15 Things You'd Never Tell Your Parents

We love our parents. We want them to know what's going on with our lives and we want to know what's going on with theirs. Whenever we have a problem, they're the people we turn to. Whenever we have a reason to celebrate, they celebrate with us. They gave us everything they had to offer and were great parents. Just as we love them any way they come, they also love us any way we come. However, that doesn't mean that we want them to see us in every phase we go through or know exactly what we're doing or did in the past. And no, we don't want to "hide from them," but there are certain things we like to keep secret. After all, we'd never want to make them worry about us for no reason or be disappointed in us when we know we made a mistake. At the end of the day, we just want them to be proud of us, therefore, it's normal to keep a few things sacred. Read below to find out 15 things we'd never tell our parents.

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15 How Broke You Really Are

When we move out of our parent's homes and graduate college, we're faced with one of the most daunting things we've ever been faced with: The real world. We're forced to get jobs, to make it on our own, and to become financially independent. Of course, it's hard. However, for some reason or another, we never admit to our parent's just how hard it can actually be. Perhaps it's because we're too proud to say "I need help" when we need it or perhaps it's because we don't want them to think all of the hard work they put in raising us didn't pay off. Either way, whenever they call to check in, we always act like we're way better off financially than we really are. If they say, "how are you doing on money?" we always reply, "great," knowing that there's literally only five dollars in our bank account. Even if we have no idea how we're going to make rent that month, we still hesitate to run to them for help. In fact, we'd rather sell our own personal belongings than take a loan from the people that are so willing to give them to us.

14 The Reason Behind All Your Fights With Your Boyfriend

Your mom is your best friend. You feel like you can talk to her about most things. However, when it comes to certain topics, we're a bit hesitant to share every single detail. For example, we can spend hours complaining about what our boyfriend does that drives us completely crazy. We can go into every detail of why we're mad at him or what he did that was so "wrong," but when it comes to sharing what we've done, that's a whole other story. In fact, we don't even share our part in anything. Instead, we make ourselves out as the hero who's never made a single mistake in their entire life. For some reason, we don't like admitting to our parents that we've done things that we knew were wrong. Even if we know they wouldn't judge us, we like them to think that they raised us better than that or that we're way more mature than we really are. In reality, though, we had just as much a part in the fight with our boyfriend as he did- if not more.

13 Why Your Car Insurance Is So High

We know the rules: Don't speed, don't run red lights, stop at every stop sign, do not text and drive, get your registration renewed annually, be positive you pay your parking meter, etc. Still, it seems as though we're always getting tickets. Sure, it could be because we're young and inexperienced drivers. However, we know that's no excuse and we know that our parents wouldn't think of that as an excuse either. This is why we'd never tell them how much money we've spent on speeding tickets and parking tickets or how much time we've spent going to "driving school" in order to get points erased from our licenses. It's also why, whenever they come into town, we make sure our cars are in great shape. We fix dents, missing headlights, and anything that could make us seem like we're not responsible enough to take care of a car or handle the privilege of driving. And, of course, we'd never admit to them that thanks to our terrible records, our car insurance rates have skyrocketed.

12 How Many Times You've Gotten Fired

When we're trying to "make it in the real world," it's easy to get a bit lost and confused. You're finding new ways to balance your financial stability, your personal life, your professional life, and your emotional life. Everyday, you're learning new things about yourself. This is why it's no surprise that you might not make for the best employee at times. How could you? You have so much going on, it can get overwhelming. However, your bosses are not as empathetic. In fact, they're not empathetic at all. So much so, that you've been fired more times than you like to admit. Of course, you'd never tell your parents that. Instead, you'd just scramble to find a new job and act as though it was "what you wanted." You'd never confess that your ex-boss fired you because you decided it was a good idea to take a spur of the moment trip to Mexico with a random man you just met. Even though you know it was irresponsible, you're way too proud to say it out loud. Plus, you had a really great time in Mexico and it actually might've been worth it.

