15 Things You Wear That He Definitely Hates

Women tend to be the fashionistas in most relationships, but that doesn’t mean that your man won’t have an opinion about your wardrobe. When you think about it, you’re pretty okay with him having, and even voicing, his opinion because he has several clothing items you’d like to accidentally throw right into the trash.

The media is good at pushing the ideal that you should dress in things that flatter your figure, as well as outfits that make you feel comfortable wearing them. Why wouldn’t they? It makes sense that you should dress in such a way that makes you feel good in your own skin. Just because you feel good wearing it, doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is necessarily going to love it though. It’s really up to you how much you care about his fashion preferences when it comes to you and your closet.

You probably feel 100x better when you get home and take off your bra, but that doesn’t mean that you look better going bra-less. Just like the unspoken rule that you never wear flats to the Vegas club – only your cutest heels –  there are times and places to rock your best, and then there are places where you can get your frump on. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice comfort for aesthetic, and sometimes, we just say forget it and throw on our favorite sweatpants.

Though they say beauty isn’t everything, it’s pretty safe to try that your boyfriend wants you to look beautiful. It’s just one of the many things he loves about you. As such, there are several things you wear, from clothing and shoes, to hairspray and make-up, that he doesn't love.

Here are 15 Things You Wear That He Definitely Hates.

15 Your Onesie

There is no denying that your onesie is one of your favorite wardrobe items. It’s adorable, it’s warm and cozy, and it probably has ears and feet, which make it even cuter. Even though it’s your favorite clothing item, your boyfriend isn’t very fond of it for a number of reasons. The first reason is that that it’s pretty baggy on you, which he doesn’t like, but can get over. The second reason is probably your favorite reason for wearing it - is that when you wear it sleeping next to him, it makes him feel like the bed is a furnace. Guys typically have a warmer body temperature than women so when you wear woolly things with feet, it makes him sweat, and not want to cuddle up to you. Since guys are actually big fans of cuddling, anything that inconveniences his ability to do so is going to be a strike against you.

14 Nightgowns

You may not even give this a second thought because it’s possible that you don’t have one, but guys really don’t like them. Nightgowns are typically old-fashioned in style and not very sexy. Even if you don’t have one of the older, lacy and loose to-the-floor nightgowns, there aren’t many t-shirt style nighties that do you any favors with him either. If you have managed to get a slip nightgown from Victoria Secret or something, then you might be in the clear because it could get him all hot and bothered lying next to you while wearing it. With nightwear, less is more to your male companion. Unless that’s not what you want – and what you really want is for him to leave you alone and let you sleep. What you may not have considered is that less flattering nightgowns tend to remind men of their mothers and grandmothers. Do you really want to crawl into bed next to him and have him focused on thoughts of his mother? Neither does he, which is why he hates your nightgowns so much.

13 Really High Heels

As a general rule, you shouldn’t wear stupidly high shoes because they aren’t practical and they are terrible for your feet. Do you want nerve damage when you’re 50? Didn’t think so. Yet, almost all girls have that one pair of seven-inch stilettos that they just love to wear out, even though their feet get sore after about 15 minutes of dancing. You may really like them but his reason for hating them is simple: they make you taller than him. Men like to be the “dominant” ones in relationships – the alpha male, if you will. Any way, especially a physical way, that makes you “bigger” than him is going to intimidate him, and make him feel like less of a man, as silly as that is. Think of how silly you two would look slow dancing together, with him resting his head on your shoulder – that’s how it feels to him when you wear way-too-high heels. If you must wear them, his main request would be that you wear them when he isn’t around, rather than when going out with him as your date.

12 Baggy or High-Waisted Jeans

Some fashion trends go out of style for about a decade, and then come stampeding back through the door. Bell-bottom jeans came back into style a few years ago, big sunglasses, platform shoes, and our personal favorite – high waisted jeans and shorts. You probably love your high-waisted jeans because they cover your tummy, which is one area on the female body that often has to deal with unwanted body fat. They tend to make you look thinner, and they make your butt look pretty awesome, too. Guys don’t like your high waisted jeans for a few reasons: one, the shorts can sometimes make the shape of your body look a bit off; two, they hide both your stomach, and most of your butt, which guys like to admire; and three, they give off the idea that you are trying to cover up the fact that you aren’t in good shape, when in reality, you might be in great shape. In a world where perception is reality to many, it’s important to not give off incorrect impressions especially if you want to be noticed for your athletic figure.

