15 Things You Didn’t Know About Brittany Cartwright

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Brittany Cartwright

If you watch Vanderpump Rules (and of course you do — what a question), then you know and love Brittany Cartwright. She moved to Los Angeles from her hometown of Kentucky for none other than her one true love Jax Taylor (who has the best name ever). People generally agree that she’s sweet and she’s quickly become a favorite on the show, even though she hasn’t been on the series for nearly as long as the other employees of Sur, Lisa Vanderpump’s fabulous restaurant. You probably don’t know a whole lot about Brittany, besides the fact that she’s dating Jax and that she’s super pretty. Okay, she’s more than pretty. She’s absolutely gorgeous and stylish and you’re obsessed with her hair. You don’t even mind admitting it. There’s so much more to her, though, and it’s time that you found out some fun facts about one of your reality TV faves. Here are 15 things you didn’t know about Brittany Cartwright.

15. There Is A Spin-Off In The Works

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As rumor has it, there will be a spin-off of Vanderpump Rules starring Brittany and Jax which is said to air this summer. Apparently this show would be about the two of them living on none other than her family farm in Kentucky. Yup. A farm. If you want to see Jax on a farm more than anything else that you have ever wanted in your entire life, you’re not alone there. It sounds just ridiculous and fabulous enough for a reality television show. Of course, you just have one question: would Lisa Vanderpump come visit? Because you want to see her on a farm. In fact, you totally and completely need to see her on a farm. Hey, it’s not the craziest idea in the world. You could argue that in a way, she’s the reason for Brittany and Jax’s romance. Now is it summer 2017 yet?! It’s taking absolutely forever to arrive.

14. People Think She And Jax Will Break Up

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Yup, people are saying that Brittany and Jax are definitely going to break up before their spin-off starts airing. Hmmm. You probably don’t think that this is true. More than that, you definitely don’t want it to be true. These two look so good together, right?! When two people are pretty as individuals and then they become a couple, well, wow. It’s glorious. People also wonder if the two really have staying power because he was known as a total player before she came along. A lot of fans think that she’s way out of his league and that she should find someone much better. You might agree in some ways but you also think that they are pretty cute together. And let’s face it, you’re a total sucker for an adorable love story. You love that she’s Southern and that she moved to L.A. for him. Talk about taking a chance on love.

13. She Was A Cheerleader Forever


Did you know that Brittany was a cheerleader from the third grade until college? Well, you do now. She has said that she really enjoyed cheerleading and that she had been doing it for so many years. She kept cheering in college and says that those days were super awesome. She seems to look back on that period in her life with a smile and a happy heart. As she said in an interview that was published on Bravotv.com, “I was a cheerleader for my college as well. So I cheered ever since I was in the third grade. It was so fun. I had an amazing time. I loved everything about [college]. I would do it all over again if I could. I had my own apartment; it was awesome.” You probably also look back fondly on your time at college, right? So hey, you have more in common with Brittany Cartwright than you thought that you did.

12. She’s Got A Sweet Tooth

Everything chocolate and everything sour please ??? I loveee @dylanscandybar ? #candygirl romper from – @shopthecabana

A post shared by Brittany Cartwright? (@brittany) on

Brittany posted this cute picture on her Instagram account in April of 2016 and all you can say is that you are so glad to see that she has as much of a sweet tooth as you. If you’ve been to Dylan’s Candy Bar in the great city of New York, then you know that this place is basically a sugary paradise. It’s so much fun to browse the aisles and try to pick what candy and chocolate you want to treat yourself to. Hey, it’s such a beautiful store and it’s filled with so many amazing candy, it’s not like you can visit and not buy anything. You basically are required to go nuts on the sweet stuff. This proves that Brittany is a really cool, down to earth girl because she’s not watching her weight and freaked out about eating any kind of sugar. Nope. She eats junk food sometimes like any other normal person.

