15 Things To Know About Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' New Romance

We've seen our fair share of celebrity couples breakup this year, but fortunately, there are some surprising new pairs we can all fangirl about. Who would have thought that the only single JoBro would end up with Bollywood-superstar-turned-Hollywood-actress Priyanka Chopra? There are many reasons this may seem like an odd pairing (including the couple's age difference, which we'll tell you more about later) but you just might be surprised at how much chemistry these two seem to have. Nick Jonas has always had pretty good taste in romantic partners believe it or not, so we're feeling pretty good about this pairing!

Both Nick and Priyanka are successful in their own right, but you might be surprised at how much Nick actually has to offer the outspoken actress. It may be too soon to tell, but we are certainly hopeful that this relationship will last. Sometimes it's the most unlikely pairs that really go the distance. Perhaps Priyanka could even be Nick's date to his brother Joe's upcoming nuptials! We know it's sad to see the third Jonas Brother get taken, but we all knew there'd be a small window of opportunity before he was taken to. At least you're losing to a worthy opponent!

15 They Were Photographed Together With Some Famous Friends On Memorial Day


Rumors about Priyanka and Nick dating originally started way back in 2017, but they didn't really have much basis until very recently. It seems that Memorial Day Weekend was when things really started heating up for these two! Priyanka and Nick were spotted enjoying a boat ride with quite a few of their famous friends, which included Chord Overstreet and Wilmer Valderrama (Wilmer happens to be Nick's BFF Demi Lovato's ex-boyfriend, but it seems everyone is on friendly terms). Actor Glen Powell of Hidden Figures shared photos of the group online, USA Today reported. Curiously, one of the photos had Priyanka cropped out, but she appears in the one above.

If these two were trying to keep their relationship under wraps, their friends certainly didn't help.

As you can see from the picture, Nick and Priyanka seem pretty comfortable with each other, and though that's not technically confirmation of the dating rumors, it certainly doesn't discredit them either. This photo is just one piece of evidence to show that Nick and Priyanka are dating, but there's much more. That same weekend, these two were actually spotted together quite a few times. It would definitely seem weird for them to be hanging out so much if they weren't into each other...

14 After Being Seen At A Concert Together Days Before

Daily Mail

Not only were Nick and Priyanka spotted hanging out with friends on a romantic looking boat, they were also seen at a Beauty and the Beast Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, USA Today reported. We can see these two sharing their love of musicals since Priyanka starred in quite a few Bollywood films, and Nick Jonas has been on Broadway a few times. See? This pairing is already starting to seem less unlikely, right? Anywho, the day after the concert, these two were also spotted at a Dodgers Game together, so you can probably see what we meant about them hanging out so much. We know that Priyanka is pretty active (you only need to see one episode of Quantico to see just how fit she is) and Nick is not too shabby. It's actually surprising how much these two seem to have in common, but alas! Although it seems Nick and Priyanka have been flirty for a while, overall things seem to be heating up this summer, because now they seem okay with going out in public. Though public outings are a big deal for any couple, it's arguably even more meaningful for stars of their caliber, since they know they'll inevitably be spotted and cornered with questions about their relationship by reporters. Smells like commitment!

13 They Were First Linked After Going To The 2017 Met Gala Together

IBTimes India

The rumors about Nick and Priyanka originally started all thanks to their decision to attend the Met Gala together. In fairness, both Nick and Priyanka were wearing Ralph Lauren to the gala, and many celebrities attend together when they're wearing the same designer. Considering the event, Nick and Priyanka's decision to attend together was certainly less eyebrow-raising than it would have been if they've attended an award show together. Nevertheless, the two did seem to have a great time together at the event, and many of their photos looked quite flirty. Even though the decision to attend the Met Gala together was a seemingly casual one, it seems like Priyanka and Nick got to know each other a little at the event, and it led to an unexpected spark.

Clearly, these two took their time to do anything about it however, a whole year!

Considering their busy schedules however, we can understand why this may have been the case, and not rushing into a relationship probably gave them time to build a friendship. Nothing wrong with a slow build after all. We can only imagine what Priyanka and Nick may have chatted about at the event that led to them discovering their chemistry. Oh, if only walls could talk...

