15 Things To Stop Nagging Him About

We definitely get a bad rap about nagging our boyfriends. While this stereotype may give us girlfriends a bad name and may seem unreasonable, we have to admit that we do nag our men sometimes. The truth is, without us nagging every once in a while, nothing would ever happen or change. They need those constant reminders to get stuff done every once in a while and it’s completely reasonable to spend some time making sure they know what they need to do. The trouble is, even after a long time of nagging our BFs, they still refuse to do some things and may even get irritated at us for bringing it up all the time. If this happens to you, your boyfriend is probably sick and tired of you nagging him about it. And you know what? He probably has good reason to be. There are just certain things that guys really don’t need to be nagged about.

Curious what those are? Here are 15 things to avoid nagging him about.

15 His Work Outs

You're probably super into working out and being healthy and you just want your beloved boyfriend to take care of himself and get in the gym every once in a while for his own sake. But he’s really tired of you nagging him about this. First of all, he doesn’t really see your nags as something that’s sweet and caring. He's going to think that you're insulting his body and his lifestyle, too. Basically, when you constantly nag him to get into the gym, he’s probably going to start thinking that you’re not happy with how he looks and that’s just annoying for anyone. Of course you can suggest that for his health, he should think about a workout regimen. Maybe you can even start working out together and that can be a great way to work on your health but also spend time hanging out. But if you mention this multiple times in a single week, it’s going to sound like you’re nagging. He's going to get really sick of this really fast, that's for sure.

14 His Diet

Just like his workout plan, he gets really annoyed when you judge the way that he eats. Of course, if you have a legit concern about his health and his doctors have all told him to eat better, then your nagging is totally justified. No matter how annoying you are. But if you simply scoff at his love of beer and pizza and say things like, “You really need to be eating better,” he’s going to get annoyed super fast. It’s his life. Yes, he’s probably aware that his diet isn’t the best thing in the world and that’s why he doesn’t need your consistent nags to remind him every damn day. Truthfully, the more you complain about his diet choices, the more junk he’ll have to eat just to ease the irritation of your nagging. The best way to go about this is to suggest making dinner for him a few nights a week and show him that there are healthy (and delicious) alternatives.

13 How Clean His Apartment Is

Look, it's not your apartment. So you don’t really have a say in how clean he keeps it. Sure, it’s super annoying if he’s a huge slob and you’re a ridiculous neat freak. However, if that’s the case and you’re that different, maybe there are bigger issues that you're dealing with than just how tidy his apartment is. That being said, if you have issues with how dirty it is, just tell him that it’s a little bothersome and if it’s going to always be that messy then you’d prefer the two of you hang out at your place. If he really wants you to be at his place, he’ll clean it up and if not, you can just stay at your place with him all the time. But if you walk into his place every day and say stuff to him like, “Babe, this is filthy and disgusting. You need to clean this" he's going to get super tired of hearing that. You wouldn't love hearing that if the situation were reversed, right?

12 Going to the Doctor

Men seem to think less about their health than us ladies do. That’s just a fact of life and we tend to go get our checkups when we need to in order to make sure all is well in our bodies. We know you care about him and want to make sure he’s healthy and all, but you really don’t need to be nagging him all the time about going to the doctors because he really doesn’t want to hear it. You’re his girlfriend, not his mom. So stop acting like you make the calls when it comes to his health. Also, when you constantly nag him about going to the doctor, he’s going to start thinking you’re belittling him and acting as though you know what’s best for him... something that can be very annoying to a boyfriend. So do your relationship a favor and stop nagging him about going to the doctors. Hopefully, he will figure that stuff out on his own.

11 His Job

The thing is that you really should not worry about your significant other’s job. That’s his business (pun not intended but hey, it works) and while it’s totally fine for you to ask how his day was or what's going on at the office, you should never put his job down. And you should never nag him about snagging a better position, either... especially if he's happy where he is. Maybe he doesn’t make as much money as you want him to and maybe you think he could do better in a higher position, but that’s actually his call to make. If you start nagging him about getting a different job, he’ll begin to think that he’s not good enough for you and that’s very annoying. The one time this is okay to do is if you know he’s unhappy but just too scared to go for that new job or promotion. And in this case, it’s just best to give him words of encouragement, not consistently nag him to do something about it.

10 His Love Of Video Games

If your boyfriend is super into video games, they are probably just a fun hobby for him and he enjoys it. Sure, this can get really annoying for you because you don't get why he's so addicted to this stuff. But he's tired of you nagging him about how often he plays video games and that he should do something more "useful" with his time. If he enjoys playing the game and it’s relaxing for him, then you should encourage it. However, if it’s becoming a problem in your relationship and you just want to throw the console out the window, nagging is still not the way to solve the problem. Instead, have a discussion about how you’re feeling and make sure you let him know how much it bothers you. After that, it’s up to him to decide what to do about the gaming habit. Your continuous nagging about it will only make him seek the gaming more for comfort.

9 His Music Taste

Music is a super subjective and personal thing. You may enjoy blasting Beyoncé while dancing in the shower and singing into your razor, and your boyfriend might like cranking some death metal so loud he can’t hear his own thoughts and getting lost in the music. Being different is totally and completely fine. It's what keeps life and relationships interesting. The problem comes when you constantly nag him to turn it down or listen to something else. It’s his music. Music is something that is near and dear to a lot of people’s hearts and if you always nag him to change it, he’ll see it as an attack on him personally. He’ll think that your distaste in his music is actually a distaste in him... even if that’s not how you mean it. The simple solution is to find some music the both of you enjoy and can listen to at a certain volume. If you can’t agree to a music type, just tell him that his gives you a headache and you’d prefer he put some headphones in.

