15 Times Famous People Snubbed Their Fans

Ah, celeb life! We can all agree that it is both fabulous and unnerving. I mean, c'mon--can you imagine being an A list celebrity and being hounded by the paparazzi 24/7? Well, some celebrities are more able to hold onto their patience more than others. Some can handle it with perfect poise and grace (*cough cough* Reese Witherspoon). While others like to jump on TV talkshow couches and start screaming how much they love a certain person (lookin' at you Tom Cruise).

And look, if you sign up for the celebrity lifestyle, then you need to accept the fact that your private life may be totally exploited. The trick is to roll with the punches and to patronize your fans. When they ask for a signature or photograph, you should really give them one. After all, what's a celebrity without an audience to idolize them? At that point they just become actors and actresses.

Which actors and actresses lose their minds at their fans? Read this article to find the most alarming and shocking examples of when celebrities have reached their tipping point and let loose on the people around them. You may be shocked to find that your favorite celebrity from your favorite movie is a total jerk behind the scenes.


15 Ariana Grande Only Lets People Take Pictures Of "Her Good Side"

Perez Hilton

This pop princess has really hit it big in the last few years. Of course, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover—but come one, she looks like a diva. I'm not sure if she is serving some kind of confirmation bias, but the tabloids have really been up her butt about her "specific standards" for photo shoots. Did you know she only likes pictures taken from her good side? Word on the street is her left side is her good side. Go figure.

While she isn't asked to be hand-fed fruit or be fanned by gigantic leaves, she can be prone to outbursts. Once in a donut shop, she licked all the donuts meant for customers and expressed her disdain for America. This all happened while she was kissing her boyfriend. Although she apologized for her comments and actions, we should forgive and not forget her behavior. It's hard to idolize celebs when they are constantly biting at the hands that feed them.

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14 Finn Wolfhard Not Stopping To Take Pictures With Fans


As of yet, I'm pretty sure this is Finn Wolfhard's most famous role to hit the Western world. So, coincidentally, he is hit by a tidal wave of fans and their incessant inquiries for a signature or a selfie with him. Apparently, this fourteen year old just wasn't given enough coaching on how to handle fans who want a little bit of his time. I mean, was he running late for something? Why couldn't he give a few spare moments to the people idolize him?

Now in this video, you can hear him reply with a very small "hey" to the small group of people trying to get him to pay attention to them—but why couldn't he do more? How long would it have really taken for him to allow his fans to snag a quick selfie with them or to engage in some light small talk? I'm not sure if his agents overbook him or what, but still...his day shouldn't be so packed that he can't give back to the very people that allow him to live a luxurious lifestyle.

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13 Fans Spend Top Dollar To See Britney Spears Only For A Few Minutes

Perez Hilton

We remember Britney Spears back in the late 90s for her songs "Oops I did It Again" and "Hit Me Baby One More Time". For awhile, she was America's 'It Girl'. She was popular before CDs were a common thing, and now even as CDs become outdated with the advent of iPods and smart phones, she still has a loyal fan base following her. What's she doing now? Basically, she is still riding the wake of her popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s. So, when fans spend—get this—$2500 for a meet and great, you'd think they would be entitled to a longer conversation with her. Nope! They only got a few seconds out of her. Oh, and they were told they couldn’t hug or even touch her. Well, sheesh!

Perez Hilton

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12 Kylie Jenner Loses Her Mind At A Little Girl


Kylie Jenner was spotted in one of the most popular hotspots in Los Angeles having a quick bite to eat when she was swarmed by the paparazzi and a few young girls. I could understand being a bit aloof and unresponsive to the paparazzi who are constantly in your face, but to snub a few little girls? That is a completely different matter. These are the same girls who buy her line of clothing and play her video games. They are the reason she is living such a lush lifestyle. Celebrities like her should count her lucky stars that she has so many fans—or at least not yell at them when they want a selfie. It's true. She almost made one of those adorable little girls cry. So savage.


