15 Things You Want To See On Season 2 Of ‘Riverdale’

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15 Things You Want To See On Season 2 Of ‘Riverdale’

By now, you’ve probably watched the season one finale of the great teen drama Riverdale and you have more than a few thoughts about the whole thing. Whether you thought that this was an epic episode or there were some aspects that you hated, you probably can admit one thing: you can’t wait for the second season. Maybe all of your best friends are just as addicted to this series as you are or maybe they haven’t gotten on board yet and you text them on a regular basis telling them that you have to start watching already. Either way, you’re a fan and you can’t imagine never having gotten into this show. Thankfully, there’s going to be a season two and you don’t have to sob over the fact that you won’t get to spend more time with the lovely Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead and the whole gang. Here are 15 things that you want to see in the second season of Riverdale.

15. Veronica’s Dad Comes Home


You’ve heard so much about Veronica’s dad, Hiram Lodge, so now you need to actually see him. One thing that you want to see in season two would be Veronica’s father coming home. You’re excited to see how Veronica is going to deal since needless to say, this is going to be a super dramatic and strange situation. Since she’s gotten used to living with only her mom, she’s probably not going to be thrilled about her dad returning home. You also want to see Veronica’s mom Hermione handle this since you get the feeling that she’s become super independent and that she might not want to stay married after all. Hmmm. This storyline would definitely be worth watching. You figure that this is going to happen for sure since there has been so much talk about Veronica’s dad coming back and whether they’re going back to New York or staying in Riverdale.

14. Archie’s Parents Get Back Together

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You love Archie’s parents Fred and Mary Andrews. So much. They are super adorable and you know that they still care about each other. How do you know that? Because they have to. Okay, so you’re not super confident about the fact that they still have romantic feelings for each other, but a girl can dream. You know that Archie would love for his parents to get back together and that this is probably something that he doesn’t even pretend to want since he knows that if it doesn’t happen, he would be way too sad. When Mary visited Archie in Riverdale near the end of the first season, she seemed really upset about the fact that she had missed out on so much of Archie’s teenage life, and that she hadn’t yet heard him sing and play guitar. It would be great if they could forget this whole divorce thing and Archie’s family could get back together.

13. Jughead Spies On The Serpents


You figure that this is totally going to happen since you’re not super sure why else the writers would have Jughead join the serpents. You get that Jughead would want to be closer to his dad and learn more about him and his background, and hey, maybe jughead doesn’t think that this group is as evil as the rest of town thinks. But you also think that Jughead would never really join for real. Since he’s writing about the town’s mystery and wants to know as much as he can about what’s going on, chances are that he wants to spy on the serpents. And what better way to spy on a group than becoming part of that group? Exactly. It’s a brilliant plan. You also know that Betty isn’t a fan of Jughead becoming a serpent, so if he can convince her that it’s just for show, then she might get on board with the whole thing.

12. Cheryl Gets A Grip


Cheryl Blossom is definitely not one of your favorites on this show. Sure, she’s supposed to be nicer than her typical high school mean girl stereotype, and you totally understand that she’s been given a rotten deal in life when it comes to her family. It’s really no wonder that she’s such a witch to everyone at school. But you don’t like her. Not one bit. You would love to see Cheryl get a grip and become a much nicer, better person in the second season. You’re not going to enjoy continuing to watch her insult everyone. Been there, done that. She needs to make a change. Since she has burned her family home down and her dad is now gone, it seems like the time is now for Cheryl to make a major change and become a different person, and you want to see it. Maybe she’ll become so sweet that she’ll be worthy of Archie, Betty, and Veronica’s friendship.

11. Betty And Jughead Get Closer


You’ve gotten on board with the whole Betty/Jughead thing and one of your wishes for season two is that these two get even closer. They almost slept together for the first time in the season one finale, but of course, the serpents came knocking and changed the whole plan. You wonder if Betty will still be interested in giving up her V-card (because you assume that she hasn’t given it away yet since she was probably saving herself for Archie) after learning that Jughead might be joining that infamous gang. Hmmm. The plot thickens. You definitely are okay with them being a couple and you don’t want to see them break up anytime soon, so hopefully they can figure out a way to continue seeing each other, no matter how crazy and complicated life in Riverdale keeps getting. Because that’s just a given.

10. Archie Joins A Band

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Since Archie is obviously a super talented singer/songwriter and guitar player, considering the fact that he picked up on this whole music thing pretty fast (as in faster that might seem humanly possible), he should join a band, don’t you think? It would make a lot of sense for him to find some other students who want to make music as well. It’s not like he’s going to join Josie and the Pussycats or anything. Hey, maybe he and Veronica will form a duo and perform together. You can definitely see that happening since she’s got an absolutely beautiful voice. But chances are, if Archie is going to sing with anyone else, he would form his own band and keep dreaming his musical dreams. You definitely can’t wait to see this so you’re crossing your fingers that this will happen when Riverdale returns for a second season.

9. Cheryl And Archie Date

Why do you want this to happen? Don’t you hate Cheryl? Yes, you do. But you would love for this to happen because everyone in the town and at school would absolutely freak out. And that sounds just dramatic enough to be super good. Since Cheryl is so mean and hated and Archie is so sweet and beloved, this unlikely couple would make a pretty interesting match. And hey, since you really want Cheryl to become a better, nicer person, maybe if she fell in love with Archie his goodness would influence her. That would be fascinating to watch. You’re not sure if this would really happen and if it does, maybe it would happen in a later season (because you totally know that this show will go the distance) but if it happens next season, you will be there for it. And you will watch super carefully and text your best friends the entire time.

