15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bachelor Winner: Vanessa Grimaldi

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bachelor Winner: Vanessa Grimaldi

Monday, March 13th was the season finale of The Bachelor— where Nick Viall chose the lovely Vanessa Grimaldi. For some of you (aka Raven fans) this was a shock and for others– not so much. As you can clearly see the chemistry between Nick and Vanessa– there were just little things that made it seem like she was definitely the one.

And lucky for Vanessa, she was the one– and now she and Nick are able to start their lives together out in the open. Which brings me to this, how much about Vanessa do we really know? Sure we met her family while on The Bachelor, and we got to see little parts of her throughout the show but unless you sat down and had a one-on-one with Vanessa there isn’t really any way of knowing everything about her.

If you are a major Bachelor fan then you may be interested in knowing a little about Nick’s fiance aka Vanessa Grimaldi. While we know she is a teacher and she loves her family, and she is from Canada, we don’t know everything– which is where I come in. I’m here to inform you all 15 things that you never really knew about Vanessa Grimaldi, take a look:

15. She is a proud Canadian


Via Instagram

Born and raised–Vanessa Grimaldi hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And as she has expressed very much so during her time on the show is how much she LOVES being a Canadian (and Nick has expressed how much he loves being an American). And why would Vanessa ever want to move?  She has an incredible job (special ed teacher), all her family is in Canada and it is her home– it is where she grew up. Still, being on the Bachelor and knowing there was a possibility of being picked (which of course she was), Nick and Vanessa had to have the discussion of where they see themselves living. During the show, it seemed that Vanessa expressed a lot how she would not want to leave her job let alone her family– but after the Bachelor ended and it was the live after show, Vanessa told Chris Harrison that they are leaning towards living in America.

14. She is Trilingual



We have discovered that she is beautiful and smart but did you know she is also trilingual? Since we have already learned that she is a proud Canadian– growing up in Quebec, Vanessa is fluent in French and English. She also speaks Italian, due to her roots. Vanessa learned French and English when she was in school– and she is 100 percent Italian, therefore speaking the language was not that difficult as she grew up speaking it around her house. Learning any language can be hard for some but it seems that Vanessa in some ways is a triple threat– just another reason added to Nick’s list as to why he fell in love with her. She has so many incredible qualities but the fact that she is not only stunning but she can also speak three different languages is pretty impressive. And let’s point out the fact that she introduced herself in French which totally left Nick speechless.

13. She had a short-lived acting career


Via Youtube

And if you thought perhaps Vanessa looked super familiar or maybe you have seen her once before– you are correct. Turns out Vanessa had a very short-lived acting career, this brunette beauty has had a few parts in television shows between the year 2010 and 2014, including Sci-fi supernatural show Being Human, miniseries Ascension, and Spike’s Blue Mountain State. Not to mention, she also co-hosted Gameloft podcasts about five years ago on Can Your School Rock. I guess the Bachelor show was not her first rodeo– in the sense of being in front of the camera that is. Not sure about you guys– but knowing now that she had minor parts in some films makes me want to go watch all those movies and television shows just to see her. It is quite intriguing to know that Vanessa has acted in everything from mainstream television shows to a Canadian reality series. And we are sure that her “acting” career isn’t quite over yet– as her and Nick’s relationship will most likely be in the spotlight for a long time coming. Who knows– maybe they will even get their own reality show like Ben and Lauren did!

12. She is a special education teacher


Via Instagram

As many of us watched on television– Vanessa is a special ed teacher and she absolutely LOVES her job! Vanessa clearly adores her students and it definitely showed in the hometown date when she brought Nick to meet her students– which was a very touching moment. In an article with People, apparently Vanessa’s students did not take a liking that Nick was flirtatious with the other women– and who could blame them? Considering, that Vanessa works in the adult sector with her students 21 and older, according to People,  “This process has been quite interesting with my students,” admits Grimaldi, in an interview with People. “It’s a hard concept for them to understand,” she adds. Vanessa also admitted in the interview how her students struggled with Nick’s interactions with the other women on the show, according to Grimaldi “They had their moments where it was hard for them to understand — like why Nick was giving roses out to other women, and why Nick was kissing other women,” she explains. “There were a few interventions I had to do with a couple of them.” Vanessa truly loves her students and you can definitely tell she has created some amazing connections with each and every one of them.

