15 Things You Didn't Know About Kylie Jenner

Kylie is the latest, gorgeous Kardashian sister to hit the scene. She isn't winning the congeniality award but Miss K definitely holds the title of "most fascinating". Since she hasn't been in the spotlight quite as long as the rest of them, we don't know as much about her as we might like. We do know a lot about her lipgloss and who she dates, but what else is there to learn about the littlest Jenner. The youngest of the klan, Kylie has skyrocketed to superstardom with her amazing figure and sumptuous lips. We love her style! We love her attitude! We can't get enough of her stunning selfies! We must know more about this queen of social media. She is all over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but what could Miss Jenner be hiding? It seems like she is pretty much an open book however,  there are just a few facts you may not know about Kylie.

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15 She Has A Secret Sister

We all know about her gorgeous sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. Most of us can even name the hunky brothers Rob, Brody, Brandon, and Burt. Including Kendall that's a lot of kids. Could there possibly be another? YES there definitely is. Could the Jenner family even have room for one more gorgeous person? Of course! Meet Cassandra Jenner Marino. She is the second child of Caitlyn's  (Bruce Jenner) from a previous marriage to Chrystie Crownover. She prefers to go by Casey and even uses the name Casey Jenner on social media. Casey is a fabulous mother of 3 whose good looks fit right in with the rest of the clan. Despite a rocky start, she and Caitlyn seem to have a great relationship. Casey has been publicly supportive but she is probably the most secretive one in the family. Casey and her big brother Burt are the only Jenner children/step-children who haven't had a reality show. We would love to see more of her onscreen!

14 Kylie Was A Cheerleader

Kylie wasn't always focused on her fashion career. She is no stranger to school spirit! Once upon a time she was super busy cheering on her high school football team. Kylie was on the cheerleading squad at the prestigious Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California with notable alumni Willow Smith. Kylie was a spotter while Kendall was a base. When asked which was the better cheerleader, the girls could not agree! Big sis Kendall graced the cover of American Cheerleader Magazine and we caught Kylie performing a cheer routing in Greece before giving it up in 2014. You won't be surprised to learn that these sisters rocked that boring uniform making it as close to fabulous as possible. It seems like Kylie and Kendall used to be normal teens before they swept Hollywood by storm. Once they became celebrities, the sisters found themselves struggling to keep up with academics. Their busy modeling careers were taking off and they made the decision to be homeschooled.

13 She Has Only Been On TV Since 2007

It feels like we have been stalking Kylie forever but the young model/actress/entrepreneur has only been on the scene since 2007. We first meet a 9-year-old Kylie on the original Keeping Up With The Kardashian episodes. You really have to watch closely to see much of her. She only appears briefly on a few episodes but as seasons progress we see more and more of the young starlet. Kylie begins modeling for a Sears tween line at the age of twelve doing a series of print ads. By 13 Kylie is featured in magazines like Seventeen and we really start to recognize her. Rumors suggest she was financially independent by 14, which may explain why we start to see her working more and more. When Kylie quits school in order to homeschooled, we get to know more about her and she quickly takes the spotlight.

12 She Is Charitable


In 2013 the two youngest K sisters opened up their own charity and their own closets. They used Ebay to auction off some of their high end designer duds in order to benefit the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Eventually they convinced some of their famous family to join them. They raised $277,469.60 that year and the Ebay store has been operational ever since. Kylie helped to benefit the Children's Hospital again on her 18th birthday in August of last year. She didn't stop there! Kylie isn't the type to throw money and run. This young mogul cares about others, especially children. She took the time to visit kids undergoing dialysis. Kylie brought them special care packages filled with goodies. The gifts included Beats headphones, Arthur George socks (Rob Kardashian's brand), blankets, and kidney friendly candy. Just one reason Kylie is our favorite!

11 She Is Named After Her Mom

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Born in August of 1997, Kylie was given the middle name Kristen after her famous momager, Kristen (aka Kris) Mary Jenner. She isn't the only one! Big sis Kourtney sports the middle name Mary after her mom as well. We can't leave out big bro Rob. He was named after his famous attorney dad, Robert Kardashian. Kendall also has an interesting name. She is officially Kendall Nicole Jenner, after Nicole Brown Simpson. This family definitely keeps the name game interesting. It was actually Kris' parents who began all the K fun. Kylie's mom grew up with a younger sister named Karen. I guess she thought sharing a letter with your sister was super fun. Maybe Kylie will continue the trend. She has stated in multiple interviews that she desires to have a family full of girls because growing up with sisters has been a blast.

