15 Things You Didn’t Know About ’13 Reasons Why’ Star Miles Heizer

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About ’13 Reasons Why’ Star Miles Heizer

Watch even a handful of episodes of the beautiful, dark and haunting Netflix adaptation of 13 Reasons Why and you will fall for Miles Heizer. He plays the character Alex Stanton, former best friend to the late Hannah Baker, and he totally steals the show. Sure, the other actors and actresses do an absolutely incredible job portraying their own roles. But there’s just something about Miles Heizer’s performance that really makes you stop and stare. You seriously won’t be able to get it out of your head. You may not think that you know Miles but you actually know him for a reason that will become pretty obvious to you (but more on that soon). Even if you recognize him, you probably don’t know very much about him because he’s just that cool. He’s not someone who overshares about his life and his craft is more important to him than people thinking that he’s awesome. Of course, that just makes him even cooler. Here are 15 things you didn’t know about 13 Reasons Why star Miles Heizer.

15. He Starred On ‘Parenthood’

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Now do you remember him?! Miles was the character Drew on all six seasons of Parenthood. You know. His mom was Sarah (aka Lauren Graham) and his sister was Amber (aka Mae Whitman). Drew is a super different character from Alex and he didn’t have blonde hair, so you might not have made the connection at first, but now you know. Drew does struggle with some typical high school things like girls and coming into his own and figuring out who he wants to be, but nothing even remotely dark happens to him, which is a stark contrast to Alex on 13 Reasons Why. Miles has said that the audition for Parenthood was pretty easy but he didn’t think that he would end up getting the role. He was happily surprised when he did, and he definitely deserved it since he did such an awesome job as the sweet and adorable Drew.

14. He And Mae Whitman Are BFFs And Roomies

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Miles and Mae love each other. Not in a romantic way. In a platonic, brother/sister kind of way, which makes sense since they did play siblings on Parenthood. They are best friends and they even live together. Isn’t that the best thing that you have ever heard?! It’s always amazing when you learn that costars have remained super close even after they have finished filming their TV show or movie. You hate learning that costars really hate each other in real life or lose touch thanks to that annoying thing called life. So thankfully, that hasn’t happened to these two, and their friendship is still going super strong. Now you want to re-watch Parenthood so you can watch these two in their adorable brother/sister scenes, right? No shame in that (as long as you can handle the awkward sobbing since it’s illegal and impossible to watch that show without crying).

13. He’s A Musician

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Go onto Miles Heizer’s Twitter account and you will see that he’s a musician. Not only that but he’s super talented. He puts together tons of songs and always shares them on his social media accounts. You could call him a double threat, but you think that would probably annoy him. That’s just the kind of person that he is. He’s that cool. But you are really impressed that he not only acts and totally inhabits the roles that the plays but he can also create music. He’s not pretending and doing this just for fame or money or anything else. You can tell that he really and truly cares about the world of music and that this is a passion of his. There’s really nothing better and more inspiring than when someone spends their days doing exactly what they love. You totally wish that more people would do that because life is too short to hate your job and your life. It really, really is.

12. He Was Born In Kentucky

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You may be surprised to learn that Miles was born in Kentucky because he seems like such an L.A. person now — you know, in a totally cool, hipster millennial type of way. He moved to L.A. when he was ten years old with his family and tried his hand at that whole acting thing. He has been in a handful of movies and TV shows and some of his notable guest appearances were on CSI and Ghost Whisperer. Miles’ big breaks were really Drew on Parenthood and Alex on 13 Reasons Why. But even though he doesn’t have a huge resume, you can just tell that his acting career is merely getting started. You seriously can’t wait to see what else he’s going to be in because you just know that he’s going to be absolutely amazing. There’s no way that he wouldn’t be. He’s got “it” — you know, that thing that people talk about when they realize that they’re standing in the face of greatness.