11 Lipstick

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – guys hate lipstick. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot pink, bright red, gothic purple or neon green – he doesn’t discriminate. You may love to make your lips pop and you like the idea of your boyfriend looking at your sexy mouth, but all he can see is the fact that it’s going to taste funny to kiss you. Lipstick, especially long-lasting lipstick also does quite the number on staining your clothes and his. One thing you have to remember is that guys aren’t used to applying make-up and the feeling of it being on their skin, so that weird matte feeling on your lips feels very alien and unpleasant to him. In the case of wearing lipstick, it’s just one thing your man wishes you would not apply, so stick to clear glosses, Chap Stick or Vaseline to keep your lips looking shiny and supple. And if you must wear it out to a specific event or venue that calls for it, don’t hold it against him if he doesn’t want to kiss you until you get home and you remove it.

10 Too Much Perfume

Ladies, do you know those guys who smell like they showered in Axe body spray? He’s basically the guy at the club who’s trying way too hard to get laid, and in the process he has managed to smell like the biggest jerk on the planet.  You are likely familiar with this particular species of guy. Here’s the deal: many people have scent allergies, which is demonstrated by how many places are now considered “scene free environments." If your man is even a little bit sensitive to it, you could smell like a freaking angel (whatever an angel smells like) and he would still hate it because you would make him sneeze or give him trouble breathing. Think of how close couples get when they hug, cuddle, or do other relationship-like activities. One spray of perfume in the wrong place could make it hard for him to be with you. And if you are the woman who has to spray herself several times with it, HELLO ASTHMA ATTACK (and he’s not even asthmatic). If you want to smell amazing for him or you think you might have a slight body odor problem, try spraying it in the air and walking through it to avoid the potential stink of a cheap hooker.

9 Too Much Make-Up

Make-up is advertised as a tool to help emphasize your naturally beautiful features. Blush highlights your cheekbones, lipstick highlights the shape of your lips and makes them look fuller, and eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger. In the case of many facial features, bigger tends to be perceived as more beautiful by your boyfriend. There are no rules for how much make-up you are “supposed” to wear in order to feel beautiful – that is entirely up to you. Many men will assume you are trying to cover up the fact that you aren’t very attractive at all. It will be perceived as you being fake and overcompensating for something (think of the 40-something year old with the Porche and receding hairline). It’s all a matter of personal preference, and no one should dictate how much or how little make-up you decide to use, but the guys are entitled to their opinion, whether you like it or not. They also recognize, like lipstick, that make-up does a great job at staining sheets, pillowcases, and it tastes funny when it gets in your mouth.

8 Toe Socks

Toe socks are another trend that was popular back in the 70’s that came back again in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Usually bright and vibrant in color and generally thicker than sweat socks, they separate your toes by encasing them in separate slots, unlike traditional socks that encase all of your toes together and protect them from the inside of your shoes. When you think about it, it’s actually really difficult to fit shoes on top of toe socks (unless you are wearing Crocs, but that’s a whole other conversation), but you might be wondering what guys’ beef is with them. Many women and men have a foot phobias, which basically means that feet terrify them. They don’t want to see your feet, let alone see your toes separated, so wearing them can really bother your guy if he isn’t overly fond of feet. Don’t feel bad, it’s not all visual – he also doesn’t want to touch your feet, or his own.

7 Oversized shirts

Oversized shirts, like most clothing that just looks like it is too big for you, is very unappealing to guys. Guys tend to be attracted to the female figure, and these shirts cover them up. It could be his shirt that you’re wearing, or just a shirt that’s a few sizes too big. At first, the idea of wearing his shirt, or something similar is very attractive to him, especially if you aren’t wearing pants underneath. The novelty soon wears off because the shirt covers both your chest and your stomach and makes it unclear what you actually look like. Guys are visual creatures that constantly need to be reminded about your assets. It also makes you look really insecure when you wear really loose fitting clothing, and since guys think confidence is sexy, it basically has the opposite effect. He thinks that if you don’t like your own body, how is he supposed to? Oversized shirts, like peplum shirts or dresses, also look like maternity wear, which he probably isn’t ready to see quite yet.

