15 Things You CANNOT Forget To Pack On A Vacation With Your BF

Ah, vacationing with your boyfriend. It can be a huge, huge step in any relationship. In fact, if you aren’t living together, it can be the first step to determining what it may be like to live with your boyfriend. Of course, sharing a hotel room and sharing an apartment are two different things. You won’t really be arguing about who has to do the dishes or the laundry while you’re staying in the hotel room but you can see if he’s the type of guy who leaves his towels on the floor after showering. Spoiler alert: most dudes leave stuff everywhere. It’s just a fact of life.

He’ll also get a little preview of what it will be like to live with you. Are you the type of girl who takes forever to get ready? Are you messy? Do you have to have the bed made before you can function? These are all little traits that he may or may not know about you before staying in close quarters with you.

All that being said, there are a few things that you should 100% not forget to pack while vacationing with your boyfriend. These things range in the type of items you may need, from clothing to personal hygiene products, but whatever they may be, these are items that you definitely don’t want to forget on vacation with your boyfriend.

15 Deodorant

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If you’re the type to not wear deodorant, more power to you. After all, some people do believe in the harm it does and prefer not to risk it (have you seen that episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians when they say Kourtney stinks?). Most of us, though, apply deodorant as part of our daily routine. We may use Secret, an organic brand, an antiperspirant – whatever it may be. Though, what we all use may vary, forgetting your deodorant just sucks.

For starters, when you realize you’ve forgotten your deodorant, you’ll either have to borrow his or forgo wearing deodorant that day, which can lead to being a bit smelly and not very sexy for a sexy vacation with your boyfriend. Also, the whole trip to the convenience store to pick up deodorant is, well, pretty inconvenient. It’s time you could be spending sightseeing but instead, you have to go buy deodorant because you forgot it. Rookie mistake, girl.

14 Female Products

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Whether or not you’re expecting your flow, packing a few female products is never a bad idea. Actually, having a few of these products on you at all times is a pretty good idea. Also if you aren’t expecting your flow, spotting between periods is a common occurrence and you never really know what that could strike.

Packing female products is a great idea because, for one, when you need one, you need one right then and there. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ll need one and having to form a makeshift pad out of toilet paper so you can run to the convenience store to grab some. You could also send your boyfriend to the store while you hang out in the hotel room but, trust us, one of the last things your boyfriend wants to do on his vacation with you is buy you any female products. He may be progressive and unashamed of buying them (as all guys should be really) but he doesn't want to do that when he could be jet skiing or touring a museum.

Pack some products or two. Better safe than sorry.

13 Your Swimsuit(s)

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Always pack your bathing suit when you are going on vacation. This is a rule not only for vacations with your boyfriend but, really, for all vacations in general. Because even if it isn't a beach vacation, you never know if you will need it. If you are staying in a hotel, the hotel may have a pool or, even better, a hot tub. Missing the chance to spend a romantic hour or two in a hot tub with your boyfriend just because you didn’t pack a bathing suit is the worst.

You could always buy a bathing suit while on vacation, but they are often overpriced and you may not find anything flattering on the fly. While you’d obviously pack a bathing suit for a trip to Jamaica, don’t forget to pack on for a trip to The Alps too. After a long day of skiing, a dip in the hot tub may be just what the doctor ordered.

12 Prescriptions

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This should seem obvious. If you’re taking a vacation with your boyfriend and you two are pretty active in the bedroom, you’ll probably be having some hot moments together other than the heat on said vacation. In order to enjoy ts vacation time without, you know, getting pregnant, you cannot forget your birth control. If you use a different kind of contraception, don’t forget that – be it an IUD, condoms, sponge, whatever.

The easiest form of birth control to buy on vacation without a prescription is condoms so if you forget your preferred method of birth control on your vacation, you may have to grab some from the local CVS, which can suck if you’re not normally into that. This may not be the first thing you think about when packing for a vacation with your boyfriend, but it actually may be one of the most important items to not forget.

