15 Things You Didn't Know About Camila Cabello

You may know her from her audition on X-Factor or the fact that she was in the girl group Fifth Harmony, and you may have even seen her in a few photos with Taylor Swift and a bunch of other famous celebs. But what you may not know is where she was born, or the fact that she is utterly obsessed with Harry Potter-- to the extent of even dressing up as a Wizard once. And you may not know that she loves to read and binge watches on shows just like us!

The awesome thing about celebrities is how normal they actually are and there are so many sides to them that we, the fans, hardly get to see. Which is why I took the liberty of investigating on the wondrous Camila Cabello. She isn't just a girl in a group, as there are so many sides to her. If you love listening to her sing, and obsess over her fashionable style, then you might be interested in learning a little about her background. Here are 15 Things You Didn't Know About Camila Cabello, take a look:

15 Born In Cuba

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Before there was X-factor before there was Fifth Harmony, and before Miami, this Latin beauty was born on March 3, 1997, in Cojímar, Cuba. Camila is a Cuban-American singer-songwriter, the spunky 5'2 Fifth Harmony star grew up in Cuba and her family decided to move to Miami when she was just five years old! Another small fact, she is actually Cuban-Mexican-- as her mother is Cuban and her father is Mexican, she also has a younger sister, Sofia Cabello. Her family moved around a lot when she was younger-- Camila moved from Cuba to Mexico to finally Miami, Florida. No wonder this beach babe loves the beach so much and that permanent tan for days-- makes us all a little jealous! It must have been hard moving around a lot but nothing Camila couldn't handle. Plus she got to see parts of the world that some people never get the chance to.

14 Learned To Speak English On Her Own

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This darling managed to learn English all by herself-- and since Spanish was the language she was fluent in, you would think it would have taken her some time to get the English language down. When Camila and her family moved to Miami, Florida, she did not know how to speak any English. But she took it upon herself to learn English-- which she simply learned how to speak English by just watching television! She would sit and watch television shows and cartoons which led to her learning how to speak English. In an Instagram post, she once shared with her fans: "On my first day of school, they asked me if I knew how to speak English. I don't know if I misunderstood or was too embarrassed, but I said 'Yea, I speak English.' So I never actually took an ELL class, but I picked up English really easily." Funny to think that she was so embarrassed that she didn't speak English that she pretended she could. For someone who didn't know how to speak English before coming to the states, she definitely speaks it pretty well. Who would have thought!

13 She Was Homeschooled

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Did you know that Camila Cabello didn't stay in an actual school for the rest of High School? For a good portion of Camila's life, she attended public school. When living in Mexico, she attended for a little bit until her family moved to Miami where she continued public school. Around the time she turned 15, that was when her career really started to take off. Due to such a busy schedule, Camila felt that between 2012-2013 school year it would be best to be homeschooled. So Camila decided she didn't want to go to public school anymore, and left in the middle of High School and decided to switch over to homeschooling. She has since graduated. But it is understandable that with her career taking off, she didn't want to get behind in her school work. Therefore, being homeschooled was the best solution. To Camila, education was just as important as her career was, which is why she didn't want to just drop out of school while pursuing her dreams, she wanted to make sure that she graduated from high school no matter what. Being homeschooled allowed her to work with the band and keep up with her studies.

12 Her Full Name Is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao

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Did you know that her first name isn't Camila, it is Karla actually. Turns out she actually prefers to go by her middle name, Camila. As her full name is actually Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao. Perhaps it became her stage name and over time she just used Camila. Apparently, while in school as her teachers called her Karla, many of her friends and family members would call her Camila. Both are beautiful names. Did you also know, that a transgender fan decided to name themselves after Cabello, and Camila was so beside herself with tears of joy when she heard the news, she posted something about it on Instagram, it read "She told me she was going to go by the name Camila Joe, and I kinda lost it with excitement." She then went on about how she didn't know the person's twitter but wanted them to know how proud of them she was.

11 Instead Of A Quinceañera Party, She Asked To Audition For The X-Factor

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Most teenage girls dream of the day where they can wear big poufy dresses and look like a Princess for a day and throw a huge party with all your friends and family, but for 15-year-old Camila Cabello, she begged her mom to be able to audition for the X-Factor instead of having a Quinceañera party. Her dream was to audition and she wanted to do that instead of the party. It was in 2012, that Camila decided she was going to audition for X-factor, so she did in Greensboro, North Carolina. Although Camila originally auditioned as a solo act, she was unfortunately cut but then brought back and ended up being placed in a girl group-- which we formerly know them as Fifth Harmony. Little known fact-- the girl group actually came in third place on the television show X-factor which is pretty good considering how famous they all are now.