11. She’s not that tall


Via Instagram

While Vanessa looked like she was at least 5’6 on the show– she actually is not that tall in real life. And even though she appears taller on-screen, she actually lists her height as only 5-foot-3!– it must have been the heels for sure. Turns out that the 5’3 1/2″ bachelorette believes that her best attributes happen to be her personality, her drive to succeed, work ethic, and patience. Which are all incredible qualities to have– which makes sense why Nick fell so hard. It is funny how so many fans assumed she was really tall– but to only find out that she really isn’t as tall as we all thought. Even in the scene where they jumped in the freezing cold water– she still looked fairly tall. And Nick is a pretty tall guy himself. You know how they say the camera adds like 10 pounds, perhaps that is the same for height– maybe the camera has a way of making you look taller than you really are.

10. She is family-oriented


Via People

Vanessa is super close to her family– regardless of the fact that her parents are divorced but they are on civil terms. And Vanessa has a sister named Melissa and younger brother Patrick– who happen to be both very protective of her. Vanessa meets with her family for a three-hour lunch every Sunday afternoon and hopes to keep that tradition alive no matter what happens in the future. As we learned on the show, Nick is very family-oriented as well, which is no wonder these two get along so well as they both are very close to their families. In Vanessa’s bio, she wrote, “I respect my family’s opinions as they usually are right in the end.” It is a good thing that her family liked Nick– even if like most families will place their concerns. Vanessa comes from a very traditional Italian family and she is very close to them. Grimaldi wanted Nick to be the bachelor– after seeing him on Andi’s season, she loved how close he was to his big family and to her, Nick seemed real.

9. She is a gym rat


Via Instagram

If you didn’t already notice what an amazing body Vanessa has, well now you do. Plus, she is a total gym rat– so it is no wonder she looks so AMAZING! If you have ever checked out Vanessa’s Instagram page you would notice that the 29-year-old often posts about her workouts, both at the gym, outside hiking and biking. And it surely shows how fit she really is. Vanessa has been a fan favorite and now she is Nick’s fiance! We can only imagine these two possibly working out together– as both are in great shape! Perhaps we can get Vanessa to make a few workout videos to help us all maintain staying healthy and being in shape. Not to mention, she is a bit of a foodie so remaining healthy is definitely a plus. Apparently, there also weren’t any gym equipment or gym for that matter while on the show– curious as to what Vanessa did in order to maintain that amazing body of hers!

8. She is great with kids


Via Instagram

Vanessa is definitely going to be an amazing mom and it shows how great she is with kids. It seems she has such a genuine and big heart and she is super patient. While the kid in the photo isn’t hers– she definitely gets great practice with her nephew. And if you notice their pajamas are showing off her Canadian pride. Just like Vanessa is great with her students, she is also great with kids and it shows big time! Throughout her Instagram you see photos with her family and her nephew– she is so good with kids. Which makes fans super excited for when she and Nick finally get married, settle down, and have kids of their own. With Nick’s huge family and Vanessa’s big family– fans have to wonder too if they will have lots of kids as well? That answer has yet to be confirmed as you cannot really predict the future but who knows– maybe they will end up with an even bigger family.

7. She is a foodie


Via Instagram

For as obsessed with working out as she is– she also LOVES food. Vanessa loves pizza, burgers, and homemade Italian classics like biscotti and panettone. And if you didn’t think she was much of a foodie well, turns out not only can she cook, but she absolutely LOVES to try new foods and then share them on social media. Much like the photo above, she posted on Instagram with the caption: “Let’s play a guessing game! Which burger restaurant in Montreal am I OBSESSED with?” with the hashtag #loyalcustomer. And after looking at that photo– it definitely makes many of her fans want to go there. Another thing about this total foodie– is that this Italian-speaking beauty can most certainly eat! Another thing she has mentioned before and it is in her bio on Instagram is that leftover food makes her very happy! Makes us wonder what her favorite dishes to make are? And who cooks more often– Vanessa or Nick?

