15 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Trudeau

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Trudeau

From teaching to snowboarding to acting, Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a jack-of -all trades kind of guy. Seriously, you will learn that there is almost nothing he can’t do. He has lived a lot of lives before taking on his new job as a world leader. But at the same time, he is not a stranger to the life of a politician since he grew up in the political spotlight. He is multi-talented, handsome, and here to represent the Liberal party in Canada. Justin’s life story could fill up a book (he does have a memoir actually) and there is so much to learn about the man who has been widely called the “world’s sexiest politician.”

So get comfy with some bacon and maple syrup (so Canadian eh) while we tell you everything you need to know about Canada’s Just Trudeau. There is a new JT in town and he has totally got some moves of his own.

15. His Father Was Also Prime Minister

Via Montreal Gazette

Justin is a political prince and has even been referred to as a “Canadian Kennedy.” While that’s totally partly because of his good looks, it’s really because his father was Prime Minister first. Justin’s dad, Pierre Trudeau, was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada from 1986 to 1979 and then again from 1908 to 1984. That makes Justin the first second – generation leader of Canada. Like his dad before him, Justin is a member of Canada’s Liberal party. Both Trudeau’s are known for sparking excitement in young voters, which was given the name “Trudeaumania.” The senior Trudeau also fought for universal health care and bilingualism in Canada. At his funeral in 2000, Justin gave a moving eulogy. He said, “Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The very words convey so many things to so many people. Statesman, intellectual, professor, adversary, outdoorsman, lawyer, journalist, author, prime minister. But more than anything, to me, he was dad.”

14. He Is A Feminist

Via Huffington Post

If you didn’t love him enough already, Trudeau openly being a feminist has got to do it. Justin has declared his feminist stance on several occasions. During an interview with Vox he said, “Quite frankly I talk about the fact that I’m a feminist as often as I can, and every time I do it gets huge reaction and media reacts and the Twitterverse explodes and things like that, because here I am saying ‘I’m a feminist.’” It’s easy to say it, but actions speak louder than words and Justin has delivered on that front as well. After winning the election he appointed a cabinet that is 50% women. When asked why he thought it was important to make a cabinet with an equal balance of men and women he answered, “Because it’s 2015.” He’s even got his own “feminist meme” inspired by the ones featuring Ryan Gosling. While it really shouldn’t be a surprise when world leaders express the importance of feminism, Justin putting his belief in women’s rights out there will hopefully encourage other male politicians to do the same.

13. He Was A Teacher

Via CTV News

Before Justin went into politics, he was an elementary and high school teacher for a few years. He taught a bunch of subjects like math, drama, and French. Being a teacher makes sense with his nurturing personality. It wouldn’t be surprising if being a teacher, in turn, made him a better politician. Trudeau said this about his decision to become a teacher: “After graduating from McGill in 1994 with a B.A., I found myself with a lot of time to think about my life and my future. That summer, in a quiet moment of reflection on a hillside, I realized my next step: I would become a schoolteacher. This would be my way of having a positive influence in the world.” Fellow teacher Anthony Stephen described Trudeau’s teaching skills, saying, “[he was] a highly valued, spirited, and enthusiastic teacher.” The students he taught are pretty lucky, now they can say they learned how to say “J’aime le Canada,” from the guy in charge of it.

12. He’s Actually Not The Youngest Prime Minister

Via Huffington Post

While Justin is super young to be running a country at the age of only forty-three, despite popular belief he is actually not the youngest prime minister Canada has had. The youngest ever was actually Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark, who was elected when he was only thirty-nine. Clark actually beat Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father, in the 1979 election. Winning such a title before needing an AARP membership is quite an accomplishment. Apparently, Justin has spent a lot of his political career defending his youth. However, as far as world leaders go he is still not the youngest ever and he was almost exactly the same age as JFK when he was elected President. And perhaps Trudeau’s youthfulness gives him a unique approach to politics. He has a chance to reinvigorate the Liberalism in Canada, as it has had Conservative leaders for the past ten years. Also, it helps that he isn’t so bad on the eyes.

