15 Times Kate Hudson Was Your Spirit Animal

Who in their right mind doesn’t love Kate Hudson? She is one of the easiest celebrities to love, and that is exactly why she’s one of your celebrity spirit animals. I know, we all have a ton of celebrity spirit animals. When it comes to eating everything and showing off stretch marks, Chrissy Teigen is our spirit animal. When it comes to telling it like it is and, err, falling down a lot, Jennifer Lawrence is our spirit animal. We have so many spirit animals, but Kate is definitely up there.

Kate is one of our celebrity spirit animals, not just for her off-screen persona, but also for some of the characters she’s portrayed. If you can’t connect to her in deep levels while watching Almost Famous or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, you have the check your pulse. She’s a delight on screen and often acting out in ways we only wish we could. Off screen, she’s our spirit animal, whether it's when she's dancing around on her Snapchats or discussing her difficulty with losing baby weight. We love any celebrity who actually talks about how hard it is to lose weight.

Sure, her choices in film may not always be hits. That’s okay, though! Kate is but a mere human and we even have a soft spot for some of her weaker films. I mean, Bride Wars and My Best Friend’s Girl still have special places in our hearts even if the critics didn’t enjoy them. Below are 15 reasons why Kate Hudson, queen of romantic comedies, is totally your spirit animal.

15 Kate's Thing For Musicians

If you’re a girl who loves music, Kate Hudson is your spirit animal. Girlfriend loves to date musicians, and we can’t blame her. There is something about musicians that is, well, hot.

Kate was married to Black Crowes front man, Chris Robinson, for seven years. In 2004, Kate gave birth to their son, Ryder. After splitting with Robinson, Kate then began dating Matthew Bellamy, the front man for Muse. See, we told you that Kate had a thing for musicians. The pair became engaged and had a son, Bingham, before parting ways in 2014.

Since splitting with Bellamy, Kate's been romantically linked to Nick Jonas and Diplo. So, oddly enough she may be like a real life version of Penny Lane, her Almost Famous role that thrust her into the public spotlight. If you have a secret thing for musicians (and who doesn't?) then Kate Hudson is your spirit animal.

14 Kate's Physical Relationship With Nick Jonas

Age ain’t nothing but a number, baby! Kate Hudson may be 37-years-old but that hasn’t stopped her from hooking up with 24-year-old Nick Jonas. Hell yeah, Kate!

2016 was full of rumors of the two of them hooking up. However, as far as anyone can tell, it’s strictly a physical relationship. She booty calls Nick Jonas, guys! Uh, having a physical relationship with a JoBro means you’re basically everyone’s spirit animal. Who wouldn’t want a physical relationship with a cute JoBro? If you’re not raising your hand, you’re lying to yourself. The JoBros are adorbs.

The pair were first spotting kissing at a Super Bowl party. Then, the duo had a 4-hour dinner in LA together, which fueled the rumors. The two continued to meet up for long, romantic dinners, but toth have evaded questions about their relationship. Nick finally said that the pair have a beautiful connection. So, yeah, they totally have a physical relationship and we totally love it.

13 Every Single Time She's On The Red Carpet

Kate Hudson is a red carpet queen, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Her mother is Goldie Hawn, a queen of the red carpet too. Slaying red carpet events is, quite literally, in Kate Hudson’s genes. That being said, we still can’t help but stare every single time she steps out on the red carpet. She’s always both chic and totally accessible, making us feel like maybe we could look that chic one day too. It’s not like looking at Victoria Beckham or Keira Knightley, who are both too posh for their own good. In Kate’s case, we can look at her and see someone we want to dress like.

Not only that, but Kate also looks like she’s having genuine fun on the red carpets. She giggles and says hello to all her friend. There is no body who looks better or has a better time on the red carpet than Kate Hudson and, for that, she's our spirit animal.

12 When She Ate A Burger Like This

Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is everything, especially in this scene.

Her character, Andie Anderson, may work at a fashion magazine, but she will put down a burger if she wants to. In fact, she takes this huge bite in eye-shot of her boss, who tells her to take smaller bites on her date that night. We just want to eat a burger like this every single day of our lives. Of course, if we all did that, we wouldn’t look half as good as Kate Hudson. Her character somehow eats burgers, hot dogs, and fries, yet looks like she’s only eats gluten-free vegan smoothies. Ah, the magic of Hollywood.