10 She Was The Second Youngest Of The Girl Group Fifth Harmony

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Did you know that Camila Cabello is actually the second youngest of the girl group Fifth Harmony? She was fifteen when she started out-- now nineteen-years-old. The Miami native is known as the second youngest in the band-- she is also the one in the group that is a total fangirl. See, even celebrities get a little starstruck every once in awhile! As many of you may know, Fifth Harmony is a girl group that was created on X-Factor-- it consists of Ally (23), Lauren (20) Normani (20), and Dinah (19)-- while Camila was part of the group from 2012-2016, she is no longer part of Fifth Harmony. On a side note, is anyone curious if they will change their name or just keep it even though it is just the four of them now? Now that she is pursuing her solo career, curious what will be next for miss Camila Cabello?

9 She Never Sang In Front Of People Until X-Factor

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Crazy to believe that this sensational singer had never once sang in front of anyone, not even family before she auditioned for the X-factor! It still shocks a lot of us, especially since she is so incredibly talented and she looks like she is a natural when up on stage. But Camila did say she sometimes gets nervous-- which is natural. Only she is more nervous about her dancing skills than her singing-- go figure! There is a video of Camila in an interview where she revealed that she used to just sing in the bathroom and that she wouldn't even allow her mother to listen to her sing. Interestingly enough, a lot of singers don't always sing in front of people they know-- sometimes it is easier to sing in front of strangers. Still, aren't we glad she ended up auditioning for X-Factor so that now all her fans are able to listen to her sing?!

8 She Is A HUGE Harry Potter Fan

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This talented singing superstar is actually a HUGE Harry Potter fan! She even dressed up as a wizard for Halloween once. How cute is that? We would love to see that costume, maybe copy it for next Halloween? From the books to the movies, visiting Wizard World at Universal Studios-- she knows the ins and outs of Harry Potter, as she is completely and utterly obsessed. Camila Cabello absolutely LOVES everything there is about Harry Potter-- and dressing up as Wizard a few years back, let's just say she looks great as a Wizard. Camila even once tweeted back in 2015, "IS IT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE HARRY POTTER FANDOM"-- no Camila, it is NEVER too late! We fully support you and your obsession with Harry Potter! Is anyone else the least bit curious what house she would belong to if she went to Hogwarts School of Wizards? We are!

7 She Can Play Guitar

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As if she could not get any more musically talented, Camila has been learning to play guitar-- and she is actually really good. As she has a few videos on Youtube of her playing guitar and singing. Camila is determined to better herself at the guitar, which you can tell in her videos she has definitely improved time after time-- plus, getting to listen to her sing is always a bonus! She works hard at perfecting her talent and working on getting better at playing the guitar. She once admitted to Billboard's Pop Shop podcast that learning the guitar has actually given her calluses-- but she is secretly totally proud of them, as she should be! Not only can she sing, but also play guitar-- talk about a double threat! What's next, acting? This girl is super talented and determined to do whatever it takes to improve her talent which definitely shows and her fans could not be more proud of her! Go Camila! You little superstar!

6 She Loves To Binge Watch Gossip Girl

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Who else was obsessed with Gossip Girl-- Blair and Chuck's whirlwind romance, Dan and Serena-- are they together, are they not? The list goes on as this teen drama of Manhattan's elite really seems to be a fan favorite. And Camila is just another fan added to that list. In an interview awhile back with Seventeen, Camila told them that she once binge watched the CW television show Gossip Girl for 24 hours straight. Now that is my kind of girl! Sometimes a girl just really needs her Netflix-- and to chill by herself and binge watch all of Gossip Girl, because what is better than binge-watching Gossip Girl? It must get a little boring if you are on tour and have some free time and perhaps everyone else is sleeping so you decide to watch Netflix-- that is probably what Camila was doing when she decided to binge watch Gossip Girl. We would probably all do the same thing. Gossip Girl rocks! Xoxo

