15 Things We Let Good-Looking Guys Get Away With

Ask any woman what her dream guy looks like and in many cases you will hear: tall, dark and handsome. The stereotype exists for a reason, because guys who are tall and dark (haired, skinned, etc.) are generally perceived as being more attractive. If you think about the success of modern online dating, especially Tinder, where you are asked to match with someone based purely on looks (which is fair since most people on those sites barely fill out their profile anyway), society has really become superficial. Just think of how many great guys you will never get to meet, because in order to actually have a conversation with someone, who might be funny, smart and totally charismatic, they first have to be at least a what, 7, maybe 8 for you to even click yes. Beautiful people, in general, just have it easier, and your male counterparts are no different. Did you think only the tall, leggy blondes of the world have it easy? Wrong. Ladies, just think for a minute about how many little (or big) things you let the attractive men in your life get away with. It might not be murder, but it’s certainly more than they deserve to get away with.

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15 Not committing

It could be argued that too many women just let guys get away with this in general, but it’s much harder to say “no” or get confrontational with a beautiful, Greek God of a man. You bug him for a relationship and he shrugs and gives you a “maybe later” answer. You deal with it, because he’s hot. Or maybe you start “seeing each other” and you really don’t know what that means, but you find out it means he’s hooking up with a few other girls too. But the discussion was never expressly had, so he didn’t do anything wrong, right? There are too many “don’t hate the player, hate the game” quotes out there; probably invented by attractive men. Make up whatever excuses you like, especially when you stare into those baby blues, but the bottom line is: is him being beautiful really a good enough excuse for him to not be with you?

14 Treating you poorly

Every woman deserves to be treated like a princess. You may not buy that and you may not want to be spoiled, which is fine, too. At the very least, you deserve to be treated well, and fairly, and enjoy being in whatever sort of relationship you are in at the time. Sadly, for you lovely ladies, attractive men may be pretty to look at, but are notorious for not being the best boyfriends. They often show up late (because it takes them so darn long to look good?), forget things, like birthdays and dates, and will often leave you stranded in a crowded room while they go chat up their friends. All of these little moments of neglect and oopsies are really just proof that he thinks because he’s attractive he can get away with being less thoughtful. And chances are, because he’s a good looking chap, you don’t exactly get mad and throw tantrums when he pulls this crap.

13 Being a Bully

For some strange reason, good-looking people think they can treat people however they please, even if that means really well or absolutely, horrendously terrible. This is especially true with service people. They say you can judge someone by the way they treat their waiter in a restaurant. But if your sexy man candy is not only rude to strangers, but also his family, his friends, and you, then he might just be a bully. And the more people that let him treat them like crap, the more he’s going to have this unfounded belief that pretty people can be a**holes to everyone. These people were probably coddled and given a silver spoon by mommy and daddy because they were “just the cutest baby EVER.” That eventually takes a toll on a person, who grows up believing the world is literally their oyster, and that looking good is more important than being an actual good person.

12 Too many white lies

Lying, and other shady behavior, is common in some types of guys. Unfortunately, it’s even more common in attractive pieces of man meat. Guys who are good looking, and know they are good looking, can develop a little more than an ego. What tends to happen is these guys tell a fib one time and see that it was easy, and because they use their good looks to get away with things, they decide white lies are easier than the truth. Telling you that he just wants to be alone and play video games isn’t as easy as telling you that his boss is making him work late. And faking sick is so much easier than going to your great aunt Abigail’s family reunion in South Porcupine, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. And sometimes you know he’s lying but you still let him get away with it. Blame love, or blame his good looks.

11 Teasing (when it’s no longer fun)

Think of the movie Mean Girls. What do those girls (sans Lindsay Lohan – at the beginning) have in common? They are all rich, stinking beautiful, dumb as posts and like to make fun of all of the other girls. Well, really they make fun of everyone. Most girls in relationships will tolerate some playful banter, and they even enjoy it. Even when it’s at your expense and even when it’s no longer private, but in a public setting in front of a group of your mutual friends. Then there are times when those "fun" comments start to hurt your feelings, so logically you speak up and ask them to stop. But the thing is, the good-looking guys don’t stop because they have learned that you are going to keep crawling back to them, no matter how much they tease you. It’s like kindergarten all over again.

10 Running the show

It could just be in his control freak nature, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous, does it? News flash: just because Mr. Bossypants has really, really, really NICE pectorals, doesn’t mean you have to bow down to his every wish. Early on, you shrug it off as him liking to be in control of some things. You dig it. A guy who takes control is even hotter, right? Eventually it stops being them convincing you to do things. They start controlling you and all of the things you say and do. You let them say yes for you, you let them say no to you; you let them dictate way too many things about you and your life until you are literally their robot. But you get to go home and snuggle in those big, sexy arms and get the top of your head kissed by that beautiful face, so it’s all good. No?

9 Not having a job

A few seasons ago on Big Brother, there was a hot houseguest, named Frank (Oh – and he’s on it again this season!) Anyways, he was jobless and homeless – but like hot homeless, cuz he was living in his car… How often is this the case, though, really? Many people, men included, feel that if they are blessed with good looks, they don’t need to bless anyone else with effort, or work ethic, or anything for that matter. Ask any beautiful, unemployed person and they will tell you: “I work. I’m a model” And that’s almost worse because they make it look like all the hard-working models and actors and dreamers out there who work three jobs to pay for head shots and classes are just as pompous and unmotivated as these beautiful guys. He also probably expects you to pay for things, because he will make up for it when he signs a big modeling contract. Commence with the eye rolling.

