15 Things You Should Never Expect From Your Man

Our expectations about what a man should do and know can sometimes ruin the relationship. The best thing is to actually have no expectations at all. Nevertheless, we still hope and wish our man can be the exception.

If the exception does exist and you happen to catch one of the few men who don’t apply to these 15 rules then leave it as a nice surprise. Also, if a man actually does ALL these 15 things, then we’re not talking about a man, we’re talking about an Adonis who is nonexistent.

Times are changing, there’s no doubt about that. We cannot expect the same things from men nowadays as women expected without question decades ago. Some of the things listed here are not to be expected because times have changed and as part of the female revolution and woman’s empowerment in society, we’ve had to renew our expectations, put on the pants and not expect some things from men.

However, most of these things have rarely been done by men and should not be expected now or ever. So keep on reading and avoid the inevitable disappointment.

15 To Pay The Bill

It is extremely normal for women in the 21st century to still expect for a man to foot the bill. If a guy dares to ask to split the bill it can sometimes even be perceived as an offense, but this is actually wrong! For centuries men have been paying the bill because it wasn’t a custom for a woman to work, so it was obvious she wasn’t going to have money to pay for the bill.

If women are fighting to be equal to men and have equal pay to men then we need to step it up and not expect things that are actually quite sexist.

We can work now, we can make our money now, so there really isn’t any need for him to pay. Open up your wallet and offer to split the bill, he’ll like that you have the balls to do so.

14 To Lift Your Self-Esteem

This is definitely not a man’s job. It is a huge mistake for any lady to walk into a relationship expecting for her partner to lift her self-esteem. It is no one else's job (except your psychotherapist's) to lift your self-esteem.

If you think that you need help in this department then seek professional help and remember that only you hold the power when it comes to your well-being.

A man can shower you with compliments but if you’re not feeling good, it won't matter, you won’t believe anything he says. That’s why it is important for you to have a healthy self-esteem and feel comfortable in your own skin.

13 To Make You Happy

Only we hold the true power to our happiness. We cannot expect for anyone else to make us happy and that includes our partners.

Movies and Disney films taught us that only a man could bring true happiness to our lives, well… it is this precise perception that keeps many women expecting to find a man to make them happy when this can actually make us sadder.

At the start of a relationship everything will be rainbows and sunshine but when you get married and start settling down you come to realize that the butterflies and rainbows are gone and POW! There you go down hill. Instead of expecting for him to make you happy, first find a way of making yourself happy and when you achieve that, then you can share your happiness with him. It will create a healthier relationship.

12 To Support You Financially

This is not about footing the bill at a fancy restaurant. This is about expecting a man to support you financially.

When you depend on a man, you are piling a lot of your needs upon him. You are depending on someone else to survive, to put a roof over your head, food on your plate and clothes on your body.

Of course it can be perceived as comfortable, but nevertheless, what price are you truly paying for that?

If, for whatever reason, your marriage doesn’t turn out as you were hoping it would and you wish to walk away, the easiest way of doing so is by being able to support yourself financially. Besides, a million things can happen; he can lose his job, he can leave with a mistress and he can be cheap, among many other things. It’s always important for a woman to be able to stand on her own two feet.

11 To Stop Hanging Out With His Friends

If you’re expecting him to dump his friends for you then you’re in for a very long wait. It is healthy for a man to have his own social life with his friends and family. If you don’t like his friends, then maybe you should start warming up to the idea that they were with him before you met him and they’re also an important part of his life.

Men need manly time with their boys so just deal with it and make some time with your girls and learn to live peacefully with it.

10 To Remember Birthdays And Anniversaries

Women remember the date and hour of their first kiss, their first date and their first everything. Men don’t! It's as simple as that. For men, a date is just a date, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that it is not important, it just means that men think differently to women. We cherish the day we get married and the day we get engaged, and they do as well but they just don’t remember it.

Next time he forgets your birthday or your anniversary just remember that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

If you truly want him to remember because it’s very important to you then send him little hints or just be truly honest with him and tell him to write it down on his calendar because it is extremely important to you.

9 To Keep His Closet Organized

Women like their clothes folded in a certain way and they have each drawer designated for something in particular. Men just have drawers for everything, which means that in one drawer they’ll put their shirts with their sweaters and they don’t care.