5 She Went Skinny Dipping In Puerto Rico

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Miss Camila has a little wild side to her-- must be her spicy latina side, as she once admitted during a round of truth or dare-- truth, that she went skinny dipping when she was vacationing in Puerto Rico. There was even a cryptic message of the sort on twitter where she tweeted back in May 2014 "Puerto Rico I think I might be in love with you (ps I have just crossed something off my bucket list here)", which was, later on revealed that her "bucket list" happened to contain going skinny dipping. Some fans are super curious as to who Camila went skinny dipping with-- it must have just been one of those spur of the moment things. Ironically, in the youtube video interview with AndPop-- where Fifth Harmony girls were playing truth or dare and Camila picked Truth, her question was "Have you ever gone skinny dipping?"-- at first she seemed hesitant to answer, assuming that she may get in trouble for revealing such a secret but then she ended up admitting to it anyways. The interviewer pointed out that you pretty much go skinny dipping every time you take a bath-- which is actually kind of true if you think about it. Still, fans wonder is skinny dipping the most scandalous thing Camila has ever done?

4 She Is Really Good Friends With Taylor Swift

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If you could be friends with any celebrity who would you choose? For Camila, she has quite a few majorly awesome famous friends-- one, in particular, is Taylor Swift. In March 2015, for Camila's 18th birthday, Taylor Swift decided to throw her a big birthday bash! Apparently, Camila had revealed to Taylor that she did not have any birthday plans, which in that case Taylor invited her over-- where she invited tons of friends such as Selena Gomez, Jaime King, Hailee Steinfeld and many other celebrities. How sweet is that!! The posts on that fabulous party definitely made many people jealous on social media. Turns out these two are totally BFF's, not sure when they actually started hanging out as it could have been when Camila was dating Austin Mahone and he performed on Taylor's RED Tour, perhaps Austin introduced his girlfriend to her idol. And photos started to surface back in 2014, with Taylor, Camila and some of the other ladies that happened to be at her birthday party.

3 She Still Gets Super Excited To Hear Her Songs

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According to Camila, she still gets all giddy and excited whenever her songs come on the radio. One time she was in the car with Taylor Swift, they were headed to dinner when in the car, one of Camila's songs came on the radio. She was so excited that the moment the song came on she immediately started recording it on her phone. It was cute because, in the video, you can hear Camila's excitement. Which fans don't blame her for being excited at all-- if I were a singer and heard my song on the radio I would be just as giddy as Camila! Some of her favorite songs off the Fifth Harmony's debut album is "Reflection" and "Going Nowhere". The "Sledgehammer" singer loves listening to all their songs-- regardless that she is no longer in the girl group, she is super grateful for her time being in Fifth Harmony and always gets excited hearing her songs. What artist wouldn't? Creating music is art and Camila is just super proud of the work she has done. She once told in an interview that when she first went solo, the song "I know what you did last summer" with Shawn Mendes, the moment it came on the radio-- Taylor Swift had texted Camila to tell her how proud she was. That was a moment Camila will never forget.

2 She Is A Major Book Worm

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A little-known fact, Camila Cabello is a total book worm. She actually loves books more so than movies. Truthfully, books are always better than movies. A girl after our own hearts-- as reading is so importantly good for you and it turns out she LOVES to read. Camila can sit for hours just reading and not think anything of it. One of Camila's favorite books happens to be The Book Of Thief written by Mark Zusak. As much as Camila loves to divulge herself into reading books, she actually does not like reading love stories. She has also read the book Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and she finds the novel to be so incredibly beautiful and such a good book-- she actually admitted once in an interview on youtube that she actually misses really good romance novels that aren't cheesy, even if she isn't a huge fan of them there are some really good ones out there. She loves this book because it is a romance novel but it isn't cheesy at all which is why she loves it so much.

1 Ed Sheeran Is One Of Her Inspirations

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Turns out this pop star sensation actually is completely inspired by Ed Sheeran-- and who wouldn't be? He is a total genius when it comes to music. One particular reason Camila claims why she left the girl group Fifth Harmony was because she felt she wasn't entirely herself-- as in, the music was not really her. She also did not like the fact that the group does not write their own songs and Camila wanted to branch out and be able to write her own songs. Which is pretty admirable, especially with so many artists nowadays that don't write their own songs. Camila really wants to someday collaborate with the talented English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. In an interview with The Times Of India Entertainment, Camila stated "He's incredible at putting love, emotion, and feeling into words. I would love to see him go into a room and watch how he makes his magic." Which we fully agree with Camila on this one-- who wouldn't want to work with Ed Sheeran? Turns out, Camila is inspired to learn how to write songs just like Ed-- she really wants to be able to write and sing from the heart and it has been a process that she has fully pushed herself to pursue.

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