15 Times Ariel Winter Needed To Cover Up

Besides playing the lovable and overachieving bookworm on the hit series Modern Family, Ariel Winter is best known for her super revealing wardrobe. There’s no denying that Ariel isn’t afraid to flaunt her ample assets, and she’s not willing to apologize for fashion choices anytime soon. The outspoken star has made a habit out of responding to her online critics when they disapprove of her showing some serious skin. It seems like every week Ariel is making headlines for her over-exposed outfits and barely-there bikinis, but she definitely doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it. If we’re being totally honest, Ariel doesn’t dress and act much different than any other nineteen year old girl who’s coming into their own but she’s growing up in Hollywood while the whole world is watching. While it’s easy to understand that being a young girl in the spotlight comes with a bunch of pressure and scrutiny, but there have totally been a few times where Ariel’s attire has left far too little to the imagination. Here are 15 times that Ariel Winter needed to cover up.

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15 On Her Birthday

Huffington Post

We have to admit that we’re stunned that Ariel didn’t make a grand entrance in only her birthday suit during her 18th birthday celebration, but she wasn’t wearing much clothing either way. Winter was sure to be the belle of the ball when she arrived in style for her milestone birthday wearing an eye-popping bedazzled bodysuit. The enticing getup was made by designer Charbel Zoe and Ariel later revealed that it was actually made for Beyonce. Once she discovered the jazzy little number was inspired by the mega-watt music icon she couldn’t help but wear it for her big day. While this outfit choice may seem demure for someone like Ariel, it’s still a bit much for a typical teenager. Prior to her party, Winter spoke to the media about her fashion sense, saying, I don’t always have to pick the tightest, most formfitting dress I can find. I can pick something else and still feel good about myself.” We have yet to see Ariel in anything other than super form-fitting pieces, and if she really means what she says maybe she will start to dress more conservatively in the future.

14 At A Vanity Fair Party

The Sun

As a blossoming Hollywood star, Ariel gets invited to a bunch of high-profile celebrity events. Earlier this year, Ariel showed up at Vanity Fair’s “Toast To Young Hollywood” party and she definitely let her presence be known. Of course, Ariel is one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood right now, so she had to make a grand entrance. Winter wore a sexy black ensemble with a sheer overlay and a Brazilian-cut bikini bottom. Let’s get one thing straight – the girl looks phenomenal. But she is showing a lot of skin for an event honoring young Hollywood. While she does look poised from the front, onlookers could clearly see a whole lot of backside once the star turned around. It’s a bold look to rock but it screams “look at me!” Ariel would look good in pretty much any outfit she tries on. She could have been a little more covered up here, but showing her body has kind of become her trademark move.

13 At A ‘Modern Family’ Promo Event


We can always count on Ariel to slay when it comes to working the red carpet, but her recent appearance at a Modern Family promo event was pretty showy. The starlet and the rest of the show’s cast appeared together to promote an upcoming season this past May, and it’s clear to see that Ariel certainly stuck out from the rest of her co-stars. While every other actor was dressed down, Ariel let it all hang out in a risqué micro-mini dress with sheer paneling on the chest. It was super obvious that she wanted to get noticed, and she did just that. The day after the event, Ariel was slammed by her racy attire in contract to her co-stars casual clothing. Never one to openly accept criticism without a rebuttal, Ariel snapped back at her naysayers on Instagram with a lengthy post about how people should just “wear what they want." The star continued, “I think everyone, men and women, should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies - and not be criticized.” While we have to admit that she looked great in that dress, it just wasn’t the most tactful thing to wear given the circumstances and the setting.

12 During A Photoshoot


Ariel Winter is an award-winning actress whose future is looking super bright, but her revealing outfits are beginning to overshadow her many accolades in the entertainment industry. During a recent photoshoot, Winter stripped down to her skivvies and gave onlookers a reason to stare. The star could be seen modeling several questionable outfits including a thong one-piece swimsuit and a pair of denim shorts that were practically nonexistent. Ariel posed to show off all of her favorite physical features and paid special attention to her backside during the photo session. Seriously… can someone give this girl a robe already? Ariel probably could have covered up a little more, but then again she is technically an adult who is capable of making her own decisions. She surely doesn’t have to show her body off to get noticed, but wearing pants or a top that actually fits every now and then wouldn’t be a bad thing.