10 Kylie Has 9 Siblings

We know a few of her siblings quite well but there are a few we tend to forget. Kendall is the baby to nine big brothers and sisters. 4 of them share her last name. Burt Jenner is the oldest of Kylie's siblings, born in 1978. The very next year Kourtney was born and the creation of Kylie's double sided family tree began. Kylie has also spilled the beans that Kourtney is her favorite! 1980 brought big sister Casey and the end of Bruce's first marriage. This was also the year that gave us Kim Kardashian. By 1981 Bruce had remarried and brought Brandon Jenner onto the scene. Brody was born in 1983 followed by Khloe in 1984. After a long sibling break Rob enters the world in 1987 and the Kardashian side is finalized. In 1995 Kendall is born and Kylie has her complete sibling collection!

9 She Hates Chocolate Cake!

Kylie says she loves chocolate but hates it in cake form. If you check out her series of Youtube videos, Cooking With Kylie, you won't find any of this yummy treat. Instead she features yams, burgers, and other savory foods. This K sister definitely has her sweet tooth in check. For her 18th birthday Kylie was presented with a 4 tier cake covered in edible gold paint. The cake was made by Jessika Menard of Cakes par Haute Couture in Quebec, Canada and featured no chocolate. This fondant masterpiece was 30kilos and cost around $3,000. Her people made sure there was no chocolate in site. Kylie may not like chocolate in cake form but she loves it in eyeshadow! She has been all over the net raving about Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette which she uses to achieve her everyday glamour look. Kylie has also tweeted about her love for Ihop's hot chocolate and she and Tyga were seen shopping at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory a few times. I'm sure Miss K was not buying the cake.

8 Before The Feud With Nicki Minaj, Kylie Was A Fan


Just last year Kylie gave an interview to Seventeen magazine. She said if she could trade spots with any celeb for a day it would be Nicki Minaj. Kylie also cozied up to her idol at the 2015 American Music Awards, comparing bums and laughing. Imagine how crushed she was to hear Nicki dissing her on the remix of Yo Gotti's "Down In The DM". To Kylie's dismay it was the second time Nicki would throw shade. Nicki's video "Feeling Myself" features Minaj wearing a 17 jersey with the word "Pervert". This was a clear diss on Kylie's relationship with ex boyfriend Tyga. It's no surprise since Tyga has been a longtime enemy of Miss Minaj but poor Kylie! It seems Kylie is not one to hold a grudge. Shortly after the release of the song, she posted a snap chat which featured her lip singing to one of Nicki's hits.

7 Kylie Knew Tyga Long Before They Dated

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A video from 2011 at Kendall Jenner's sweet 16 party reveals the first time Kylie met Tyga. Though he was with his baby-mama Blac Chyna at the time, there does seem to be a little bit of flirtation with the 14 year old Kylie. Kylie reports that she was the one who chose and booked Tyga for the gig, though he was one of Kendall's favorite rappers. Tyga performs Kendall's favorite songs while Kylie looks on admiringly. He eventually takes off his shirt and is seen dancing with the young girls. She seems shy and nervous around the much older rapper. In the episode of KUWTK that features this party, Kylie can be seen awkwardly flirting with Tyga. In 2014 (3 years later) he split with Blac and began a romance with Kylie that August. Though the pair denied the relationship for a long time, it seems this hookup was meant to be.

6 She Doesn't Work Out

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The star with one of Hollywood's most amazing bodies reveals that she doesn't have to work for it. Her perfect combo of slim + curvy is just the way she was born. Not only does Kylie avoid the gym, she eats whatever she wants. Kylie's ability to maintain her figure with little effort has been a running joke among her sisters who work hard at physical fitness on KUWTK. This gorgeous star chows down on Popeye's and loves yellow rice. She thanks her dad for her athletic genes and perfect figure. Her fast metabolism allows her to maintain a junk food diet and cram herself full of candy. Kylie knows this will catch up to her eventually and plans to start working out soon. It's still hard to believe those abs come naturally. She blames her mom for the sweet tooth, claiming she always had candy in the house.