Source: Hollywood life

11 Jennifer Lopez Has Little Patience With "Less Relevant" People

Daily Mail

Remember J.Lo? She was our Jenny from the Block back in the 2000's, and she was our sweetheart in The Wedding Planner and from Monster-in-Law. Well, apparently she ain't so sweet off the camera. According to some sources, she only speaks to us company folk through her agents and assistants. And get this—she apparently fired one of her maids because she asked for a simple autograph. Pretty crappy, right? Of course, J.Lo denies this claim.

But it doesn't end there! If she encounters someone who is beneath her in this social caste system she created herself, then she'll try to scoot by with as little correspondence as possible. Take for instance, when she was introduced to a guest at her own party. She gave a flat, offhanded "hello", which totally embarrassed her significant other at the time, Marc Anthony. Talk about cold, right?

Sources: okmagazine eonline

10 Robert Pattinson Disses His Fans And Stephanie Myer (Author Of Twilight Series)


Call him R-Pats! Go ahead—he hates it! Not only does he call out his fans for being mostly older than the Twilight series' target audience and basically calling them all nobodies, he has said that Stephanie Myers' books probably shouldn't have been published—ouch! One might ask, "Well, why did he agree to act out the part of Edward Cullen, anyway?" That's a great question. Apparently, it's just for the money, since it's obvious he has zero respect for the role he is paid to portray or the book series. It seems he was just using Twilight as a way of attracting attention so he could launch his music career. Which, I guess, didn't work out as planned because I haven't heard much about R-Pats since his Twilight days. Oh, well.

Sources: Dailymail

9 Kim Kardashian Calls Her Fans "Little Nobodies"

When Kim Kardashian is feeling especially charitable, she calls us her little "dolls". Gee, thanks! But when she is feeling not so kind, we become "stupid imbeciles", "gullible", "boring little nobodies", and "pathetic people with no lives of their own". I guess she was never taught that golden rule; if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all. And how can we be "boring little nobodies" when she is off spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on plastic beauty enhancements. Personally, I don't know anyone that vain. If it weren't for fans like us, then she wouldn't have that money to spend in the first place. Apparently, celebrities can't seem to remember that once they are put on a pedestal. She is just another example of how money can corrupt someone's personality and morals.

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8 Christian Bale Has Reportedly Been A Jerk To Little Girls


Ah, our favorite dark knight! But can you believe he is basically the polar opposite of the roles he plays? Instead of inspiring young children and going out of his way to appease his fans, he scolds them. As heartbreaking as it sounds, it's true. According to a man who claims he was Christian Bale's publicist for a year, Bale would become exceptionally angry whenever fans approached him. I mean, heck, there's even a book out there on who Christian Bale really is. Inside the book, there's a claim that Bale lectured little girls until tears streamed down their faces.

That same publicist admitted he had to go to therapy for PTSD resulting from having to work with Christian Bale—poor guy! Let's hope he finds another celeb to work with that isn't so quick to anger as Christian Bale.


Sources: ranker dailymail

7 Lana Del Rey Brushes Off Autograph Seekers


Did you know your lovely and talented Lana Del Rey has a snarky side, as well? Our "Summertime Sadness" singer seemed to have been worn out from her performances at Lollapalooza, but should that really prevent someone from giving a measly little signature? Us common folk have to do it every time we purchase something with our credit cards, and you don't see us losing our minds over it. Honestly, how long does it take to scribble a few signatures while she was in the LAX airport? And keep in mind, her name is short as hell. Signing a few notepads should be a quick and painless experience. Not for Lana Del Rey, it seems. For some reason, our beloved celebrities just can't seem to find the time for us anymore. Sigh.


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6 Tobey Maguire Causes A Storm After Being Asked For Autographs

via Click Hole

Who could forget our original friendly, neighborhood Spiderman (before Andrew Garfield, I mean)? He stole our hearts in his portrayal of Sam Raimi’s Spiderman series in the 2000s. Well, according to someone in the subreddit Askreddit community, he just does not like to give out autographs. So, the story goes, a few men were hired to be security guards during the shooting of one of the Spiderman movies. And one of the starstruck guardsmen couldn't help but ask for a few pictures and a signature from his hero. How did Tobey Maguire react? He lost his mind and started yelling like a red-faced toddler at the poor guardsmen and ended up getting at least six men fired (apparently the other guards were fired out of association?). Talk about a harsh reaction...

