15 Things To Know So Far About Female DJ And Kardashian Look-A-Like: Chantel Jeffries

DJ and social media star Chantel Jeffries is one of those celebrities who's been on the radar of gossip enthusiasts and social media fanatics for quite some time now. She's built herself a multi-faceted career as a model, musician, and social media influencer, and her resemblance in both looks and personality to the Kardashian family is uncanny. She's been embroiled in various scandals - especially involving her friend/possible former beau Justin Bieber - and, at the age of just 24, has received more media coverage than many famous faces twice her age.

But, despite this slight media obsession with one of the most popular It-Girls in the DJing and fashion scene, we still don't know all that much about the woman behind these headlines. Who exactly is Chantel, and how did she go from being a little-known college student to a social media sensation? Over the years, Jeffries has revealed little snippets about her personal life in her social media posts, vlogs, and interviews - but if you don't want to trawl through years' worth of social media shots and video clips, we've got you covered. Here's everything we know about Chantel - so far, at least! With a career this diverse and a personal life this fascinating, who knows what she'll do next...

15 Chantel's Dad Works In The U.S. Military

Before we get into Chantel's various career achievements and constantly increasing fame, let's go back a few years and talk about her roots. According to the Daily Mail, Chantel was born in California to Edward, a Colonel in the US Marine Corps, and Kathleen Jeffries. Due to her father's military career, Chantel moved around a lot when she was younger; during her childhood, she lived in North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, and California once again. According to school friends,

Chantel was pretty quiet during her early teenage years and didn't seem to be interested in becoming a "party girl" at all.

In fact, one former classmate of Jeffries referred to her as a "bit of a geek", and expressed surprise at her current fame! How times change...

14 She Graduated College With A GPA of 4.0

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Whether or not Chantel really was a "bit of a geek" at school, she clearly had academic talent. In an interview with C-Heads Magazine, Chantel revealed that she attended college in Miami, specifically at Florida International University. In a video on her YouTube channel, Jeffries stated that she eventually got a degree in Communication Arts and Fine Arts, although she admitted on Twitter that during her college experience she switched majors a number of times. Eventually, Jeffries graduated with a GPA of 4.0 - not bad at all! She revealed this information in a Twitter spat with a "fan" who tried to claim that Jeffries was unintelligent, citing her current career path as evidence. Needless to say, Chantel shut that accusation down pretty quickly.

13 She's A Pretty Successful DJ — And Goes By The Stage Name "CeeJay The DJ"

After graduating from college, Jeffries took her career in a number of directions. For one, she began to DJ under the alias "CeeJay the Deejay", a nickname that she told C-Heads began as something of a joke. Still, Chantel's critics aren't laughing now that they've seen just how successful her music career has been so far. According to Cosmopolitan,

Jeffries has performed at prestigious events like Coachella and the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, to name just two.

She's buddies with industry giants like Diplo, and released her newest single, "Wait", just a couple of months ago. As Variety reported in May, she also became the first signing to Universal's new label 10:22 pm earlier in the year. Exciting times!

12 She's Also A Popular YouTube Influencer And Vlogger

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Career-wise, Chantel doesn't just limit herself to music - oh no. She's also a prominent social media personality, boasting nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers and 3.9 million Instagram followers. On her YouTube channel, Jeffries posts everything from makeup tutorials to travel vlogs and isn't afraid to answer some intimate questions about her life. She's also used her links to the social media world to bag herself some interesting cameos in her music videos! As Variety noted, the video for her single "Wait" featured viral stars Jake Paul, Olivia Jade, and Alissa Violet, amongst others. Needless to say, that video alone has almost 3 million views.

11 She Looks Practically Identical To Kim Kardashian

You only have to look once at Chantel Jeffries to see that she has a pretty uncanny resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Like, in some photos, the similarities between them are spooky. Some of Chantel's fans claim that the likeness between the two is just a coincidence; however...

It's been rumored in the past that Chantel deliberately "borrows" some of Kim's signature looks to engineer comparisons between herself and Kardashian.

For example, according to the Daily Mail, Jeffries has rocked up to events like the Cannes Film Festival and the MTV Video Music Awards wearing outfits that strongly resemble some of Kim's signature looks. In fact, at the 2017 VMAs, she wore no less than two different dresses that were comparable to some of Kim's past outfits. It does seem a bit suspicious...

10 She Hit Headlines In 2014 Due To Her Connection To Justin Bieber

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Now, it's the discussion you've all been waiting for: what exactly Chantel Jeffries' connection is to Justin Bieber. One thing's for certain: as E! Online reported at the time, Jeffries was riding shotgun in Bieber's car when he was arrested for DUI back in 2014. Whether the pair dated or were just good friends is less clear. Hollywood Life seems to think that Jeffries and Bieber were a couple at the time; however, neither party has actually confirmed whether this is the case or not. Whatever their relationship status used to be, Jeffries and Bieber don't seem to be on close terms anymore, as friends or otherwise.

9 She's Been Romantically Linked To A Number Of Famous Faces

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Ever since Chantel Jeffries first came into the public eye thanks to her "friendship" with Justin Bieber, she's been romantically linked to all manner of famous faces.

Most recently, it was rumored by Elite Daily that she was dating The Weeknd after the two were spotted getting close at Coachella.

However, since he's now back on with his ex Bella Hadid, The Weeknd seems to have left Chantel behind. In 2017, the Daily Mail reported that Jeffries was seen cozying up to actor Wilmer Valderrama - aka, Demi Lovato's ex - on a lunch date. However, this connection also seemed to fizzle out. Whatever - Jeffries is clearly too busy building her career to worry about dating anyway!

