15 Thirsty AF Reality Stars Who Will Do ANYTHING For Fame

Some people will do whatever it takes to keep their fifteen minutes of fame from running out. And with reality TV on the rise as a breeding ground for creating a whole new kind of celebrity, reality stars have gotten super desperate to gain fame at all costs. Once people discovered that they could actually become rich and famous for doing practically nothing, they took full advantage of the perks that reality TV stardom had to offer. Sure, once you sign on the dotted line to appear on a reality show you run the risk of looking foolish in front of millions of viewers, but some see that as a worthwhile trade off if they could become overnight celebrities. Whether they’re getting attention for being villains, total disasters, or stirring up drama, these thirsty reality stars bask in the glow of the spotlight. They don’t care if they’re compromising their morals and values as long as they’re raking in more followers and cashing six-figure pay checks. Here are 15 thirsty AF reality stars who will do absolutely anything for fame.

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15 Farrah Abraham

When it comes to D-list reality stars who will do just about anything in the name of fame, they don’t really get more thirsty than Farrah Abraham. We all know that Farrah was given her first taste of fame when she was cast on the MTV docu-series 16 And Pregnant and then her notoriety was propelled even further when she was given a role on the spinoff show, Teen Mom OG. While Abraham has always been known for her unabashed rude behavior and her remarkable ability to start an argument with anyone and everyone, she reached new lows in 2013 upon the release of Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. In case you didn’t know, Abraham signed a deal with Vivid Entertainment and filmed an X-rated movie with adult film star James Dean for public consumption. While Farrah claimed that it was supposed to be a “personal” tape, it was abundantly clear that she was lying. Abraham reportedly earned $1.5 million for her shameless video, and all she had to lose was her dignity and self-respect in the process. Of course, Farrah wasn’t about to go back to Iowa and live a quiet life after becoming a millionaire. The reality star made headlines on a regular basis for her over-the-top work and her controversial adult toy line. Farrah will appear on any reality show that is brave enough to have her on, and she’s been on far too many to count at this point. It’s clear to see that Farrah is all about making money and staying famous, but the thirst is real with this outrageous reality star.

14 Courtney Stodden

Just a few years ago nobody ever heard the name Courtney Stodden, but in 2011 the then sixteen year old received national media attention after marrying fifty year old actor, Doug Hutchinson. Of course, the dramatic thirty-four year age gap between the couple was enough to make pretty much everyone cringe, but it was Stodden’s mother that not only approved of their super inappropriate relationship, she also encouraged it. The two first linked up when Doug began mentoring Courtney in the field of acting. While they insist that their relationship was strictly platonic at first, it became increasingly clear that there was something going on between the two. It was Courtney’s mother, Krista, who signed off on her daughter’s marriage to Doug, making their repulsive relationship legal despite their gap in age. Since their union, Courtney has done whatever she can to stay in the spotlight. The OTT young star often gave tasteless interviews where she referred to her husband as a “tiger” in the bedroom and the couple typically posed for incredibly tacky staged paparazzi photos. Courtney also got the attention she so desperately craved when she appeared on numerous reality shows including Couples Therapy and Celebrity Big Brother. Not only that, but Stodden proved just how thirsty AF she really was when she released a “private home movie” through Vivid Entertainment in 2015. It’s obvious that Courtney Stodden will do anything to stay relevant, and we’re hoping her fifteen minutes of fame will run out soon.

13 Brandi Glanville

Outspoken, crass, and usually overtly obnoxious…is there really anything that Brandi Glanville won’t do to keep getting cast on reality shows? People first heard about Brandi years ago when her then-husband had very publicly cheated and left her for country music star LeAnn Rimes and Glanville has been the talk of the town ever since. Of course, Bravo was quick to scoop her up and cast her as a regular on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she has proven herself to be a controversial figure at all times. She’s unfiltered, unapologetic, and probably unaware at how thirsty she can come off as - but we don’t really think she would care either way. Brandi says and does whatever she pleases, and while we kind of love her for it, we also can’t disregard how thirsty she is to remain relevant. The brazen blonde has appeared on various reality shows since her departure from The Real Housewives and she continues to engage in very public disputes with LeAnn Rimes every chance she gets. Something tells us that we will be seeing a lot more of Brandi Glanville on TV sometime in the near future, because she’s always acting extra when the cameras are rolling.