11. She’s A Sex and The City Fan

Just waiting on Carrie to come down and have a cocktail with me ?? #SexandtheCity #CarrieBradshaw

A post shared by Brittany Cartwright? (@brittany) on

When Brittany was in New York in February 2016, she posted this photo on Carrie Bradshaw’s front porch. She captioned the photo with the words, “Just waiting on Carrie to come down and have a cocktail with me.” So clearly, she’s a pretty big fan of Sex and the City, which of course you are too. You knew that you and Brittany could be the best of friends and this is just further proof. You’re not sure that you even know anyone who doesn’t love this show. Actually, you don’t think that it’s possible to be female and not love this show. You’ve probably gone to NYC and visited the same spot. Or maybe you meant to and you walked around for hours and got super lost and missed out. That most likely happened too. No big deal. You can always go back and try again, right? Any excuse for a trip to New York is a good one.

10. She Studied Nursing


Brittany Cartwright studied nursing when she was in college. You might think that this sounds super random because it’s not like there’s a direct link between being an nurse and working at a restaurant/starring on a television show about working in a restaurant. But it’s not crazy to think about Brittany being a nurse (or even just wanting to be one). She’s a sweetheart, right? And you definitely want a nurse to be a nice person. Someone with a surly disposition is not going to be very helpful when you have to check into the hospital and want to know what’s going on with your health. Nope, that’s not going to work out all that well. You have to wonder what happened and why she didn’t become a nurse, but hey, she seems happy so that’s really all that you can hope for. She wouldn’t be the first person, celebrity or not, who changed their path.

9. She Worked At Hooters Post-College


You’re not going to judge Brittany. She’s super beautiful and you don’t think it’s that surprising that she would have gotten a job as a waitress at Hooters after she graduated from college. If she changed her mind about being a nurse and wanted to see what else was out there and see what she was going to do with her life, it makes sense that she would want to get a job as a waitress. Maybe she wanted to work at Hooters or maybe she needed a job quickly and didn’t really care what the restaurant was. Again, you’re not going to judge her. People have done worse things than that. And people on reality shows have done worse things than that, too. You have to admit that she’s done pretty well and seems to be happy these days, so maybe this was a good experience for her and it’s not something that she regrets.

8. She Was A Model

Intouch Weekly

Again, not the most surprising thing that you’ve ever heard, but this fact about Brittany is still worth noting. She used to have a profile on a website called Model Mayhem when she was much younger (as in 22 years old) and it was a pretty basic thing with a few photos and a list of her physical attributes. People have done some research and said that she last used that profile in the winter of 2012, so it seems pretty clear that she hasn’t done any modeling for years at this point. You’re sure that she could get work as a model super fast if she was interested in returning to that industry these days. After all, she’s not only starring on a popular reality show but she’s also drop-dead gorgeous with an amazing figure. You know, there’s that. That tends to make someone a good candidate for a successful model.

7. Her Family Wasn’t Sure About The Show At First

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When she was asked what her family thought about her starring on a reality show, Brittany released that it took them a bit of time to come around and get on board with the whole thing. She told The Daily Dish, “They thought it was really cool [that I’m on the show]. I mean the first two episodes of this season they were all super upset, but I think they’re already getting over it. It was definitely hard for my family to watch, but they support me. They’re there for me, so they’ve got my back — no matter what.” You don’t really blame her family members for being a bit worried and upset about this whole deal at the very beginning. If one of your relatives was starring on a reality show, let alone a reality show that is known for the stars’ crazy antics and everyone fighting all the time, you would probably feel the same way.

6. She Went On A Vacay With Jax’s Family

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In April, Brittany went on a trip with Jax’s entire family, which definitely sounds like fun. Apparently, she gets along really well with his family. So who went on the trip? That would be Marie and Ronald, Jax’s mom and dad. Jax’s sister Jenny and her boyfriend Patrick were also there. People are constantly talking about how Brittany’s family are not massive fans of Jax and that causes some tension in the relationship, but there’s no trouble in paradise when it comes to his family. You can’t imagine someone not approving of Brittany. Let’s be real here. She’s adorable, she’s sweet, and she genuinely seems like a good person. She’s definitely not your typical reality television star. But don’t look at too many of the vacation photos. They are too cute for words and might make you super jealous of the happy couple.

