15 Things You Definitely Didn't Know About The Olsen Twins

We knew a lot about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen when they were in their prime. This was when they were on Full House and then in a collection of their own movies and CDs later on, too. They were the cute little blonde twins who shared the responsibility of playing Michelle—the youngest daughter on Full House.

Shortly after this, their days in the limelight seemed to taper out. They had several appearances over the years, but they were never nearly as popular as they were as young girls. We all still remembered their names and what they looked like, but we just weren’t seeing them in many current projects. In fact, we weren’t hearing a whole lot about them in general.

Fast forward to today, and we haven’t seen much from them at all lately. Many of us have noticed that they didn’t appear on the Full House sequel, Fuller House. We do know that the pair owns a fashion line—which is way overpriced for the average shopper BTW. But we still haven’t seen much of a rise in their popularity over the past few years. They’re just kind of… there.

It’s shocking that these two celebs—who happened to get a major head start in life regarding Hollywood and celebrity status—aren’t in more films or shows, or even very many interviews. There’s something mysterious about these particular girls and their somewhat hidden lives. Let’s take a look into a few of the strangest things about the Olsen twins!

15 Mary-Kate Had Something To Do With Heath Ledger’s Death

Heath Ledger—who died in 2008 as a result of an overdose—had been dating Mary-Kate for a few months prior to his death. Ledger was found unconscious by his masseuse, and the masseuse tried calling Mary-Kate several times. This was most likely because the two had been friends and dated as well. We aren’t quite sure why the masseuse wouldn’t call 911 first. Then, Mary-Kate contacted her own security, and the masseuse got ahold of 911.

Throughout the investigative process, Mary-Kate would not speak with the authorities regarding Ledger’s narcotics use. Eventually, this all died down, but some people believe that Mary-Kate was involved in one way another. It’s especially suspicious—given that she refused to share any information when the investigation was going on.

14 Illegal Substance Dealings

We aren’t exactly sure what the Olsen twins are involved with, as far as illegal substances are concerned. It’s highly likely that they could have used them at some point like many celebs have. It’s just something about getting caught up in show biz, right?

The duo has an interest in fashion design, as we all probably know. What we don’t all realize is that they once created – and launched – a $55,000 handbag. This handbag was not only crazy expensive, but it was also covered in pills. A pill-printed bag is a pretty interesting design, and it has led us to believe that there’s more to the story. We can’t help but think that this type of fashion is promoting narcotics use, and maybe the Olsen girls have something to do with narcotics, too.

13 Ashley’s Facelift Resulted in Necrosis

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, necrosis is “usually localized death of living tissue”. This sometimes occurs following plastic surgery, like it did in Ashley’s case.

After her facelift, she had a bad reaction where her face swelled up. It turned black and looked bruised. She later found out that this was because of necrosis caused by her plastic surgery. Luckily, she went to the doctor and was told that there was a lack of blood flow around the site of her facelift.

In order to resolve this frightening condition, Ashley received oxygen therapy. This was conducted through a hyperbaric chamber. She was fine shortly afterward, thankfully! We hope she knew about the risk for necrosis leading up to her surgery and wasn’t taken by complete surprise. We’re glad she went to the doctor after a couple of days of the strange symptoms, too! Still, we think she’s a little young for such an extreme nip/tuck.

12 Mary-Kate's Very Strange Wedding

Mary-Kate married Olivier Sarkozy—a French banker—back in November of 2015. As we have realized, not much has been said about the Olsen twins lately. A lot of their business is kept private, by their choice. The wedding was mostly just family and friends, with about 50 guests total.

At the nuptials, apparently a lot of smoking was going on. Page Six sources shared that there were "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes, and everyone smoked the whole night,". To us, this seems like an odd way to celebrate marriage. Imagine how the non-smokers felt being there. It had to have smelled pretty awful, too. Did the twins learn nothing from Danny, Uncle Jesse and Joey?

We’re kind of surprised this was even allowed. We can’t help but wonder what else went on at that wedding and the reception following it. This just matches up with the twins’ interesting personalities, right?