6. She has a phobia of sharks and bees


Via Instagram

A bit shocked that under the list of her phobias– she isn’t the least bit afraid of flying. But she is terrified of sharks and bees! Which we don’t blame her– as sharks are just terrifying and no one likes being stung by a bee. It is kind of funny though that Vanessa has a phobia of sharks and bees, but she isn’t afraid of adrenaline-seeking activities such like skydiving. Lots of people have fears of sharks– they are creepy looking and mean (even if some experts say they don’t want to attack humans). Most people don’t get around jumping out of planes– but it seems to Vanessa skydiving or any adrenaline-seeking activity is nothing compared to her fear of bees and sharks. And speaking of sharks– you have to kind of wonder if Vanessa was a bit weirded out by the girl who showed up in a “shark” (dolphin) costume on night one. Many of the women, including Vanessa, assumed it was a dolphin suit, but it was obviously a shark costume–which is one of Vanessa’s fears.

5. The most romantic present she ever received was a promise ring


Via Instagram

Going on a televised show and having the entire world watch as your “love story” plays out isn’t super romantic– even if what happens on the show and places they get to travel to can be romantic. Not to mention an engagement on the end of the season– but turns out, in an interview, Vanessa revealed that the most romantic thing she has ever received was a promise ring– and it wasn’t the ring Nick proposed to her! Although, now that she has won the bachelor AND Nick’s heart– perhaps she may change her answer and make it when Nick proposed to her as the most romantic thing. Vanessa once said that she has only been in one other long-term relationship which ended way before she was on the show– curious fans have to wonder if that promise ring was from her ex? Still, we are all sure that now she is with Nick more romantic things and presents will be gifted to her. As fans believe she is a very lucky girl and Nick is even luckier to have found her.

4. She owns a part-poodle dog whom she calls her “lucky charm”


Via Instagram

I wonder if Vanessa secretly brought her dog with her during her journey on the bachelor?– since he is her “lucky charm” after all. As you can see in the photo– Vanessa owns a part-poodle dog whom she likes to call “lucky charm”– maybe he is the reason she got so lucky on the bachelor? As mentioned before, how she is excellent with kids– well, she is also great with animals. This gal is a MAJOR dog lover– she absolutely loves animals. And we can definitely tell– especially by the photo above, she just looks so incredibly happy. We could only imagine that any guy she would end up with has to love animals too– and we are pretty sure Nick does! Turns out, Nick and Vanessa are HUGE animal lovers, and most likely they will be introducing a new puppy into their lives at some point.

3. Her and Nick’s birthday are two days apart



Surprisingly a fact really hard to find online, but it was revealed on Jimmy Kimmel. As we established in the beginning, Vanessa Grimaldi was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada– Vanessa is 29-years-old and she revealed that her and Nick share birthdays really close apart (two days in fact). That means that her zodiac sign is a Libra. Libras happen to be very gracious, fair-minded, and social creatures and they love harmony, sharing with others, and the outdoors– which if we did not know better, it sounds as if we just described Vanessa. We can definitely see that she is most certainly a Libra. As we also mentioned previously, that Vanessa has a younger brother and an older sister– which makes Vanessa the middle child. Little known fact, but usually the middle child is known to be very generous and independent– which sounds a lot like Vanessa as well.

2. She is afraid of hurting other people’s feelings


Via Youtube

Although Nick fell hard for her bluntness especially when she was capable of calling him out on things, she also has a fear of hurting other people’s feelings. We suppose it is a really good thing that Nick ended up with Vanessa because most likely Vanessa would not be such a great Bachelorette as she is afraid of hurting people’s feelings– and we don’t blame her. You can be honest and still be a nice person– it usually is how you deliver things rather than what you are actually saying. There was a part towards the end of the season– (for those who have seen the show), where Vanessa was on the verge of tears because her fear was that either Nick didn’t love her or worse that here she was telling him she loved him and she feared that she would change her mind. Which is definitely something many people relate to– it is terrifying to feel something for the fear that you might change your mind. This just goes to show what a beautiful person Vanessa is inside and out.

1. If she were a fruit or vegetable, she would be an Onion


Via Instagram

And to leave you all with something that perhaps would put a smile on your face– in an interview, Vanessa was asked if she were to be a fruit or a vegetable what would she be? And her answer came so easy and simple– as she replied that she would be an Onion because it is a staple food item and it can be found all year round. Many people have asked that question before– but never have I ever heard someone say an Onion. As many people relate onions to the one vegetable that can make people cry and others just don’t like the taste. But Vanessa’s reasoning for wanting to be an onion is actually quite clever and realistic. Tell us, if you were asked the same question– what fruit or vegetable would you be? Vanessa stating she would be an onion just goes to show how creative she is and how sometimes she likes to think outside the box.

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