’re a fan of Kylie, you're definitely familiar with her older sister, Kendall Jenner. Over the past couple years, Kendall’s modeling career has really taken off, and she is one of the highest-earning models in the world right now (she’s a Kardashian after all, so no surprises there). Kendall has walked in many shows at various Fashion Weeks, and naturally, as her little sister, Kylie would want to be there to support her. But the audience at Fashion Week isn’t supposed to be a bunch of screaming fangirls. Unfortunately, that’s how Kylie was acting. During one of Kendall’s shows at Fashion Week, Kylie was sitting in the front row and absolutely freaked out when Kendall came walking down the runway. She caused such a scene that several magazines and newspapers reported on her behavior the next day! Kylie, you’ve been to a million events like this, stay cool next time.

2 When The Tupac And Biggie Shirts Were Recalled

This incident was pretty recent, and it’s just another example of the Kardashians sticking their nose into a subject that they don’t really understand (like when Kendall Jenner made that cringey Pepsi commercial...but anyway, let’s get back to Kylie). Basically, Kylie and Kendall worked together on a joint project to put out some T-shirts featuring their faces over images of Tupac Shakur. Well, the release didn’t go as planned and people were instantly upset that they had used Tupac’s image. In fact, the photographer who took the original images of Tupac eventually sued the girls for using his work without permission. Oops! Not such a great look. Besides the copyright violations, people felt that it was disrespectful for Kendall and Kylie to place their faces over Tupac’s because, well...he got where he was based on actual talent, while they just happened to be born into a rich and famous family.

1 When She Posted Lip Swatches In Black And White

Source: Instagram

When you swatch eyeshadow, blush, foundation, or lip colors, you do it specifically to see how each color looks when it’s out of its packaging and on your skin. And when you click on a YouTube video of a beauty guru swatching colors, you do it because you want to get a good idea of what each color looks like before you go out and buy something. So why would Kylie post a bunch of lipstick swatches in black and white? As someone who literally runs her own cosmetics line, she should have known better. A while ago, she posted a photo on her Snapchat with a bunch of lipstick swatches to show them off...and apparently just forgot that her fans might want to see the actual colors before they went out and purchased her products. The black and white filter is good for a lot of things not for showing off lipstick.

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