11 Both Twins had to Wear Dentures on Full House

Via: Google Images

As the twins played Michelle in her kindergarten and early elementary school years, they were losing teeth. Many of us likely haven’t given this much thought, but it makes a lot of sense. Mary-Kate and Ashley had to wear dentures, because they obviously weren’t losing all of the same teeth at the same time. No, twins aren’t that in sync.

We aren’t sure how avid of a Full House fan would have to be to notice which of Michelle’s teeth were missing from week to week. Apparently, it was a big enough issue that the producers decided to do something about it. This had to have been strange for the 6-year-old twins to get used to. So, at least when the duo is in their ‘80s and need dentures, it won’t be too big of an adjustment! Wonder where those dentures are now…

10 Mary-Kate has a Step-daughter

Back in 2015, Mary-Kate Olsen got married to a French banker. Olivier Sarkozy—who is 48 years old—also has two kids from his previous marriage. This means that Mary-Kate is now the step-mother of Julien and Margot. It seems strange to us, because Mary-Kate is only 31, and the two children are in their teens. Mary-Kate is closer in age to the step-children than she is to her new spouse. Interesting! But hey, it’s Hollywood!

We never really saw Mary-Kate and Ashley as the parenting type, and we still aren’t sure how we feel about it. Sarzoky has been married to Mary-Kate for two years now. That’s a lifetime in celebrity years. So, it must be going pretty well! We know how quickly those Hollywood stars can be to split up or get divorced. From the looks of it, Mary-Kate has a pretty solid bond with her step-daughter, Margot.

9 Ashley's Battle with Lyme Disease

We have all heard of Lyme disease and realize that it is caused by ticks burrowing underneath the skin. Gross! What we didn’t know is that Ashley had Lyme disease at one point in her life. This was no normal case of Lyme disease though. When the ticks are first found, that is the best time to begin checking for Lyme disease and start treatments. Unfortunately, Ashley didn’t see the ticks or notice the bites for some time.

Ashley’s case of Lyme disease was caught in a later stage, and it was actually quite serious for the twin’s health. Because it was not caught early on, the standard treatment plans against ticks could not be implemented successfully. Ashley battled Lyme disease and tried to regain her healthy for some time. Luckily, she survived the disease and is doing fine to this day!

8 The Twins’ Mom Almost Quit Full House

When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen first landed their role as Michelle on Full House, they were only six months old. Their mom wasn’t quite sure how she felt about the twins even auditioning. They got the part because they were the only babies that didn’t cry at the audition! Those are some pretty high standards there.

After season one, their mom almost had them quit acting on Full House. She was worried about the twins having a normal life and was afraid of what could happen if they got caught up in acting from such a young age. The producers stepped in with a pretty generous raise, and the twins remained on the show for the following seasons. Thank goodness for that raise! We aren’t sure what Full House would have been like without fun kindergartner, Michelle!

7 Cutting Ties with Full House

As many of us have noticed, the Olsen twins failed to make a debut on the Full House sequel on Netflix, Fuller House. It’s strange, because the twins played such an important role as Michelle when the original show was on. Most of the other main actors and actresses have joined back in on the fun and picked up their former roles on the hit series. It’s puzzling us as to why Mary-Kate and Ashley didn’t come back when everyone else did.

To make it even funnier, the original cast did poke fun at the fact that Mary-Kate and Ashley weren’t returning to the show by mentioning that Michelle was too busy working on her clothing line to visit the family. We aren’t sure if their real excuse for not rejoining the cast has anything to do with their fashion line or not.

6 They’re Actually Fraternal Twins.

Contrary to popular belief, the Olsen twins are not identical! Most of us can’t tell the two apart in a picture, and we definitely can’t make the distinction in their early years on Full House. The twins are the female version of fraternal, which is actually called sororal twins. This means that they are essentially as much alike as any two siblings could be -- twins or not.

