15 Things You Shouldn't Do Before A First Date

Much like a job interview, a first date can be incredibly nerve wrecking: you’re expected to look your best, answer fast and tough questions, shave your legs for the first time in possibly weeks and try to be charming and witty enough to land yourself a second date. It’s a lot of pressure for one person and can result in them overthinking their pre-date preparations. This can lead to all sorts of disasters, from them overdoing their fake spray tan to having an itchy red face from their first-ever facial.

Below, take a read at 15 of the things you should definitely not do before a first date, especially if you want to make it through the first one.

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15 Wearing new heels


Brand new high heels, especially the overly tall, five-inch ones, can be a hassle to break into. Many men find that women can be a bit high-maintenance when it comes to looking good while going out. To help shatter those stereotypes, try and break in your heels beforehand, if possible. Doing so will help your feet get used to the shoes and you won’t be left limping, having blisters or being distracted during your date by all of the pain.

14 Heavily researching your date


In order for conversation to flow naturally and for you not to come off as a mega-stalker, it’s best to go easy on the pre-date research. The urge will be there to scour through every social media account they have and Google their names a few times just to see what comes up, but doing so will be taking a lot of mystery out of the date. Instead, stick to a minimal amount of research that will at least provide you with a few icebreaker topics in case the conversation ever lags.

13 Trying a new teeth-whitening system


Smiling a lot during a date is a major sign that you’re into the other person and interested in what they’re saying. Yet, you won’t feel comfortable smiling if your teeth are yellow or stained from coffee or red wine. Because of this, you may want to touch up your smile with a teeth-whitening system. If you decide to go this route, make sure you seek professional advice before trying an at-home kit, as they can leave your teeth very sensitive and the last thing you want is for your teeth to be so white that they glow in the dark, much like Ross from Friends did while on a date.

Use the kit at least a week in advance instead to prevent any mishaps.

12 Putting too much pressure on yourself


As previously mentioned, first dates can feel a heck of a lot like a job interview. There are questions being asked, lots of nerves and trying to see if the match-up is a good fit. This can cause a lot of immense pressure to perform well and have the other person like you. No one wants to be rejected and this fear may cause the pressure to build and build, causing your nerves to either silence you during the night or make you babble endlessly.

Instead of letting yourself become this way, just breathe and relax and focus on all your good qualities—the ones that they will undeniably find attractive. Taking any unnecessary pressure off yourself will ensure that you act more like yourself and give off the best possible first impression.

11 Overdressing or underdressing


You may not know it, but men pay a lot of attention to what a woman chooses to wear on a first date. In some respects, the way she dresses is a reflection of the type of person she is. Overdress and you might come off as a prude; underdress and he might get the wrong idea—it’s best to strike a good balance and dress appropriately for the occasion. For example, if you know he’s taking you to an apple-picking farm, don’t wear a dress suitable for a club and five-inch heels that keep getting stuck in the grass.

10 Taking dating advice from those who suck at dating


Seeking advice from your close friends before a date may seem like a good idea. This, however, can easily backfire, as their advice will only be beneficial if it makes sense. To gauge the legitimacy, look at their dating history; if it’s been disastrous, you may want to think twice before following any of their advice and stick to using Google instead.

9 Getting a spray tan


The character Ross from the hit comedy TV show, Friends, experienced this firsthand. Inspired by the tan his sister Monica had, he decided to try it out too. The end result? Not so good. He fumbled with the application, thus turning his skin bright orange.

When it comes to first dates, achieving darker skin should be done a few days before. This will ensure the best application, as well as a window of time in the event that the tan gets messed up and you desperately need the colour to fade.

8 Drinking before


Your dates just about to arrive and the nerves are at an all-time high. Do I look okay? What if I get spinach stuck between my teeth? Do we have to kiss? To lessen these nerves, you may be inclined to have a glass of wine or two. If you do, stick to that number—the last thing you or he wants is for you to be so plastered that you hardly remember the date or whether he was horrified or entertained over your behavior. Being drunk also gives him the wrong impression and first dates are all about first impressions and seeing if the other person is compatible.

7 Going on a starvation diet to keep you looking trim


First dates are the perfect opportunity to finally rip off the tags of that little black dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Often this means aiming to look your best and going to extreme measures just to ensure this happens. This may mean juice diets, cutting our carbs or not eating at all—all things that will, yes, help you lose weight, but will make you feel weak and just not like yourself.

If you want to lose a few pounds before a first date, set a reasonable goal and attain it the healthy way through a balanced diet and exercise.

6 Getting a hair cut/colour before the big date


Makeovers are a major part of first dates, including having your hair cut and styled into a trendy do. It’s not good, though, to have your hair cut right before the date. Once the hair is cut, you can’t go back. You might hate your new haircut and cancel the date all together, for fear that he’ll think you look hideous. If you must get a haircut, get a trim to avoid any major changes that can go awry.

5 Getting a facial/ Chemical peel


To ensure skin is looking at its best, a facial is a clear choice. The only problem with this is that it’s best not to schedule your facial on the same day as your date. The treatment can leave your face red and irritated, which is why you need at least a few days to let your face rest and heal.

There’s also underlying skin conditions that you have to worry about—especially if you’ve never had a facial before. The last thing you want is to cancel your date because you have an awful allergic reaction on your face. Best rule of thumb when it comes to procedures like this and first dates is to schedule it days in advance.

4 Experimenting with makeup


A first date may mean going a little out of the box by experimenting with a new look. Makeup easily falls under this, and you may want to spruce things up a bit to look your best. This, however, isn’t possible if you have no idea what you’re doing and end up looking more like a clown than the Kim Kardashian makeup-inspired look you were going for.

To prevent a last-minute makeup wig out, have your makeup professionally done or keep it simple such as smoky eyes and a nude lipstick.

3 Calling to double-check that the date is still on


While being eager can show your date that you’re truly interested and excited to meet with them, being overeager can be a turn-off. It’s a big dating no-no to keep texting or calling that person to check in and confirm that the date is still on.

Stick to a few initial texts confirming everything and if you must text or call them, keep the conversation light. Just remember that all the heavy talking will be happening (hopefully) while on the date you’ve been looking forward to.

2 Eat spicy food


Eating spicy food before a first date is cause for major concern. Maybe you had it for lunch or you wanted to have a quick bite before your date, but the last thing anyone would want is to keep excusing yourself to go use the washroom, and all because your forgot your bottle of Pepto Bismol.

To avoid this possible embarrassment, stick to a light meal before your date and make sure that it’s nothing that will upset your stomach.

1 Brag about your date


It’s fine to be excited about your date, especially if he resembles a younger version of Johnny Depp, but bragging to all your friends probably isn’t the best idea. For one, the first date may not go so well, leaving you with the embarrassing task of explaining to your friends why the person who you professed to be your future husband, couldn’t even make it to the second date.

Secondly, all the bragging may get back to him via mutual friends. He might find this unattractive and cancel the date, leaving you feeling more embarrassed than ever. It’s best to feel excited, not overconfident. This will ensure no high stakes are involved if things don’t go as planned.

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