11 At Coachella


If there’s one place where it’s socially acceptable to dress wild and crazy, it’s Coachella. Stars come to the festival in droves to indulge in one giant non-stop party and Ariel Winter was no exception. For the most recent instalment of Coachella, Ariel posted a series of photos in her less than modest attire. Ariel was a bona-fide showstopper in a long pink wig with a slashed white crop top and her go-to shortest pair of shorts. The star looked stunning but showed a little too much skin in her saucy crop that she wore sans-bra. While it’s obvious that Ariel’s body is seriously enviable, we don’t think she’s ever heard the expression “less is more.” There’s no doubt that Winter got tons of attention for her flashy anime-inspired getup, but it begs one question – is she really getting attention for the right reasons? Her acting talents and multiple award wins for her work on Modern Family have proven that she’s got what it takes to make it in Hollywood without having to go to extremes to get noticed. While we can’t deny that she’s super self-assured about her fashion decisions, she would look just as good (if not better) with a more appropriate top.

10 On A Boat


Ariel’s social media game is on fire, and that’s largely due to the fact that she practically lives in a bikini. The scantily-clad teen star loves to show off her curvy figure in a wide range of skimpy swimwear, but how much is enough? Winter has shared all kinds of seductive bikini snapshots with her fans, but a recent series of photos taken during a boat outing definitely stirred up some controversy. Ariel shared a video of her twerking in a skin-tight bikini as well as an aerial perspective of the actress that gave a bird’s eye view of her derriere. In another shot, a friend captured a moment when Ariel was behind the wheel of the boat, putting her cheeky backside on full display for everyone to see. We get it Ariel, you look great in a bikini, but how many times do we really have to see your bum plastered all over social media? The famed star is much more than a pretty face and a set of womanly features, and we really hope she sees that she’s worth a whole lot more than just her highly-publicized body.

9 At A Summer Bash


Summer is all about having fun in the sun and showing some skin, but Ariel definitely pushed the envelope when she made an appearance at the Just Jared Summer Bash event last year. The actress looked beach-ready when she showed up rocking a racy monokini paired with some cheeky Daisy Duke denim shorts and nude pumps. While it’s great that Ariel is super confident about her curves, was it really necessary to show that much junk in the trunk on the red carpet? Ariel has a killer body and we love that she has a positive body image, but this look totally isn’t red carpet worthy. Aside from rocking this asset accentuating getup at the event, Ariel was photographed by paparazzi wearing the exact same outfit out in public later that day. She must have had heads turning and jaws dropping, because those short-shorts were wedged so far up her backside it’s making us uncomfortable just thinking about it. It’s pretty safe to say that Ariel could have covered up just a little bit when it came to this fashion faux-pas.

8 On A Movie Set


We totally understand that actors are supposed to engage their audiences with the roles they play and that it’s super important to look the part. Maybe as an attempt to break free from her straight-laced role as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, Ariel signed on to play an out of control wild child in the upcoming movie Dog Years. She’ll be starring alongside legendary actor Burt Reynolds in the soon to be released film, so you know it’s going to be a pretty big deal. When paparazzi photos were released of Winter dressed in her full character getup, she totally turned some heads. A heavily tattooed Ariel was pictured wearing a tiny crop-top and even smaller denim shorts that were unzipped and rolled down at the top for an even more risqué look. At first glance, you might think that this look is a bit outlandish but it is for the sake of a movie role. But after doing a double-take it’s easy to see that those are the kind of clothes Ariel wears on a regular basis when she’s not in front of the camera. Belly shirts and Daisy Duke shorts are some of her biggest wardrobe staples. It would really be refreshing to see her a bit more covered up for once.

7 Out On The Town


It’s no secret that Ariel is a huge supporter of shorts so short that they even give onlookers a wedgie, but this look is just taking it too far. While the sultry star opted to cover up her top half, she let it all hang out when it came to her nether regions. Ariel can be seen wearing a black turtleneck top paired with a black leather jacket and over-the-knee heeled boots. While that may not seem too scandalous, it’s her impressively ill-fitting shorts that make us want to tell her to cover up. At the time of these photos, Ariel was walking down the streets of LA on her way to the popular celebrity hangout spot, “The Nice Guy”. Everyone knows that that’s where celebs go when they want to be seen, and we definitely saw a whole lot of Ariel. Aside from just being overtly revealing, why would anyone want to sit their practically bare bottom down in a public place? Just for the sake of sanitary reasons, Ariel should have put some pants on that day.

