15 Dark Secrets You Never Knew About Being A Pageant Girl

Beauty pageants have been in existence since the 1850s. They have evolved so much so that they have dropped, reinstated and picked up rules along the way. For the longest time, most of them involved judging women based only on their physical appearance. At least, nowadays they have managed to incorporate talent and intelligence.

Oftentimes the competitions are also multi-tiered with the winners of one advancing to another bigger pageant until only a few girls remain to compete for the top coveted crowns in the pageant world, which are: Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss International.

However, behind all the glitz and glam we see on the stage are many secrets that although affect the lives of these beauties, we never get to see or hear of them.

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15 Contestants Hardly Ever Get Enough Sleep 

Via: dailymail.co.uk

A beauty contest can take up to three weeks and the normal day for a pageant girl can be 18 hours long. Miss Black Texas Teen Beauty 2012 admitted on bestlifeonline.com that during competitions she used to get only four to five hours of sleep in a night. She was always busy in either rehearsals, shows, or making appearances.

14 A Few Have Dated Judges

Via: celebsnow.co.uk

Although chances of this happening may appear to be slim, it happens. Miss Britain 2006 knows too well the consequences of such relations. The organizers sent her away from the competition after people found out that she had been involved with one of the judges. In addition, some sources claim the organizers fined $200,000 for her indiscretions.

13 The Girls Have To Have A lot Of Money

Via: news.abs-cbn.com

As disclosed on Bankrate, girls who want to compete in pageants have to have a stash of cash in their accounts or seek sponsorship. Beauty pageant contestants spend on average $ 6,000.00 on hair, makeup, dresses, swimsuits, and classes. Some have to get air tickets for their families coming to watch them compete wherever in the world they will be.

12 Some Know A Way Around The System

Via: dailymail.co.uk

An expose on ABC News revealed that young pageant girls on Toddlers and Tiaras were doping on Go-Go Juice in order to stay awake and active during competitions. A single serving of the drink that is a mixture of Mountain Dew and Red Bull is equivalent to two cups of coffee, which is unhealthy for the young girls.

11 Most Are Unhealthy

Via: racked.com

The body mass index of the girls competing in beauty pageants is coming down at a very concerning rate. According to bestlifeonline.com, we cannot compare the standards that pageant contestants could strive to get to back a few decades back with today. According to health professionals, if a contestant's BMI is below 18.1, then she is underweight and is therefore unhealthy.

10 A Good Number Shrink Their Waistline

Via: cnn.com

Most of the contestants in beauty pageants have petite bodies because they constantly exercise like athletes. However, some have really small waists, not because they work out but because they apply a hemorrhoid cream then wrap their bellies. The results as stated by Yahoo are not long-lasting but they make a difference during the competition period.

9 Pageant Girls Can’t Be Moms

Via: racked.com

Beauty pageant contestants should not be engaged, married, or have kids, even adopted ones. Miss Universe 2002 from Russia had to relinquish her title in the middle of her reign amidst rumors that she was pregnant as reported by indiatimes.com. Her runner up picked up the crown and continued with her duties.

8 The Young Girls Face Intense Scrutiny

Via: flickr.com

During the initial stages of beauty contests, pageant girls have to appear and strut before a group of judges as revealed by theTalko. The judges analyze their physical appearance and the girls can do nothing to defend themselves when they overhear the comments. Ultimately, some of the comments end up affecting their self-esteem.

7 Losers Have A Nickname

Via: independent.co.uk

Pageants are competitive and most contestants strive to make the final cut before they think of going for the coveted crown. The girls have a loose name for those who are unsuccessful in the competition. According to bestlifeonline.com, they refer to the eliminated girls, as ‘clappers’ because the only major thing they did while on stage was to clap.

6 A Number Go To Great Lengths Physically To Make The Cut

Via: flickr.com

Young girls in Venezuela, which has won a number of pageant titles, undergo pageantry training from a very young age. Some of the preparations for competing in future contests include beauty treatments, hormone therapy, and more. BBC also revealed that some girls have meshes in their tongue to prevent them from eating solids.

5 Vaseline Helps Them Smile

Via: ibtimes.co.in

Vaseline has many uses other than moisturizing skin in the pageant world. Pageant girls usually apply Vaseline to their teeth to help with smiling. When the girls think of its unpleasant flavor, they will avoid closing their mouth. Its slippery texture also prevents lipstick from staining teeth as reported by debutante.com.

4 Their Clothes Are Often Glued In Place

Via: Cleveland.com

According to Yahoo, most contestants have made use of at least one of these; butt glue, adhesive spray, or double-sided tape. These sticky measures prevent their clothing from showing too much cleavage; they control slits and prevent swimwear from riding up. This is probably why these queens rarely have wardrobe malfunctions.

3 Their High Heels Are Not Just For Show

Via: usmagazine.com

Thoughcatalog confirms that judges rarely pick short women as pageant winners. Most winners are normally between 5’6 and 5’11. Therefore, to give the illusion of height most girls invest in a pair of platform sandals. These elongate their legs and make them appear taller. Contestants are however advised to sandpaper them at the bottom to give the shoes more grip.

2 Beveling Is Crucial To Them

Via: timesunion.com

According to Yahoo, beveling or the ‘pretty feet’ pose is very common in pageants. This is because it helps to keep the girl’s stomach in as well as highlight their curves. The hand usually placed just under the ribcage and not the hip, makes their arms and waist appear smaller. No wonder girls are adopting the pose in their pics.

1 Pageants Were Initially For White Girls Only

Via: pressofatlanticcity.com

According to Fox News, just before the 1940s, women hoping to acquire the title of Miss America were required to be white and come from a lineage of absolutely white folks otherwise they would not make it to the final cut. Miss America started allowing women of other different backgrounds to participate only in the 1970s.

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