11. He’s Only 22

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You might think that Miles looks older than 22, you might think that he looks younger, or you might think that he definitely looks his age. What’s cool about Miles is that he doesn’t play characters who are much, much older than him. His roles are always absolutely believable. When he was Drew on Parenthood, he looked like a teenage boy since that’s what he was, and you were always sold on whatever he was going through. You thought the same thing when he played Alex on 13 Reasons Why. He grew up in Kentucky and then grew up even more once he moved to L.A. at the age of 10. When he was interviewed in Under The Radar Mag, he said of his move, “Thinking back on it now, it’s really crazy. With my logic now, I wouldn’t be like, ‘Yeah, let’s move to another state to do something that may or may not work out at all.’ But, at the time, I was young and really wanted to do it, and so yeah, we moved out here. My mom’s a nurse, so she can get a job anywhere, pretty much. So yeah, on a whim, we moved out here.” Things definitely worked out really well.

10. He’s Starring In Another YA Adaptation

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Miles is going to star in the film adaptation of the young adult novel Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. The movie will be directed by Greg Berlanti, who you might have heard of – he’s kind of a big deal TV showrunner. He has worked on all of the superhero shows that you love on The CW and he also created the teen drama Everwood. Oh yeah, and he was a writer and producer on Dawson’s Creek. It’s exciting to see that Miles is getting some major parts and the roles are so original and interesting. He deserves all the success in the world because his portrayal of Alex on 13 Reasons Why was absolutely incredible. If that’s any indication of what he can do, you’re on board. You can tell that he’s doing exactly what he needs to be doing and that he’s in exactly the right place.

9. He And His Co-Stars Are BFFs Now

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There has been speculation that Miles is dating his 13 Reasons Why Co-Star Brandon Flynn (who plays Justin) because they are such good friends, but they are just friends. They also hang out with Alisha Roe (who plays Jessica) and it’s really heartwarming to see the Instagram photos of them. It’s awesome that Miles has had such good experiences both on Parenthood and 13 Reasons Why. He has gotten along with his costars really well and they have bonded so much that those bonds carry over even when filming is over, and that’s a special thing. You don’t work in Hollywood, of course, so you don’t really know how often this happens… but you get the feeling that it’s pretty rare. When you see Miles and Brandon and Alisha hanging out, you totally wish that you could crash their party and be BFFs with them too. A girl can dream.

8. People Love His Twitter Feed

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In an interview with Nylon magazine, Miles said that his Twitter feed does pretty well: “Oh my gosh, I’m like humiliated by it. My actual biggest claim to fame is that–basically this sounds awful and really pretentious–but my Twitter is verified. And if you’re already verified on Twitter, then your Vine is automatically verified.” You totally think that he deserves to have a verified Twitter account because in your world, he’s a pretty big deal. He’s a good person and he’s talented and he clearly cares about making good art, whether that’s the roles that he plays or the music that he creates, and you’re super impressed with that. You hate when celebrities only post selfies and brag about the cool things they’re doing with cool people in cool places. You want to be a fan of a famous person who thinks that the fact that they’re famous is the least interesting thing about them, and Miles Heizer definitely fits into that category.

7. He’s A ‘Lost’ Fan

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In an interview with Nylon, Miles said that he loves the TV show Lost. So now you totally know that you could be friends. More than that, you could be the very best of friends. That’s one of your requirements: you can only hang out with people who love that television show. While it might sound like you’re joking, you’re really not. You would never joke about something as serious as Lost. Now that you know that Miles Heizer is a fan of one of your all-time favorite shows, it’s time for a very important question: how does he feel about the ending?! There’s really only one camp that you can be in. You absolutely adore the ending and feel like the series finale worked out really well… or you feel like you were robbed of a legit ending and feel totally betrayed. Yes, people feel that way even all these years later.

6. He’s Funny

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Like really, really funny. Seriously, just read any interview with Miles Heizer, watch any video interview, or check out his social media accounts, and you will be laughing before you even know it. He’s got an awesome sense of humor that’s really quirky and unique. This is great news since you now are even more sure that the two of you could be friends. Good friends. Best friends forever and ever. Yes, that may just be a dream right now since you don’t actually know him and probably will never meet him. But that’s okay. You’re still going to wish for that. It’s really frustrating and awful when you love an actor/actress/singer and then read an interview with them and realize that, oops, they’re super horrible. They’re conceited, they’re the very definition of “diva” and they are not someone that you want to follow anymore. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Miles. He’s super cool.

