15 Things You Can Do That He'll Never Forgive

In the beginning stages of relationships, there's very little fighting involved. The two of you are happy and things are going great. Then, after a few weeks or months, the two of you start opening up to each other more. And when people's true colors show, soon enough, arguments ensue. For the rest of your relationship, the two of you argue and fight regularly. He finds you annoying, you think he's arrogant, etc. And while it can get old, it's all pretty normal. In fact, it may even bring the two of you closer together. A little petty fighting here and there never hurt anyone. On top of that, he's pretty forgiving and you appreciate that about him. However, just because he's forgiving, doesn't mean he'd be able to forgive everything. After all, there are just certain 'mistakes' no one can come back from. Read below to find out 13 things you'll do that he'll never forgive.

15 Cheating


So, things haven't been going well in your relationship. You've been fighting, you've been feeling lonely, and you're unhappy. One night, you decide to cheat on him. And, just like that, you've ruined any chance the two of you have at making things work. Not only is cheating a complete betrayal of someone's trust, but it's also disrespectful to the relationship you two of have spent so much time building. After you cheat, he'll never be able to trust you again, no matter the reason you might've had for doing what you did.

14 Not Accepting His Family


We get it. Sometimes, our boyfriend's families can be hard to accept. Maybe he has a mother that's pushy, or perhaps he has a brother that's obnoxious. However, it doesn't matter. They're his family and he loves them. If you can't accept them for who they are, it's as if you can't accept him. They helped shape him into the person that he is today. Even if he has a hard time with them or a tough family life, it's not your job to judge that. All you can do is support him instead of making things more difficult for him.

13 Spying On Him


Privacy is an important part of successful relationships. He's the only person that should log onto his Facebook page, his phone is his, and the emails he sends are his business alone. When you check-up on him, the only thing you're saying is that you don't trust him. It's especially wrong if he's given you very little reason to not trust him. Invading someone's privacy, no matter how much you may want to, is disrespectful. Think about it: Would you want someone going through all of your private conversations even if you didn't have anything to hide? How would that make you feel?

12 Making Ultimatums


You've been with him for a long time now and you're unhappy with certain parts of the relationship. In a desperate attempt to change how things are going, you start making ultimatums. You say things like, "If you don't start communicating with me, then I'm going to stop talking to you about real things all together," or you may even say, ""If you don't change your behavior, I'm going to leave." You leave him with zero options and really, no solution. On top of that, there's no room for discussion when you've seemingly already made up your mind.

11 Lying


Even if you tell a little white lie, it's going to be hard for him to forgive. Why? Because if you're lying about something small, he's going to wonder what other things you'd lie about. The moment you tell even a small lie, it destroys the trust between the two of you. If you tell a big lie, he's going to be hurt. He'll think that you don't believe he's able to handle whatever you throw his way even though he's spent months or maybe even years convincing you that he can.

10 Ruining His Friendships


It's normal. You're in love with him so the only thing you want to do is spend all of your time with him. You even want to hang out with him more than you want to hang with your own friends. This is why it can be hard to accept that he also has friends that he wants to spend time with in addition to you. If you become clingy or start throwing temper tantrums every time he "chooses his friends over you," he's going to start resenting you. Why? Because you're basically letting him know that it's either you or them when in reality, he should be allowed to juggle both.

9 Forcing Him To Change

There are things about him that you don't like. For example, he may be a night owl or perhaps he tends to complain a lot about things you don't think matter. Obviously, when he does these things, they bother you. However, you must understand that it's not up to you to change him. In fact, you'll probably never be able to. The more you try to change him, the more angry he's going to be at you for not appreciating him for who he is. And lets face it, no one wants to stay in a relationship where they're being forced to give up who they are for someone else's happiness.

8 Not Taking Responsibility For Your Actions

If you mess up and fail to take responsibility for your actions time and time again, there's going to come a point where he simply can't forgive you anymore. Relationships take work on both ends. If he feels as though he's the only person that's contributing or making an effort to move forward after a fight, in time, he's going to start resenting you. Why? Because when you don't apologize or admit to being wrong, he's going to think you don't really care about hurting his feelings or his well-being.

7 Giving Up All Of Your Independence

Guys like a girl that's independent. It's important that you maintain your independence when you're with him. Why? Because it's too much pressure for one person to feel entirely responsible for someone else's happiness. On top of that, if he's all you have, he's going to think you need him more than you want him and that you're only staying in the relationship for selfish reasons. In time, that's going to cause him to feel both trapped and used.

6 Making Him Feel Inadequate


There are a lot of ways to make someone feel inadequate. For example, you may compare him to one of your ex-boyfriends and say that your ex treated you way better than he does. Or maybe, you tell him that he doesn't please you the way that you'd like him to. And while there can be discussions about what you want or what you like, it's important you go about it the right way. He'll never be able to forgive you for making him feel as though he's less than you or someone else you've been with.

5 Blaming Him For Every Relationship Problem


There are problems that arise in every relationship. However, as we've said before, it takes two to tango. Therefore, if you're constantly blaming him for every single issue that comes up between the two of you, there's no way the two of you will last. If he's made to feel guilty or unworthy of you time and time again, he'll start to believe he really is- even if he's not. Eventually, though, he'll realize that he is worthy and he's not guilty. In turn, he'll never be able to forgive you for making him feel so badly about himself.

4 Making Him Feel Like He's Not A Priority


Just because you're in a relationship, that doesn't mean your entire life has to revolve around your partner. That being said, though, it's necessary for him to feel as though they're a priority in your life. If you're always choosing your friends over him, or even work over him, he's going to start feeling unimportant and maybe even taken advantage of. If you make him feel like you expect that he'll always be there, no matter how poorly you may treat him, he's only going to start resenting you. After a while, when you realize how selfish you've been, he'll be so angry at you that he'll be completely unable to forgive you.

3 Seeing Him As "Every Other Guy"


You've dated jerks before him. And of course, those guys broke your heart and left you feeling a bit untrustworthy of men. However, even if you know he's different, your insecurities are making you put your guard up. If you get jealous or distrust him for no reason other than "it's happened to you before," it's only going to push him away. We all have baggage but when you bring yours into your guy's relationship, it's going to destroy all the trust you've built together. In the end, he'll never be able to forgive you for thinking of him as "every other guy," especially if he worked so hard to show you that he's not.

2 Going Back On Your Word

If you tell him you're going to be there for him, then when he needs you, you're not there multiple times, he's going to feel as though the relationship is completely one sided. If you guys are having issues in your relationship and you promise him you're going to work on some aspect of yourself to help strengthen your bond, and then don't, he's going to stop trusting you. For example, if you tell him you're going to try and be more patient when he talks to you about things and then freak out the second he comes to you with something, he's going to start thinking all your promises are empty.

1 Being Embarrassed By Him

Maybe you think that he's not the most handsome guy you've ever dated or maybe he's not as smart as you'd like him to be. Therefore, you're hesitant whenever you bring him around your friends, family and colleagues. By hesitant, we mean you either don't bring him around at all, or whenever you do bring him around, you're constantly on edge. If he ever says anything, you apologize for him or correct him. You don't treat him the same way you treat him in private when you're in public because of some insecurity you have. Well, it's time to face the facts: He's not as dumb as you think he is. He knows what you're doing and he'll never be able to forgive you for that.

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