Men can also leave clothes just hanging around the bedroom and the closet. To them the floor can be a good place for their clean laundry, so don’t expect a man to keep the closet looking flawless. If he cares to put his clothes in drawers, regardless of how they’re folded, then you’re lucky enough and should go celebrate! Because men are generally messy.

8 To Help You With The Chores

He might change a light bulb or take out the hair from the shower drain. But if you’re going to try to leave it to him to get the house looking immaculate, then prepare to live in a pigsty.

Men usually don’t do household chores. When they live alone they limit themselves to doing the bare minimum, doing their dishes and just superficially cleaning to make it look presentable. If you think he’ll get on his knees and scrub the stain on the kitchen floor, think again!

Just prepare yourself and don’t let this take you by surprise or you can learn to equally delegate the chores, and be specific about what he needs to do.

7 To Be Helpful With The Kids

This should actually be mandatory since it takes two to make a baby, but unfortunately daddy time is very different than mommy time. With mommy, the kids eat healthy, they do their homework and they go to bed early. With daddy, the kids do pretty much anything they want, they’ll eat cereal right out of the box and it’s very likely they’ll go to sleep at whichever time they want.

Women tend to be more responsible with their children and men can tolerate the kids at times but they would generally rather be watching the game with their friends and they’ll make it obvious to you so you can wish them well and take over looking after the kids.

So yeah, don’t expect him to be too helpful with the kids.

6 To Be Detail-Oriented

Yes, he’ll buy you flowers from time to time and maybe buy you sexy lingerie every now and then, but it’s not going to be frequent and once you’re married you’ll be lucky if he makes you coffee.

Again! This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, men simply think differently to girls and they’re not very detail-oriented. To them the biggest focus they have when it comes to doing something for you is changing your flat tire or maybe going down on you. They’re just differently wired.

You’re probably expecting breath-taking poems for Valentine’s Day and instead you get cold coffee. To him Valentine’s Day is just a normal day and the best attention he can give you is on ordinary days, when he picks up your dry cleaning or lets you shower first.

5 To Come With You To Visit Your Mother

You want to visit your mother, but he doesn't. Don’t expect him to casually ask you if you want to pay her a visit.

It’s not a rule but generally men are not at all fond of the mother in-law. This doesn’t mean they have a problem with her but come on! Would you like to visit his mother rather than spend time with your friends or watching Netflix? Exactly. You love your mom and he likes your mom, he just would rather be chilling with his friends than spending time with the person that gave birth to you.

4 To Hit The Right Spot

The infamous G-spot is a mystery to nearly every man.

It takes a woman a lot of self-exploration to discover the hidden place that arouses them to complete ecstasy. When men are in the bedroom they tend to be more in a rush and very few take the actual time to discover this precious hidden spot and stimulate it.

It usually takes a man a lot of sex with the same woman to discover where exactly her G-spot is and how to stimulate it, whether it is with his member or his hand. But hey! Look on the bright side, you’ll have lots of fun in the discovery process.

3 To Notice When You Cut Your Hair

Men don’t notice this kind of thing. Women can tell if you cut two inches off your long locks, but men on the other hand just see short, shoulder-length or waist-length, so don’t expect to get a compliment on your new haircut. However, if you got a bad hair cut, luckily he won't notice that either so it has its benefits as well.

If you on the other hand get a breast augmentation, he will notice that. Men fix their attention on other things that are more transcendental to them like butts and breasts.

2 To Enjoy Shopping With You

Shopping is a girl thing. Women can spend hours walking in and out of stores trying to find the perfect red dress. They find it hard to decide whether to buy the wine-red dress or the cherry-red dress, but if you ask for a man’s opinion all he will see is red and red and dress and dress. The women’s department should be limited to women, as that is no place for a man.

Don’t expect for him to be thrilled about going shopping with you or to even come along. Men know what they’re facing when they go shopping with a woman, so just save him the trouble and ask for his credit card.

1 To Be Passionate About Interior Design

Just like clothes, men don’t really care about the decoration of your new pad. They just want to see their home with furniture. They don’t care about fabrics or wood color; as long as they have a chair to sit on and a bed to have sex in, they’re happy. Just be a little compassionate and don’t decorate your new love nest like a Hello Kitty store, they might not care about the decoration but that doesn’t mean they want to see everything in pink.

Decorating the home is more of a woman’s job so don’t bother asking him to come along to Ikea and Bed, Bath and Beyond, because that could be beyond his capacity.

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