11 Sunscreen

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This is another item that seems obvious if you are going to an island but should be an essential item to be packed on all vacations, not just those in the tropics. Also, you shouldn’t forget this on any vacations, not just those with boyfriends. For starters, we cannot sing the praises of sunscreen enough. It keeps you looking young and it keeps you from developing skin cancer. If you aren’t already using a lotion with SPF in it, what are you waiting for?

Furthermore, if you’re hitting the beach and hoping for a sexy tan, you should still lather up with sunscreen. Trust us, you will still get color even if you are rocking SPF 70. The sun is a strong force to reckon with.

Also, the worst thing possible is to ruin a vacation with a painful sunburn. Nobody wants that. Have you ever got intimate with a painful sunburn? Not fun. Not fun at all. Oh, and to top it off, you’ll be red as a tomato in all of your super cute couple vacation pics. Just lather up with sunscreen. Your skin will thank you then and for years to come.

10 Cute Underwear


Duh, girl. Do not pack those granny panties for vacation with your bf. You wear them on Sundays while eating a whole pizza by yourself and watching Gossip Girl for the 12th time. You do not wear them while exploring a new city with your hot boyfriend. We’re not saying anything bad about granny panties. Granny panties are the bomb when it’s the right time to wear them but the right time to wear them is not on vacation with your boyfriend.

You should pull out all of your super cute undies for vacation, not only for your boyfriend but for you too. Of course, your boyfriend will think your cute undies are super hot. That’s a no brainer but wearing cute underwear can make you feel really sexy too, and you should feel sexy on vacation. Pack the cute underwear not just for your guy, but for yourself too.

9 Spanx

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While cute underwear can make you feel sexy, you may need some extra help to, well, look your sexiest. Spanx can be clutch. I mean, Spanx literally shapes your body. They can suck it in and lift your buns. Kim Kardashian even admits that she wears two pairs of Spanx at a time. If they are good enough for Kim K, they are good enough for us.

Being that vacation may be a time to rock a more risqué outfit than you normally would, Spanx can help you feel more comfortable in that curve hugging dress. If you’ve been putting off wearing a dress because you’d normally not have a place to rock something so hot, vacation is the perfect time to whip it out. Even if you’re just grabbing drinks at the hotel bar, there is something about vacation that makes you feel like you can wear whatever you want.

Don’t get us wrong, though, everyone’s bodies are beautiful the way they are. Spanx can just help smooth out your curves in a way that may make you feel more comfortable wearing a barely there dress.

8 Cute Pajamas

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If you usually wear some raggedy old tee shirt and sweatpants to bed, you’re not alone. That’s an easy go-to, especially because everyone has tee shirts and will often times get them for free. If you participate in a charity event or competition, you’ll probably get a tee shirt. If you attend a sponsored event, you’ll get a tee shirt. Hell, you could get a tee shirt from going to the dentist. It’s an advertising method for companies that’s pretty effective because will you turn down a free tee shirt? That being said, you most likely wear these tee shirts while working out, running errands, lounging around or going to bed.

That’s all well and fine but on vacation, you may want to bring a cute pajama set, whether it is a sexy teddy or a silk matching set. It’s a nice way to feel a little lux while lying in your hotel bed with your boyfriend. Plus, even a silk matching set is sexier than a tee shirt and shorts.

7 Razor

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Hello, girl. If you’re going on vacation in general, you’ll most likely need a razor. If you’re going somewhere with a tropical climate, you’ll likely be in shorts and a bikini. In that case, you’ll need to shave your legs, armpits, and bikini area. Even if you are going somewhere that may be cooler, you may still want to keep up with your armpits and bikini area for, you know, intimate time.

There’s nothing worse than unpacking at the hotel room and realizing you’ve forgotten to pack a razor. It’s a time when you want to be silky smooth, as you’ll possibly be wearing less and rubbing up against your man. Of course, you could call down at the hotel and they may be able to supply you with a razor, but that's not guaranteed. You could also take a trip to a convenience store but that’s annoying when you want to be spending time having fun on vacation.

Just pack the razor so you can stay silky smooth and not worry about it.

6 Hair Styling Tools

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Most hotel rooms have blow dryers but they don’t have curling irons and straighteners. Also, not all hotel rooms have blow dryers. You’re best off checking on the website or calling the hotel to make sure that they have a blow dryer beforehand if that is something you need on a daily basis.

