15 Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift

Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Have you bought every single album of hers, gone to many of her concerts, know every single song that has played and follow her on social media?-- then perhaps, you know a lot about her.

Being a Swiftie takes more than just knowing all her songs and following her on social media-- for instance, did you know she grew up in Pennsylvania? or that she would go to a songwriting club after school to work with talented songwriters to perfect her skills? And she convinced her parents to move to Nashville or that her grandmother was an Opera singer. All these wonderful things about Taylor that even some of her biggest fans don't know.

You may know some things about her, but you may be interested in learning more. And if you are not a Swiftie-- you just might become one by the end of this list! Here are 15 things you never knew about Taylor Swift:

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15 She plays four instruments

Via Youtube

While some of you may know that Taylor plays guitar and piano-- but did you know she can also play a total of four instruments? Taylor Swift learned to play guitar from there she learned to play piano and from there she picked up a few other instruments such as-- banjo and ukulele. So the four instruments that Taylor Swift happens to know how to play are the guitar, banjo, ukulele, and piano. A computer repairman showed Taylor at the age of 10, how to play three chords on the guitar and from then on Taylor could not stop playing. While most of us may know Taylor for her signature sound but singing is not the only thing she can do-- a woman with many talents playing four instruments is pretty impressive. Taylor has played all four instruments on many of her albums as well as in concert-- as she likes to switch things up from time to time.

14 Wrote her first song at 12-years-old

Via In Style

As mentioned above, Taylor learned three chords on the guitar at the age of 10, from there she wrote her very first song at the age of 12 called "Lucky You". Speculations that the song was actually inspired by her maternal grandmother Marjorie Finlay-- but nothing has actually been confirmed. After her first song was written, Swift continued writing more songs-- so in fact, made it in her albums and others you can find on youtube that were released at some point. This was just the beginning for what no one really knew would be a long songwriting career for Taylor. The moment Taylor wrote her first song, she was so excited that she played it in front of her family-- which there is a video on youtube of her playing the infamous song. Isn't is funny how by just one moment, just three little chords, one song was created and the rest is history.

13 Named after James Taylor

Via Pinterest

Curious as to why her parents named her Taylor? Well, it turns out that her parents decided to name her after the famous singer-songwriter James Taylor and they hoped that by them giving her an androgynous name that Taylor Swift would ultimately have a leg up in the business world. Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in a small town in Reading, Pennsylvania. Pretty cool to think that Taylor was named after James Taylor-- both artists are extremely talented. Lucky Swift. Not sure if her mother's hopes of naming Taylor after James Taylor is part of the high-rise in her music career-- but I'm sure it is a nice thought. Considering Taylor Swift burst onto the scene back in 2006 and now she has 5 albums plus a Christmas album as well. I'd say miss Swift is doing pretty good for herself-- still hoping for another album to drop anytime soon! Perhaps her and James Taylor could write a song together? After all, they did perform together once.

12 Had a 4.0 GPA in High School

Via Instagram

While Taylor Swift never attended college, she did finish High School-- in fact, she maintained a 4.0 Grade Point Average all through High School. And while that may not seem that big of a deal to some, it is also pretty amazing that she was able to maintain that GPA, keep up with all her school work, find time for friends and family, AND perform at small venues. If that isn't multitasking in itself-- then I don't know what else is? High School is tough enough-- not the classes so much but an overall social life and Taylor used to feel, growing up like she was on the outside-- somehow she managed to wow everyone in High School and now she manages to wow the entire world! Impressive right? If you thought Taylor Swift had a squeaky clean image now, well, it turns out it dates back all the way to High School. And it turns out according to Vogue that Taylor finished her Junior and Senior years of High School in just one calendar year. In an interview with Esquire in 2014, Taylor Swift said, "That was just the most practical way to do it, my parents were very strict about education and hard work, from the time my brother and I were really little kids." Now we see where Taylor Swift gets all her hard work and dedication from.

11 Worked as a CMA Festival intern when she was 14

Via Billboard

Getting the chance to work anywhere at the age of fourteen is a pretty big deal, but for someone to get the chance to work at the CMA Music Fest as an Intern at the age of 14-- well that is pretty awesome and magical! Lucky Taylor Swift because she had the chance at 14 to be an intern for the Country Music Awards festival and she was once an escort for all the artists at the CMA fest. Talk about a magical experience! Clearly, miss Swift was working her way-- or more like trying to put her foot in the door any way she could. And it clearly worked, because look at her now! Most teenagers do not get the chance or the experience that Taylor so luckily got and for that she is extremely lucky in more ways than one. Before she was famous she was escorting artists, now that she is famous she is the one sitting next to all the artist.

