15 Struggles Only Women With A Large Cup Size Can Relate To

While being insanely awesome, beautiful, sexy and uniquely yours, having a larger cup size can also be extremely annoying. Not only are you constantly carrying around extra weight, but you are also constantly calling attention to yourself. And while that is not always a bad thing, it gets old. Really old. Really fast.

No matter what you do, you can never hide your larger than you like lady lumps. Of course, you do not want to keep them hidden. You like having them and showing them off. Who wouldn't anyway? However, that does not mean that they do not drive you crazy at times. With every upside, there is a downside... and we know.

Shopping? Nearly impossible. Creepy looks? A regular occurrence. String bikinis? Forget about it. Do not worry, you are not alone. We understand a little too well. So here ar a few thoughts that you can relate to, if not all, we are sure it is most!

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15 You Wish People Would Make More Eye Contact

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It never fails that literally every single time you leave your house, you always run into that one person that can’t seem to take their eyes off of your lady bits. Whether it is a random stranger that starts chatting you up in the grocery line or maybe even a cute guy at your favorite local bar, there is always that one person that never makes eye contact with you despite talking to you for a few minutes. Why not? Because they are way more interested in your chest. You feel like screaming, “excuse me, my eyes are up here,” but at this point, you are so used to it, you do not even care. What is worse is, the people that do stare at you, usually either have small chests or no chest at all. Therefore, they do not understand that the struggle is seriously real and seriously annoying.

14 Nothing Fits Right, Ever

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Whether you have a tiny waist and a larger top area, large lady bits, and a thick waist, if you are small all over, if you are big all over, or if you are just a mix of everything, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because as long as your boobs are big, it’s insanely difficult to find clothes that fit you properly. They’re either going to be too tight on your chest and then too loose on your stomach; or, they’re too big all over or simply too tight all over. You wish that one designer somewhere out there would just design a shirt or a dress that would fit to your body perfectly. Of course, though, you have no such luck. Instead, you spend hours of your life trying on clothes at every store in the mall until you find one shirt that looks good but only in comparison to the others that looked awful.

13 You Have Backaches

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Unlike the rest of the world that has either a small chest area or a normal sized chest, you are forced to carry around some extra weight. And while there are some ups and some downs to having a voluptuous top half, the back aches that come along with your large lumps are definitely on the “cons” list. You constantly have knots in your neck, pains in your shoulders, and soreness in your lower back. If you could, you would have a private massage therapist come to your home everyday just to relieve some of the tension. It is hard for you to get comfortable at night and to sit up straight all day. In fact, you have driven yourself crazy and even lost sleep trying to find a comfortable position. And let’s be honest, you have not been able to sleep on your stomach since you were a kid.

12 You Always Have Cleavage

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It seems like no matter what you wear, you always seem to have a little bit more cleavage than most people you know. Why? Because you have a little more to work with when it comes to your chest than most people you know. Of course, you are not doing it on purpose. In fact, you can’t help yourself. You practically bust out of every bathing suit you try on, every bra you wear, every t-shirt you own, and any dress that does not come all the way up to your neckline. You are so used to having cleavage, you hardly notice. However, that does not mean that other people do not give you a hard time for it. It drives you crazy when your mother or your boyfriend yell at you to “cover up.” After all, you do not mean to have as much cleavage as you do- you just can’t help it!

11 You Love Them Sometimes

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You are sort of in a love affair with your cup size. Let’s be honest, how could you not be? Sure, they drive you crazy from time to time… but that’s to be expected. However, more often than not, you realize just how much you enjoy having them. They exaggerate your womanly curves, make you more desirable to men, make other women jealous, and make you feel a bit sexier all the time. You’ve had them for years now and at this point, they’re just a part of who you are. Without them, you wouldn’t know what to do. You’d feel naked or as if you’re missing something… and you would be! You’ve come to terms with the body you’ve been given and you wouldn’t do anything to change it. And of course, your boyfriend loves them too and would absolutely hate to say goodbye… and you secretly love that.

10 You Hate Them Sometimes

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Like with most things in life, at times, you hate your lovely lady lumps almost as much as you love them. They drive you insane. They make it hard for you to get ready in the morning, people constantly stare at them, and they give you terrible back aches. On top of that, they’re always there. It seems like no matter how hard you try, you can’t cover them up or hide the fact that you have them. Even if you wore ten layers, people would still be able to notice your voluptuous boobs. You've had secret fantasies of cutting them off or getting a reduction surgery. However, when it comes down to it, you know you can never say goodbye. You come to your senses and realize, it’s not their fault, they’re so big- it’s your genetics! So, what do you do? You start blaming your genetics, of course.

9 You Can't Not Wear A Bra

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You have tiny friends who are size two with a double A or even small B cup size that never wear bras. Every time you see them, they’re just rocking the no bra, free the nip style. And of course, you’re jealous. You see how comfortable they are and you wish that you could join in on the fun. So, one day, you try it. You wake up in the morning and don’t put on a bra. Instead, you wear your t-shirt and that’s all. Just as you’re about to walk out your front door, you stop. There’s no way you can do this. Your girls aren’t as perky as your friends, they’re saggy and heavy. You don’t look cute and buoyant, you look like you forgot a staple part of your wardrobe. So, you turn around, walk right back into your house and put on your best friend- your bra.