12 Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson skyrocketed to fame at just eighteen years old when The Girls Next Door became a huge hit for the E! Network. The reality series followed Kendra and two of Hugh Hefner’s other girlfriend’s charmed lives while living at the famous bunny Mansion. After the show ended, Wilkinson had to figure out another way to keep the money rolling in so naturally, she wrote a couple of tell-all books and scored a couple of reality shows of her own including the self-titled series Kendra as well as Kendra On Top. But Wilkinson didn’t just stop there – she would lend her likeness to every reality show as long as they’re providing her with a pay check. The former bunny has already appeared on Dancing With The Stars, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and Worst Cooks In America, and two seasons of Marriage Bootcamp…just to name a few. Wilkinson seems to have zero problems with over-posing herself and her family for the sake of publicity. In fact, some of the tricky topics that have been covered on her reality show included everything from her husband Hank’s alleged affair to her mother Patti writing a tell-all book about her. Kendra might be entertaining to watch, but that doesn’t stop her from being desperate to stay famous.

11 Lisa Rinna

Seriously, is there anything Lisa Rinna won’t do to make a quick buck? The former soap opera star has been making waves these days as one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but the drama she rolls out is even crazier than anything you’d ever see on Days Of Our Lives! First thing’s first: Rinna openly admits that there’s pretty much nothing she won’t do when it comes to a job in the entertainment world. The star even became the spokesperson for Depends adult diapers and earned herself an impressive $2 million for the embarrassing gig. Of course, when Bravo came knocking on Lisa’s door to offer her a coveted spot on the RHOBH she gladly accepted. Lisa Rinna is surely the biggest pot-stirrer on the series, proving that she’s so desperate to keep her role on the show that she doesn’t care who she steamrolls in the process. Time and time again, the actress has caused problems between her cast mates and has created something out of nothing for the sake of reality television. How many times has Rinna flat out lied and caused unnecessary issues just to solidify her spot as a reality TV villain? Lisa’s inability to keep her plumped-up lips shut has caused some major rifts between her and the other women, but the brazen star is laughing all the way to the bank. It’s true – Lisa Rinna is thirsty AF and she totally doesn’t care who knows it.

10 Leah Block

Leah Block was a contestant on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, and while she kept a relatively low-profile throughout the series, she earned herself the last minute title of reality TV villain when she outright lied about another contestant in order to extend her stay on the show. Leah was well aware that Lauren Bushnell was a front-runner to win the entire competition, so she told Ben a couple of lies about Lauren that made him question her character. The other women and Ben saw that Leah was both threatened by Lauren and a downright liar, so she was given the boot. Of course, that wasn’t the last we would hear from Leah. She appeared on the following season of Bachelor In Paradise where she maintained her role as the show’s villain. Proving that she’s super desperate for fame, Leah sparked controversy earlier this year when she tweeted some pretty racially insensitive remarks about the current Bachelorette star, Rachel Lindsay. Leah jumps on whatever chance she can find to capitalize on her short-lived Bachelor fame, and desperation isn’t a cute look for anyone. Leah: take a sip of water and have a seat, because you’re just thirsty AF.

9 Kenya Moore

If you’ve ever seen The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you’ll know right away that Kenya Moore’s thirst to stay on the show is downright savage. The star thinks she’s the best thing that’s happened to the show since NeNe Leakes, but Kenya doesn’t keep it nearly as real as her predecessor ever did. Kenya revels in her innate ability to get under her cast mate’s skin and she grasps at straws when it comes to making an interesting storyline for herself. Moore has been accused of recruiting actors to play the role of her boyfriend for the sake of entertainment on multiple occasions. She’s notorious for pushing people beyond their breaking point then playing the victim when their issues escalate. We’ll admit, Kenya is jam-packed full of on-point one-liners and she always spills the tea when necessary, but she’s so thirsty we’re surprised there’s any tea left at all. This woman will lie, cheat, steal and backstab whoever she has to in order to keep her spot on the show, and she’s also branched out on to other reality shows as well including The Celebrity Apprentice. Some people love her and others may hate her, but one thing is for sure: we all know she’s thirsty AF for fame.

