15 Things You Do That Scare Away Every Man You Meet

Just when you think you have a connection and have found your Mr. Perfect, he stops answering your calls, doesn't respond to your texts, and even drops you as a friend on Facebook! You are blindsided by this heartless turn of events and can’t even think of one reason why he hasn’t fallen madly in love with you. You expected him to drop to his knee and propose before he would ever ignore you, in fact you only ever pictured that he would fall in love with you. The last time you were together things seemed normal and you just can’t figure out why he acts as though he doesn’t even know you. After all it seemed like you two really hit it off and you just can’t imagine what turned him off so fast! You may want to think hard about your time together and see if you are guilty of making the same mistakes repeatedly like these 15 Things You Do That Scare Away Every Man You Meet.

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15 You’re Calling Him Too Much

Just because you want to sit on the phone with nothing to say doesn’t mean he enjoys the awkward silence! That doesn’t mean you should start making up reasons to call him either. Ultimately he is going to see your number pop up and react as if you are a telemarketer trying to sell him something that he doesn’t need. A good sign that you’re calling him too much is when he doesn’t start any new topics to talk about and seems as though he is spacing out when you talk, showing very little interest in the conversation. You need to leave some things unsaid and try to avoid breathing on the phone, this will make him less likely to miss you and leave nothing for you to talk about the next time you get together. Give the guy some space and give him a chance to call you once in awhile.

14 You Are Constantly Gossiping

When you are constantly gossiping, you are showing him that he probably can’t trust you and when he isn’t around you may be talking about him. Nobody wants to filter what they are saying in fear of everyone hearing about it, avoid catty talk while he is around and let him know his secret is safe with you. Guys like to feel confident in themselves and their relationships but sometimes we need to make it super easy for them in order to keep their interest. Show him your time together is the most important thing on your mind by leaving the gossip talk between you and your girlfriends. Don’t involve him in all of the drama your friends are always stirring up, he may start to think you are more high maintenance than he originally thought. Use this time wisely to learn about him so you have something more interesting to talk about the next time you are together or on the phone.

13 You Are Being Too Negative

Don’t make your name synonymous with complaining and finding the negative in everything you see, hear, and smell. You are being too negative when it comes to the everyday life problems that we all have to deal with and he is noticing! If he is trying to make the best of it and you are stuck in the negative, he is bound to not have a good time. Keep the focus on the positive things and try to avoid mentioning the negative when possible. Even if this is the worst date you have ever been on, you are still spending it with a guy you would like to see again for a long time so don't be a martyr. Keep things light and positive and if a situation is beyond putting a positive spin on it, try laughing at the bad events that are taking place. This could ultimately be a time you look back on and laugh someday in the very far away future.

12 You Are Too Forward

Keep your distance at first, let him pursue you in the beginning. Stop acting as if you have known him your whole life and give him a little space.Some guys don’t want to think past the now, especially with someone they don’t even know if they want to see again. You will probably scare him away if you are too forward so do your best to back off while not being unapproachable. Let him know that you are interested in getting to know him better but don’t throw yourself at him, men like a little mystery. It’s best to be a little distant if you want to leave him desiring more. That age old advice of playing hard to get that worked so well when we were kids still rings true in the beginning of a relationship. Be sure to send out signals but don’t come on too strong.

11 You Always Overreact

Keep your emotions in check while still letting him know how you feel. If you always overreact how is he supposed to know when something really bothers you or excites you? You want him to get to know you and be able to gauge how you really feel about things so don’t overdo it! He may decide to keep certain things from you if he is worried about your reaction. This will no doubt build a wall in between the two of you as he will feel the need to tread lightly when talking to you. It’s alright to get excited about good news but save the strong reaction for something great and the same thing goes for when something disappoints you. Don’t act like your world is ending every time something upsets you, this will make him feel like you are hard to please and maybe not worth the effort.

10  You Are Being Too Clingy

Nobody wants to feel like someone else's property or like they have to check in before they move on with their day. You are being too clingy if your guy feels the need to constantly update you on his plans and include you in every single second of his life. Give him some space to decide what he wants to tell you and don’t be too forthcoming with your own plans until your relationship has reached the level where you share these types of things. Try to avoid making constant phone calls just to ask him what he is doing and checking his social media pages to see what he has been up to without you. This will scare him away for sure and make him sick of you even faster! Let him seek you out more without being too standoffish and giving him the idea that you are uninterested.

9 You Keep Accidentally Showing Up Everywhere He Is

Not only is stalking illegal but it is just plain scary. You may think you are sly and that he believes you two are just so perfect for each other that you keep accidentally showing up everywhere he is but in reality he may run for the hills right away. No matter how sneaky you think your sleuthing skills are he is going to know you are checking up on him and feel like you leave him no choice but to keep his distance. Don’t send him the message that he needs to try to avoid you. If you two somehow do actually end up in the same location at the same time because the world will stop spinning if you two are apart any longer, it wouldn’t be as believable if you keep setting it up. The more rare the occurrence, the more believable and exciting it will be when it actually happens naturally.

