15 Thoughts You Have About Being Young Today

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15 Thoughts You Have About Being Young Today

Don’t you just love this generation? We have everything we need, we can do whatever the heck we want, and the best part? People won’t give a crap if we do weird things. This is the era for weird people. Don’t want to have a 9-5 job? Don’t get one! Build your own company. Backpack for a year. Live off the grid. Find other means and ways to feed yourself. People will probably think that you’re kind of nuts but unlike the many generations before you, they won’t do anything about it. But while this generation is packed with amazing people and aspects, it also has some flaws. One of which is that young people today need to have a thicker skin. Our society loves to talk and whisper and talk some more, and sometimes, it says things that are (a) not true, (b) mean, or (c) both. To help you cope up with this thing called life, here are some of the thoughts of a young yet amazing human being today.

15. Act Your Age


For all the ladies aged 30 and above, this one’s for you. You’re already 30 years old! Can you act like you are? Can you be a mature 30-year-old? Because this world needs more mature people, and there are tons of younger people who are probably more mature than you. The thing about today’s society is that lots of women think they are allowed to act like 16-year-olds for the rest of their lives. That’s not how it works, people. We know that being a 16-year-old is cool, but so is being mature. So please stop acting like this world is full of rainbows and cupcakes because it’s not. It’s full of good days and crappy days and life lessons. Stop spending your free time gossiping about your neighbor who has 20 dogs and starts thinking of ways how you can have 20 more years in your life. Because if you keep acting this immature, it won’t be long before you will piss people off, and that’s not good for anyone.

14. A Dog Is Better Than A Boyfriend


We’re pretty sure that every young person and every millennial has thought about this. Some men are just naturally crappy people. We’re not saying don’t be with a guy and we’re not saying that guys suck either. Not all of them. Just some. But the truth is that there are some moments in life where a dog (or a cat, of course) is way better than a human boyfriend. At least our pets will always be there for us when we need them. And they won’t leave the toilet seat down either! What more can you ask for? Sure, sometimes, they’re better than a human companion. And to be honest, one of the most common things young women hate today is immature men. The kind who acts like a 12-year-old when he is already 10 years older than a 12-year-old? Get yourself a dog or a cat or a lizard. Or a hamster. Yes, a hamster. Why not?!

13. Have Some Fun


Don’t you think that the front seat of a double-decker bus is the most fun place that you can be? We all love double-decker busses, right? So if you’re wondering why you have a friend who will kill for that seat, now you know. It’s the best ride on earth, way better than a rollercoaster. And if you still find yourself confused, go ahead and actually try that seat. It’s going to be the best moment of your life. Well, aside from the first time you get some action. Of course, that’s always the best moment in everybody’s life. The front seat of a double-decker bus comes closely second. Seriously, though, if you’re a young person today and you’re wondering what other fun activity you can do with your friends, try this one. We are 100% sure they will either hate you or love you. But either way, disheveled hair is basically fun. Good luck trying to stop yourself from laughing.

12. Directions Are Complicated


We are not sure about you but for us, directions are literally the worst. Have you ever wondered why people invented GPS in the first place? It is not really because they are good Samaritans who want to make people’s lives better. It is because these people are probably bad with directions too, and they hate how too many signs, left and right and everywhere, make their lives miserable.We would be totally lying if we said these signs do not make our lives miserable. And for today’s younger generation, spending so much time trying to figure out directions is definitely not the best way to spend the next 30 minutes of their lives. Too many lines and arrows and curves, even GPS systems sometimes fail. Because our world is overflowing with complicated directions. Is this the universe’s way of punishing young people for always giving in to the desire to jump off cliffs?

11. Catching Up With Old Friends Can Suck


Please tell us that we’re not the only ones who hate catching up with old friends. We just hate it. Here’s why: we really hate playing the comparison game. Don’t get us wrong, our old friends are okay, they’re totally fine. But geez, is it today’s most common hobby to compare? More often than not, catching up with old friends means making a speech on how one’s life has changed in the most drastic way. A speech on how they’re living the best life they can ever ask for, and how much they’ve achieved already at such a young age. Yeah right. Okay, you have the best life ever, can we skip the comparison part already? Can we skip the nomination on who has done the most trips the past year? Sometimes your old friends just love to compare and make these “my life is so amazing speeches” where you sit on the sidelines, grumbling about how hard it is to make the dishwasher work sometimes.

10. Buying Veggies = Sophisticated Adulting


When was the last time you actually bought vegetables? And we mean real vegetables, not potatoes. Because the thing is, veggies are highly sophisticated. They are probably the most fancy and sophisticated things that you could possibly buy. Nobody said you actually have to cook them so you can spend your next pay check on veggies and more veggies. And then you can spend your next day texting your friends, asking for help about cooking vegetables. Consider this a warning: cooking veggies is not as easy as popping instant noodles in the microwave. It is like 100 times more difficult than that. And we are guessing that you spend your days working since people do have to make a living these days. But definitely, buy some green veggies so you can feel sophisticated. on top of feeling sophisticated, though, you also get to feel good and healthy, and who doesn’t love that?

9. Follow Your Dreams


Why do we have dreams in the first place if we’re not going to follow them? Dreams are for following. They’re always a great answer when you want to figure out what to do in this life. Most young people today have a long list of answers about what to do with their lives. Back in the old days, this is a question that would seem super daunting and would haunt everyone. It would mean that you didn’t have a good answer no matter how many times you asked yourself this. Sadly, it’s not always easy to answer this. But today, you have no problem answering this. That’s because you have a long list of dreams and you’re determined to achieve all of them. After all, you’re a millennial! We should have statues for every millennial who decided to follow her dream, failed, and then kept going. Because let’s face it, following your dreams is one thing and actually succeeding is another. And with so many competitions going on, because so many people are doing these so very amazing things, succeeding isn’t easy. Way to go, millennials!