12 ...It Was Nick's Idea


When Priyanka was asked about her and Nick Jonas attending the gala together by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, she simply said this; "We were both wearing Ralph Lauren, and we decided to go together, and it was fun." However, when the host dug for more, she admitted that the pair already knew each other, and when Nick suggested the two go together, she agreed that it was a good idea. We applaud Nick for taking the lead on this one, and the fact that it was his suggestion makes us wonder if he was maybe already interested in Priyanka and saw the Met Gala as a good way to get to know her more. If that was the case, we certainly applaud Nick for his smoothness. Clearly, the night was an important point in their relationship. Priyanka admitted to Jimmy that they already knew each other, so there's no telling how much they may have hung out before the Met, but nevertheless it was certainly their first outing that caused the public to take notice. Nick's move is a reminder that sometimes boldness is rewarded. There's a chance that if he'd simply asked Priyanka for a date she would have said no, so it was certainly clever of him to use such a great opportunity as well. It seems almost fated that they were both wearing Ralph Lauren, so why not take advantage of the situation?

11 But They The Two Actually Met Through A Mutual Friend


So we may not know how much Nick and Priyanka may have connected before the Met Gala, but we do have a pretty good idea of how much they hung out before the gala. The answer is not very much at all! Bustle reports that Nick said this about him and Priyanka's meeting; "[Priyanka and I] met through a mutual friend, who she did Quantico with - this guy Graham - and we met up, like in New York the first time, and the same day I think we found out that we were both going to the Met Gala with Ralph Lauren."

In case you're wondering, the "Graham" that Nick was talking about is the one Priyanka has her arm around in the picture above. 

Bustle reports that Graham and Nick worked together on the film Careful What You Wish For. It's interesting to think that Nick and Priyanka may not have met if it hadn't been for the connection they have to Graham, which all seems very coincidental. Also, it's interesting to realize how quickly Nick and Priyanka went from meeting to attending the Met Gala together. It suggests that there may not have been as much planning on Nick's part as we may have initially suspected and that it was simply an innocent, spur of the moment suggestion. Regardless of the circumstances, we're glad it happened!

10 Priyanka Played Coy About Whether She Was Interested In Nick After The Gala

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 01: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra attend the "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/FilmMagic)

When Andy Cohen grilled Priyanka about her experience attending the Met Gala with Nick Jonas on his show Watch What Happens Live, she played coy about the whole thing, but some of her answers seemed to leave room for the possibility of there being something more between them. Andy overtly asked, "Was there any flirtatious vibes between the two of you?" Priyanka's answer was "We didn't have time yet, maybe the next time we meet." Andy followed up with this question: "Any possibility of you dating Nick Jonas in the future?" Priyanka gave a sort of non-answer to this one: "Listen...these questions on this show..." It certainly wasn't a no! Priyanka's response to the flirtation question suggested that she was open-minded about the possibility of there being something between her and Nick. The actress is certainly not one to mince words, and there's a good chance she would have simply said "No" if she'd found something off-putting about him. Overall, her response seems to suggest they had a good time. It doesn't seem like anything happened between the two immediately following the Met, but this interview certainly suggested that Priyanka was keeping that door open. And now here we are!

9 We've Been Missing Out On Months Of Online Flirtations


Most of us have only just caught on, but it seems that Priyanka and Nick have been hinting at their relationship on social media for quite a while now. The two have been flirting online for months and we've only just realized it. Elle reports that Nick has been steadily liking Priyanka's Instagram pictures for months now. Meanwhile, Priyanka has returned the favor, although not quite as often.

Cosmo also recently reported that Priyanka left a flirty comment under one of Nick's photos.

In a photo featuring Nick posing with a koala in Sydney, Australia, Priyanka wrote the comment, "Who is cuter? Lol." That certainly suggests something is going on between these two! Realizing we've missed the clues for so long only makes us wonder how many burgeoning celebrity relationships we may not be noticing. As time has gone on, the flirtations between Priyanka and Nick was only revved up, and it seems to suggest that they are actually letting their flirtatious become something more serious rather than simply letting it be a passing thing. Surely they know that these comments could be found by anyone (though it took us a while) and it makes us think that they're at the point where they're ready to go public with their relationship.