8 Blac Chyna

Don’t hate the player, hate the game…because Blac Chyna is totally dominating when it comes to the game of fame. Let’s face it: Blac Chyna is practically the holy-grail of thirsty AF reality stars. The former exotic dancer turned reality TV legend made a big splash onto the Hollywood scene when she began dating Rob Kardashian. Everyone knows that the Kardashians are the pinnacle of wealth and fame, so of course Chyna would lunge straight for them like the heat-seeking missile that she is. She professionally finessed Rob and solidified a spot as one of the most ruthless and downright audacious divas around – but let’s not kid ourselves here, she’s still as thirsty as they come. Everyone knows that Chyna used to date rapper Tyga and she has a son with him, so when Kylie Jenner began romancing him she did what any petty genius would do: she pursued her brother. Chyna’s relationship with Rob produced not only another heir to the Kardashian throne following the birth of their daughter, Dream, but it also paved the way for Chyna to reach superstardom. Almost instantly, the hot and cold couple was given their own reality show and Chyna’s star kept on rising. She continuously goes back to Rob whenever she wants something from him, and he falls for her charm every time. It’s abundantly clear that Blac Chyna is one of the thirstiest reality stars around and there’s simply no shame in her game.

7 Mama June Shannon

We first met June Shannon on the TLC reality series Toddlers & Tiaras, where she and her daughter Alana competed in children’s beauty pageants. Mama June and “Honey Boo Boo” as she so commonly referred to her daughter didn’t exactly fit the mold when it came to typical pageant folks, and their outlandish behavior catapulted them into reality TV infamy. Naturally, they were given their own reality show called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, where June would shameless exploit herself and her entire family for the sake of fame and money. June and her family appeared on multiple other reality and talk shows to promote themselves, but it all came to a screeching halt when June was photographed with (and rumored to be dating) a convicted felon. The media exposed June for putting her daughters in the presence of someone who could be of danger to them and TLC pulled the plug on June’s reality show. Of course, Mama June is thirsty AF so she continued to sell stories to the press and tried to get herself on any reality show that would have her in order to stay relevant. She and her ex-husband even appeared on a season of Marriage Bootcamp where they continued to air-out even more of their family’s dirty laundry to the public. Miraculously, the messy reality star somehow managed to score yet another reality show of her own earlier this year, Mama June: From Not To Hot. This time, June’s desperation reached new levels when she documented her quest to get weight-loss work done in an attempt to make her ex-husband jealous. We swear – we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. We’re seriously tired of Mama June’s thirsty AF persona and we can’t wait for her fame to fizzle out once and for all.

6 Kate Gosselin

Some people go on reality TV just for fun, but for Kate Gosselin, reality TV stardom is a way of life and a primary source of income for herself and her eight kids. We met the Gosselins long ago when they stared in a docu-series about birthing sextuplets, and their popularity expanded when they were given their own show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight. The series was immensely popular, but viewers could clearly see that there was an undeniable strain between Kate and her husband. Rumors spread of the couple’s impending split and in a matter of time those rumors were confirmed. After they parted ways, Jon refused to let the kids film the show anymore under the guise that it was detrimental to them…and this totally enraged his former wife. Kate extended herself to appear on any and every reality show possible including Wife Swap and Dancing With The Stars. Kate insisted that raising eight kids is expensive and that she does reality TV for the vast income it provides the family. She also used whatever platform she could find to publicly scrutinize her ex-husband and the father of her children, selling him down the river for the sake of fame and publicity. Kate Gosselin is crude, careless, and super shameless when it comes to walking over others in order to benefit herself. And that’s exactly why she’s one seriously thirsty AF reality star.

5 Natalie Nunn

Natalie Nunn appeared on the fourth season of The Bad Girls Club and her loud-mouthed ways paired with her devious demeanor put her on the map. Natalie stepped onto the reality TV scene with guns blazing. With bold catchphrases like “I run LA” and constant bragging about how rich and famous she is, Nunn takes the award for thirstiest bad girl of all time. Natalie would go to great lengths to backstab and manipulate her costars as if she were a professional puppet master. While she was incredibly annoying at times, she made for some enticing reality television. There’s just no denying that Natalie would stop at nothing – and we mean nothing to stay relevant. She appeared on several BGC spinoff shows as well as numerous other reality series such as The Mother/Daughter Experiment and of course, Marriage Bootcamp. Did we mention that she also tried to latch on to famous people with the hopes of their fame rubbing off on her? The outspoken reality star once dated rapper Wiz Khalifa and was rumored to be involved with Chris Brown. Yup, there’s nobody who’s a bigger fan of Natalie Nunn than Natalie herself, and she’s certainly one of the most thirsty reality stars around.