Many of us have always just assumed that they were identical, especially because of their shared role on Full House. We guessed that in order for twins to play a single person on a TV show or in a movie, they would have to be identical. These two had us fooled! We wonder if the producers at Full House were aware of this when they hired the twins!

5 Ashley Actually has a Two-part Name, Too

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All of us have always just called Ashley by her first name. That’s just how she’s been known in the media and in credits. It turns out that she actually has a middle name! It’s Fuller. Ashley Fuller isn’t nearly as catchy as Mary-Kate, and we’re not really sure why her parents chose thing name for her. Why not Ashley-Grace or something simpler? It makes sense why she doesn’t go by Ashley Fuller, though!

Now we can obviously see the connection between the name Fuller and the show Full House, but she was given this name a few months prior to casting and landing the role. It is pretty ironic that she would end up on a show called Full House when her middle name is Fuller! Maybe there’s some sketchy psychic stuff going on here. You know what they say about twins.

4 The In-Store Swimming Pool

Via: Google Images

The Row—which is the twins’ fashion line—has a store in Los Angeles located on Melrose Place. The store originally opened back in 2014 after a few years of selling their clothing in Paris from their apartment.

Today, this exquisite shop is paired with stunning features. One of these bonuses—for guests—includes a swimming pool. This swimming pool is inside of a beautiful courtyard, and guests are given towels to use as well. We hope that the shoppers remember their bathing suits! O,r maybe The Row sells swimsuits for those who didn’t realize that going for a swim was an option while buying their new digs.

After giving it a little bit of thought, it makes sense that the twins could afford to keep up with a pool at their store. Most of their clothing is lavishly priced—anywhere from $250 up to $48,000!

3 Mary-Kate Supposedly Runs Naked

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We’ve all got our weird habits, right? Sometimes these just aren’t widely accepted activities, and other times they’re straight up guilty pleasures. Mary-Kate is just like us—to an extent. Her guilty pleasure is running naked around her house. But wait, there’s more! She likes running naked in heels. We aren’t quite sure how this works, and it seems more complicated than it needs to be.

She apparently also enjoys doing other activities in the nude around her home, too. Sometimes she runs in “kimonos and jewelry, or naked with jewelry,” too, as she mentioned to Harper’s Bazaar. She’s pretty open about her nude lifestyle, and we don’t really know what to think about that. Mary-Kate thinks it’s funny, and her friends know all about these strange habits as well. Hey, gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.

2 Anti Social Media

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In today’s times, nearly everyone has at least some type of social media. Some of us even have multiple accounts—like mains, workout accounts, and “finstas”. For others among us, there are business accounts.

Regardless of how many accounts each of us has, it’s shocking that the Olsen twins don’t have social media accounts. We know that the two would have a large following and that many people would interact with their pages.

So, why don’t the girls have Facebook or Twitter accounts? As Mary-Kate mentioned in an interview with millionlooks.com, “That gives me so much anxiety. We’ve spent our whole lives trying to not let people have that accessibility, so it would go against everything we’ve done in our lives to not be in the public.”

It makes a lot of sense when you give it a little bit more thought. It’s true that paparazzi and the media are always stalking celebs and trying to publish more stories about them and photographs of them. Apparently, these twins aren’t so hungry for fame and fortune that they’ll jeopardize their private lives for it. Kudos to them.

1 The Twins Aren’t Well-liked by PETA

PETA—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—has some issues with Mary-Kate and Ashley. The group of animal protection enthusiasts has targeted the twins several times for their use of fur.

For the twins’ birthday back in 2008, PETA organized some kind of a “hair drive” to collect human hair to give to the girls—solely to mess with them. They also called the girls Hairy-Kate and Trashley in the same post. Seems pretty immature to us, and we think that others will agree.

Over the years, they’ve continually made comments about Mary-Kate and Ashley choosing to wear fur. However, in PETA’s defense, the Olsen twins have kept tight-lipped about their choice to use animal furs. They aren’t exactly trying to educate themselves on animal cruelty or awareness. Whatever the price for beauty, I guess!

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