15 Thoughts Every Girl Has About Her Bust

While it seems as though men are the ones who are constantly thinking about boobs, women are just as fixated on the bust as guys. Seriously, women probably think about boobs way more than men because we are constantly looking and touching them. Whether we're checking for abnormalities or stuffing them into something sexy from Victoria’s Secret, breasts are on our minds a lot of the time and give us plenty to think about. Women of every age have similar thoughts about their breasts, wondering if they are a good size, whether they have enough cleavage showing, or if they should go under the knife and get them bigger. We ponder many things when it comes to our boobs and seriously, they are pretty fantastic. So why shouldn’t we be engrossed by them? Here are 15 thoughts every girl has about her boobs.

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15 Are They Too Small? Too Big?

If your breasts are in the A or B cup range, chances are you've questioned whether they are too small. You might be checking them out in the mirror, cupping them with your hands - a handful is good enough, right? - to figure out whether they are too small for your frame. However, if you’re larger than a C cup, you’ve most likely questioned if they are too big. Are they hurting your back? Are they flowing out of your bra? Are they the only things people see when they meet you? It seems like no matter who you are, women are always wondering whether their boobs are just right.

14 Is That A Lump?

A woman’s worst nightmare to face is having something wrong with one or both breasts. Feeling around, finding something abnormal like an unknown lump can be one of the scariest things a woman can go through. It seems like we’re always checking to make sure our girls are in tip top shape (or at least playing with them, pretending to check) because they are the very things that make us feel like the sexy women we are. Sometimes we can get a little carried away, too, like when we feel something that isn’t there or something minor like a swollen gland during PMS.

13 They Look Awesome In This Bra

Finding a hot bra that holds your girls in just right is like no other. When you put that bra on and get the perfect amount of push-up with the right amount of roundness that makes your boobs appear to be two perfect grapefruits, your day gets that much better. You feel good wearing only the bra but also when wearing something over it because your breasts look killer. You might find yourself ogling too long in your mirror and get way too eager to strip off your top and have someone else see what you see: two perfect boobs in one sexy bra.

12 Am I Showing Too Much Cleavage? Not Showing Enough?

Cleavage is a big one, and not just for guys. Sure, they love looking at perky breasts peeking out from a low cut tee, but so do girls. With the right amount of cleavage we feel like we can do anything: work our way out of a ticket, catch the eye of a hot guy, get a discount on shoes. When we find the right amount of cleavage that makes us feel sexy without looking too provocative, we are ecstatic. But sometimes finding that happy medium can be a struggle. Am I showing off too much? Not showing enough? The struggle is real but once it’s achieved, the results are that much better.

11 Are They Starting To Sag?

Besides feeling for a lump in our breast, women also fear the inevitable saggy boob syndrome. As we age, our boobs tend to sag and we are constantly checking them out to make sure they have yet to droop. Perky, healthy boobs are everything to us and if we start to think our girls are flopping, we will never feel the same. So we try nearly everything we can to keep them vivacious. We do crazy chest exercises to make sure they remain upright and not hanging low, we massage them to increase the blood flow (or massage them just because), and stare at them until we tell ourselves they look fine.

10 Am I Having A Nip Slip?

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Sometimes we want our nipples to show (what better way to get your guy’s attention?) but other times we want to keep these babies hidden (like at work when the AC is turned up full blast and your creepy boss is staring at your chest). So we are constantly asking ourselves: are my nipples showing? We even ask our friends when we are out with them and don’t have a mirror to check out the situation ourselves. There’s nothing like thinking your nipples are erect and beaming when you’re out in public trying to be professional and refined. Those bright headlights are saved for a sexy night with one favorable passenger sitting in shot gun.

9 Why Aren’t They The Same Size?

Many women complain about having two different sized boobs. It makes sense really, given our bodies are not completely symmetrical. We’re said to have one hand slightly bigger than the other, and toes that are not exactly the same size on the right as on the left. But these differences are pretty small and relatively unnoticeable, just like the size in boobs. However, since they are on us and we are constantly looking at them (and looking for fault in our bodies, we are women after all), we notice these things much more than anyone else - especially a man we’re having sex with.