6 When She Takes Selfies


Ariel has over 3 million followers on Instagram, so she must be doing something right when it comes to self-promotion. Her staggering number of followers could be due to the fact that the underdressed star often posts snapshots of herself in various stages of undress. While Ariel’s fashion choices are unpredictable, she never fails to deliver what the fans really want - an abundance of sultry selfies. Ariel has always been a spokesperson for being body-positive and encourages people to wear whatever they are most comfortable in…even if that may be little to no clothing at all. Last year, Winter took to social media to share a revealing bikini mirror selfie with her millions of followers. Of course, the star got some heat for putting her ample assets on display, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for celebs. Ariel’s care-free swimsuit snapshot followed the controversy that Kim Kardashian stirred up when she posted a totally nude selfie to social media a few days prior. Ariel came to Kim’s defense and showed off her own beach bod in the process. Don’t get us wrong, we love Ariel’s confidence, but taking cues from Kim Kardashian probably isn’t the best choice when it comes to applauding over-exposure.

5 On Easter Sunday


Although Ariel has millions of fans all over the world, the sassy star also has her fair share of haters. We’re pretty sure that Ariel never expected to receive the response she got when she shared this picture of herself on Instagram last Easter. Winter can be seen casually sitting in a chair while donning a tight white bodycon mini dress with a super deep plunging neckline. While the actress didn’t think much of the snapshot, her post earned her an onslaught of critics for her revealing ensemble. While Ariel does look elegant and ladylike in the photo, we have to admit that the cleavage is a bit much… especially for a holy holiday. Of course, Ariel loves her body and there’s nothing wrong with embracing your curves, but Easter might not have been the best occasion to rock this sultry number. This look would have been great on the red carpet or some star-powered event, but she probably could have covered up a little more just this once.

4 At Her Graduation Party


Ariel Winter has never been shy about her curvy physique and she takes every opportunity possible to show it off. While some might argue that skin-tight mini dress that displays ample under-boob is probably best suited to wear at a club, Ariel thinks differently. The Modern Family star boldly rocked the body-hugging number at her high school graduation party last year. Let's just say she found herself at the center of controversy after sharing a photo of herself posing by her graduation cake along with a lengthy caption about her academic accomplishments. Critics slammed her for wearing such a revealing outfit to an event where family was most likely going to be as well. The dress looked very similar to a House of CB bodysuit that Kylie Jenner wore a few weeks prior, which was enough for fans to suggest Ariel should have dressed more modestly for the occasion. As usual, the new grad was unapologetic about her fashion choices and she even clapped-back her haters on Twitter. The star tweeted, “Dear sorry body shamers, I looked HOT in that dress,” the 18-year-old tweeted on Wednesday. “And if you hate it, don’t buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel #EmbraceYourBody.”

3 At Disneyland


They say that Disneyland is “the happiest place on Earth” but patrons of the popular theme park may have gotten a lot more than they had bargained for when Ariel Winter showed up. The actress was spotted at the family-friendly vacation spot earlier this month with her boyfriend Levi Meaden and she made sure that all eyes were on her. Winter was wearing a super revealing romper than was dangerously low cut in the front while riding very high up in the back. This ensemble wouldn’t have been appropriate to wear in many public places but Disneyland definitely tops the list. Winter appeared to be enjoying the amusements as she strolled around Disney while donning gold sparkly Minnie Mouse ears, but her one-piece getup was surely enough to offend park-goers. Disneyland is notorious for being a wholesome, fun-loving destination suitable for the whole family...but Ariel’s barely-there onesie wasn’t fitting to wear around young impressionable youths. It’s very evident that everyone would have been happier that day if Ariel had just covered up.

2 On The Beach


Ariel must save a small fortune on clothing because she hardly ever wears any! The actress was spotted on a trip to the beach last year wearing an itsy-bitsy, teeny weeny white bikini that put her figure on full display. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with believing that “less is more” when it comes to beachwear, but the real problem is that Ariel posted suggestive photos of herself from her beach day to social media. Winter released a photo of herself on all fours while writing a message in the sand, but the camera angle captured her exposed backside and then shared it on Instagram for everyone to see. We understand that she’s proud of her figure, but we’re sure that there were plenty of more tasteful photos she could have chosen from aside from the one that focuses on her rear end. We think that it’s totally about time to cover up.

1 On Instagram


Let’s face it, we’ve pretty much seen more of Ariel Winter’s body than we ever needed to. But just when you think you’ve seen it all, she posts something even more inappropriate. Ariel is a huge fan of overexposing herself on social media and Instagram seems to be her favorite place to let it all hang out. The starlet recently posted a booty-baring picture of herself being picked up by her boyfriend, giving followers a full scope of her shapely behind. We already know that she loves her figure but she’s riding a fine line between "typical teenager" and Kardashian territory at this point. Superficial celebs fall back on posting racy photos because they lack the actual talent and credibility to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. Ariel has a whole lot going for her and she really doesn’t need to validate herself by showing her derriere to millions of strangers. Covering up every now and then wouldn’t be such a bad idea, would it, Ariel?

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