15 Things You Didn't Know About 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Camilla Luddington

Whether you love to hate it or just genuinely love it, you're definitely still watching Grey's Anatomy. You can't stop with this glorious hospital drama and its characters dealing with crazy situations and just plain crazy emotions. Sure, your best friends might ask why you haven't broken up with it yet, and sure, there is a lot of hate out there about this show. But you don't care. You can't stop, won't stop, and that's just the way that it's going to be. One character that you absolutely adore is Jo. She's officially won your heart with her most recent plot and character developments (no spoilers here... but if you're not caught up, why not?!). She's fierce, confident, insecure, beautiful, flawed, and just generally a great addition to the cast. But although you feel like you know Jo super well since she graces your TV screen every Thursday night, do you really know anything about the actress behind the role?

Here are 15 things you didn't know about Grey's Anatomy star Camilla Luddington.


15 She's British

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Did you know that Camilla is British? Well, now you know. Crazy, right?! She does such an amazing job playing Jo and having an American accent. You probably had absolutely no idea that she was faking her accent and that she really is English. I mean most people are, but now that you know this, this just makes her even more amazing! She is just that good. Camilla grew up in England and it wasn't until she was a young teenager that she moved to the U.S. (Austin in particular). It sounds like Camilla always wanted to move to America. After growing up in her home country and then moving to Austin, she reportedly started university and then ended up moving to New York to study acting. She then moved to L.A. which is where she currently lives. Her Instagram bio reads "Brit in L.A." just in case there was any confusion.

14 She's Pregnant

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Camilla is not only married but she is also pregnant with her first child. If you are wondering how the show is going to work around that pregnancy, so are we. You probably know that so many TV shows and movies have some pretty hilarious, ridiculous, and brilliant ways of hiding someone's pregnancy, so you are excited to see what Shonda Rhimes and the writers come up with. It will be epic, naturally, since this is Grey's Anatomy that we are talking about. Some of those ways? That would be hiding behind a lamp, furniture, holding a massive purse in front of your body, wearing a huge coat that no one would really wear, and always standing or sitting behind something like a pillow. Yup, there are lots of ideas to choose from. You just know Camilla is going to be a totally awesome mom. And the way she announced it? Even more awesome.


13 She Has The Best Instagram

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Celebrity Instagrams can be the most fun things in the world and we are happy to report that Camilla Luddington's Insta account does not disappoint. Check out her feed and you are going to feel like she is your best friend. She's so chill and cool, it's amazing. This particular post from a few weeks ago is just hilarious and comedy gold.... and there is a lot more from where this came from. Plus there's the fact that her Instagram account proves that she is totally and completely relatable. You would barely know that she's a famous and successful actress. Haven't you ever woken up and felt that you looked like a total disaster, from your hair to your skin? Of course, you have. Because you're a regular human being. Camilla feels that way too, and so if there was any doubt that she wasn't the coolest actress ever, now you know.

12 She Loves Jo And Alex

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Camilla has said in a few interviews that she is totally into Jo and Alex's relationship. She told Cosmopolitan.com that their big issue is how they just can't talk to each other: "I don’t know if they’ll ever be good at communicating. But I root for them, even though I understand why some people think they can’t be together." That is definitely frustrating and it's why it can be so tough trying to ship Jo and Alex. You definitely agree with Camilla's observations. She also says the theory floating around that Alex will start dating Meredith is pretty interesting and makes a lot of sense. But you are totally still holding out hope that Jo and Alex can make up, right? You love this couple and think they are just so charming and adorable together. It's hard to imagine them breaking up for good, so hopefully, when the new episodes return next year, they will kiss and make up.


11 She Played Kate Middleton

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Maybe you have heard that there was a TV movie about Kate Middleton and Prince William a few years ago. But did you realize that Camilla Luddington played Kate Middleton?! Well, now you know. The 2011 movie was called William & Kate and was about when the lovebirds met at the Scottish University of St. Andrews. Unfortunately, while the movie got amazing ratings, the critics were not quite so nice. In fact, they were downright cold and basically hated the movie. Oh well. At least things worked out for Camilla since now she is playing Jo and enjoying a ton of career success. You can't have it all, right? But we think it's super cool that she played Kate Middleton and now we want to watch this movie ASAP to check out her acting. A second movie about the couple was also made later on, but it didn't star Camilla.

10 People Thought She And Justin Chambers Were Dating

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You definitely know that a lot of celebrities end up together after starring in a TV show or film. It makes sense since if you're spending a lot of time with someone -- and even pretending to love them -- then, of course, you would start having feelings for them. It's basically human nature. Apparently, people thought that Camilla Luddington and Justin Chambers were dating in real life... but those rumors were totally debunked since Justin has been married for a long time, and Camilla has been with her guy for ages too. So no, Jo and Alex aren't in a beautiful relationship together in real life. Sorry fans. It's just not going to happen. You totally get why people would think that though since they are just such pretty people. They look so good together on the TV show, they would look so good together in person, too. Oh well...


9 She Loves Her Dog

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Camilla is a dog person, and more than that, she absolutely adores her dog. She features him on her Instagram account pretty often and you have to admit that he is adorable. A few days ago, she posted this super cute photo of the two of them cuddling. She posted another cute photo of him with an "I voted" sticker on election day. She also has a cute photo of him wearing an orange outfit on Halloween. Okay, so every single Instagram photo of her dog is cute. That's just a fact. She calls him "Gus Gus" via a hashtag every time so you can assume that's his name (unless it's just "Gus" and that's her nickname for him). Whatever his name is, you can be sure that you now want to follow her on Instagram so you can bask in the glory of his cuteness all the time. It's a good reason to follow her, right?!