4 Corinne Olympios

We’re not sure why anyone in their right mind would agree to appear on a reality dating show when they already had a boyfriend back at home, but Corinne Olympios did just that. The already infamous reality TV villain became an overnight sensation for her wild antics on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, so of course she wanted to perpetuate her fame by immediately signing up for a season of Bachelor In Paradise. Once the always controversial star touched down in paradise she created so much drama that production on the show was shut down completely and the series risked being cancelled all together. Although she told her boyfriend that she wouldn’t hook up with anybody during her stay, Olympios apparently threw herself at three men on the island before ultimately setting her sights on DeMario Jackson. Corinne and DeMario engaged in some super steamy behavior that ended up being the focal point for a major he-said she-said scandal. Olympios took her quest for notoriety to new levels when her best friend who worked for production alleged that Corinne was unable to consent to her raunchy actions, and the reality star piggybacked on her statements. Olympios immediately lawyered-up and claimed that she was the “victim” in the major controversy. But after an internal investigation that involved reviewing hours of tape, it was revealed that Corinne wasn’t exactly being honest. Olympios not only slandered a successful franchise and the name of an innocent man, but she also shamelessly would stop at nothing to keep her name in the press for as long as possible. Needless to say, Corinne has been banned from appearing on any Bachelor-related shows, so we’re curious as to what other stunts she’ll pull in order to satisfy her thirst for the spotlight.

3 “Kim D.” DePaola

Longtime fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are definitely familiar with the name “Kim D” but if you aren’t one of those people, Kim DePaola occasionally plays a minor supporting role on the show that she obviously is angling to get expanded into a full-time gig. Kim D. appears on the franchise as a “friend” to some of the other housewives, but she is so incredibly desperate to be one of the Real Housewives that she will sink as low as humanly possible in order to do so. Whenever there is a vicious rumor being spread about someone on the cast, you can almost always count on the source of the controversy being Kim. She has spearheaded personal attacks on people like Melissa Gorga, who she accused of being a one-time club dancer for an entire season. She has also spread some ruthless lies about former housewives Caroline Manzo and Kathy Wakile over the years. Our point is simple: Kim D. is trying so hard to be on the show that she disregards how badly her actions could affect other people. She will slander, drag, and claw at anyone in the group in order to gain momentum for herself to be cast, and frankly, we hope it never happens. Kim is a toxic person, and her thirsty AF nature is even too real for reality TV.

2 Phaedra Parks

Oh, Phaedra Parks…we have to admit, we really were rooting for her at one time not long ago, but then her thirst got the best of her and it cost her a spot as one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Phaedra was a staple cast member on RHOA for years and viewers could always count on her for some seriously hilarious one-liners. While she was always an interesting cast member, it became increasingly clear to those who watched the show, as well as her costars, that Phaedra wasn’t exactly being honest about, well…anything really. On the most recent season of the show, Parks was accused of forging a faux friendship with costar Porsha Williams and using their relationship as leverage to take down another prominent figure - Kandi Burruss. There had been serious accusations made against Kandi that were blatantly fabricated and created by none other than Phaedra, and it all hit the fan when the ladies gathered together for the reunion once filming wrapped. Phaedra was exposed as a liar who used Porsha to perpetuate rumors about Kandi. When all of Parks’ many lies came to light, she was so taken aback that instead of defending her deplorable actions she just sat on the stage in silence. Phaedra took her deceit way too far and she risked damaging Kandi’s life as well as her livelihood. As a result of her dishonesty and the other housewives unwillingness to continue filming with her, Phaedra was given the boot. Instead of fame and a nice Bravo pay check, she walked away looking way too thirsty for her own good.

1 Kris Jenner

While some could easily argue that all of the Kardashians lack integrity and would do anything to stay rich and famous, we all know that it’s Kris Jenner who’s pulling all of the strings behind the scenes. The matriarch is the manager of the Kardashian and Jenner offspring, and she’s the one who calls all the shots and who orchestrates all of the thirst-quenching attempts at relevancy. Kris is the nucleus of the family, and she picks and chooses what publicity stunts her family engages in on a daily basis. Pretty much everything the Kardashians and the Jenners do is a calculated PR move, and the attention-seeking brood has Kris to thank for all of their hard-earned success. Everyone knows that it was Kris who organized the now-infamous deal between Kim and Vivid Entertainment that catapulted the Kardashians into super-stardom. Kris made the family’s reality show happen and she is the one behind each and every business deal that they make. When it comes to creating celebrities, Kris Jenner is an all-knowing aficionado. Sure, the Kardashians reek of desperation and will stop at nothing to keep their fame train rolling, but it’s Kris Jenner who is the original thirsty AF reality star who makes all of their dreams come true.

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