8 But Sources Suggest The Two Just Recently Became An Item


We now know that they've been flirting online for months, and we've seen the evidence from the Met Gala and the interviews following that the two were open to the possibility of something happening between them as far back as a year ago. Still, it seems like things sped up between the two recently. According to Page Six; "The two are dating and it's brand new." So perhaps there was just a long build up that didn't lead to anything until recently? An insider had this to say about what they saw of Priyanka and Nick at their recent outing at a Dodger's Game; "Priyanka and Nick were talking very closely and were very smiley and happy. They weren't trying to be private as they were in a pretty public place, but they were talking to people around them, sitting closely and just seemed super happy." How sweet is that?! Overall, it sounds like Priyanka and Nick's outing was pretty casual, and that supports the theory that they're in the early stages of their relationship. Although they have begun venturing out in public together, it seems they're still taking their time before making it obvious to the world that they're a couple.

7 Priyanka May Have Even Considered Bringing Nick To The Royal Wedding

Harper's Bazaar

Wow! What a missed opportunity! Seems pretty crazy, right?! Well we know it would have been pretty epic to see Priyanka and Nick attending the royal wedding together, and although it sadly didn't happen we do have some proof to suggest that Priyanka considered the possibility. Entertainment Tonight reports that prior to the royal wedding, Priyanka did an interview on Watch What Happens Live that was very telling.

According to the website, Andy asked the actress whether she would be bringing a date to the royal wedding, and her response was that "there's a decision pending on that."

Considering that the royal wedding was just slightly before all of Priyanka and Nick's Memorial Day Weekend sightings, we don't think it's crazy to infer that Nick was the date she was considering. It would also make sense that she ultimately chose not to bring him since they're such a new couple and the royal wedding is a pretty big event. Attending a wedding like that together would be a serious commitment for a new couple! Nevertheless, it would have been pretty cool to see them together and imagine Nick and Prince Harry politely chattering while Meghan and Priyanka shared a moment. Though that ship has sailed, we can still hold out hope for a double date!

6 They Are Ten Years Apart

Ok! Mag

They say age is nothing but a number, and sometimes that isn't true, but in Nick and Priyanka's case it truly is! The couple are ten years apart (Nick is 25 and Priyanka is 35 according to Elle) but luckily Nick is pretty mature. He's already spent more than a decade working in the entertainment industry, he has accomplished a number of things both in the acting and music worlds, and he's maintained a good reputation overall. We feel like Nick already understands quite a bit about the world. Priyanka, on the other hand, is as youthful as ever and she doesn't seem too bothered by the age difference. When Jimmy Kimmel questioned her about her and Nick Jonas attending the Met Gala together, he also made a joke about Nick Jonas being "eleven." As usual, Priyanka's response gave nothing away. She simply joked, "I didn't ask his age. 11?" If she ever comes back on the show, Jimmy will probably have to do some backtracking now that the two are dating. Though people may remember Nick Jonas for his childhood days since he was so young when the Jonas Brothers were at the prime of their career, he's certainly grown up a lot since then. Jimmy may not be able to tell, but Priyanka certainly can.

5 ...But Nick Jonas Has Always Had A Thing For Older Women


We won't say Nick has a type, but he does have a history of dating older women. Nick was even linked to actress Kate Hudson at one point and she's now 39 years old. As E News reports, Nick dated Australian singer Delta Goodrem while he was 20 and she was 28. His brother Kevin has even confirmed the fact that Nick likes older women, saying:

"He dates an older woman. He's experienced a lot of life and an older woman is more fancy."

Just as we suspected, Nick simply wants to connect with someone that understands how much he's already experienced in life.  It sounds as if Nick and Priyanka will be a great match! Though relationships with age differences always seem to lead to some judgement from the public, Priyanka and Nick are both adults. In reality, few people bat their eyelashes when men date younger women, and often times those age differences are even greater than the decade between Priyanka and Nick. Honestly, we're not bothered by the difference. Considering how confident and poised Priyanka is, we suspect that she would not consider dating someone so much younger unless she'd received proof of their maturity. Her seal of approval says it all!

