15 Times Celebs Were Caught Being Not-So-Flattering

We all eat, it’s how we, well, stay alive. However, when we look at how hard celebrities work in order to keep a slim figure, food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Celebs often do interviews where they say that they always have to “eat well” and “work out tremendously” in order to stay in proper shape. Others (mainly the extremely tiny ones) say that they can pretty much eat whatever they want because they can’t seem to gain any weight (sigh), but in the end, we all know it’s an uphill battle when it comes to staying in shape in the Hollywood scene. Which is why it’s so fun to see some celebs cut loose and eat like no one’s watching. Here are 15 celebs who were just caught going to town on some delish snacks and not give a hoot about who’s looking on.

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15 Jennifer Lopez Wanted Just A Taste

Ah, J-Lo. Anyone who follows her Instagram knows that Jenny from the block is an extremely hard worker. She can juggle at least a billion and six things at once and still manage to keep her personal life intact with her children and her boyfriend, former baseball stud Alex Rodriguez. She gallivants all over the world, judges reality TV, has her NBC show Shades of Blue, and stars in her own Las Vegas residency concert show. Needless to say, the woman is all shades of busy these days. So she slips in a meal or two every now and then (I have to say, with a figure like hers, I didn’t even think she consumed solid foods) and yes, the ever-present-eye of the paparazzi is always there to catch it. She can make anything look delicious.

14 Beyonce Wanted A Quick Bite

We all know as a fact that this woman is not simply a woman at all. She’s beyond that. She’s a freaking goddess and people need to worship her properly. But that doesn’t mean she’s immune to human moments – like being the subject of some unflattering photos. We all know one such famous story: a few years ago, Beyonce was performing the halftime show of the Super Bowl when a photographer snapped a very cringe-worthy photo of the superstar looking like she was attempting to lift a, at least 500-pounds, weight. Her publicist actually made it worse when he tried to have it removed from the internet and the singer learned a hard lesson in humility. So catching her eating courtside? Yeah, not even as bad as the Super Bowl picture.

13 Michael Buble Can Be So Corny

Okay, I take offense to this photos for a hundred different reasons. Let’s start with the fact that I actually hate the fact that I like singer Michael Buble – not for his soulful music, though. Nope. It has more to do with his acting skills that he rarely uses. It was when he was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live years back where he did a skit with host Jon Hamm and nailed a skit titled Hamm and Buble (give it a look-see). So it’s not him personally I take offense to – it’s the way he’s actually eating that corn on the cob. Ignoring the fact that it looks spectacularly hilarious, it should be pretty dang illegal to be eaten VERTICALLY. Who even does that? Oh, MICHAEL BUBLE DOES, THAT’S WHO. He should be arrested if he didn’t look so dang silly.

12 Kaley Cuoco Caught In The Act

I’m going to admit something that I’ve never really admitted to anyone before: The Big Bang Theory is one of my guilty pleasure shows. Everyone makes fun of it, but when I’m bored or doing work and want something playing in the background, I always put on that show. So I know that the characters on the show, including Kaley Cuoco’s character Penny, are ALWAYS eating. I mean seriously – it’s literally every other scene where you see all the characters sitting down together for a meal. And yes, Cuoco looks like she’s really eating what’s placed in her hands. So you know her workouts are intense later on. This photo makes me smile because it looks like it’s behind-the-scenes and Cuoco is hungry and doesn’t care who knows it – she’s going to make that pizza hers at all cost. Penny would be proud.

11 Chrissy Teigen Lives Her True Life

Omg, and now here’s the second half of one of Hollywood’s most interesting couples: Mrs. Chrissy Teigen aka Legend, who happens to be John Legend’s very hot, very hilarious, very smart wife. Like her husband, Teigen is a familiar presence on Twitter and stands for what she believes in – even if that means making fun of herself in the process. Teigen is known to be very positive about providing fans with a healthy body image by posting pictures of the cellulite on her thighs and unflattering pictures of her eating not-so-healthy stuff. But she doesn’t care, she’s just out to live her life and have fun in the process, which is why everyone loves her so much. And this has to be my absolute favorite picture of her because, again, she couldn’t care less about what you think.

10 Kanye West Enjoys His Inner Child

I don’t really care for Kanye West – I’ll make fun of him all day if I want. Sure, I love some of his work (okay, all of it) but his outspoken, narcissistic ways have eventually gotten under my skin. And it only made matters worse when he married into the equally as narcissistic Kardashian family and they made him practically into the punch line of a lame joke. And, yes, as a San Francisco Giants fan, I threw-up a little when he rented out the entire ballpark just to propose to Kim (THEY’RE DODGERS FANS, WHY WOULD HE DO THAT ON OUR SACRED GROUND??) so, naturally, when I found this picture, I laughed. Here’s a guy who doesn’t like looking stupid ANYWHERE, so I found it enduring when he’s caught eating ice cream in the seclusion of a vehicle. He apparently thinks people can’t see through windows or something.

9 Kim Kardashian Doesn't ONLY Eat Salads

Ugh, since we hit up her 19th husband, we might as well hit her up: We see you, Kim Kardashian. We see you scarfing down on those fries. The Kardashians are notorious for eating whatever they want on the air of their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but when they start to gain a significant amount of weight, they spaz out along with the world and go on strict diets. Mainly Atkins. Kim was one of the first to cut the carbs out of her lifestyle but still slips up every once in awhile in front of the cameras. Because she’s caught eating junk food A LOT, all while preaching she’s healthy, we all know that getting work done is the key to keeping her figure the way it is.

