16 Things You Do That Will Make Him Melt

When it comes to being intimate with a guy, things almost always work out just fine. I mean, men and women are basically puzzle pieces that fit together just fine. Yep, fine, fine, fine. However, you don’t want to be just fine. Just fine isn’t the stuff of great love stories. It isn’t the stuff that he texts his guy friends about at 3am. And it certainly isn’t the stuff that hooks him. If you want to hook him, ladies, you need to be better than fine. You need to bring him to his knees.

There are several tactics for bringing a man to his knees. And yes, while many of them may take place in the bedroom, there are many tactics that take place outside of the bedroom as well. I mean, never underestimate the power of a text message, ladies. Also, there are ways to work against expectations. For example, sometimes it’s more about the clothes you keep on rather than the clothes you take off. Whatever the case, there are some tricks and tips that every woman should know, as it is a surefire way to hook him forever.

What it truly comes down to is finding ways to surprise him, because that’s what will bring him straight to his knees. And so, below 16 surprising ways your make his jaw drop and bring him to his knees. Trust us, there tips will make you stand out from every other woman in the world. You can thank us later.


16 Have A Knack For Cooking? Be His Irresistible Chef And Cook Him A Meal While He Watches

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Men can sometimes love being babied. That is not to say you should go full-on mommy for him, since a motherly relationship with your bae is certain not hot. However, you should take care of him sometimes.

Cooking him a meal is a great way to baby him without going too mommy. It’s a sensual way to connect to your man, as eating a good meal is a physical experience your providing for your man. On that note, cooking for your guy is also sensual, as you’ll be using your hands to make something for him.

Speaking of food, think of bringing the meal into the bedroom. Serve him breakfast in bed. Or you could also incorporate some fun foods to your steamy moments. Think whipped cream or chocolate sauce. I mean, eating some whipped cream off him is both hot and delicious.

15 Go Back To Your Younger Days And Have A Simple Kissing Sesh Without Going Further

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When we grow up, we sometimes forget how much fun an innocent kissing session can be. It’s like once you’ve gone all the way, you forget about all the good stuff between.

To spice things up, keep it PG one night. Go back to high school and have a steamy make out session. If you really want to indulge in the fantasy, you could even pretend to be a high school student. Seriously, try role-playing the cheerleader and the football player, or the mean girl and the school loner, or the valedictorian and the cool guy. Whatever the particular story you cook up, it can be fun to relive your high school days through a different, fun narrative.

Keeping it PG and indulging some serious kissing will build up the other stuff. Sometimes the hottest part about going all the way can be the anticipation, and a make out session adds anticipation.

14 Pretend You're Someone Else Entirely And Have Fun Role-Playing On Your Date Night

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Speaking of different types of role-playing… Um, do it!

One way to really make him weak is to be open to being someone else in the bedroom once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a whole big thing complete with costumes and plots. You can simply say you’re someone else and talk in that way, like a cowgirl with a southern accent.

On that note, you don’t have to wait until you’re in the bedroom to be someone else. Instead, you can pretend you’re someone else in a social setting. For example, if he approaches you at a party, you can pretend not to know him and that you’re someone else.

You don’t want to do this too often, because it may seem like you have several personalities. But once in a while, it can be extremely fun to not be yourself.

13 Be Especially Flirty In Public With Him

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When you’re in a long-term relationship, flirting can sometimes be a lost art. I mean, you’ve already got the guy, so you sometimes forget to put on all the stops. If you just so happen to be living with your significant other, this can especially be the case. The flirting in your relationship may be replaced by morning breath, forgetting to flush the toilet, and hair in the drain. How domestic, right? However, bringing the flirting back to the relationship can remind him of how fiery it was before.

Bringing back this flirting in a public setting can be extremely hot, as it will remind him of the earlier days while you two would be limited to flirting while out with friends or around the office. Being extra flirty in public can work for the anticipation too, as it will make him all the more excited to get you alone. Meow, girl.

12 Send Him A Hot Text When He'll Least Expect It

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You can bring him to his knees via your phone. Yes, you don’t even have to be physically near him to bring him to his knees.

Take out your phone and take a very special selfie. It doesn’t even need to be one of those R-rated photos. Instead, just take a cute picture of yourself. Or don’t even use a photo. Instead, use your words and your creativity. Get a little dirty with it, why don't ya?

