15 Things You Should NEVER Post On Instagram

What did we do without Instagram? The social media platform has become a beloved place for all things beautiful and inspirational. While sometimes there can be a negative side to these perfect and pretty images -- like when you're lying on the couch in your sweats on a Sunday and get jealous AF of all the amazing brunches that people are posting -- for the most part, you love checking out your feed a few times every day. It might seem like there are no rules about posting on Instagram and that anything goes, but there are some things that you really should never post. Whether these posts make you look conceited or boring or something else, you might not want to make these social media mistakes on a regular basis. The next time that you open your app, you might not want to post any of these 15 things.

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15 A Ring Selfie


Yeah, of course you're super excited that you just got engaged. And of course you're going to share that on Instagram (along with Facebook and maybe even on Twitter as well). It's okay to post a cute selfie where you're holding up the ring (that's pretty much the standard social media post for this type of situation). What's not okay? If you post a ring selfie -- aka a photo of your ring. Why? Because it's kind of obnoxious. Just being honest here. This picture is definitely going to annoy your followers. It's just the ultimate show off post and proves that you care more about the ring than the person that you're going to marry. Of course, that's probably not the case (or at least it's hopefully not), so you probably want to rethink this idea. Focus more on your future husband, not the ring, and you will be all good.

14 TMI


Everyone's definition of TMI is going to be different. You might hate when people talk about bathroom stuff and your friends might think it's no big deal and totally hilarious to share that kind of stuff. But chances are, there are some things that people are going to think are definitely too much information. That includes talking about being super sick to your stomach all day, anything related to your bedroom activities with your boyfriend, and anything that you wouldn't want your parents or grandma to read about. You know how people always say that it's better to be safe than sorry? Yeah, that's what you want to remember when you post on your Instagram account. You might be a super brave, bold person and you might think that it's super boring to be more PG. But you won't hate never getting negative comments or hearing that people don't get why you're sharing the things that you're sharing.

13 How Much You Hate Your Job


It seems pretty obvious that you shouldn't talk about your job or your boss online, especially on social media, and yet a lot of people break this golden rule. PSA: don't talk about how much you hate your job in an Instagram post. Just don't do it. It's definitely not appropriate or professional. If you hate your job, guess what? You need to quit and find something that makes you happy. You're not going to accomplish anything by complaining about what you do for a living on your Instagram feed. It might feel good in the moment and you might feel like you're venting and sharing something real and being honest. And, hey, you might even get some positive comments and people might be glad that you're not being super perfect. But it's just not the right thing to do. You could get fired and even if you don't, you're going to regret it.

12 How You Really Spend A Sick Day


It's super uncool to claim that you're sick... and then spend the day shopping or going out for lunch. You might think that you deserve to play hooky sometimes and yet that couldn't be further from the truth. You're an adult and you have to act like it. The fact that you faked being sick is not something that you want to post on your Instagram account. Sure, people might think that you got a day off from work or that you took a vacation day, but if your boss or manager or coworkers see your feed, they will know the truth. They will know that you pretended to have a cold just to have some time off from the office. You know that this is a crappy thing to do. Save the sick days for when you're actually sick and you won't do anything except sleep and watch too much TV, which is exactly as it should be. But you already knew that, right?

11 Details About Your Relationship


Do you think that people want to read about your latest argument with your boyfriend? Or how totally head over heels in love with him you are? Or how you swear that he treats you better than any other guy treats his girlfriend? Even if you think that the answer is yes, the truth is that, no, this isn't what you should be posting. Your Instagram account is not your personal therapy. It's not a place to get out your negative feelings and vent. You want to keep your private life private. Do you ever see people posting about their boyfriends? Sure, they might post a cute couple selfie every now and then and they might give him a shout out on their birthday or anniversary or something like that. But beyond that, they keep that stuff private, and you should too. Whenever you get the urge to overshare about how mad you are at your BF, post something that won't seriously annoy your followers.

10 When You Get FOMO


FOMO is a thing and it's not going away. When you're hanging out at home and happen to see the fabulous evening that your friends are having without you, it's hard not to feel terrible. Even if there was no reason for them to invite them and even if you turned them down because you wanted a night with your couch and Netflix, you can't help but wonder if everyone hates you and if you're never going to have a social life. It doesn't matter how untrue these thoughts are, you're going to have them anyway. Although being jealous of other people and feeling like they're living a better life than you is totally normal and common, you don't want to post about your FOMO. It's going to make you look miserable and lame and that's definitely not what you want. So accept the FOMO as normal and move on.

9 Hourly Selfies


Of course you're going to post some selfies on your Instagram feed. That's just a given. You don't want to post them every hour on the hour, though, no matter how much fun you have taking photos of yourself and no matter how many likes that you get. It's just kind of obnoxious and annoying. But you already knew that right?! You should honestly never post this many selfies. You probably don't even want to post selfies on a daily basis, either, but that might be a tough habit to break. Think about why you feel the need to post that many photos of yourself. You might be bored at work, you might be looking for some attention, or it might be both of those things. But you have to deal with those feelings instead of subjecting your poor followers to a million selfies. Chances are, they're not into it.

