15 Thoughts Women Have When Watching Dirty Movies

What is going on in your mind when you try to watch an adult movie? If your brain is anything like mine, you are probably having all sorts of wild, disjointed thoughts and possibly a few guilts about catching a peek at what the guys like to watch.

However, it turns out that we aren’t just sneaking a peek. According to DailyMail, over 50 percent of women admit they watch sexy movies on their own. A recent report shows that we prefer the softer stuff and some of the role playing movies. Even more amazingly, about 40 percent of these women also admit that they have tried making their own sexy movies, and making a couple’s movie is a continuing trend among women who are in a relationship.

While you may think that many of us are doing this to please our man and participate in something that he enjoys, it is simply not true. Women are watching this stuff on their own and for no one's pleasure but their own.

What do we think of while we are watching adult films? Probably not the same things that the guys are thinking. Instead of zeroing in on certain body parts, our minds wander through the entire experience, unable to focus on one specific thing.

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15 Am I Really Watching This?

While this is probably one of the first thoughts every woman has when she sits down to watch an adult movie all by herself for the very first time, I have this thought every time something naughty "mysteriously" appears on my computer screen. My next thought is usually, "What the hell is wrong with me?" After that, I settle back and move on to the next round of disjointed thoughts, depending on what shows up on the screen.

14 What Would My Parents Think?

What would your parents think or even say if they knew their sweet, darling daughter was watching a dirty movie? I already know how my mother would react: "Oh..." Momentary pause. "Is it any good?" My dad, on the other hand, probably would give off no reaction. It is kind of fun to think about how different members of the family would react to you watching an adult movie, but it is best not to find out in reality what they would really think.

13 This Isn't Cheating, Is It?

After worrying over what your family would think if they knew you were watching adult movies, your thoughts might turn to your boyfriend if you have one. Is watching a sexy movie the same as cheating? Would he get mad at you for doing it or would he want to start watching it with you? First off, just looking is not cheating, especially when it is just something you are watching on the tv, computer, or smart phone. If he has a problem with it or you think he will, just don't tell him about it. Problem solved.

12 Do Guys Really Need This Many Categories?

Go to one of the most popular adult movie sites and you will find more categories than grandma can shake a stick at. And beneath those main categories are even more subcategories. Okay, so maybe I am giving myself away a little bit and I might just have a touch too much free time at the moment, but why do guys need that many categories? Seriously, fellas. It's in and out and then you're done.

11 I Wonder If He Wants To Try That?

Occassionally, while "accidentally" checking out the sexy movies, we hit upon a position or scene that looks rather interesting. Hmmm... We wonder if the boyfriend would like to try that? Then we worry about the excuse we will make when he asks, "What gave you that idea?" We could just say that it was something we saw on Cosmopolitan's website or say we heard about it from a friend while never admitting that we were up late last night trolling the internet for naughty things.

10 There Is No Way He Is Trying That On Me.

You know what I am talking about. You click on a link that you think might be kind of interesting. A minute or two in and suddenly your jaw drop. What the hell? Why would someone do that? No, darling. Love only goes so far and there is no way anyone is going to try that stunt on me.

9 Are The Curtains Closed?

As soon as I so much as think about putting something naughty on the computer, my paranoia levels increase tenfold. It's like, "Well maybe my neighbors are psychic and are reading my dirty little mind. They are probably out there right now, trying to peek in the windows." Okay, I know my neighbors aren't that bad. In fact, one of them is almost never even home, but I still rush to make sure all the curtains are closed and the blinds are down in the entire house. It makes no sense, but there it is.

8 How Much Is She Getting Paid To Do That?

There are some things you could not pay me to do. Aside from eating roadkill or insects, the rest of my personal taboos are in the adult entertainment world. So, if no one could get me to try out some of these things, not even for a cool million, just how much are they paying these women? According to TheRichest, the average amount a woman in the adult movie industry makes is $50,000 a year. Women who are willing to do the more unusual scenes earn a higher amount and, by golly, they deserve it.

7 Are Those Fake?

The world is full of fake things and thanks to plastic surgery there are a lot of fake people to compliment our plastic world.  You are probably thinking about fake boobs, but don't forget the men. They are getting fake abs, sculpted butts, and fake enhancements in that other lower region. In an industry where you are judged by your appearance, it is no wonder that there is so much plastic surgery in adult films.

6 I Hope The Neighbors Can't Hear This.

It may have started off as a mumbled conversation, but the actors and actresses quickly dropped the tacky dialogue and went into full on moans and groans. Always check your volume before you start playing something of the spicy variety. In fact, you'd be better off plugging in the earphones. The last thing you want is the neighbors or, gods forbid, your parents hearing the sudden blast of "oh yes!"

5 Can't They Come Up With A Better Dialogue?

Dialogue in an adult movie? Yeah, we are probably asking for too much with this one. If you are hanging out with a bestie, this can be a good thing. The two of you can kick back with the popcorn, turn the volume off and do your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 skit.

4 Where's The Eye Candy For Us Girls?

It happens all the time. The women are absolutely lovely but the guys look like they were freshly plucked off of skid row. Even worse, they might look like one of your parents' friends. Ack. Fire the casting director.

3 Flipping Pop-up Ads!

I absolutely hate pop-up ads. It doesn't matter what site I am on, if pop-up ads start showing, I usually exit the page. When watching the naughty stuff online, though, you can't be too picky about the pop-up ads because nearly every one of these type of sites have them. Just curse your way through it and hope none of ads randomly show up when someone else is using your computer or phone.

2 Plot, Please!

What is it with these sexy movies and why can't they write a decent plot for them? I watched maybe one or two of these flicks (ahem) and I think they all pull from the same plot layout. Man meets woman. They get down and dirty. Throw in a few more bodies and voila! There's your average story line. It is not much, but it has been the standard since I watched my first naughty VHS tape 20 years ago.

1 Oh. Please Don't Go There.

You are kicked back, snacking on the popcorn, and just being amused by the flick you are watching on your smart phone. It is all going smoothly until that awful moment when the popcorn drops from your fingers and your mouth hangs open. What category is this flick in and will you ever be able to scrub that image from your eyeballs? Like getting whacked in the head with a wet trout, the moment was totally unexpected and will no doubt leave you scarred for life.


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