Sending him a text like this in the morning, during his lunch hour, or before bed can make jolt him a little. He won’t expect it and that will make it all the hotter. This is another anticipation tip, as a text of this nature will bring the anticipation levels to an all-time high. He’ll be itching to see you in person, rather than just seeing that text message version of you.

Never underestimate the power of a good text, y’all!

11 Integrate Some Intriguing Accessories To Date Night

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Sometimes, what you’re wearing can be more important than what you’re not wearing.

A simple way to knock him out is to pay extra attention to what you’re wearing. Don’t throw on some ratty old undies. Buy a new matching set of lingerie, only to reveal it to him at the end of the night. He will be blown away that this gorgeous set was under your outfit the whole night.

On that note, you could also decide to indulge in a hot moment with your clothes on. If you’re wearing a very hot dress, don’t take if off when things start to get hot and heavy. Leaving it on can even make for am even more memorable moment. That said, you can also pick and choose what to leave on. If you have a killer pair of heels on, leave them on! This can make for a very special moment with your high heels.

10 Recreate His Favorite Movie Scene For A Date

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Movies and television shows are some of the first ways we’re exposed to romantic situations between the opposite sexes. Because of that, these scenes can stay with us. In fact, they can be the scenes against which we measure all other experiences. And so, recreating a hot movie scene will both be a romantic moment between the two of you and also bring back the feelings this scene made him feel at the time.

Find out what his favorite movie scene is and create it in your own way. Of course, if it’s Titanic, you can’t be expected to plans a tryst in a car… on a ship… on the Atlantic Ocean. But instead, find your own way to channel this moment. Plus, it’ll be some bonus points, as you’ll get to indulge in a romantic film or television scene too.

Just make sure it’s something he fantasized about. Not many men love The Notebook scenes the same way us women do.


9 Find The Subtle Borderline Between Rough And Gentle Signs Of Affection


One complaint men sometimes have about women is that we’re too gentle with them. This is a complaint that arises because of out different body types. Men are stronger and tend to be rougher. Therefore, they prefer this roughness during intimate times. However, us women can be too gentle, slow, and loving. We're afraid of hurting anyone.

That said, if you're rougher than you think you should be, you may find the perfect mix of gentle/rough for him. You don’t want to give him a black eye or anything, but you can also be a little rougher with him than usual. I mean, he’s a guy. He can take it.

Also, sometimes men can be too rough with women’s gentler parts. If that just to happens to be the case, slow it down and show him the particular gentle/roughness you prefer. When it comes to men and women, figuring just how rough and how gentle you both prefer things to be can work wonders.

8 Speak Up And Be Extremely Talkative With Your Wants And Needs

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Some of us tend to be a little bit on the quiet side when indulging in steamy activities. To be honest, this isn’t helpful for anyone. First of all, being vocal about what you’re enjoying in the moment can help him figure out… well, what you’re enjoying. Being vocal when you enjoy something he’s doing can help him be a better partner. On top of that, it’s totally hot to hear a woman be verbal when she’s enjoying something physically.

Other than simply telling him what you like, don’t be afraid of some dirty talk. That’s right, girl. Say something a little bit filthy. You may feel silly, but he’ll love it.

Sure, you may not be mute. You maybe do some heavy breathing, a moan here and there, and maybe some sweet words of encouragement. But stepping up just how verbal you can make for a very hot moment together, and it can also help make him a better lover.

7 Humming Your Mouth Can Be A Game Changer


Humming – yes, that annoying sound you can make with your mouth – can be a game changer. It may sound odd, but humming can mimic the vibrations made by many... um, toys. You can employ this by humming while you’re kissing. It’ll throw a new sensation into the kissing that will totally surprise him. And hey, a lot of making him weak in the knees is sometimes just about surprising him.

You can employ humming other times as well. Afterwards, if you’re cuddling, feel free to hum while your head is on his chest. If you are perhaps licking a body part, feel free to also hum. And lastly, if you have his finger – or a different body part – in your mouth, humming can create a great sensation.

Of course, you don’t want to be a weirdo who hums during all your intimate moments, but use this when you feel you can employ it best.

6 Have You Ever Paid Attention To The Roof Of His Mouth?

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The roof of the mouth is one of the most overlooked body parts of the human body. Yes, we all pay attention to the mouth as a whole. Hey, the mouth is even one of the most employed body parts when it comes to being intimate. It’s there for the kisses and, well, the steamier parts too.