8 You Updated Your Social Media Relationship Status Too Soon

When you do finally make it official and decide to label what you two are doing together and actually call it a relationship, don’t broadcast this for everyone to see on your social media pages. It’s great that you are excited but if you update your social media relationship status too soon it could mean the end of the relationship before you get to any of the good stuff. If you are just dying to let people know that you two are together, try tagging him in your photos and fun places that you are headed to together without actually putting that relationship label on things, people will get the hint but at least it is subtle. He may not want to let everyone know just yet and if his friends start asking him about his new relationship that popped up on their timeline he may start to think twice about the relationship all together.

7 You Are Prying Into His Business

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There is a fine line between seeming like you are interested in getting to know him better and when you are prying into his business. It’s natural to feel curious about where he came from and what he is all about but don’t let that get so out of hand that he feels like you are writing a book about his life. If you go out with a group of his friends and the second he is out of earshot start bombarding his friends with questions. Be on your best behavior and remember that these are his friends, not yours. Guys act just like us when they hang out with their friends and he will be asking them what they thought of you. Try not to give them any reason to see you in a negative way because they will tell him everything and that especially includes how many times you asked about his ex girlfriends!

6 You Insist on Making Future Plans

If every date ended with a prompt for him to call or text you this will feel like work and may make him want to avoid you altogether. No matter how well it went, when the date is over let him suggest what the next step in communication will be. Let him come up with the next plan for a night out or when he wants to talk to you again. You can send him a text later that night without seeming like you are too eager but when every date ends with you asking when he is going to call you, it won't be long before it will become predictable and annoying. You don’t want the phone calls to feel forced, like he is only calling you because he told you he was going to. Where is the fun in that? You are setting the conversation up to be awkward and uninteresting and you are better off without it.

5  You Won’t Stop Stalking Him Online

Did you know that Facebook logs your information and will begin showing your profile to the people whose profile you have been viewing the most? If you won’t stop stalking him online he is bound to find out eventually and that will scare him away faster than almost anything else. It won't be long before you are inquiring about the photos you seen on his page or the female friends he has and that is only going to drive you apart. It will also drive you crazy when you see a really cute girl commenting on one his pictures or when his status changes and he is near your house but didn't stop by to see you. There is no need to put yourself through that kind of emotional rollercoaster because it can only lead the relationship to a bad place, nothing good could ever come from stalking him on social media.

4 You Are Always Trying to Read His Texts

Stop looking over his shoulder every time he receives a text message or listening in every time he receives a phone call. He knows you are curious about who is texting him and what is says so if he wants you to know, he will tell you. If he answers his phone in front of you there is probably nothing to worry about because if it was another woman he wouldn’t answer while in your company.Don’t look through his phone when he leaves it laying around either, this is only going to make your mind wander to the worst case scenario when you see information that you were never meant to see in the first place. His private conversations are meant for his eyes only and you should respect his privacy even when he is not around to monitor it. Looking through his text messages will probably not reveal much to you about his character but it will let him know about yours if he catches you snooping.

3 You Pretend to Love His Hobbies

This guy wants to get to know you better not hang around a fake version of yourself that was designed to solely please him. It’s alright to have different interests and hobbies, you can’t possibly have everything in common. If he is into something that doesn’t suit you, don’t pretend to love his hobbies. It’s alright to take an interest in something he likes but don’t overdo it. You can easily go overboard here, if his hobby is something you genuinely like than he will appreciate the time you get to spend together enjoying something you both love. However if his hobby is something that doesn’t interest you and you try your hardest to make it look like you are enjoying yourself, not only will get stuck doing this same hobby with him even though you hate it but you will miss out on the chance of doing something you actually would enjoy.

2 You Introduced Him To Everyone You Know

If you just started dating and you have already introduced him to everyone you know, no wonder he took off as fast as he could. If the relationship is going well it will eventually get to a place where families and friends are introduced but don’t rush this process. Overtime everyone will get to know each other naturally so don’t go out of your way to introduce him to everyone you know right away. Forced interactions usually don’t go over so well to begin with but it takes this disaster to a whole new level when you are expecting a guy that is just learning about you to learn everyone you know's name, backstory, and spouse, that can be overwhelming. Take things like this as they come, you will introduce friends and family eventually, no need to rush the meetings. If the relationship has any longevity at all, this will happen naturally over time.

1 You Expect Too Much Too Soon

 Give the relationship time to grow and hold off on high expectations so soon. Let things happen naturally and don't expect anything in the beginning of the relationship. This is the time to explore your interests and learn about each other. He may not be who you think he is and at the same time you may not be who he thinks you are, when you expect too much too soon this will only lead to disappointment. Do your best to hold off on any expectations you may have for the relationship until you have learned a little more about each other and what his expectations for the relationship may be. It makes sense to be upfront about what you want before investing too much time into a relationship that may be going in a different direction than you want but keep in mind that as you get closer these expectations may change.

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