8 She Lost Her Mom

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Sadly, Camilla's mom passed away about 13 years ago, which is incredibly tragic and really hard to think about. She posted this Instagram photo on the anniversary of her mom's death. It is really sweet that she told such nice stories about her mom and definitely tries to keep her memory alive, which is about the only thing you can do in this horrible circumstance. This just goes to show that no one's life is perfect and absolutely everyone goes through tough times. Yes, that includes the rich and the famous, and yes, that includes someone who stars on one of your favorite TV shows and who you probably thought led a super charmed life (it's not all rainbows and sunshine). This definitely puts some things into perspective. You totally feel for Camilla and wish that this wasn't the case. Her mom, who danced and cooked and did impressions, sounds really amazing.


7 She Was In The Dark Too

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Major spoiler alert coming... well, kind of. We don't want to ruin things for you if you're not totally caught up with every episode that has aired this season so far. So all we will say that is some massive news about Jo and her past (make that her totally secret and mysterious past) has come to the surface, and Jo is trying her best to deal with this. But in case you thought that Camilla knew about this for a long time, think again. She has said in interviews that at one table read, she found out all this stuff that was going to happen and she was pretty surprised. That must have been one epic and crazy table read to sit through. It just goes to show that sometimes actors are just as surprised as the fans when these crazy twists and turns happen on TV shows. And since this is a Shonda Rhimes show, there are sure to be more twists and turns.

6 She Was Lara Croft

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Well, not technically and not in a movie or anything. But Camilla did voice the Tomb Raider character for a video game back in 2013. That must have been a really cool and interesting experience since that is definitely not something that most people, even famous actresses, get to do every day. If you remember the Angelina Jolie-starring movie from back in the day, then you are probably fan girling right now since that was probably a pretty inspiring movie for you, depending on how old you were at the time. It definitely showed that girls can be tough and fight for something that they believe in and that they do not have to just sit around waiting for the guys to do all that. Pretty cool. Camilla also voiced the character once again back in 2015. Now you want to buy that video game, right?! Or maybe gift it to your boyfriend just so you can seefor yourself!


5 She Was On 'True Blood'

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In season five of the super popular fantasy show True Blood, Camilla starred as a faerie. If you do not remember or recognize her, no one would honestly blame you since it really was not until she joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy that people started to take notice of both her and her amazing acting abilities. But in case you want to get all nostalgia and re-watch season five (or start watching the show from the very beginning if you never got into it), then go ahead and give this season of True Blood a go again. Her character is named Claudette Crane and she has telepathic abilities. Which sounds really, really awesome. It is always cool to find out that your fave actresses and actors had roles on other shows that you loved. It makes watching them that much more fun and enjoyable. So what are you waiting for?!

4 She's Just Like You

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Okay, so maybe you are not pregnant right now. Or even married. Or starring on a hit Shonda Rhimes TV show. But you do love to relax on Friday nights (okay, okay, every other night of the week, too). You love Fixer Upper and other home reno shows. You love wine. You love changing up your hair sometimes. Well, the are all things that Camilla Luddington has talked about on her social media channels, from her instagram to her Twitter account. So now you know that you two have way more in common than you ever thought. She often tweets the most hilarious and relatable things and it's like you could have said these things yourself, that's how much you feel she is like you. On November 5th she tweeted, "Saturday plan: watch fixer upper alllllllll day and pretend I'm chip and Joanne kthanksbye." Yup, you've been there, done that.


3 She Eats Low Carb

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In an interview with the foodie and fashion website thenewpotato.com, Camilla said, "Diet-wise I always try to eat low carb. It’s the one thing that helps me maintain my weight and energy. A typical dinner for me is chicken, spinach, and sweet potato." So just in case you thought that she was stuffing her face with all the goodies and treats that you think are probably available on sets via craft series, well, now you know. She's actually super healthy. It's always interesting to hear how celebrities eat since, of course, you tend to think that famous people know more about eating healthy and working out and just generally living their best lives than you do. But give yourself some credit. If you're living a healthy lifestyle, then that's pretty awesome, and you should be proud. So yeah, it's cool that eating low carb works for Camilla, but if it doesn't work for you and you need more carbs in your diet, no biggie.

2 She Is A Fellow Brunch Fan

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In the same interview, Camilla said that she not only adores brunch (just like you and the rest of humanity), she loves to have people over for brunch. OMG, where is your invite?! You are totally convinced that she would throw the best brunch gathering ever and now you are super depressed that you are not friends with her and you do not get to attend. She said that she likes having eggs, cocktails, and pancakes. You are dreaming just thinking about it. Okay, now you are craving brunch (even if it is not breakfast time where you are). But that's not saying much since breakfast foods are the best and you are always craving them. This is just a normal day for you. Okay, Camilla, you have inspired us and we are now going to throw epic brunch bashes for our nearest and dearest. Sounds like the best idea ever.


1 She Cares About Jo

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You always hope that an actress or actor cares about the character that they play on TV... especially if they're your fave character or it's your all-time fave show. You don't have to worry because Camilla Luddington totally and completely adores Jo. In every single interview that she does about the character and show, she talks about wanting to know why Jo does the things that she does. You get the feeling that she really needs that information since she's just such a professional. She wouldn't feel right just going along with whatever the writers have decided -- she wants to know the reasons why so she can truly commit to the character and do her best work. Super cool and something to really be inspired by. For example, when Jo's latest news came out on the show, she asked Shonda and the writing team why Jo would do and say this stuff. Now that's an actress that we can love... and follow on Instagram. Again, her Insta is just the best.

Sources: Cosmopolitan.com, Thenewpotato.com


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