That said, it’s usually all about the tongue. For example, when you kiss your man, you likely rub your tongue against his tongue. That’s Kissing 101, though the specifics of kissing actually sound so weird when you say it like that. Moving on, you should try to widen your reach within his mouth. Instead of just paying attention to just his tongue, run your tongue along the roof of his mouth. It’ll shock him, as this is likely a body part that has long been forgotten by other women.

If you’re getting hot and heavy, you could also put your finger in his mouth and rub the roof of his mouth. Trust us, it’s an under-utilized body part.

5 There Are Body Parts You May Be Forgetting About

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The roof of his mouth is just one of the many body parts you may be forgetting about.

Sure, we usually pay attention to those big, flashy body parts, like his arms or his neck. These are body parts that you often see touched in television shows and movies. Therefore, you think to pay attention to these body parts. Instead, you should think of the underrated body parts, like his back, his thighs, and his wrists. Grabbing onto his wrists, running your hands down his back, and kissing his thighs can be quite arousing.

Also, make sure not to forget about the ears and the feet. Yeah, those body parts aren’t, like, the cutest body parts out there, but by paying attention to them you’ll set yourself apart from all the other women he’s been with.

4 Hot And Cold: Play With Temperature

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One easy way to rock his world is to play with temperatures. This can be done in a larger sense, by having a moment in a colder or hotter space. If you just so happen to work somewhere with a big, walk-in refrigerator, have a moment in there. It’ll be frosty, so you’ll be extra appreciative of each other’s body heat. You could also indulge in a hot moment in a hot area. Yes, that summer heat can be extremely hot, but embrace your sweat. If you’ve both just finished at the gym, have a moment together before showering. Yes, you’re dirty, but it’ll make the moment all the dirtier.

On a smaller scale, you can play with temperature by adding in elements such as candles or ice cubes. Seriously, suck on an ice cube before kissing him and it’ll make his jaw drop.

3 Take A Few Notes From 50 Shades Of Grey - Mostly How You Should Always Make Him Desire You

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To some 50 Shades of Grey may be a little ha-ha. I mean, the books won’t in any Pulitzers and the movies won’t win any Oscars. However, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t speak to some deep desires both men and women have.

In 50 Shades of Grey, some of the extracurricular activities may have been a little extreme, but that doesn’t mean you have to indulge in all of the freaky things Anastasia and Christian did. Though, feel free to take some of the more PG elements. If handcuffs are too intimidating, simply downgrade it to using a silk tie, as there’s much less a chance of you losing the key and ending up locked to a bedpost forever.

If some of the 50 Shades of Grey stuff is too much – and let’s be honest, it is for most of us – think of more innocent ways to incorporate some of their stuff to your routine.

2 Take Some Yoga Classes To Keep Your Body Fit, Strong, And Flexible

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Being in tiptop physical shape can help in steamy moment. Of course, this is not to say that you have to have Gigi Hadid’s body to enjoy your intimate time. So many of us are so nervous about what we look like during the deed that we can get insecure and clam up. Definitely do not let a little cellulite get you down. Trust us, he will not be looking at your giggly parts. He’ll be a little, uh, distracted.

That said, being more in touch with your body is what is key here. Doing yoga can have you get in touch with certain hidden muscles, motions, and positions. Try incorporating these newfound muscles, motions, or positions into your intimate moments.

On the note of being in touch with your body, you could also consider keeping the lights on. We so often hit the lights because we’re embarrassed of what we may look like. However, keeping the lights on can make for a very bright, very hot moment.

1 Post The Thirstiest Thirst Trap Selfie To Capture His Attention

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One way to make him weak is to remind him that other men still find you desirable. So, instead of personally texting him that very hot photo, post it on Instagram. This way, he’ll both see the hot selfie and he’ll see other guys seeing the selfie. Ah, yes! This can create a situation in which he’s jealous of all the guys liking that photo of you. This is a low-key way to spark that jealous side of him.

There’s no need to flirt with another guy in front of him. Simply post a thirst trap selfie. Though, you could also flirt with another guy in front of him. This will spark that barbaric jealousy that can make for a very hot time together. Never underestimate a guy’s jealousy.

However, you should avoid doing this all the time. There’s a different between subtly reminding him that other dudes totally find you attractive and being an Instagram THOT.


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