5. He Was A Child Actor

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When Miles Heizer moved to L.A. at the age of 10, he started doing the whole child actor thing. He had some success with guest appearances on television shows. In 2005, he had a small role on CSI: Miami. In 2006, he was on Ghost Whisperer. In 2007, he was on Shark and then Bones and ER. He even had a small role on the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice, which is super cool. He played a teenage boy named Michael in the season one episode called “In Which Addison Has a Very Casual Get Together.” His biggest roles have definitely been on Parenthood and 13 Reasons Why, and it’s nice to know that he has been steadily working and growing his craft. It’s super exciting to think about where his career will go in the next few years. You definitely know that he’s got big things in store for himself.

4. He And Hannah Baker Will Team Up Again

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So you know how Miles Heizer will star in the film adaptation of Simon Spier Vs The Homosapien Agenda? Well, he and his 13 Reasons Why co-star Katherine Langford (aka Hannah Baker) will be in the movie together. Isn’t that just the best news that you’ve heard in a while?! Now that’s something that you can definitely look forward to. Of course, you know that you have to read that YA book if you haven’t already. You want to be as prepared as possible for the movie. You really, really want a second season of 13 Reasons Why since you love the cast and you feel like there is more story there. So in the meantime, you can get super excited to see Miles and Katherine in this movie. Of course, in a perfect world, you will get to see that film plus a second season. It’s time to cross your fingers and toes.

3. His First Concert Was Alicia Keys

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This is definitely part of the “fun fact” category. In his interview with Under The Radar Mag, Miles Heizer said that Alicia Keys was his first concert. He also said that he’s a huge fan of Tegan and Sara. He said, “Yeah, I didn’t start going to concerts until I moved to California. When I was 10, it was in Kentucky, I had a love of Alicia Keys at the time, and that was the first concert I ever went to. But, for some reason, I can’t count that as the first concert. It wasn’t the same as when I went to one out here. That was the first time I really loved the music and really wanted to go, which was the Tegan and Sara concert when I was 13, I think.” Since then, he seems to go to concerts on a pretty regular basis, and he’s also been creating his own music too, as mentioned previously. So yes, he’s exactly as awesome as you predicted.

2. He’s Stylish

? by Hedi Slimane ? for the new "issue" of VMAN which is out now so.. go buy it!

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Check out any photo of Miles Heizer or anything on his IG account and you will realize that he’s got it going on when it comes to his fashion sense. He dyed his hair blonde recently and whether or not that was specifically for his role of Alex on 13 Reasons Why is up for debate. But you probably like his light blonde hair because he looks really great with it. He posts photos on his social media of himself wearing quirky and awesome outfits like hipster sweaters, quirky sweatshirts, and even a pink suit in one case. You will also love his glasses and accessories. Now you wish that you knew him in real life because you would love to ask him for some style advice. You’re pretty sure that he would know exactly what to tell you. And you would also love to hang with him and Mae Whitman. You know it’s not even remotely possible. You’re just saying.

1. His Instagram Is The Best

If you want to follow one person on Instagram, make sure that it’s Miles Heizer. You won’t be sorry. His IG account is @younggoth and he’s got a million followers. He definitely deserves that high number since his account is amazing. He shares lots of selfies and pictures of himself but they are really interesting. He doesn’t just post for the sake of it and you can be sure that he’s put some thought into what he’s presenting online. He’s recently been promoting 13 Reasons Why on his Instagram and has posted a photo of himself on a rooftop holding a copy of Jay Asher’s YA novel, pictures of him and other cast members, and some teasers from the show. He’s also got an adorable photo of Mae Whitman holding a glass of red wine. Those are enough fun facts about Miles Heizer and enough reasons to adore him, right? He really is super cool and it’s going to be awesome seeing where he goes from here.

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