8. Coffee Is A Lifesaver


Yeah, yeah, tea is good. But nothing can beat coffee. Nothing. Through good times and the bad, through rainy days and a super hot summer, coffee is there for you. A cup of joe is always by your side. making sure that you’re going to survive today. We know that coffee is basically the best drink that this world has to offer. All young people today have bloodstreams that are probably 50 percent coffee. Or even 100 percent coffee if we’re being totally honest. We bet today’s young people have bloodstreams that are 70% caffeine. So instead of taking any illegal substances, go for coffee. It will not hurt you and it will not put you in jail. What else can you ask for? Seriously, though, don’t you think coffee is a lifesaver? Do you remember those moments in college when you pulled too many all-nighters and had to drink tons of coffee to stay awake the next day? Who’s your company aside from your friends? Coffee!

7. You Will Hate Some Bosses


When you decide to get a real job instead of founding your own company, you’re going to be an employee. Which is not really a bad thing. You get to work with all sorts of people who have all sorts of experiences. You get to work with bosses and superiors who will teach you so many things. But sometimes, you will have a boss who really has no business being a boss. There will always be that boss who sucks at being the boss so much you find yourself spending work hours wondering how he became the boss in the first place. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Most millennials have to deal with a crappy boss or two in their entire lifetime. So they make our list of thoughts about being young today. But please, if you have other options, choose not to think about choking that boss. You have a bright future ahead of you, and you wouldn’t want a crappy boss to ruin that.

6. You Want A Course On How To Save Money


You basically want to take a course that will teach you how to survive on only $100 a month. This world is so crazy expensive that you always feel like you only have this much in your bank account even after getting paid. Ugh. You don’t even want to look most of the time. It’s literally the most horrifying thing in the world. You want to learn how to live without spending too much. If you don’t die from too much caffeine, you’re going to die from debt. That’s really the worst kind of death, don’t you think? So how are you going to make it through? How do adults manage their money? When you were a kid, you felt like your parents and other grown-ups that you knew had a never-ending cash flow. Now you’re wondering how to get that cash to flow… and flow… and flow. You definitely don’t think it’s that likely and it’s definitely something that you think about as a young person today.

5. The Best Thing In Adult Life Is Eating Chicken Nuggets


Please tell us that we’re not the only ones who love these things so much that we would trade all our food items for them. Because that’s what happens when you let a real adult do the shopping: your cupboard will be filled with unknown stuff and you will spend hours standing in front of it, wondering if you pop everything in the microwave you will magically end up with a full-course meal. Yeah, right. So when you feel like you have no clue what to make for dinner and you’ve just remembered how much you actually hate cooking, it’s time to go buy some chicken nuggets. They’re truly your only hope. And because people think that you’re mature since you’re supposedly an adult now, the universe is okay with you consuming way too many chicken nuggets. You’re welcome. It’s time to celebrate the complete control and power you have over your food choices.

4. There Are No Monsters


That noise that you think that you hear under your bed or in your kitchen? Nope. That’s not from a monster. That’s from something that you need to repair (and yes, it’s going to cost a whole lot). This sucks. Big time. It might be the reason that you totally hate living alone. When you were a kid, you were scared because you thought there was a monster in your house, but now that you’re older, you realize that you have to deal with house repairs instead. You would totally rather run away from a monster. It’s not like you’re a careless human who breaks things all the time. But those creepy sounds at night are really creeping you out and now you have to call a plumber or a carpenter or someone. But guess what? Those noises are even scarier than monsters. Just think about all the damage they are going to do to your bank account. Ugh.

3. You Don’t Care What People Think


Really, why should you care what other people think about you? You should not. There are tons of things happening in the world every single day. Really important things too. You do not have time to think about what other people think about you. You should not be the only one who thinks that, either. Everyone should adopt this carefree attitude. The world is full of so many new things that you can discover all the time. New challenges. New problems. New ways to succeed. Do you really want to miss all those? If you are a young woman, then the answer is probably no. It is probably a big fat no. Today’s young people are all about finding new experiences. The older generations, however, well… they do not feel the same way. They are definitely more interested in doing what others think they should be doing. But thankfully, that is not you and you don’t have to!

2. Have A Fling


This is the modern era, okay? Today, we are totally okay with things not being too formal, for lack of a better word. We are definitely okay with one-night stands because we do not think that we all have to be in super serious romantic relationships all the time. Gone are the days when people were obsessed with dating first, building a relationship first, and then getting busy later. Today, you can sleep with someone anywhere you want, anytime you want, and with anyone you choose to do it with. Unless you want to do it with Kristen Stewart or Brad Pitt. Tell me, haven’t you ever tried sleeping with someone aka having a one night stand? Because most young people today have. If you haven’t, you at least have some friends who do this, that is for sure, and if you are judging them, think about who is having a better time.

1. Having Less Friends Is Better


Don’t you agree? Please tell us that we’re not the only ones who feel this way. The thing about having a ridiculously huge group of friends is that sometimes, you’re not sure who your friends are anymore. It’s an annoying part of life, people. Been there, done that, and we don’t want to go back. We love having a small group of friends. The kind where you can be sure who’s talking about who and what the latest buzz is. With a huge group of friends, there is a lot of buzz going on 24/7. And while you consider them friends, can you be really sure of that? Are you always 100 percent sure these people are your friends? Are you sure they’re not talking behind your back? Do yourself a favor and keep your social circle small. It’s one of the best things you can do as a young person today.

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