11 How Poorly You Did In College

Your parents spent thousands of dollars on your college education. They paid for you to live where you wanted to live, to travel and even gave you extra money for leisure activities. Therefore, you can never, ever admit to them how poorly you actually did in college. Unlike your high school grades which got mailed to your parents, your college grades got mailed to you. Of course, when your parents asked you about your grades, you told little white lies and said you were doing better than you actually were (and hoped they never found out). If you really let your grades slide and were failing out, you worked your ass off to turn that around before they found out. If your parents didn't spend thousands of dollars on your college education, chances are, you did. However, that doesn't make it any better if you weren't doing well in school. Why not? Because you couldn't let your parents know that you were sending yourself into debt only to not take your schooling seriously.

10 How Many Guys You've Been With

We've all been a bit more scandalous than we like to admit. And, if you haven't, good for you- your parents should be proud. However, if you have, you know that you'd do anything to not let your parents find out just how scandalous you've been. Unlike your friends, who you'd admit basically anything to, you still feel as though you need to hide how many guys you've been romantically involved with when you talk to your parents about men. So much so that you don't even tell your parents you've been dating someone until you're sure it's going to last. Perhaps it's because you don't want to worry them or perhaps it's because you don't think they'd ever understand the idea of an "open relationship" or "simply having fun." Either way, the notches on your bedpost is certainly a topic you have no problem keeping them in the dark about. Until the guy you're dating becomes your boyfriend, when you talk about him to your parents, you refer to him as a "friend," and that's all.

9 All The 'Crimes' You've Committed

We've all had our rebellious years and during these times, we all did things we weren't exactly proud of. For example, we might've gotten caught doing something as bad as drinking and driving or stealing from a department store. Or maybe, we simply got caught by a professor peeking over our classmate's shoulder during a test. Either way, we'd never want our parents to find out about our slips ups. Now, we know that we've learned from the mistakes that we made. In fact, we're most likely better off for them. Still, we believe our parents might not feel better off themselves knowing that their children acted morally irresponsible. After all, they worked so hard to raise us to be bright, upright citizens, not small-time criminals with zero moral values. We'd never want them to think our mistakes were a reflection of their parenting- we were just being kids.

8 Every Time You Didn't Take Their Advice

You've been in situations when you literally did not know what to do. Of course, the first people you look to are your parents- why wouldn't you? They've always seemed to know the right thing to do in the past.  Say, for example, you have a roommate. At first, when you guys moved in together, you got along really well. Now, though, things have changed. She thinks you're a monster and you think she's the closest thing to the devil. So, what do you do? You call your mom for advice on how to deal with her.  Your mother tells you, "Calm down. She's probably just going through a hard time. It's important you be considerate of her feelings. Simply talk to her, don't overreact."  However the second your roommate leaves a dirty dish on the table, you do the exact opposite. In fact, you freak out, and ignore everything your mom said turning your apartment into a war zone. Still, when mom asks how it went, all you say is, "good, thanks for asking."

7 All The Times You Put Play Before Work

Our parents taught us our whole lives that in order to be successful, we needed to learn the importance of handwork and dedication. And, as adults, their voices still ring in our heads- loud and clear. This is why, we sometimes have a hard time admitting to them just how much vacation time we take, especially as young adults.  For example, all of our girlfriends want to take a spur of the moment trip to Las Vegas for Spring Break. We know that next week, we have a huge project due at work and right now, a trip really isn't something we should be spending our money on. However, we convince ourselves that we should take control of our lives and live in the moment. Then, when our parents ask what we did, we tell them, "Oh, I just stayed home and worked on this presentation." Deep down, we know we shouldn't feel guilty about enjoying our lives, but we'd never want them to think we didn't hear all of their lectures.