11. He’s Got A Tattoo

Via Pinterest

Under that suit and tie, Trudeau is sporting a tattoo. Justin has a large tattoo of a raven on his left arm. Large meaning it is in no way subtle. He initially got the tattoo when he was twenty-three and added to it on his fortieth birthday. The tattoo’s design is inspired by the Haida people, who are indigenous to Canada’s Pacific northwest. In 2012 Trudeau tweeted, “My tattoo is planet Earth inside a Haida raven.” Trudeau’s family actually does has a connection to the Haida people. He and his family were made honorary members of the Haida tribe in 1976. The tattoo was revealed to the world when Justin fought in a charity boxing match against his political rival. Of course, he won that fight. While it might still be unusual for a political leader to have such an obvious tattoo, Trudeau has already proven to be anything but traditional. He definitely pulls off his tat and should roll up his sleeves more often.

10. He’s The Only Prime Minister Born In Canada’s Capital

Via The Canadian Daily

Out of twenty – three Prime Ministers, Justin is the only one to be born in the country’s capital city of Ottawa. He was born there on December 25, 1971 (duh, his birthday is Christmas day) to Pierre and Margaret Trudeau. Justin spent his childhood living at 24 Sussex Drive, the residence of the Prime Minister in Ottawa. While living there Justin was given the codename “Maple 3” by the security detail. Being the son of the Prime Minister comes with some major perks, like playing tag with your brothers in Parliament and meeting Ronald Reagan. Justin was totally aware of his unique childhood, saying, “My father got to introduce us to amazing people. I got to understand that, regardless of whatever station or responsibility someone had, they’re just people.” That was an important thing for me to learn as a kid.” When his parents split in 1977, Justin moved to Montreal with his father. Growing up with famous parents must be tough, but Justin took full advantage of his family’s status and tried as many new things as he could.

9. Sometimes He’s An Actor

Via Huffington Post

He might not be Ronald Reagan but Justin also has a history of acting. He’s even got his own IMDB page to prove it. In 2007 Trudeau starred in the CBC TV docudrama The Great War, which is about Canada’s role in World War I. He played Talbot Papineau, a French Canadian war hero. Trudeau decided to act in the five hour docudrama to remind Canadians of how many soldiers they lost in that war, including his great-uncle. There’s a scene in the film where Justin and his crew bathe in a lake. When interviewed about that scene he said, “The nude scene wasn’t really supposed to be a nude scene until someone showed me a picture of soldiers bathing in WW1 and it was white bums as far as the eye could see, the whole way down the beach. I said, well you know what, if that was what they did then that’s what I’ll do.” Trudeau’s character died in the war and he acted out the death by taking at least two fake bullets. It’s worth a watch if you want to see Trudeau fake die or maybe catch a glimpse of his butt.

8. He’ll Throw Himself Down A Flight Of Stairs For A Laugh

Via India

Trudeau has announced a few times that he has a “party trick”, which is him pretending to fall down a full flight of stairs. While being interviewed on television in Quebec, Justin mentioned that he knew how to safely fall down stairs and immediately offered to demonstrate. Trudeau positioned himself at the top of some stairs and made sure the host who was interviewing him was out of harm’s way. He then tumbled head first down the stairs and managed to land safely at the bottom. While covering the Canadian election on his show, John Oliver commented on the hilarious stunt, saying, “You cannot deny that it is somewhat satisfying to watch a soul-patched man named Justin with a French accent fall down some stairs.” So now you know, if you ever see the Prime Minister of Canada fall down a huge flight of stairs, it’s probably just a joke and he’s totally fine.

7. He Can Balance A Baby On One Hand

Via Vancouver Sun

While campaigning in 2015, Justin displayed a fun and gravity defying trick that involves other people’s babies. In an interview with The Vancouver Sun, he revealed that he learned the trick from his father. He also stated that even if the baby doesn’t know how to stand yet, they know that they want to learn how. He also mentioned that he doesn’t only perform the trick with his own kids. It involves some maneuvering to get the baby into an upright position. “They’re very excited. You twist their ankles at the same time as you’re holding them up, and their (knees) lock and they’re just happy to be big and proud and they can see everything and everyone’s smiling,” he said in the interview. This is seriously the most adorable way to win an election. Trudeau proves that just kissing babies is so over. Balancing them definitely gets more votes, even if it makes their parents a little bit nervous.

6. Richard Nixon Predicted His Political Success

Via Pinterest

Nixon definitely had his share of political plunders, but he did accurately predict Justin’s success in politics. In 1972, Justin’s parents hosted a black-tie gala at the National Arts Centre in honor of Nixon’s visit to Ottawa. During dinner, Nixon gave a toast that would become known as the Nixon prophecy. “Tonight, we’ll dispense with formalities. I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada—to Justin Pierre Trudeau,” he said firmly. At the time Justin was only a four month old baby, but his dad Pierre responded with, ““I hope he has the grace and skill of the president.” And the prediction came true! How eerie is that? Too bad Nixon couldn’t see his own future. Justin would go down a lot of career paths, but he would eventually follow in his father’s footsteps. It can also be argued that he has more grace and skill than both Nixon and the current U.S. president, even when he’s throwing himself down flights of stairs.