8 There Are Certain Things You Can't Wear

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Because of your beautiful lady lumps, there are certain wardrobe staples you just can't wear. Extremely low cut tops, out of the question. Button down shirts? Only if you want to burst through a button and expose yourself to anyone who's looking. String bikinis? Sure, if you're on a nude beach and won't get a ticket for flashing innocent beachgoers. Bralets? Yeah right. The only way you could wear a bralet is if you wear another bra underneath and what's the point of that? Sports bras without support? Only if you want exercise to be the most painful, annoying thing ever (not that supportive sports bras help much, but we'll get to that later). You have to dress according to your chest. Therefore, there are certain sections at department stores you just completely avoid. There are even entire stores you avoid. You know it's not even worth looking because nothing is going to work. Disappointing, sure. But you know there are other wardrobe staples that you can absolutely rock because of your girls.

7 You've Paid a Fortune for Alterations

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It seems almost as if every time you buy something, you have to pay double after the purchase simply because there's always something about whatever you bought that fits awkwardly. Why? Those lovely lady lumps of yours just have to make everything harder. You have to get dresses taken in and the bust taken out. You have to get tops fitted to your waist and add fabric in the bust. If you don't, you know it's just going to drive you crazy by riding up or falling too far down. You force yourself to get it altered otherwise you'll just let it sit in your closet unworn (like the bulk of your tops). Even if the item you buy is inexpensive, it ends up costing you on the back end. Yes, it's absolutely fantastic that your tailor has become your best friend but you just wish she would cut you a deal. After all, you're almost positive you're the customer keeping her business booming.

6 You Can't Share With Your Girlfriends

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You have friends of all shapes and sizes. Some small, some tall, some curvy, and some average. However, what you don't have is a friend with the same bust size as you. Why? Because extremely large chests are hard to come by (contrary to popular belief). This is why it makes it insanely difficult for you to share clothing with your best girlfriends. If you're going to a fancy party and don't want to buy a dress you know you're only going to wear one time, you're out of luck. You can't just borrow a dress from your friend for one time use, you've got to make the investment yourself or suffer through the occasion in a tiny, suffocating dress. If you spill on yourself at a girlfriend's house, you can't just borrow a t-shirt from her. Nope, you have to go all the way home and get one that fits your chest. It drives you quite mad... so mad that you keep extra clothing in your car just in case something comes up and you don't have enough time to go home and change. On a more positive note, your large cup size make you prepared for almost anything!

5 Sometimes, They Get Too Much Attention.

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Because your chest is large and in charge, everyone comments on them. You meet strangers that you've never ever talked to in your whole life that ask you what size bra you wear. In fact, it's happened so many times that it's not even weird anymore. You talk to guys you meet on dating sites and all they do is obsess over the size of your boobs. Heck, even your mom brings them up in normal conversation. You feel less like yourself and more like the "girl with big boobs." And yes, people, it gets old to have your cup size be the topic of conversation time and time again. On top of that, you hate how much attention they get when you're sleeping with someone. It seems like whoever you're with is always way too focused on your chest when they should really be focusing on more important aspects of your body. Eyes included.

4 You Can't Find Sexy Lingerie

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Literally, the only bras that actually fit you and are actually comfortable are pretty much synonymous with "grandma bras." Why? Because they have to be. The other kinds of bras simply don't offer all that you need to have a good, supported day. They're not lacy, they're not glitzy, they're not sexy, and they're certainly not skimpy. Instead, they're just filled with layers of material, wiring, and lining. In reality, it's not that big of a deal. However, it can get frustrating when you want to dress up for your man on Valentines Day or wear a semi-see through shirt that leaves little up to the imagination. You get through it, though and thank big boob conscious designers for their contributions. It's true, you don't hate the fact that you, your mother, and your grandmother are most likely wearing the same bras right now... but it's definitely not your favorite aspect of having large breasts.

3 They Can Help You Get What You Want

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Admit it. You have used your voluptuous cup size to get yourself out of more than one sticky situation. And hey- we are not judging you. If you got 'em, flaunt 'em and even more, use 'em! Take advantage of all they have to offer. We would too (actually, we do). You might have used them to seduce a cute guy at a bar or talk the bartender into taking a few drinks off your tab. Or maybe, you have used them to get into a crowded club or flirt your way out a speeding ticket. Even though it might not have been your proudest or finest moment when you used them, it is totally okay. You have to confess, they do come in handy and have definitely worked in your favor. After all, you know just as well as anyone else, they are irresistible! So this isprobably the only positive use you will get out of them!

2 You Always Look Extremely Provocative

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Because your chest is automatically linked to desirability, you look extremely sexy in everything you wear thanks to the fact that you have got big ones. Even if you are not trying to show them off, they are there and they are noticeable. Even if you hide them, they still like to come out and play. No seriously, you can wear sweatpants, the baggiest sweatshirt, no makeup and a bad hangover and still exude sexiness. It is hard for you to dress for serious occasions- like work events and even funerals- because you always seem a bit underdressed or provocative despite the fact that you were only trying to look appropriate. Weddings are almost the worst for you because no matter what type of bridesmaid dress the bride chooses for you to wear, you always look sexier than her. Of course, none of these things are THAT awful... but still relatable if you know what we're talking about.

1 Exercise Is The Hardest Thing Ever

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Exercise may be one of the hardest things for you to do. Okay, it's probably not the hardest, but it's definitely up there on the list. Why? Because you're lugging around at least a couple extra pounds with you. On top of that, those pounds are not attached to you. Okay, they are, but not securely. They flop and flare and bounce and then, ache. They ache really badly. Really badly. No matter how supportive your sports bra is or how many you wear, you just can't seem to stop being or feeling way too awkward. You seriously struggle to get your workouts in because you dread even having to go put a sports bra on. And yes, it makes you feel guilty... well, sort of. Be honest, you have literally one of the best excuses ever not to go to the gym. Take advantage. After all, don't most trainers say that if an exercise is painful or uncomfortable that you shouldn't do it? Exactly. Remember that one the next time you're feeling bad about yourself for not getting your weekly jogs in.

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