6 Anything Super Revealing

You might think that dressing super sexy in public with him is a good idea because he can show you off, but he disagrees. For one, most guys like you to leave something to the imagination. Another factor that many don’t take into consideration is the fact that if he’s your boyfriend, you’re his and he doesn’t want everyone out there in the world to see that much of you. He wants to be the only man to see you like that, behind closed doors. He thinks you are definitely beautiful enough to show off to the world but he just doesn’t want to show off all of you. Dress as sexy as you want when you are alone with him at his apartment or at yours, but it’s definitely his preference that out in public if your preference is to appear sexy, that you go for a more covering but tight-fitting look, rather than a less is more approach of showing too much skin.

5 Granny Panties

Every woman’s got a pair of granny panties, just like every girl has a pair of sweat pants that they love to wear when they are alone. A lot of the time, your granny panties are reserved for your “once a month” wardrobe to avoid staining your cute lingerie panties. Also, let’s talk about bloating for a minute and how they are the only underwear that will fit you during your period. Guys do understand this – they really do – but if you and him are “active” during those messy monthly periods of time (hah!), then he feels like he really doesn’t really need to see them. You’re still wearing sexy jeans and nice make-up, so why slack off and wear terrible underwear that will give him nightmares about sleeping at his grandmothers? You can wear full coverage panties with cute prints that make your butt look awesome, but when you wear the stereotypical baggy white panties, to him it looks like you are wearing a diaper, and that is definitely not attractive to him.

4 Sharp Jewelry

Jewelry is something that dudes generally don’t mind you wearing. Your necklace, or ring collection, doesn’t really make a difference to him either way. One thing that he does really hate though is sharp, or spiked jewelry. Your earrings, your pointy necklace, your anklet or brass knuckle-style pointy rings are just a few things he can injure himself on. You probably don’t wear it to intentionally hurt him but think of how fast things sometimes progress physically and how easy it is to snag things on clothing, body parts or body hair. Him going blind from simply going to kiss your neck is not a good way to make him want to maintain a physical relationship with you. To be clear, wear whatever you want when you’re out on the town, but pay attention to the fact that if you two are slow dancing or getting together when you get back to his place, silly injuries can happen, so remove it as soon as you can.

3 Shoes That You Can't Walk In

Aside from being taller than him when you rock your favorite heels, the other downside to wearing them is that you always look drunk. Just think about it: most women can walk in heels but not super high ones, or ones that fit so tightly that they cut off your circulation. When you do wear them, they tend to make you stumble a lot, or at least make you look way clumsier than you are normally. If you aren’t experienced in walking in heels, it only gets worse. When the two of you go out together, the last thing he wants to worry about it having to help you walk, so he hates them because they get in the way of you having a good time together. He wants you to look good, but more importantly he wants you to have fun, and you are not going to have any fun when you are super uncomfortable and have to keep sitting down every five minutes.

2 Loose Tops As Dresses

There is a slight distinction between loose tops and oversized tops. Mainly, loose tops were made to be worn loose or with a belt as a style choice, whereas oversized tops just get thrown on and look like they are the wrong size for you to be wearing. Both look frumpy and sloppy, to not just your boyfriend, but all of your other style-conscious friends. However, similarly to wearing oversized t-shirts or your boyfriends clothing, these loose tops give your body little to no shape. When you opt to wear your loose top as a dress, it covers up your two best assets: your stomach and your butt. Not only does he miss out on admiring his two favorite body parts, but he also can’t make out any other details on your body either. The tops make it seem like you are stuck in the 80’s and can’t get out. It’s just easier, and preferable, in his opinion, if you just go buy a new dress (that is actually a dress). It looks nicer, whether it is tight or just in the current decade.

1 Your "Super-Conservative" Parent-Approved Wardrobe

First impressions can be very important, especially when it comes to meeting your man's beloved family. It's vital to make a positive impact on them so they continue to support your ongoing relationship. With that being said, there is also something to be said for trying way too hard. Everyone has those items in their wardrobe -- the things that we reserve for tight-collared job interviews, conservative clients and of course, the potential in-laws. He definitely appreciates the effort and you opting not to wear your off the shoulder-barely-covering-holey tank top (which he thinks is super cute), but that doesn't mean you need to go buy a cross and wear a knitted turtleneck every time you are going to be in their presence. There is always a compromise and he hates that you think you have to dress this way to impress them. He just wants you to be yourself.

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