5. He Knows What’s Up With Quantum Computing


While Justin may be known for his looks and charm, the world should not underestimate his intelligence. That’s the mistake one reporter made when jokingly asking Trudeau about quantum computing. The Prime Minister had just taken a tour of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario and was holding a press conference. A reporter asked about approaches to fighting terrorism, but started the question with, “I was going to ask you to explain quantum computing.” Trudeau responded with, “Very simply, normal computers work by…” and was immediately interrupted by laughter from the audience. He smiled like a guy with a super smart secret and asked the crowd to let him continue. He said, “Don’t interrupt me. When you walk out of here you will know more, well, no, some of you will know far less about quantum computing.” He then launched in to a pretty solid explanation on the subject. Who says the Prime Minister can’t be pretty and smart?

4. He Took Ballet Lessons As A Kid

Via Pinterest

Trudeau’s knack for grace and poise started at a young age. In his memoir titled Common Ground, Justin talks about taking ballet lessons as a child. His mother Margaret enrolled him in dance classes when he was six years old. Young Justin apparently hated going to classes and would have to be dragged to them involuntarily by his mom. She gave up on her son’s dance career when a random guy on the street told her to “give the kid a break.” The memoir is filled with many insights into the Prime Ministers early life, such as feeling awkward at school and dealing with having acne. Even if he thought he was lame in his past, his is undoubtedly super cool now. Maybe taking those ballet lessons are part of his current cool persona. He is a master of balance, dignity, and pretending to fall down things. Seriously, just check it out online!

3. He Used To Be A Snowboard Instructor

Via Daily Hive Vancouver

In 1996 while the show 7th Heaven was just getting started, Justin Trudeau was snowed knee deep in his snowboarding career. The young Trudeau worked as a snowboarding instructor in Whistler Mountain while a college student at the University of British Columbia. He coached teens on how to shred as part of a program called the Ride Tribe, according to CBC.com. He would sleep on his friend Sean Smillie’s couch and may have even lived out of his car to be closer to the mountains. “Justin’s enthusiasm [for politics] pretty much matched his enthusiasm for being in the mountains, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends,” said Smillie. Environmental communities in Canada hope that Justin’s love of snowboarding will lead him to take measures to combat global warming, as Canada has seen less snow than usual in recent years. If any world leader is going to take a special interest in protecting snowboarding, it’ll be this one.

2. He’s An Awesome Bhangra Dancer

Justin may have hated going to ballet lessons but he loves to bhangra. A viral video has been floating around of him dancing at an event organized by the India-Canada Association of Montreal in 2009. In the video, he busts a move while wearing a white desi kurta-pyjama and dupatta. He spins gracefully with other dancers to the song “Dil Bole Hadippa!”, which is from a popular Bollywood movie. Trudeau has been totally praised for his performance. The British Independent raved about him, writing, “So it turns out Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also a fantastic bhangra dancer.” Digital marketer Agiya Bakht tweeted about him, saying, “Kind of weird, but totally crushing on Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. The energetic Bhangra helps! :-)” With all of the other physically demanding jobs he has had, it makes sense for Justin to be super light on his feet. Of course, the other JT can dance, pretty sure it’s a requirement when those are your initials.

1. He Could Be The Hottest World Leader Ever

Via Pinterest

It’s true. Trudeau is easy on the eyes and anyone who has them knows it. That wavy dark hair a blue eyes, man he should be a model. Actually, he probably was at some point. Even though he’s totally hot, Justin has a lot more to bring to his role has Prime Minister than just his looks. A lifetime of unique experiences combined with a political upbringing has prepared Justin for the job. He has spoken about the challenging tasks ahead, saying, “There’s going to be good decisions. There’s going to be decisions that other people disagree with that we sort of have to do anyway, and I think what matters to me and what the expectation is clearest on is not even the outcomes — although growing the economy for everyone is the big outcome that we’ve talked the most about — but it’s also the attitude and the intent.” Justin is going to accomplish quite a bit while he’s Prime Minister, and he’s sure going to look good doing it. And hey, maybe more people will tune into important press conferences to see the Prince Eric look alike.

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