10 Knows how to play a 12 string guitar

Via Youtube

Learning to play the guitar, or any instrument for that matter can often be difficult as many take time and years of practice-- but for Taylor Swift, she was determined to learn how to play a 12-string-guitar, and so she did! Taylor would practice 4-5 times a day on the guitar-- as she wanted to prove to herself and to everyone else that she could do it and be better than ever. Playing any instrument isn't always easy but Taylor being a very determined girl knew she could do it if she just practiced. Apparently, Taylor Swift's first guitar ever was a TK65ce Koa 12-string acoustic guitar and according to Taylor it was "the type of guitar she learned on." It's also where in a youtube video she is playing a song she wrote called "Spinning Around", you can also watch it on the DVD The Journey to Fearless, where Taylor is performing the song. You have to give Swift credit here as a 12-string guitar looks quite difficult to play-- but somehow, with all her practice she managed to learn how to play and create amazing songs off of it. Many of her songs on her albums are played with her 12-string.

9 Generous Philanthropist


While we all love Taylor for her impeccable songwriting abilities as she is capable of connecting with her fans on a deeper level than any artist especially with how real her lyrics are-- every fan can relate, which makes her songs so much more real. But it isn't just about her relatable songs as Taylor, in general, is an incredibly generous philanthropist. She has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to support arts education, children's literacy, natural disaster relief, LGBT anti-discrimination efforts, and charities for sick children. She has visited several children in hospitals-- whether she is there just to cheer them up or even sing to them. Swift has such a genuinely big heart that she tries really hard to touch the hearts of all her fans. She has a way of making each and every one of her fans feel special in their own way. Remember that year where she sent out Christmas gifts to a bunch of her fans? We all know Taylor LOVES Christmas, but that year she decided to play Santa and made many of her fans extremely happy! It seems Taylor is happiest when she is making others happy.

8 Changed lyrics to "Picture to Burn"

Via Youtube

Have any of you heard the original version of "Picture To Burn"? While it might still be available on Itunes, Taylor Swift realized something before she was about to add the ever-so-popular song to her Album. Turns out the lyrics-- may not be as appropriate as some may like to believe, and for that, Taylor Swift quietly decided to change the lyrics to "Picture to Burn"-- she did this after it was brought to her attention that perhaps the line "So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy/That’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay" might end up being considered offensive. Therefore, the lyrics that many of us know are "So go and tell your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy/That's fine, you won't mind if I say/ by the way..." And the song continues, but you get the drift. Sometimes that happens-- artists write lyrics and then realize they may not be so appropriate or possibly offend their fans and so they change the lyrics around. Much like radio edits-- certain words are not allowed to be said on the radio so when they play artists' songs they play the radio version.

7 Her first job was debugging Christmas trees

Via Real Magic TV

Uhh... what exactly is debugging? Before we get into the detail of Taylor's oh-so-fairytale childhood, let us talk about her "first" job. As we all know, Swift grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania. What some of you may not know though is that she actually grew up on a Christmas Tree farm-- how cool is that? Turns out her first job ever was to debug the Christmas Trees on her parents' farm. Could you imagine your first job involving bugs-- lots of bugs? Neither can I. But for Taylor she had to endure such a job. Taylor's pre-fame job was anything but glamorous! As mentioned before, she grew up on a Christmas Tree farm, and every year, when that bright season rolled around, Taylor worked with the rest of her family. Since Taylor was not quite old enough to secure the trees on top of the roofs of cars, she instead became in charge of the bugs-- specifically, she had to knock the praying mantis pods out of the trees.

6 Credited as a writer on all her songs


A lot of people question whether or not she actually writes all her songs-- in fact, it should not even be a question since she actually DOES! Taylor Swift is credited as a writer on every single song that she has ever released! And she is the sole writer on more than half of them! And she has written A LOT of songs!! And on top of that--do you know that her record label, Big Machine, had zero furniture and only 10 employees right when her first single had been released? And when a song needed to be sent out to a radio, Taylor Swift and her mother would sit on the floor and help stuff CD singles into mailers. To think she truly devoted all her time and effort to this incredible career she has built for herself! Plus, if you look at all the albums she has released, her name is always next to every song listed-- pretty impressive, huh?