8 Are Hers Better Than Mine?

Girls are always comparing themselves with other girls. It’s just in our nature. While men are known to always check out women’s breasts, women are just as guilty but for a different reason. Girls check out other girls' boobs to see how they measure up, and compare the size and shape with what we have in our own bras. We want what we can’t have and feel bad about ourselves because we can't have it. One of our friends may have the perkiest, roundest boobs in the city, making being around her a struggle since we want to shield our own for fear of looking inferior.

7 Why Am I Obsessed With Playing With Them?

Men are always pinpointed as the pervs who are obsessed with playing with boobs, but why? Women do it just as much - if not more. We love touching our breasts and feeling the heaviness of them to ensure they look and feel great. They are squishy, bouncy and just downright fun to play with, so who wouldn't be obsessed with pawing at them? And when you have them right there in front of you, protruding out of your bra or buoyant after a hot shower begging to be played with, it’s nearly impossible not to touch them. No wonder men are so intrigued.

6 They Are Amazing

Seriously, who doesn’t think boobs are amazing? They hold so much power. Not only are they awesome to touch but they can easily lure just about anyone in with only a glance. People can’t stop staring at them because they are one of the most favorable body parts on a woman and with the right cleavage and shape, there’s no stopping what you and your boobs can do. Women know the power boobs hold and therefore, feel incredibly sexy when showing them off - even just in the tiniest bit. We know men love them and understand women appreciate them, so why wouldn’t we think of them as anything but amazing?

5 Should I Get Them Enhanced?

With the way society holds almost everything, we are programed to believe bigger is always better which ends up having us question whether we should make our boobs super sized like our burgers. Should I get a boob job to make myself look and feel better? Would society think I’m sexier with bigger boobs? These are the kinds of questions many of us ask ourselves because we always want more. We are always questioning whether what we already have is actually good enough or needs to be improved with the surgical hands of medical professionals. Even those with already large breasts sometimes contemplate going bigger or grow so obsessed with size they end up upgrading time and time again.

4 Thankfully, I’m Not Flat

Many of us look in the mirror and want to change something about our appearance, but when it comes down to our flaws, we usually turn to the standby: at least I’m not flat. We might not be completely happy with the size and shape of our boobs (why can’t they just grow already?) but we are happy that we can cup them in our hand and slip them in a sexy bra. Society is harsh and shows us that women who are flat somehow lose that certain sexuality that other women have with bigger boobs. Women tend to take this to heart and are appreciative when they are able to show off some cleavage because they believe a little something is better than nothing.

3 They Look Great In A White T-Shirt Without A Bra

Slipping a lightweight white tee on without wearing a bra is one of the best things ever. Your boobs show through perfectly and let’s not even get started on your nipples. Seriously, how many times have you marveled at how hot you look in this simple outfit? Women go to all lengths to make themselves look and feel sexy, but sometimes the easiest way is the best way. Looking for a quick way to seduce a guy without going all out in the lacy lingerie and heavy duty makeup? Put a white tee on after your shower and strut by him in the living room. Done and done.

2 Why Can’t I Gain Weight Only On My Bust? 

For us ladies that want bigger boobs but don’t want to go under the knife to get them, we are constantly asking what we can do organically to make them grow? Why can’t we wish them bigger by blowing out our birthday candles? Why can’t I suction the fat out of my ass and put it in my boobs? We are always looking for a logical, easy and natural way to make our boobs get bigger, and since they are made of fat, we always feel complied to ask: why can't the fat we gain in our bodies just go directly to our chests?

1 What Does He Think Of Them?

How many times have you undressed in front of a guy and wondered what he thinks of your boobs? Probably a zillion. Women are always wondering what others thinks of their bodies since we have a high standard to hold up to in society’s terms. Once the bra comes off and the girls drift slightly, we wonder whether the man notices or if he’s too mesmerized by the melons to even care. We also wonder whether the guy thinks our boobs are too small and whether he wishes they were bigger. We tend to pick ourselves apart and believe that others do the same - which they usually don't.

sources: collegetimes.com

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