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5 Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Punches Fan In The Face


If someone says to you, "Hey, punch me in the face. I'm doing it for a performance art piece I'm working on." Would you agree to do it? Right, probably not. Well, Shia Labeouf took the less admirable route. Yes, that's right. He actually punched a student in the face inside an elevator just because he was asked to do it. Now, even if you have the option to do something heinous and you were told that it's okay to commit said act, it does not mean you should actually agree to partake in it. How about the old adage "treat others the way you want to be treated"? I guess all the celebs forgot that. It's all fun and games before the human punching bag admits they are actually getting hurt.

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4 Rihanna Breaks Fans' Hearts (And They Were Children)

via Ok! Magazine

So, get this: According to another redditor, they won VIP concert tickets to not only see Rihanna's live performance, but to also visit her backstage before the concert starts. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it didn't exactly work out so nicely for this redditor and their kids. According to this source, the little kids who won these VIP passes went to visit her backstage in her makeup booth were completely snubbed by Rihanna. They were shooed away and told to get her "autograph" from one of her backup dancers. How would you feel if your hero told you to get lost? It would break my heart. I can’t imagine how those little kids must have felt. Apparently, they threw away all their fan memorabilia and to this day they change the station whenever a Rihanna song comes on the radio. I can’t say I blame them.

Source: thought catalog

3 Michael Jordan Gets Cheeky With Fans

via YouTube

Michael Jordan was the basketball icon from our youth, but apparently all those years of fame and fortune has gone to his head—especially when it comes to snubbing people who make a lot less money than him. Once at a party, a rapper asked him for his autograph to which Michael Jordan retorted that he could have his autograph if he pays him $15,000 for it. What a way to kick dirt in someone's face.

It doesn't just stop there! He onced sued (and won $8.9 million) a restaurant for offering $2 off steaks using a likeness that sort of resembled Jordan. Keep in mind, it wasn't even a picture of Michael Jordan's face. It just used his number and a Jumpman logo. But apparently, this was enough to grind Jordan’s gears—so harsh!

Sources: theRichest sbnation

2 Russel Crowe Accused Of Throwing A Telephone At A Concierge

E! Online

Remember that underdog boxer who won prize money for his depression-era family in Cinderella Man? Well, when he was staying at his $3,000 per night hotel, he threw a telephone at the hotel desk clerk underneath his right eye in a fit of anger. Apparently, Crowe was trying to call his wife. He was suited for assault of the second degree and his bail was set at a measly $5,000. This is basically chump change for a celebrity, right?

Not only is he rude to the public, he's rude to fellow celebrities. Did you know he told Rebel Wilson to f*** off? He's also gotten into a catfight with George Clooney. Well, at least Clooney had enough sense in him to remind Crowe that companies like People magazine feed off this sort of drama. Crowe seemed to back off after that—thank god.

Sources: NY Times theRichest

1 Mel Gibson Has Been Accused Of Displaying Antisemitism

via Bloody Disgusting

Have you read any of the terrible things this man has said on record? Well, he may be a holocaust denier, since he seems to blame everything on the Jews. It's perfectly fine to have opinions, but I think Gibson should be a bit more private with some of these controversial opinions he possesses. If I were Mel Gibson, then I would just stop talking. Instead he feeds the media frenzy by his unfiltered, angry dialogue. But hey, that's just my opinion. During some of his DUI arrests back in the mid 2000's, he has said that Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Dang! I sure hope his Jewish fans know about all these absurd things he says about them. Not only has he picked on Jews, he has picked on gays and lesbians as well. Like remember when he has said that they like to "take it up the @**"? What a way to belittle and taunt how a group of people conduct their intimacy and sensuality.

Sources: Ranker Gawker


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