5 Framed photo of the Kanye West moment

Via Youtube

Remember that Kanye West moment? Not the phone one-- the newest one, but the moment that occurred back in 2009 at the VMAs. When Kayne West so rudely interrupted Taylor's moment only to tell the world that he believed that Beyonce deserved the award. Granted, Beyonce is amazing but Taylor totally deserved that award and her moment-- which was stolen by the very obnoxious Kanye West. While that was definitely a crazy moment for the VMAs it was almost a highlight in some ways for Taylor. In that case, Taylor Swift once admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair that she kept a framed photograph of the night of the Kanye West incident that is hanging in her Nashville home with the caption “Life is full of little interruptions” written underneath. She keeps it as a reminder of that night but also it kind of makes her laugh. While it was one of the most humiliating moments for Taylor-- she dished about how that moment was actually a motivation for her. And maybe as a fan, you might want to know a little secret-- but rumor has it that her song "Innocent" off of her Speak Now album is supposed to be influenced by Kanye West.

4 Her career choice was a Financial advisor

Via Buzzfeed.com

Taylor Swift is an incredible singer-songwriter and while many of her fans could not possibly see her doing anything else but singing it turns out that singing was not at the top of the list when it came down to choosing a career. Turns out that country artist turned pop sensation superstar was not her first career choice-- Taylor Swift initially wanted to be a financial advisor. In the book, Taylor Swift Country Music's American Sweetheart-- Taylor Swift talks about what she wanted to be when she grew up. As a child, you get asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' while many children will say ballerina, astronaut, lawyer, teachers, etc-- Taylor Swift answered, "I'm gonna be a financial advisor!" Taylor just assumed that growing up she would follow in her parent's footsteps into the financial world-- Swift did not know what a stockbroker was when she was eight-years-old. But Taylor went around telling everyone that that is what she was going to be. Granted, Taylor has the ability to advise her fans through social media and her songs in a much different way but in some ways, she is still pursuing being an advisor.

3 Spent an entire summer writing a novel

Via Pinterest

Ever wondered where Taylor gained her incredible songwriting skills? Well let's go back in time-- when Taylor Swift was 12-years-old, she spent an entire summer writing a Novel. This novel was 350 pages long and was about a shark that washed up on the dock of her family's shore house. The story is actually finished and ready to print, not that the singer-songwriter has indicated as to whether or not she will ever actually get around to it. But Taylor Swift has mentioned before that she is interested in writing her own biography. How cool would that be?! "Years from now it would be cool to write a book about all the crazy stuff and the insane things I have gotten to do," Swift says. "My life moves so fast, I have to write it all down, otherwise I can't remember where I was yesterday. I will write my biography for sure." Still hoping for that biography on Miss Swift!

2 "Our song" was written for a High School talent show

Via Youtube

Calling all Taylor fans! Did you know that Taylor Swift wrote, "Our Song" which is off of her first album, for a high school talent show? After it did so well at the talent show, Taylor decided to add it to her first album after she heard her classmates singing it in the halls. A girl with many talents, but the songwriting is definitely her number one. This song is one of the catchiest, upbeat songs off of her first album and we can all see why so many of her classmates had the song stuck in their heads-- even I start singing the song over and over, especially just thinking about it. Turns out, Taylor Swift not only wrote the song for her high school talent show but she was dating a guy at the time and they didn't have a song-- alas, she comes up with "our song" as "their song".

1 Youngest artist to win 'Album of the year' at the Grammy's

Via Billboard

Over the years, Taylor Swift has accumulated many, many awards and for many different reasons. But did you know that Taylor was actually the youngest artist to ever win the Album of the Year Grammy? She was 20-years-old when she won in 2010 for her album Fearless. Pretty amazing huh? Taylor has been in the spotlight for quite some time, and she never seizes to amaze all her fans. With her utmost dedication to her career and her fans-- she is truly a walking angel. She has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. Plus she is her own manager-- and turns out using social media platforms in order for her to build her audience is actually considered revolutionary for a country singer. She is a multi-Grammy award winning American singer-songwriter and at the 52nd Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift's song "white horse" was named for being the Best Country Song and Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Sometimes miracles do happen-- especially when you work hard.

Sources: www.vogue.com

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