We’ll ignore the fact that this is an annoying stereotype of Hollywood – thin girls eating whatever they want – and just pay attention to how amazing Kate is with this burger. Yas, queen!

11 When She Wore The Most Iconic Yellow Dress Ever

Film history has seen its fair share of beautiful actresses in iconic dresses. Marilyn Monroe’s white dress in The Seven Year Itch. There is also Audrey Hepburn’s black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In more recent history, Julia Robert’s red dress and white gloves in Pretty Woman. You get it, Hollywood has it's fair share of iconic dresses. This yellow dress, though, is up there on the iconic list.

Kate Hudson had never looked prettier on the screen. When she stepped out in this yellow dress, we were all like Matthew McConaughey, because girlfriend looked amazing. Of course, she looks so perfect because of her thin frame and flat chest. If there has ever been a dress to make girls feel better about having a flatter chest, it is this yellow number. Also, bonus points to Kate for just loving the body she was given!

10 Actually, All Of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Actually, can we just say how much we love her in all of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? This may have been when she was at her high point in romantic comedies. She went on to reunite with Matthew McConaughey in 2008’s Fool’s Gold, but it lacked that magical spark that How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days had. She also starred in Bride Wars, Something Borrowed, and Alex & Emma.

While some of her later romantic comedies may be the guilty pleasure category, we simply love everything about How to Lose a Guy, especially Kate’s performance as the crazy girlfriend. It’s like watching someone tap into all your deepest, darkest zaniness that you try to keep hidden from the men in your life. Instead of hiding it, her character flaunts it and it's awesome. Be crazy, Kate!

Between the love fern and the yellow dress, Kate Hudson is everything in this movie.

9 She's Never Had An Embarrassing Slip Up

On screen, Kate’s characters have had several embarrassing slip ups. In Bride Wars, she character has blue hair and goes to a meeting without a shirt. That’s pretty embarrassing. However, real life Kate Hudson is always a class act.

In 2000, Kate Hudson became a household name with her performance in Almost Famous. She received critical praise, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award nomination. Girlfriend was on top of the world… and she was only 21. Somehow, Kate managed to be the It Girl, but didn’t fall to any of the It Girl pitfalls. Nude photos or a sex tape never leaked. She knew when to dip out of the public spotlight, so as to not become too overexposed.

Sure, she may have starred in some less than perfect films, but girlfriend has never had a real public embarrassment. If we were famous, we’d want to do it just like her. After flawlessly navigating fame for nearly twenty years, she's our fame spirit animal.

8 She's Somehow Figured Out How To Avoid Aging

We’re not sure if you guys have noticed this yet or not, but Kate Hudson has somehow figured out how to be young forever. Girlfriend hasn’t aged since Almost Famous. In fact, she continues to look better and better. That's probably why 24-year-old Nick Jonas is totally into their beautiful connection.

Kate mostly credits her youthful look to staying active, claiming to do 20-minutes of walking, jogging or dancing a day. She says that it helps to not do something that you dread, which we can totally agree with since dreading the gym = not going to the gym. Oh, she also drinks eight glasses of water a day. It can’t be as easy as just drinking water and dancing for 20 minute a day, can it?

Let us all look like Kate Hudson at 37-years-old!

7 Her Broken Heart In Almost Famous

Kate Hudson’s broken heart in Almost Famous is all of us. Every single one of us.

In case you need a refresher, Penny Lane claims to be a cool girl. She never gets hurt and always has fun. It’s basically how we all pretend to be – the carefree, go-with-the-flow girl. Meanwhile, she’s in love with Russell Hammond, the front man of the band. When Penny Lane finds that Russell sold her to Humble Pie (another band) for a case of beer, Kate’s performance is gold. She cries one of the most perfect single tears, wipes it away, smiles and asks, “What kind of beer?”

If you’ve ever had to hide a broken heart, this scene will hit you a ton of bricks. We’ve all had a ‘what kind of beer’ moment in our lives and it hurts like hell. Penny Lane is our broken-heart spirit animal and we just love her.

6 You Know What? Everything Penny Lane!

Penny Lane is the spirit animal of every girl who has ever tried to be cool... so basically all of us.