8 Being lazy (yet having an overt sense of self-worth)

Not only do some handsome men not have jobs, or income, or life aspirations, but they are also a whole other type of lazy. You have to bug them to do their laundry, their house is a mess, and instead of using their free time to clean it, they make up excuses why they are too busy doing “way more important” things than cleaning, and they will probably try to manipulate you into doing it for them. These guys don’t want to work to make an income, they don’t want to clean, and they feel they are too important for both. They feel that their appearance puts them on a higher level than the rest of society, you included. And you let them get away with it because you’d love to be the girlfriend of a famous actor. To top all of that off, you still haven’t figured out how they are paying rent and their cell phone bill…

7 Playing (or actually being) dumb

With this specific class of people, it’s not usually playing dumb. It’s just being plain dumb. And that’s not to say that you cannot be beautiful and intelligent, because that is certainly not the case. But these particular gorgeous guys are the type who don’t feel that they need to learn anything or increase their knowledge or education, because their good looks will take them anywhere they want to go in life. It's so lovely to just stare shamelessly into their eyes and trace their chiseled face with your fingertips, until they finally open their mouth and you aren’t even sure what just came out. They get away with this because they justify how their appearance is going to have them set for life, and they are so beautiful, that they convince you, even though you really wish they would stop speaking and just make mad, sweet love to you. When you really think about it, your brain can be just as sexy as your bod, and it usually makes you way more money in the long run.

6 Being bad in bed

There is probably a long list of women that would like to sleep with a “10”. Women are easily turned on by fantasy and at the center of every straight gal’s fantasy is a studly, muscly, big, round-eyed, chiseled man who will ravish them. Where are these men? Can someone put out a classified ad? The problem with this idea is that men who are attractive, seem to have a false sense that women will just magically have the best sexual experience ever, with orgasms and screaming for hours and hours, all because of the sheer power of how attractive they think they are. And many women will tolerate bad sex from someone because they are flattered that an amazingly attractive man is sleeping with them. Bragging rights might be worth it short-term, but eventually a sexually selfish man is going to get worse and you won’t even remember what the word orgasm means anymore. A guy isn’t going to get better in bed, or better at putting your needs first, if you let him slack just to get the chance to sleep with a hottie.

5 Going too big

Heard of “go big or go home”? Well these above average guys have. They work hard (if they work), play hard and live hard, which is the fancy way of saying they live a wild lifestyle. They spend most of their money on drinking and/or drugs, nights out at fancy clubs, they drive a nice car (way too fast) and they don’t care if their fun is at the expense of someone else. And they’ve gotten away with it until now because they are attractive. No one wants to tell the good-looking person “no.” Just think about it… it’s so much easier to say no to someone who is less beautiful than someone who looks like they should be walking a red carpet somewhere. Their partying could be taking a toll on your relationship, on their job, on their family, or on their own health, but the only thing they seem to care about is where the party's at next weekend. They live for the weekend. And you let them, just so you can tag along and party with beautiful people.

4 Only having equally attractive friends

Have you ever noticed this anomaly? You meet a stupidly handsome man – and eventually you meet some of his friends – who are all stupidly attractive too – and have stupidly attractive girlfriends (who are probably dumb) – and you're really, really insecure around these people because it’s not that you aren’t attractive, it’s that you don’t feel like you’re on their level… They trade in the friends they’ve had their whole life for a new bunch who have similar looks and live similar lifestyles. Is it really easier to dump an ugly friend? To them it is. And you let them get away with it because you love to feel like one of the elite; one of the beautiful, popular girls you never got to be in high school… And you never think about the very real possibility that he will find someone more beautiful, and more worthy (because he’s a pompous jerk) and he will drop you just as easily.

3 Being a bad person

He lies, he cheats, and maybe he steals. Let’s just hope he’s not a murderer. But you, and everyone else in his life let’s him get away with it. Why? It’s really quite simple. Because he’s a good-looking man. “In what psychologists call the 'halo effect', people warm up to others with positive characteristics such as attractiveness - and that judgment significantly effects how they view their future behaviour.” On the flip side, there is an opposite effect that prevents women from really getting to know good guys, because they aren’t as physically appealing to look at. “In a similar way, the 'negative halo effect', or 'devil effect' comes into play when people assume that unattractive men possess bad characteristics.” The whole thing is really quite unfair and many men take full advantage of their ability to talk or smile their way out of awkward situations. Experience has proven to them that it’s easier to wink or laugh than say sorry and own up to their own mistakes.

2 Flirting with other women

It’s pretty pointless to say that he’s probably gorgeous; otherwise, you may not have been attracted to him to begin with. The only problem with dating someone attractive, and not just someone you find attractive, but someone that is considered universally beautiful, is that other people find them beautiful. And that means that other over-confident women are going to throw themselves at him as often as possible. And you let him take the attention and have his little flirt fest because you’d be flattered and love the attention too, right? But it’s not like that. And rather than saying: “Thank you, but I’m here with my girlfriend” he takes their advances and makes it into a sort of game. You let handsome guys get away with acting like their not spoken for, because they’re handsome, and that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you think about it.

1 Relying heavily on the beauty-status exchange

This is most frequently noticed when an older, or strange-looking dude is spotted sporting a supermodel on his arm. The automatic assumption is that he’s rich, right? Because why else would someone beautiful be with someone not beautiful? The thing is, there’s research to back this up and although it’s more often than not an attractive woman with an unattractive, rich man, it can go the other way too. The "beauty-status exchange" states that when “an attractive person pairs with a wealthy or powerful person, and [they] both win.” Other research exists to both affirm and deny these claims but handsome men are great believers in it and will willingly “date down” if the girl is intelligent, with money, and power. Because they are taught that is what you do when you are beautiful. You date someone rich or someone beautiful. And until someone tells them no, they will continue to harness these beliefs.

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