5. She’s Funny

Yep, that's boob sweat. #workinonmyfitness ??

A post shared by Brittany Cartwright? (@brittany) on

You might not think that any celebrity is all that funny, let alone a reality TV star. After all, sometimes these people seem to have absolutely no sense of humor because they get really offended at the drop of a hat. It’s like anytime someone says something to them, they totally freak out and can’t even be in the room, let alone finish the conversation. Not Brittany. She’s actually pretty funny. You can tell from this Instagram post. On May 1st, she posted a photo of her working out and she captioned it with, “yep, that’s boob sweat.” OMG. Boob sweat. Amazing, right?! You’re pretty sure that you’ve also dealt with some boob sweat in your day, although you might not have wanted to poke fun at yourself. But that’s Brittany. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she has a great sense of humor, and she seems to know how to live life right.

4. Her Instagram Is Inspiring

You won’t be able to look at Brittany Cartwright’s Instagram account without wanting to a.) follow her immediately and spend hours going through every single photo and b.) upping your beauty game and wellness goals. She’s super fit, of course, which you can tell from her amazing body, and so a lot of her posts are about working out and feeling good. She also shares her love of junk food like Sun Chips, candy and chocolate, snaps from her beach vacations, and, of course, adorable photos of her and Jax. Just a few words of warning: she and Jax are often kissing in those photos. Okay, that wasn’t really something that you need to be warned about. But you might become a bit of a green-eyed monster about the whole deal, depending on whether or not you’re currently seeing someone. Talk about #relationshipgoals.

3. There’s Talk Of An Engagement


Yup, people are wondering if wedding bells are in the air for Brittany and Jax. While there are rumors that they might break up even before you can tune into their summer spin-off, there are also rumors that Jax has already proposed and they haven’t made it public yet. Hmmm. You can definitely see that happening sometime soon, especially since they seem to be getting pretty serious about each other, even though they have been going through some relationship ups and downs recently. But come on. She moved away from her hometown of Kentucky so she could live with Jax in L.A. If that’s not commitment, then what is? There has been some family pressure about these two taking the next step in their relationship, so you figure it can go in the direction of walking down the aisle… or the pressure will be too much. You hope it’s the former option.

2. Lisa Vanderpump Loves Her


When asked about her latest hire, Brittany Cartwright, Lisa Vanderpump had nothing but lovely things to say. She has said, “Well, she became part of the show and obviously it’s great for the restaurant to have people that legitimately need to work, and she really wanted to work. We were a couple of waitresses down, and I thought, ‘Why not give her a shot?’ She’s actually fantastic. She really is there four or five nights a week. She’s lovely – I have never met a girl like her. I don’t know if it’s where she’s from, but [fakes a Kentucky accent] ‘everything is absolutely so nice!’” You’re so glad to know this because you hate to think that Lisa isn’t really a fan of anyone that works for her. You don’t want to think that this is all for show

1. She’s A Fan Of Lisa Vanderpump Too

Bravo TV

You would assume that the employees of SUR absolutely adore Lisa Vanderpump because, well, come on. You love her and you don’t even know her, you just watch her on TV and you think that she’s the most fabulous person ever. You figure that if people work for her and know her in real life, they must love her even more than you do because they get to go all up close and personal. They get to see how fantastic and stylish she is in person and you are so jealous of that. It turns out that Brittany Cartwright is a huge fan of Lisa Vanderpump and has complimented her on being such an awesome boss, which you’re really happy to hear. She told Bravotv.com, “I used to be super intimidated by Lisa, but the more I get to know the more I just love. I think she’s just an amazing person so I don’t know, I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable around her. She always likes to give advice. You can’t do anything at SUR without Lisa knowing about it, so she likes to give us advice and stuff, and I think she’s a good person to know. She’s really nice.” You would love to get Lisa’s advice. OMG. That’s your new goal in life.

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