Kate can certainly play ‘the cool girl’ flawlessly, as she's done so in countless romantic comedies. However, the character Penny Lane is much more insecure and fully fleshed out than simply being just another cool girl character. Her "coolness" is only an act. In reality, she is insecure and pining for a guy, who does not return her affections. This is not a cool girl who has it all together, though she is trying desperately to seem this way. Her togetherness is a façade and we can all relate to that.

She refuses to be called a groupie, but she is, in fact, a groupie. There is a wonderful sadness in her fabulousness and, for that, we all love Penny Lane. Hell, we've all been Penny Lane at one time or another.

5 Her Body, Always

Kate Hudson’s body is always on point. She has been toned and athletic looking for most of her career. She’s our body spirit animal not only because she's a hottie, but because she has a healthy way of looking at her body and weight.

While she works out, it doesn’t seem to be a defining part of her life. Some actresses seem obsessed with their health – we’re lookin’ at you Gwyneth Paltrow. In fact, Kate was totally cool with gaining pregnancy weight, even stating that she “relished” that moment in her life. Yas, Kate! We appreciate a celeb, who can be real about gaining the baby weight.

Of course, she lost the 70 pounds that’s she gained with both pregnancies, but she wasn’t quiet about difficult it was to do so. She even talked about how discouraging it was that she plateaued at certain points. Ugh, a celeb being real about baby weight. Kate Hudson gets all our love.

4 She's The Ultimate Queen Of Romantic Comedies

If you wanted to make an entire weekend of watching Kate Hudson romantic comedies, you could easily do so. We’re already discussed How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which is our personal favorite. There’s also Raising Helen, The Divorce, Alex & Emma, and Me, You and Dupree. You could also pop on her reunion with Matthew McConaughey in Fool’s Gold. If you’d like something a bit raunchier, there’s also her Dane Cook romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Girl. And let us not forget when Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway threw down over their weddings in Bride Wars.

Long story short: Kate is the queen of romantic comedies. Some of them are awesome and some of them aren’t. Either way, we love to watch them. Kate’s ability to be hilarious and pull of drama are what make her the perfect romantic comedy star.

3 Her Snapchat Is The Most Underrated

Kate Hudson’s Snapchat may be one of the most underrated celeb Snapchats out there. While Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and anyone else in the Jenner/Kardashian family get most of the Snapchat attention, Kate Hudson’s is really where it’s at. Her Snapchat highlights all the aspects of her personality that we love. When she is watching her favorite football team win or lose, she does so while being her hilariously energetic self. She also let her son do her makeup, which yielded hilarious results. Oh, there’s also the ‘80s dance parties that she has while making Sunday breakfast. It’s all so good.

Topped off with her sweet messages to fans and loved ones, she’s our favorite Snapchatter. If you’re not following her, start now! She’ll be your Snapchat spirit animal in no time.

2 Her Whole Family Is The Best

As if we didn’t already love Kate for all the Kate Hudson-ness, we also love her for her family. Her mother is Goldie Hawn, who is simply the best ever. She also passed along the best genes to Kate, as the two look almost like twins. She’s 71-years-old and has better than skin than us so that's where Kate's whole ageless thing comes from. On top of being gorgeous, Goldie is also immensely talented. She won an Academy Award for her role in Cactus Flower, meaning she’s Hollywood royalty. She’s also in The First Wives Club, which is a ‘90s favorite always and forever.

While Kate may have strained relations with her biological father, Bill Hudson, she considers Kurt Russell to be her father. Oh, and she’s also besties with her brother, Oliver. Kate’s family proves that even though it isn’t perfect, there is a lot of love. For that, we love them.

1 Her Smile

Kate Hudson’s smile could literally stop traffic. It’s easy to see why she continues to be cast in films. She lights up the entire screen. Sure, the fact that she’s beautiful and has a bright, white smile is half of it, but it also comes from the fact that she glows from the inside out. Kate is a positive person and that shines through with her smile. Kate’s actually stated that she meditates for 20 – 40 minutes a day. Perhaps this meditation is what brings out this glow? If it is, count us in for meditation. Basically, we just want to light up a room like Kate, however she does it.

Those are 15 reasons why Kate Hudson is the ultimate spirit animal, whether it’s a role she’s playing or her real life amazingness. Basically, if you don't love her, there's something wrong with you.

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