8 Mysterious Or Vague Posts


Sometimes you want to vent on your feed but you don't want to get into the details. So what do you do? You post something super mysterious and vague. You say that you can't get into what's going on but it's been crazy busy over in your world, or you've been dealing with something huge, or you're about to share some massive news but you're not sure when you can. While you might think that it feels natural to share this on your account, the truth is that you don't want to be doing this. People are going to be annoyed AF and they're going to wonder why you're not being honest. After all, if you're going to post something on Instagram and beat around the bush about what's really going on in your life, why not just tell the truth? No one will understand why you're posting this. It's going to seem like you want tons of attention.

7 How Bored You Are


Yeah, you're going to get bored sometimes. It's just a fact. You don't need to share it on Instagram, though. Whether you're bored because it's pouring rain outside or your plans got canceled, you should find something more productive to do with your time instead of whining about how dull your day is on Instagram. It's all about staying positive. Sure, you don't want to be super fake, but you don't need to bug your followers with these kinds of posts. Think about your posts in terms of what kind of value they add. Would they make someone smile? Brighten someone's day? Or are you going to post a pretty photo that is super inspiring? If the answer to those questions is yes, then go ahead and post. Otherwise, save your complaints of how bored you are for text messages to your best friend (although they might get super annoyed as well).

6 Ab Selfies


Okay, okay, so maybe the ab selfie isn't exactly a thing. But since people love to take photos of their abs and post them on Instagram, this term should totally exist. You should honestly never post a photo of your abs on your feed. Sure, you might have the most beautiful abs ever and people might love seeing them. If you live a happy and healthy lifestyle, that's awesome, and there's no reason not to share that on your feed. But your perfect abs might make someone that is following you feel really badly about themselves. And you probably don't want that, right? Nope. You definitely don't. You might not think about this but this happens all the time. It's just a fact since people are used to seeing such perfect, pretty people on Instagram and they start comparing themselves. So every time that you post this kind of photo, you can be sure that someone is feeling pretty miserable looking at your post.

5 Vacation Overload


Of course you're going to go on vacation and post the best photos ever. That's part of the fun. You love having time to chill out and enjoy the sun or explore a new city, and you're going to share it on Instagram. There's nothing wrong with that. The trouble happens when you post all of these vacation photos several times a day for a week or however long you are away. Your followers are going to love the posts at first and feel inspired and get excited about their next trip... but after a while, they're going to wonder if you're posting only to brag or get attention. After all, your followers are still living their regular lives, going to work and the gym and grocery shopping. They don't necessarily want to know that you're having the best time ever and that you just spent the whole day pool side or on the beach. So think before you post.

4 Bragging


It's super obvious when you're posting something on your Instagram account because you want to brag. This could be about your relationship, about the weekend that you just had, about a promotion at work, about the meal that you just made. It could be about anything and everything. There's nothing wrong with sharing your accomplishments and being proud of yourself. It's only a problem when you post this stuff and it's clear that you're simply bragging. You can tell when someone is bragging on your feed, right? Remember that the next time you're tempted to act like you're the coolest person ever or you just had the best day ever. There are some things that you can share online for sure, but it's more important to live your life and enjoy it then make sure that you're posting everything that you do and everything that happens to you.

3 Novel-Length Captions


You could be the best writer ever and you still shouldn't write super long captions. If your Instagram captions could be a novel, then you're doing it wrong. Seriously, no one wants to read that much. If you're posting a cute selfie or a photo of the lake or beach on your summer vacation, there's no reason to write paragraph upon paragraph. You can write a few words or a few sentences, sure, but not more than that. You don't want to bore people and you don't want them to feel like they can't follow you because you write more than they want to read. Since everyone is so busy and no one feels like they have enough time in a day to get done what they want to get done, lengthy captions aren't the way to go. If you feel to urge to get poetic and literary, why not post a few times a day and do it that way? You won't annoy anyone and will keep yourself happy too. It's a win win.

2 24/7 Complaints


Do you think that people want to follow you on Instagram and read posts about you complaining? The answer is definitely no. Instagram is known for being inspirational and that means that you should keep things positive and happy. No, you don't have to lie about anything and you definitely shouldn't. But you do want to keep it classy and happy. You're going to lose followers for sure if you're always being super negative on your account. People are going to associate you with complaining. That's probably not something that you want to happen. There's a fine line between being honest and real online and keeping things appropriate. It can be tough to know what to share and what to keep to yourself. If you think that what you're about to post counts as a complaint, though, you want to think twice.

1 Super Perfect Photos


Yes, Instagram is a platform for beautiful photos. There is no getting around that fact. You definitely follow a lot of absolutely incredible feeds and you can't believe the pretty photos that you see on a daily basis. That doesn't mean that you need to make your feed as perfect as possible. You don't need to spend an hour doing your hair for the perfect selfie. You don't need to spend half an hour plating your avocado toast before posting it. there's nothing wrong with wanting your feed to look good, of course, and you should definitely put some effort into it if that's something that matters to you. But don't get so caught up in crafting the best Instagram account ever that you stop enjoying your life and you become way too obsessed with your feed. Remember to have some fun with the platform and you should be all good.

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