5 Kylie Is A Leo

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She was born August 10, 1997 making our favorite K sister a Leo. Leos love the limelight and Kylie has had no problem taking center stage. She was raised in front of the cameras but this is the baby of a famous family who stepped out in front as soon as possible. Kylie's current possible interest, PartyNextDoor is a Cancer, so we aren't sure if he will be a good fit. Tyga is a Scorpio so their love match was doomed. Leos are proud and creative. This description fits Kylie perfectly. She keeps developing her own brands from clothing to cosmetics and has achieved great success. Kylie is dynamic and a fiery go getter, which are also leo traits. Sometimes it seems this young entrepreneur/model/tv star is unstoppable. Her moon sign is scorpio. This shows that Kylie desires intensity and passion within relationships. Kendall, Kris, and Caitlyn are all scorpios, so she has a lot of scorpio energy in her life.

4 She Is The Messiest In The Family


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Recently, while hosting the Ellen show, big sisters Khloe and Kourtney outed Kylie as the messiest in the family. She always looks on point but occasionally we catch a glimpse of her signature mess in the background. Kylie is only 18 after all! Kendall says that Kylie is the messiest person alive and does not even care. "Literally she will sleep at my house for one night and my guest room is trashed" shares Kendall. It appears the only thing messier than Kylie's room are the comments on her Instagram, or maybe her breakup with Tyga. When mom, Kris, sent Kylie birthday wishes via Instagram, she listed all of Kylie's best attributes. "You are one of the kindest, most loving, generous, sweetest, smartest, most loyal, brightest, most giving, infectious, hard working, bravest, dearest, hilarious, and messiest girls I know."

3 Kylie Wears A Size 8 Shoe

Legs 💛

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Her foot is slightly smaller than average, meaning that most of us can squeeze our feet into all of her fabulous designer shoes. Kylie, any plans to start mailing out hand-me-downs to adoring fans? How many shoes does one beautiful starlet need? We can help you walk them and make sure they get good exercise! Kylie's favorite pair of shoes are said to be a pair of leopard print Louboutin heels. This gorgeous pair of pumps cost $1,390! She and sister Kendall debuted their own shoe collection recently. They range in price from 89$-160$ and she says they are the most inexpensive shoes in her closet. You can take a tour of her amazing shoe closet by downloading the Kylie app. This is where she stores what appears to be hundreds of thousands of dollars of gorgeous shoes. We just can't get enough.

2 She Is Only 5'5

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Kylie is famous for modeling and we have seen her grace the catwalks of Adidas, Sherri Hill, and Abbey Dawn. She has also posed for many famous photogs and starred in ad campaigns. This may lead you to think she has a model figure, especially if you have seen her pose next to her shorty sisters Kourtney and Kim. The truth is Kylie is an average height and weight at 130lbs. She favors a curvy body type which many speculate isn't natural. This may be why we have recently noticed her putting more time into her cosmetics line than her modeling career. Kylie still has no trouble booking modeling gigs and recently posed in a print ad for Balmain with model sister Kendall. She is the third tallest of all her sisters and like Kim, she has graced the cover of Paper magazine. Kylie even landed a Vogue cover so maybe modeling isn't just for tall girls after all.

1 She Is Secretly Back With Tyga


It has only been two months since their split but rumors are flying that this dynamic duo is back on. During their break Kylie was linked to rapper PartyNextDoor but with Instagram as our witness, it appears PND is out. Kylie is seen in a photo, posted by Tyga, sitting on his bed. He captioned the photo "They always come back". We are sure this is not his Kylie look alike stand in because she is seen in the same nude bodycon dress that she was wearing throughout her social media posts on Friday. She and Tyga may be back together but her fling with PND will live on forever since she is featured romantically in his latest video. Don't worry about Tyga. He won't be outdone. The rapper will feature model Amina Blue in his latest video and shared a pic of himself and the beauty recently. It looks like the couple has let go of all that drama in the name of love because insiders are reporting that Tyga is moving into Kylie's mansion asap!

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