15 Things You Should ALWAYS Do When Kissing

Kissing can be intimidating business when you are a first-timer and don’t have much experience. Even for those who have kissed before, it can be nerve wracking to kiss someone. In your mind, you want it to be perfect, but how can you make it perfect if you don’t have a clue? It is important to know some things that you should ALWAYS do when kissing.

If this is your first kiss, or you just want to get better at it, there are a couple of things to keep in mind so you can have a good kissing experience. Although these things are good to think about, make sure that you don’t obsess over them and overthink things too much! Kissing is something everyone does, and if it isn’t as good the first time, you will figure it out! There is no need to stress over something so minimal. If it isn’t that perfect first kiss you were dreaming about, don’t sweat it! Sometimes that is where the best stories come from and when you are looking back with your loved one, you can laugh! It is also good to keep in mind that even if you are prepared for the kiss, your partner might not be! He could be the one who is a bad kisser and needs some practice. Figuring it out together is all a part of the process!

Make your kissing experience as good as you can (at least for your part) and keep these tips in mind for when the time comes. This will help you feel prepared and hopefully will reduce the pre-kiss anxiety that you are feeling. Relax and enjoy the ride!

15 Get Your Lips Ready

As we all know, kissing involves the lips. Duh! So one of the most important things you should always do when kissing is to take care of your lips. If you have dry or sore lips, your partner might feel as though they are kissing sandpaper! Keep your lips hydrated and smooth for when the kissing happens. Lip balm can keep your lips hydrated, but be sure to put it on often and not just moments before the kiss – lip balm doesn’t work that way. Work to take care of your lips so that when you pucker up, your partner will be amazed at how soft and sexy your lips are! Another way to get your lips ready is by putting on some shine or color! Make your lips look alluring by putting on some lip-gloss or lip stick to draw their attention to how luscious they look. Be sure to buy a gloss or stick that won’t rub off easily. You don’t want your partner coming away from a kiss with lipstick marks!

14 Start Slowly

When kissing for the first time (either with a new partner or for the first time ever), it is a good idea to always start slowly. If you rush into kissing and try to make out with him at the first kiss, your partner is going to be weirded out by how fast you move. Start kissing slowly, whether that is by just giving a peck or taking your time to come apart. This will ensure that you both can figure out what you are doing, the way your heads move, and to see how it feels. Slowly but surely, you can make your way to faster kissing. Starting slowly also makes it more passionate! If someone rushed in at you and tried to make-out with you right away, you would feel uncomfortable. There is something so sweet about taking it slow and you will feel the electricity buzzing when your lips have met and linger!

13 Let Him Know What You Want

Kissing is a two-way street. You have to know what the other person wants and you have to let him know what you want as well. If you love the way his hand is stroking your hair when he lightly kisses you, tell him! By telling him, he will know to do it again in the future, and he will know that you appreciate what he is doing. It will not only make you feel great when he does it again, but he will feel as though he has succeeded at making you feel loved and giving your what you want. Telling him what you like doesn’t have to be verbal. You can use your body language to indicate that you want more of something or less. Usually a lean in closer, a gasp, a hand to the face means that it is good. If you pull away or resist or go stiff, that will indicate to him that it is something you enjoy a little less. Trust him to know your body language and let him know what you want!

12 Listen To His Mouth

If you are a first-time kisser and are completely unsure of what to do, listening to your partner’s mouth can be a good way to learn. Your partner may be a bit more experienced than you and therefore you can pick up on what is good by following his lead. Be aware of what he does with his mouth, tongue, and lips to understand what he likes. Some people will use absolutely no tongue because they don’t like the feeling. Follow and reciprocate what they do. For example, if he moves his lips more, you should copy that. If he opens his mouth wide, you should do the same. This will be a great way to understand what he likes. Of course, if there is something that you do not like that he does, then try and tell him something different with your own mouth. If he is using too much tongue, then perhaps it is a good idea to close your mouth more. For the most part, it is always a good idea to listen to his mouth when kissing.

11 Change The Tactic

Kissing is a wonderful thing that involves the lips, but kissing is so much more than that! It is always important that, when kissing, you change your tactic a little. If you are just sitting there moving only your lips while the rest of your body is unresponsive and as stiff as a board, your partner is probably going to feel weird. Kissing involves the body, the hands, the face, everything! Change your tactic to ensure you aren’t boring your partner! A few things you can do to change it up is to play with his hair, kiss not just his lips, or moving his body closer to yours. Move your body and indicate through your body language that you are as into the kissing as he is! One great tip is that if you continue to change your tactic every now and then, your partner will be in awe of the surprises you have up your sleeve! He will never know what to expect next and will be left yearning for the next kiss!

10 Prepare Your Mouth

Lips aren’t the only things you should prepare before a kissing session. Many bad kissing experiences have happened due to their partner’s bad breath. Ensure that your breath is fresh and smelling great. Sometimes you may not be in a place where you can easily brush your teeth, or perhaps you and your date just finished a meal and you got the garlic-mashed potatoes. Keep some gum or mints in your pocket or purse so that if you feel the moment for kissing is coming, you can ensure that your breath smells great. Another thing you should always do when kissing is to keep your mouth hydrated. If your mouth is dry, kissing will be not as pleasurable. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and make sure that you are getting enough fluids. Then when your breath smells good and your mouth is hydrated and ready to go, let the kissing begin!

