15 Things You Didn't Know About Nipples

Today we're going to learn all about nipples, your breasts' on-switch. You're going to find some pretty interesting stuff here for sure! Because nipples are a really curious part of our bodies. We often want to know what's normal when it comes to our nips (hint: the answer is that all nipples are different so yours are certainly normal). Is the size normal or the shape or color? Am I supposed to have so many bumps around my nipple? Is it normal to have hair there too?

We're also interested in where they came from, in particular why men have nipples considering they won't be feeding any nippers anytime soon. And what's the deal with nipplegasms? Do people lose that kind of sensitivity when they get breast implants? Ahh, there are so many questions you could ask about nipples. Here are some answers.

15 Some women can climax just through nipple play

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You know it feels good when somebody massages your nipples just right. And apparently it is possible to have a full-blown orgasm solely from this kind of stimulation. In a survey by Men's Health, 29% of women said that they had experienced a breast orgasm. That's amazing and surely something you have to try and make happen. Even if it doesn't you can have a lot of fun in the process. Science says that a nipple orgasm is possible as nipple play stimulates the same part of your brain as genital stimulation.

14 All nipples are different

Your nipples are completely unique to you in colour, size and shape. You won't find another pair like them! Your nipples might be a light pink or a dark brown or somewhere in between, there are lots of different colours. And they come in all different sizes too, there are areolae big and small out there. Your left nipple is different from your right too, so every nipple is an individual. All of them are normal so be proud of your unique nipples.

13 Men have nipples because...

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This is something that confounds a lot of people. A woman's nipples obviously help in feeding their babies. But why do men have nipples? The answer is that every embryo is developed initially in the female form. So we were all chicks to begin with! Then if there is a Y chromosome present, testosterone prevents the formation of what will be breasts, as well as changing how the genitals form. But they serve no purpose? The deal is that nipples don't cause the male of the species any harm so they aren't gotten rid of during natural selection.

12 There are four types of nipples

I just know that your boobs will be out in about two seconds so that you can check which nipple category you belong to. There are four types altogether. You can have a “normal nipple” in which the nipple normally sticks out a few millimeters from the areola and more so when aroused. “Flat nipples” only protrude from the areola when aroused or cold. You fall into the category of “puffy nipples” if you have a raised areola. And finally there are “inverted nipples” which are of course inverted.

11 The bumps around your nipples are normal

Have you ever thought that your nipples are too bumpy? I don't know why we worry so much about whether our body parts are normal or not. Let's just all start looking at each others' bits and bobs. Then you'll see that we have all got different types of bits and bobs and it's all normal. Anyway, the bumps on your areolae are just glands and everybody has them. Scientists haven't yet concluded exactly what they're for, but they're just there. Get over it. Some guess that the areola glands might be there so that babies can find the nipple, judging by the texture.

10 Inverted nipples aren't usually a problem

It's just one of those things. Some people have inverted nipples and some don't. People that opt for surgical procedures to turn their innies into outies mostly do so because they're concerned with the way their nipples look, not because it causes them any problems. And although it might be more difficult to breastfeed with inverted nipples it isn't impossible to do. However, it is a problem if your nipples suddenly become inverted when they weren't previously. This can be caused by cancer so you need to get your nipples checked out.

9 Implants can change the sensitivity of your nipples

It would be a damn shame to lose sensitivity in your nipples. Especially since we now know that some women can climax just by having their nipples played with. According to medical professionals, it is a real possibility that you'll lose sensation in your nipples if you get a boob job. It doesn't happen in all cases and in some cases it's just temporary (for 6-18 months). Is it worth the risk? On the flip side it's also possible for your nipples to become hypersensitive after breast implants, and not in a good way – in an uncomfortable and painful way.

8 Some breast cancer survivors choose art over nipples

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Not all women who undergo a mastectomy choose to have their breast reconstructed and nipple tattoed. Rather they opt for a mastectomy scar tattoo in the area where their breasts have been removed. Some women choose an artistic representation of their journey rather than being reminded of their struggles against cancer because of the scar. And the tattoos look just beautiful! There's an organization called P.ink that breast cancer survivors can use to hook up with a tattoo artist who will do their ink.

7 You can get nipple makeup

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If for some strange reason you're not content with the way your nipples look you can always give them a makeover. Apparently, nipple makeup is all the rage in Japan for women who want to their nipples to be a pretty pink colour. Back in the 70s women wanted rosy nipples too. A stain was invented, inspired by the request of an exotic dancer who wanted her nipples to pop for the crowds. The stain, which you've probably heard of, is called Benetint. Most people use it on their lips and cheeks but some might want to add a little to their nipples.

6 Few people have third nipples

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People with extra nipples are pretty unique. It's estimated that one in 200,000 people in the US have so-called supernumerary nipples. There are different types of extra nipples, the most common of which appears without an aereola. So it's just a nubbin, as Chandler from Friends would call it, without the round bit on the outside. Although, they're uncommon you might be interested to know that some famous celebrities have extra nipples. This includes actors Tilda Swinton and Mark Wahlberg. And Harry Styles has four nipples!

5 Dark nipples are sexy

Nipples are nipples. You can't go around saying my nipples are better than hers, not that I think you would. But it is possible that men will find a darker shade of nipple much more arousing. The reason being is that blood rushes to your nipples when you get turned on, making them darker. So his caveman instinct is saying she's ready for some loving when he sees a darker nipple. Some people are said to dye their nipples to achieve this more desirable look. My advice to those people is to invest in a darker shade of Benetint.

4 Women get hairy nipples too

Some women might find it embarrassing if their nipples are as bushy as their man's. They might think there's something wrong with their body because we're not supposed to have hair there right? That's a load of rubbish. It's completely natural for women to have hair grow on their chests and around their nipples, although you don't necessarily think of women as having hair on their chests. We have hair all over our skin, so why wouldn't we get hair on our chests too. The only thing you have to watch out for is that if the hair is really excessive your hormones might be imbalanced.

3 Your nipples can warn you about cancer

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Anyone can get breast cancer, men and women. We should all definitely learn how to check for lumps in the region. But it isn't just lumps that can alert you to a problem. Your nipples too carry warning signs that might indicate cancer. As we've already noted a sudden inversion of the nipple indicates that you need to see the doctor, as too does any crusting, hardening or scabbing of the area, discharge or a sudden change in color. Keep an eye on your nipples ladies because they might just save your life.

2 Breastfeeding isn't as easy as you might have thought

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Lots of new moms wind up feeling crappy about themselves because they are having trouble breastfeeding their child. You would imagine that it doesn't feel great because it should be one of the most natural processes on earth. But even the experts admit that it can be tougher than you imagine and sometimes ladies need to see a lactation specialist to help get the milk flowing.

1 There's some stuff you should know about nipple piercings

Everyone has their own opinion on nipple piercings, I think they look hot! But if you're planning to get one anytime soon then you need to know a couple of things. Firstly, a piercing can make your nipple bigger, especially if you have small nipples to begin with. Nipple piercings also heal up pretty quickly which could be a positive (if you decide you don't want it anymore) or a negative (if you don't want it to heal but have to take it out for any reason). Plus, you'll need to avoid any oral contact until the piercing heals in case of infection. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news there.

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