4 Most People Are Pretty Surprised By The Pairing

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So as you can tell, a lot of people are confused about Nick and Priyanka being a thing. For those that don't closely follow the two, it probably seems like the relationship came out of nowhere. Some may think that Nick and Priyanka run in completely different circles, but the reality is that Hollywood is much smaller than people think, and the fact that these two met through a mutual friend proves that. There's also plenty of people bothered by the age difference, but we've already gone over why that isn't a big deal. Nevertheless, we understand that it may take some people a while to get over the shock of seeing these two as a couple. Hindustan Times reported that a lot of Twitter users were in disbelief after they found out about the rumors; one shocked tweeter said this; "Never in my existence so far did I think I'd be reading the words 'Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are dating.'" A lot of users commented on 2018 being a bizarre year, which spurred musings on whether we've entered an alternate reality. While we do agree that 2018 has been a bit odd, Nick and Priyanka dating doesn't make our list of strangest things that have happened this year.

3 Priyanka's Reps Won't Comment On The Romance Rumors (Which Probably Means They're Real)

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 08: Joe Jonas and Priyanka Chopra at JFK airport on June 8, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Sometimes, saying nothing at all can be saying a lot, and when it comes to dating rumors this is often the case. Neither Nick nor Priyanka's reps have commented on the romance so far, there's a good chance that they probably won't for a while (or maybe never) but that's really all we need to know. If there was no basis for the rumors about Nick and Priyanka, it would be rather easy for one of their reps to deny it and shut it down rather quickly. However, this is not the case, and their silence is pretty telling. It makes sense that Nick and Priyanka would not want to release any sort of official statement on their relationship when it's so new, plus they both seem to be people that value their privacy. So overall, it seems there's nothing to do except not comment and simply go on with their lives.

In reality, Us Weekly has already confirmed the dating rumors, so most speculation has been quieted.

Because of the confirmation though, it makes sense that Nick and Priyanka's reps would say something if the rumors weren't true, or else everyone would be very confused. At least we know one thing about this relationship: it exists.

2 Nick's Older Brothers Have Already Settled Down


You have probably already heard the news that Nick Jonas' older brother Joe Jonas is engaged to Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner. This news is fairly recent, but the eldest Jonas Brother, Kevin, has been married (with kids) for quite a few years at this point. It seems like all the Jonas Brothers are settling down. We think it's prompted Nick to start thinking about the future too. With his brothers getting married fairly young, and all that talk about Nick being so mature and having an interest in older women, we think it's totally possible that he'll follow suit and marry in his twenties just like his brothers. Obviously it's too soon to predict anything since Nick and Priyanka just started dating, but then again Sophie and Joe got engaged rather quickly and they seem to be doing well. Of course we don't know what the future holds for Nick and Priyanka, but we can't help that we're already hypothesizing about a double wedding. The third Jonas Brother might be off the market for good much sooner than we think. Our apologies to all those still holding the torch for Nick, these things just happen so quickly sometimes!

1 ...Priyanka Wants A Lot Of Kids


We know, we know, this is planning way far ahead, but this is valuable information to have regardless. Not only does Priyanka love kids, she also seems to be really good with them. Through her work with the UN, she's been pictured many times connecting with young children, and she seems to really bond with them! When asked by Cosmopolitan whether she'd like to have kids of her own one day, Priyanka's answer was a resounding yes,

"As many as I can. I love kids. I prefer their company to the company of adults actually."

We can't help but start to imagine Nick and Priyanka's kids.  Musical, outspoken, and cooler than us. Sounds about right! Of course, Nick comes from a pretty close family, and as E News reported, he's already the godfather to his brother Kevin's daughter, Valentina. So honestly, we feel confident that Nick has had the practice he needs. This pair probably have a long way to go before they even think of having children together, but their public personas suggest that their values align when it comes to having children. Joe and Sophie may seem closer to crossing this step than Nick and Priyanka but you never know. So we'll see what happens!

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