9 Kiss More Than Lips

Many first-time kissers think that kissing involves only the lips and they tend to stay in that area. It is true that your lips have tons of receptors that are sensitive to touch, but so do many other parts of our bodies! To make kissing that much more fun and intense, kiss other parts of his body. Some areas that have a lot of touch receptors are the ears and neck. You will be sure to get him hot when you begin kissing his neck and running your hands through his hair! Be sure to test it out once or twice before sticking around there too long, as some guys might not like being kissed there and it is important to know what they like and are comfortable with as well! To make your kissing sessions that much more amazing, kiss more than lips and perhaps he will return the favor!

8 Pull Him Closer

As discussed in an earlier entry, sitting there awkwardly is not going to show him that you are into the kissing. He will think that you are not interested or not enjoying yourself. Show him your interested and tell him that you are enjoying being close to him by pulling him in closer. This can be before the kiss, during, or even after! If you are feeling courageous, be the one to take action and to pull him in close for the first kiss! There is no rule that says that he has to be the first one to make the move! Or if you are kissing, nothing makes a person feel more loved than putting an arm around his waist and pulling him in closer to you. Make the love and passion known and you and your boy will enjoy and look forward to every minute you get to kiss!

7 Read His Body Language

It is important to not only worry about what your body is doing, but what his is. Reading his body language is something you should always do when kissing. It is the best way to know how he is feeling in the situation. Does he pull away slightly, do you notice his frown, or is he keeping his hands far away from you? Reading his body language will help you understand what he does and do not like when kissing. This can be important to avoid coming on too strong and forcing yourself on him. Reading his body language doesn’t just have to be while kissing; notice what he does before the kissing! Is he shifting around a lot (nervous), avoiding your eyes (scared), or inching closer and closer to you (interested)? Know what he wants and put it into action so that your kissing time can be one of mutual enjoyment!

6 Flirt

Some people think that because you are kissing you don’t have to flirt anymore. Wrong! Flirting is something you should always do when kissing. It allows the other person to feel as though he is wanted and that you are still trying to catch him. The thought of having someone still trying to get you even though you already are together is a good feeling. Flirting will also work to help set the mood. Playfully hit his arm, flatter him with compliments, and do whatever it is you do when flirting and make it fun! This is an especially good tip if you have been together a while already -- nothing like some shameless flirting with your man to spice things up a bit, especially when flirting leads to kissing. Where could you go wrong? Make your kissing life constant fun and romantic with some easy flirting. Besides, it obviously worked to get him where you are today!

5 Explore His Body

One thing that you should always do while kissing is explore your partner's body! This doesn’t mean you have to get down and dirty right off the bat. Instead, use your hands to touch your partner’s body in an affectionate way! If you are sitting there with your hands in your lap, your partner wont feel very loved or feel that you are not into the moment. Use your hands to caress his face, play with his hair, touch his shoulders, rub his back, hold his hand, or whatever seems most natural to you! Of course, as you know, be sure to be aware of his body language, as some people will not like you touching certain parts of them and it is important to be aware of that! Touching is a great way to show affection, and most people (even those who are a bit more of the non-touchy-feely kind) will appreciate the touch while kissing. Something about having your hands wrapped around the one you are kissing is so warming and produces feelings of love!

4 Get Comfortable

Sometimes the time to kiss can be in an unexpected place. Perhaps the first kiss is going to happen on a roller coaster, or maybe sitting on the edge of a cliff. No matter where the kiss is, it is important to be comfortable when kissing. If you are sitting at an awkward angle and have to twist your body in weird ways just to receive or give a kiss, you may want to rethink it. If you are having to twist strangely for the kiss, its probably not going to be remembered as a very good kiss because all you will be thinking is how awkward you feel and how your body is hurting. Get comfortable! If you don’t get comfortable, then you will be stuck kissing like that for who knows how long! Even during something as simple as kissing on a couch, if you are uncomfortable, your body will know and you will give off vibes of discomfort to your partner. Do the right thing and always make sure you are comfortable when kissing!

3 Flaunt It

Sure, you may have your man in the palm of your hand and you know he is totally infatuated with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop flaunting what you’ve got! There is nothing wrong with continuing to remind him just exactly what he has. Just because you have the man doesn’t mean the sweat pants have to be pulled out immediately. Surprise him and dress up still and don’t stoop down to dressing like a slob -- flatter your figure with a cute dress or a smoking hot top! Maybe your flaunting will be flipping your hair, stretching your back, or even exposing your neck and wonderful jaw line? Let him know just how lucky he is to be with you, and then when flaunting it, he will be going crazy to try and kiss you again! Be proud with what you got and make him know it too!

2 Let Them Know What You Like

Kissing is a skill that almost everyone learns at one point in their lives, but every one is different in the things that they like. When kissing, be sure to let your partner know what you like. That way, you can be sure to receive what you like more often, and also make your partner feel appreciated and good. Telling him you like it doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation that starts with, “hey, you know that thing you did….” Telling him you like it can be as simple as a moan, a giggle, or a sexy whisper in his ear. If there is something you like that he doesn’t seem to do, tell him to do it – perhaps the demanding nature will heat up the moment. If he is really into you, he will be willing to do anything to please you, and his desire to do so will increase your interest in him.

1 Know What You Want

First kisses can be scary, and if the person on the other side is experienced, it can be daunting and you will want to impress him. One of the things to always do when kissing is to know what you want. Know your own limitations and wants and don’t let anyone push you further than your comfort level. Sometimes, if a partner is experienced, he will expect you to be ready to do what he is comfortable doing, but the fact is, you may need time to gain the confidence to get to that point. Take it slow and don’t let him pressure you into anything you don’t want to do. It is important that if you do feel that pressure, you let him know your limitations and have that conversation. You come first and making sure you are ready and set on the limitations you have made is very important when kissing!

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