8 Mila Kunis Grabbing A Quick Slice

Want to see an actual photo of a superstar chowing down on some pizza while they think no one is peeking? Take a look at Mila Kunis here, actress and mom extraordinaire. Mila has always been a tiny woman, even when she was pregnant you couldn’t tell to save your life because she’s just always been small. While I want to say she has to be one of those people who can eat whatever they want and still maintain a thin figure, but I doubt that’s the case. She has to work out just as hard as anyone else in order to stay in shape, but while you’re busy working hard on the set of a movie, you have to take what you can get. And that includes grabbing a slice of pizza in between takes. It also looks like she’s out in the cold, so you’ve got to hand it to the woman.

7 Hillary Duff Isn't Enjoying Herself

Here we have corn again. Sigh. Won’t celebs ever freaking learn that it’s never wise to eat this stuff in public? Eat it at home! Behind walls! With no photographers present! Otherwise, we’ll just make fun of you. Here, we have the beautiful Hillary Duff going to town on some corn on the cob. I will hand her this – she’s eating it properly and nothing like the abysmal way that Michael Buble was eating his. In fact, the spices on hers make it look way more appetizing. But that’s not the point. She’s inviting all sorts of jokes by eating corn on the cob in a public venue, even if she is eating it rather gracefully. Well, we won’t make fun of her too harshly for being caught, mainly because it looks so dang good.

6 Brad Pitt Is Trying To Be Fancy

The 2014 Academy Award was extremely memorable – and it had nothing to do with the awards themselves. It had to do with host Ellen DeGeneres, who scared the bonkers out of a real-life pizza delivery guy when she ordered pizza for the celebs in the audience. The pizza guy only thought he was delivering the pizza backstage, so imagine his shock when Ellen pulled him in front of the camera and had him deliver to a bunch of hungry A-Listers. With the help of Brad Pitt, who started passing out slices down the isles, almost everyone was able to get in on the fun. When Pitt finally sat down with a slice himself, he didn’t care that there were like 18 cameras on him at the time – he was going to enjoy that dang pizza.

5 John Legend Is Just Like Us

Ah yes, if it isn’t the second half of Hollywood’s most hilarious couples. Everyone knows John Legend the slayer of all minds and ears with a voice so beautiful that it could make demons swoon, but do they know John Legend the comedy voice that brings everyone on Twitter to their knees at least a few times a day? Nope? Well, you better educate yourself in the ways of social media if you want to be both entertained and inspired. Legend has been known to both taking on the Trump administration while making us laugh in the process. He’s certainly a… Legend (oh sheesh, you know I had to do it). So it makes us swoon even harder when he offers up gem photos like this where he’s eating some appetizing looking chicken. The only thing I take offense to here is he’s drinking a Stella – yew.

4 Selena Gomez Makes McDonald's Look Good

Songstress Selena Gomez is quickly making her case as “America’s Sweetheart” every time she graces the screen or stage. As we all know, she rarely ever takes a bad picture, even when she’s eating fast food. Case and point: the photo above makes me so jealous because she makes eating McDonald's look good where most people gain 60 pounds simply by LOOKING at a single French fry. The person in the shot looks like they’re thoroughly enjoying themselves too as they chow down on that burger or chicken sandwich thing, too. Anyone who has ever dieted knows that complex carbohydrates are the enemy, but that doesn’t seem to affect Miss Gomez too much. She will HAVE her fries and her chicken nuggets, dang it – and she doesn’t care who sees her.

3 Khloe and Kendall Have A Pizza Party

Speaking of narcissistic dill-holes, here’s a “candid” shot of Kardashian siblings Khloe and supermodel sis Kendall pretending to chow down on some pizza. I mean, seriously, how staged was this photo? Was this during their “but, we’re just as normal as you are!” phase? We all know that Khloe has to keep to a fairly rigorous diet plan in order to keep her figure since her mom might get on her case and refer to her as a “cow” again. And Kendall? Don’t even get me started. Sure, that pizza is most likely gluten-free, fat-free, and taste free, but that doesn’t excuse the shot of them. They like to attract as much attention as humanly possible so they post silly photos like this one to make them attract more followers.

2 Angelina Jolie Pulls A Buble

OH, C’MON WHAT DID WE JUST TALK ABOUT, PEOPLE??? Oh jeez-a-loo, Angelina Jolie. Couldn't you have just been caught eating pizza at the Oscars like your (ex) husband? Instead, you have to pull a Michael Buble and eat it vertically and out in public? Seriously, who is teaching these people to eat a cob of corn this way? This should be permanently illegal to do this. Angelina has always had a very slim figure, so much so that’s she’s taken slack all over Hollywood for it (women can NOT catch a break – they’re either too big or too thin. We can’t ever win to save our lives), but that’s not the point here. It’s not that she’s out eating in public with her entourage, it’s that SHE’S DOING IT HORRIBLY AND MAKES ME WANT TO PULL ALL MY HAIR OUT IN RAGE.

1 Candice Swanepoel Is A Model Off Duty

Okay, I actually didn’t know who this person was until I saw this picture, and frankly, I already love her for it. Candice Swanepoel is a South African model who works primarily for Victoria Secret. Sure, sure, I get it – we’re supposed to hate supermodels who can stuff their face and still look as good as Swanepoel here, but you have to admire her face in this picture. She simply doesn’t give a crap. Like Cuoco in the picture before her, Swanepoel is hungry and she’s going to do whatever it takes to devour that pizza and who can blame her? Models have been consistently portrayed as women who don’t eat and take up smoking in order to stay below 100 pounds, but Swanepoel isn’t demonstrating that here. She’s just simply showing that she has a healthy appetite.

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