While on vacation, you may take a more lax approach to hair care. I mean, if it’s hot and humid, what is the point to spending an hour doing your hair when it’s just going to be ruined, right? Also, if you’re lounging on the beach all day, you won’t really be worrying about the state of your hair. It will be wet with salt water but you’ll likely be having too much fun to care. All that aside, though, there may be one special date night during which you’d like to look really hot. If there’s a special dinner you two plan on having and you’d like to look nice, lugging along your hair styling tools may be worth it just for that night.

5 Your Makeup

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Whether you do or don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, you may want to bring your makeup for your vacation. Like the hair styling tool issue, you may not be worrying about your makeup every single day. There is sometimes too much to see and do on vacation and there is very little time to worry about your makeup.

However, vacation is a time during which more photographs are taken of yourself than usual. Whether you are posing with a monument that a city is known for or capturing a selfie on the beach, you’ll be taking pictures and you know where pictures almost always end up these days – social media. Applying some mascara or making sure your brows look as fleeky as usual may be nice for the photos.

4 A Date Night Outfit

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What better place to spend some romantic time together than on vacation? This should probably be a rule that no matter where you are in the world, a date night should be mandatory. If you don’t think that you two will be having a nice little date night during the vacation, you may be tempted to just pack some beachy clothes or clothes that are comfortable to wear while exploring a new city. However, your guy could be planning a surprise romantic dinner on which you may like to wear a nice dress. There is nothing more painful than being severely underdressed at a fancy restaurant and that could be your fate if you don’t pack at least one great date night outfit.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you’re upset about losing suitcase room in order to pack this hot number, just remember how underdressed you’ll feel if all you have to wear on a date night with your guy is shorts and a tank top.

3 Medicine

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It happens to the best of us. Too much sun and too many margaritas can make even those with the strongest alcohol tolerance feel like crap the next day. There is nothing worse than falling victim to a hangover on vacation. You don’t want to lose a day of vacation to nurse yourself back to health. That’s a day for sight seeing, mountain climbs, lounging by the ocean – whatever it is you’re doing. You may feel like shit but sitting in the hotel room for a whole day to nurse a hangover isn’t always an option on vacation. You need to rally and one of the first steps to defeating a hangover is grabbing some ibuprofen. It’ll help soothe your pounding headache.

If you take a daily medication for any preexisting conditions, you’ll obviously not want to forget this either. Trying to get a prescription medication filled while on vacation is not a fun headache to deal with.

2 Toothbrush or ID

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You don’t want to forget this for both practical reasons and for the impression it will give your boyfriend. First, forgetting ID is flat out dumb if you are flying. You need that ID to board your flight. If turning around to grab your forgotten ID results in you and your dude missing your flight, neither of you will be happy. If you are just driving somewhere for a long weekend, you may be more likely to forget your ID, in which case you could run into some problems getting served. Not being able to split a bottle of wine with your guy on a romantic vacation dinner is not ideal.

If you forget your toothbrush, well, you could just sneakily use his but he may find out if his toothbrush is wet before he even used it that day. It could just result in a trip to the convenience store, which as we’ve already discussed, isn’t something you’ll feel like doing on vacation.

More importantly, forgetting a toothbrush or your ID is a rookie mistake. Your boyfriend may think your inability to remember to bring the most basic of things on vacation is unattractive. Imagine if he forgot something so necessary. You’d probably roll your eyes.

1 Phone Charger

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This is another necessary item that seems silly to forget. Many of us have to charge our phones to get through the day, due to all the apps we have running, be it social media or more practical apps. If you’re on vacation, you may be Instagramming photos, checking in on Facebook, and Snapping your entire day. Oh, you also may be texting your friends and checking your bank accounts or email. Basically, if you’re away from your daily life, you may need your phone more than ever. They are our lifelines in a way. Of course, you can share a phone charger with your boyfriend, but that can get annoying with both of you needed to charge. This one also falls into the category of something necessary that you should pack.

All in all, forgetting to pack an item won’t ruin a vacation with a guy you love but packing in a smart, efficient manner can make for a much smoother vacation.

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