8 His Sleep Schedule

Depending on his job and work hours, your boyfriend's sleep schedule may be a lot different than yours. You may be a little too judgmental about it. The truth is, if he can stay up super late and you have to be in bed early and you think he should still go to bed early and wake up early, just keep your mouth shut. He’s not going to want to hear that you think he should wake up just to “get the day going.” Ultimately, when he sleeps is up to him and if he wants to sleep until noon every single day and go to bed at three in the morning, so be it. You can nag him to go to bed earlier but all that’s going to do is irritate him and cause a riff in your relationship. If you have certain thoughts about the way he chooses to sleep, let him know and then let it go. Nagging will do you no good -- trust us on that one.

7 His Obnoxious Friends

In all honesty, a guy’s friends are sometimes more important to him than his family and if you’re always nagging him about how they’re obnoxious and he should get new ones that aren’t as annoying, he’s going to really hate it. If you don’t like your boyfriend’s friends…keep it to yourself. We would suggest just not nagging him at all about this or even bringing it up unless one of his friends is treating you poorly or being really offensive toward you. You will never change who your boyfriend’s friends are and you should never try because he will end up resenting you for it. Believe me when we say he’s sick of you nagging him for this. If his friends are a little too rambunctious for you, just avoid being around them for too long, and that shouldn't really be a problem since he might not love all your friends, either.

6 His Viewing Habit

The lifelong battle of girlfriend versus his choice of videos has commenced. Let us just be real with you, he will never stop watching certain videos even if you don’t like it. He may hide the fact that he’s been watching it or never bring it up around you, but he does it and your nagging is futile in this situation because it will do nothing but make him mad. The truth is that most guys watch certain videos and it really is harmless to your relationship. He’s not longing for the girls on the screen. He’s just using them as a means to get a fantasy fulfilled that he wouldn’t ever even try in real life. If you keep nagging him about him watching, he’ll really just notice how insecure you’re being and that’s really not attractive in a girl. So when it comes to his choice of watching habits, just forget about them and let it go, and try not to think about it too much.

5 His Raunchy Humor

“Oh my god, babe. You really need to stop making such disgusting jokes about women.” Does that sound familiar? Because if it does, you may be in trouble. Guys have a dirty sense of humor. Well, most of them do. And if you keep nagging him about it, he’s going to get really annoyed because he’ll have to hold back the things that make him laugh. Just because he’s saying those things doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks they’re true, it’s just how he likes to joke and laugh about things. If anything, your nagging about his sense of humor will only show him how much the two of you are different and that alone will cause problems within your relationship. He's tired of you nagging him about making naughty jokes and you really should just give it up. Let him be who he is. Besides, he's not saying anything different from what you see in movies, so it's really not such a big deal.

4 His Clothes

He may not be some fashion guru, but he likes the things he wears every single day and really doesn’t appreciate you nagging him to get something “nicer." Honestly, he’s probably offended that you don’t like the clothes he wears or that you keep thinking they’re not good enough. Nagging a guy about the clothes he wears is just pointless. Nothing good will come of you telling him he should really get different clothes. Now, if you’re going to a fancy event and he’s wearing something that is way too underdressed, then you definitely have the right to tell him to put something nicer on. But when it comes to this situation, go with him and show him what would be considered nice enough for where you’re going. He may just honestly not have a clue about what he should be wearing and when. So help him out, but cut it out with the nagging.

3 His Apartment Decor

He couldn’t give a crap about what his apartment looks like. Really, all he cares about is that he has stuff around that he likes and that makes him happy. It’s not your home. It’s his. That being said, you’re welcome to give him pointers if he’s just really clueless about home décor, but if he has certain posters up and things that he likes and you don’t, just keep your mouth shut because you’ll most likely offend him and he’ll get really tired of all the nagging about how he should get “new” or “better” artwork to hang up. He doesn’t mind if you think he needs to put up some decorations and he has nothing on his walls. It’s when you keep nagging him about the things that he likes on his walls that it becomes a problem for him and he may feel insulted. You wouldn't want him to complain about how you decorate your own place, right?

2 Telling Him To Open Up

If you really want to annoy your boyfriend, then start nagging him about opening up his feelings and letting them out. In all honesty, psychology tells us that men feel things just as much, if not more than women do. The only difference is that women will let these feelings be shown and they have a tendency to talk about them much more than men. And that’s because, well, guys don’t process their emotions by talking to them. Not many of them, anyways. And if you keep pushing him to tell you how he feels, his emotions are going to go in a very dark direction and he’s just going to be annoyed that you won’t let it go. It’s perfectly fine to just tell him you’re there if he wants to talk to you but leave it at that. Prying is not the way to go in this situation. It's just never going to be a good idea for you to do this.

1 Anything About Marriage

This may be one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to hounding their boyfriends about things. Of course, you're super in love with him and you want to marry him someday. But he really doesn’t need you to be nagging him about getting a ring or anything about marriage, really. He’ll feel pressured and the absolute last thing you want is someone proposing to you just because you kept nagging them about it. This is something that he’s not only tired of, but he really just dislikes everything about your nagging about marriage. He’ll be ready when he is. You can definitely talk about it and if it’s something he wants to do eventually, but never make a point to hint that he’s taking too long or nag him to get on with it. That’s a huge mistake and he may even start thinking that he never, ever wants to marry you. So basically, when in doubt, stop nagging. You'll thank us later.

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