8. A New Mayor In Town


It’s no secret that Josie’s mom is the mayor and that she’s not exactly the nicest person around. She seems to be totally fine with accepting bribes and generally not acting like a really ethical and moral person, and for that reason, you would love to see a new mayor. Maybe one of the parents could be the mayor. You totally think that Betty’s mom would do an amazing job since let’s face it, she’s a super bossy individual. She loves telling people what to do and getting involved in other people’s business, and if you’re a politician in charge of a small town, then that’s basically the job description. We really are into change so this is something we hope will happen in the next season!

7. Veronica Volunteers


You have to admit that Veronica is much sweeter on this show than you might have remembered her being back when you were a kid and read the comic book series. But still, since she’s been brought up as a super rich girl and has had most things handed to her, you have to wonder if she really knows how the other half lives. You would love to see her volunteering or getting involved with some kind of charity in the second season. At the very least, this would be a bit of a lighter storyline since you know that Veronica would be absolutely hilarious in this kind of situation. And you definitely think that a show like this needs all the help that it can get in the humor department since there are a lot of mysterious things happening and everyone seems to have a secret or a scandal of some kind.

6. There’s Closure About Jason Blossom


Sure, you know who did it and what role Polly and Cheryl played, but you also think that there should be some closure about this whole storyline. You know that there will still be some discussion of Jason’s murder in the second season since it’s not like Cheryl is just going to forget all about her brother. Maybe the town will devote an area or a park to Jason’s memory or will create a scholarship or something. You would love to see that. You also want to find out a bit more about Jason because you don’t really know him very well and you figure that you should since he was such a big part of the first season of this show. There must have been more to him than just the fact that he was a popular jock who was in love with Betty’s sister, right? You figure that there must be and you want to see it on the second season.

5. Veronica Dates Someone Else

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You might love seeing Veronica and Archie together. Or you might absolutely hate it. There’s not really another way that you can feel about this whole deal, so it’s not like you don’t have an opinion about it. But you would definitely be interested in seeing Veronica date someone else in the second season. You get that she likes Archie, but are they really well suited for each other? Are they meant to be together or are they better off as friends? Are they just letting their hormones instead of their minds do the talking and deciding? If Veronica could start seeing someone else (but only after talking to Archie and telling him that they should take some time apart and see if they are better off as friends, of course, because cheating is not Veronica’s style), you wonder if she would find the love of her life. It’s definitely worth trying.

4. Some Flashbacks

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You love flashbacks. Well, you’re a big fan of flashbacks if they’re done in a smart and creative way, that is, and you and every other TV fan know that they’re not always good. But you want some flashbacks in season two of Riverdale. You would get to see more about Jason, about Jason and Cheryl’s sibling relationship, and about how Polly got to the messed up situation that she is currently dealing with. You would also love to get a glimpse of Veronica’s epic life in New York City and who doesn’t want to see some scenes of Betty and Archie growing up together? You definitely do. There are just so many things that could be in flashbacks and you wonder if this is even a remote possibility. It sounds like a pretty fun idea to you and you would definitely be a fan of this storytelling technique, that’s for sure.

3. Jughead’s Fam Comes Back To Town


You’ve been hearing about Jughead’s mom and sister Jellybean (and yes, you’re still obsessed with that name) so you think it’s time that they return to town. Everyone needs to live as one big happy family. It’s seriously time for Jughead to have his family back together because he has been given the short stick when it comes to being part of a loving and happy family unit. It’s just not fair. Of course, it’s unlikely that his dad F.P. will be part of this family unit too, since he’s been in prison and he’s not doing too well, but that’s okay. You’re not really a big fan of his dad and that’s a pretty big understatement. You don’t think that anyone else is either because come on, he’s not the most sympathetic or loveable character. You can only imagine how thrilled Jughead would be to live with his mom or sister (although he might keep his happy feelings to himself).

2. Archie’s Dad Survives

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This is, of course, one of the biggest things that you hope will happen in the second season of Riverdale. You need Archie’s dad to survive the shooting in the diner. You can’t even describe how terrible you felt when you saw Dylan Walsh (okay, okay, Archie Andrews) lying on the floor bleeding. OMG there was so much blood. You can’t possibly begin to think about him not surviving. There’s the fact that Archie would never survive it since he looks up to his dad and cares about him so much… and then there’s the fact that you hope that Archie’s parents will reunite and realize how much they love each other. That obviously can’t happen if Fred dies. Look, everyone in this small but creepy town has suffered enough. Fred Andrews needs to live and that’s just the way that it has to be. You’re not even going to think about anything else happening.

1. An Actual Love Triangle


You remember reading all about the Betty/Archie/Veronica love triangle in the original Archie comic book series. It was one of the most popular things about this series and something that you really loved. But… when you started watching Riverdale, you figured out pretty quickly that the writers weren’t going to make this love triangle a reality. Sure, there have been some nods to this and at the beginning of the season, both Betty and Veronica seemed to have a big crush on Archie. But nothing like a real love triangle actually ended up happening. You would love to see a love triangle between these two, especially now that Veronica and Archie seem to be getting pretty serious about each other. Or if there’s a love triangle between Betty, Archie and Jughead, you would be cool with that too. Bring on season two!

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