6 The Second Time You Make The Same Mistake

The first time we make mistakes, our parent's are pretty forgiving. They understand we're inexperienced and we have to figure out just how the world works for ourselves. For example, if we were to miss a couple of car payments on accident because we didn't realize we'd fallen behind, they'd most likely be sympathetic to us and try and help any way they can, especially if they have the means to. However, if we do it more than once, there's no way we're asking them for help. Why not? Well, first of all, we don't want them to think we're so absent minded that we'd let the same silly mistake happen more than once. And, second of all, we'd never want them to think we're taking advantage of their good graces. So, what do we do? We find any other way to get those payments and hope they never find out we let it happen again.

5 Anything Your Siblings Have Told You In Confidence

There's always been an unspoken bond between siblings since the day you were born. When you were kids, even if you fought like crazy with each other, you played together all the time. As teenagers, your siblings were your allies against your "strict" parents who became the enemies. As adults, your siblings are your closest friends and you know you can tell them anything. They've been with you through everything. Therefore, neither you or your siblings would ever break the unspoken rule: Siblings never squeal on siblings. Sure, you might've done it out of spite when you were younger, but now, you wouldn't even think about it. No matter how dirty or deep the secret one of your siblings tells you, it stays safe with you. And, you know the same is true the other way around. We love our parents, but there's no loyalty like sibling loyalty.

4 Your Different Experiments

If we're being honest, we've probably all experimented with altering substances here and there. Even if that means taking one more "extra strength Tylenol" than you should have, none of us are completely innocent (and if you are, again, good for you- your parents should be proud).  Now, hopefully, you've realized that most substances really aren't for you. However, you'd never tell your parents how you came to that conclusion. Why not? Well, it's probably better they don't know about that one month in college or that time you didn't know if the feeling would ever end. Of course, they probably picked up on a change in you, but there's no reason they need to know all the little details. You'd never want them to worry about your wellbeing because of a silly phase you went through.

3 The First Time Things Got Heated

Parents aren't dumb. They know that times have changed. And, even though they might wish their kids were as innocent as they were when they were young, they know that's a lot to ask. However, we still like to keep them a bit naive when it comes to what we actually did. Sure, as we got older and got into serious relationships with men, it was pretty obvious that we were going to take things all the way. What they don't know, is that these guys were certainly not the first men we were ever with. In fact, we were really, really young when we had our first experience/experiences. And, when we say young, we mean, that we were still living under their supervision. Of course, at the time, we acted way more innocent than we actually were and of course, we were smart about it. If we had a boyfriend in high school, he only came over when they weren't home or we made sure we were quiet. At the time, we would have been mortified if they found out what we were really doing. Now, we like that they think we were a bit more well behaved than we were in actuality.

2 The Times You Got Back With Exes Who Treated You Poorly

Even though parents try really, really hard to stay out of their children's relationships, sometimes they can't help it. And, if they can't help it, it's normally for a good reason. For example, for one reason or another, you fall for the "bad boy." He cheats on you, he makes you feel bad about yourself and he never takes responsibility for his actions. Whenever he comes around your family (if at all), he's miserable. Your parents can't stand seeing you so upset and literally do not understand what you see in him. Therefore, after you call them for the fourth time in a week crying about all the things he's done wrong, they finally say to you: Get rid of him. You say you will and you do... temporarily. However, as time goes on, you forgive him and get back with him. He's irresistible. Of course, you don't tell them because you don't want them thinking you have poor judgment and deep down, you know it doesn't matter because you won't let yourself end up with him.

1 You're Scared Of Being Like Them

We love our parents. So, so much. However, even though we love them perhaps more than we love anyone else, we'd never want to be exactly like them. We grew up with them. We know their flaws, their strengths, their weaknesses, their good habits, their bad habits, etc. We watched them struggle and we knew when they were happy and/or sad. And, while we accept them and cherish them for all that they are, we're absolutely terrified we're going to somehow turn into exact replicas of them. Sure, that might not be the worst thing in the world- but it might not also be the best thing for us. On top of being scared, we're going to become their doubles, we're also scared we're accidentally going to end up with someone just like our fathers or that we subconsciously seek out our fathers in every man we date. Now, as I said before, it might not be the worst thing in the world- but it might not also be the best for us or exactly what we want.

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