8 She's A Professional Model Who Sometimes Dabbles In Acting

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As if being a successful DJ and YouTube star wasn't enough, Chantel Jeffries has also put her stamp on two other industries: modeling and acting! As Maxim notes, Jeffries has fronted modeling campaigns for a number of famous brands, including a stint as the face of Guess alongside A$AP Rocky. She's also a prominent model for Khloe Kardashian's Good American clothing brand, telling People that working with Khloe was a "really good experience." As for acting, according to C-Heads Chantel has been interested in performing since her high school days. Her best-known role so far was in the 2016 rom-com The Perfect Match, and although it was only a minor part, it's a start at least!

7 Chantel Is Almost In The Kardashians' Inner Circle — But Not Quite

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As it happens, Chantel Jeffries is connected to the Kardashian-Jenner clan in quite a few ways - although she's yet to really break into their inner circle. As previously noted, Jeffries is infamous for looking exactly like Kim and has worked with Khloe in he capacity as a model.

Friend-wise, though, Chantel is arguably closest to Kylie Jenner.

As The Mirror notes, Jeffries and Jenner used to go out partying together a lot before Jenner became pregnant with her baby daughter, Stormi. Likewise, Cosmopolitan adds that Jeffries is BFFs with social media starlet Catherine Paiz, another of Jenner's close friends. So many Kardashian-Jenner links!

6 She's A Prominent Social Media Model For L'Oreal

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Although Chantel Jeffries models for all manner of beauty, clothing, and apparel companies, one of her best-known professional connections is her relationship with cosmetics giant L'Oreal. As W Magazine notes, Jeffries has been working with the company for a while now and regularly features in the company's Tweets showcasing their latest makeup looks. Plus, People reported last year that Jeffries promoted L'Oreal at 2017's Paris Fashion Week, as well as fashion brand Balmain (who, coincidentally, were collaborating with L'Oreal at the time). Chantel clearly has a keen sense of style! According to Rap-Up, when Jeffries isn't filming promos for L'Oreal, she's also a brand representative for clothing giant Boohoo. She's a busy woman, clearly!

5 She's A Super Spiritual Person And Practices Mindfulness

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Outside of her frankly jam-packed career ventures, one of Chantel Jeffries' biggest interests is apparently spirituality. According to Cosmopolitan, Chantel once made a YouTube video all about her favorite books on the topic, revealing that she's a big fan of the somewhat controversial guru Osho. However, she's not content to simply read what other people have to say about this topic:

on Twitter, Jeffries confirmed last year that she's penning her own book on spirituality and its relationship with science.

Interesting! She also told Good American's website that she's going to be releasing a jewelry line that ties in with the book: she hopes that each piece will have a "deeper meaning" to it. We'll be looking out for that!

4 She's Been Surprisingly Open About Her Cosmetic Procedures

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Like many women (and men!) in the entertainment business, Chantel Jeffries has undergone her fair share of cosmetic procedures. However, she's somewhat unusual in the sense that she later opted to have this work reversed! According to the Daily Mail, Jeffries acquired implants some years ago due to feeling insecure about her natural figure. She claimed that a period of weight gain and loss left her feeling unhappy with the changing nature of this area of her figure. However, last year Jeffries opted to have the implants removed - and vlogged the whole process! Chantel felt that she was given poor advice from medical experts prior to having the implants inserted, and wanted to share her removal journey as a warning to other women who might be considering the procedure.

3 She's Got Some Great Tips For Those Hoping To Make It Big On Social Media

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Considering Chante Jeffries has almost 4 million Instagram followers and regularly gets hundreds of thousands of likes on her photos, she's probably a pretty good person to give advice on how to succeed on this social media platform. Luckily for the rest of us, she chose to share her tips in a 2017 interview with Marie Claire!

Firstly, she advocates posting photos that have a "really cool background" - a gorgeous natural landscape, for example, or a busy cityscape.

She also hinted that lower camera angles can be some of the most flattering. Morning and afternoon lighting are key for getting that perfect shot, and wearing a matte foundation when taking a selfie can prevent you from appearing "shiny" or "greasy." Good to know!

2 She's No Stranger To Having Issues With The Law

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While Chantel Jeffries' presence during Justin Bieber's 2014 DUI arrest is possibly her best-known brush with the law, it's allegedly not her only one. Just a week after the Bieber incident, the Daily Mail reported the shocking allegation that Jeffries had attacked a schoolmate with a weapon three years earlier, leaving her with some nasty-looking injuries on her arm. Apparently, Jeffries had got into a spat with a former friend and went looking for the friend in order to teach her a lesson. When she couldn't find her intended target, Jeffries instead lashed out at a different girl, leading to the accusation of violence. While Jeffries was arrested following this 2011 incident, she never faced charges, and the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

1 Chantel Loves Cooking — But Is Highly Allergic To Some Basic Ingredients

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To say that Chantel Jeffries is a woman of many talents is a bit of an understatement. Alongside all of her other career paths and interests, she's apparently a pretty great chef! Many of Jeffries' YouTube videos discuss her healthy diet and her favorite recipes, and she's made no secret of the fact that she loves to whip up delicious but nutritious meals.

Speaking to clothing giant Pretty Little Thing, Chantel confessed that she "really likes food" and went on to use food-based adjectives to describe herself!

However, eating isn't always easy for Jeffries. On Twitter, she's claimed that she's allergic to milk and gluten, and also has a bad reaction to some types of perfume. Not fun!

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